My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Go Home and Complain

Just as Emily was wondering how to answer Teacher Yang, Shen Nan appeared beside Emily Like a god, holding the papers in Emily’s hands. “Teacher Yang, Millie is a little shy. If you continue to ask, Millie might not be able to handle it.”

“You little brat. Alright, go to class.” Teacher Yang glared at Shen Nan, waved her hand, and motioned for Emily and Shen Nan to leave.

“Is that little girl the child prodigy who said she got the National Go Professional 9-dan certificate when she was seven years old? Teacher Yang, your class is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.”

The teacher who was in the same office as Teacher Yang had a hint of jealousy in his eyes. It was one thing for the top student of their grade, Qi Yan, to be in their class. It was one thing for the sixth son of the Shen family to be in their class. Now, even this child prodigy was in Teacher Yang’s class. This really made people a little jealous.

“The children have their own ideas. It has nothing to do with me. This class is the best class I have ever taught, but it is also the class with the most character.”

Teacher Yang frowned slightly. She did not know whether she was lucky or unlucky to have brought her to this class. There was glory, but there was also a lot of trouble. In such a short period of time, one student had been kidnapped and one student had been expelled. This really gave her a headache.

“Sixth Brother, did you specifically wait for me at Teacher Yang’s door?” Emily looked at Shen Nan, who was helping to carry the documents. To be able to solve her problem in such a timely manner, he must have been waiting there since the beginning. She did not believe that it was a coincidence.

Shen Nan was stunned, but he quickly reacted. “No, I just happened to pass by Teacher Yang’s door. I saw that you were carrying a lot of documents in your hands. I thought about your height. If you were to carry such heavy documents, you probably wouldn’t be able to grow any taller.”

Emily stopped in her tracks. Looking at Shen Nan’s back, she gritted her teeth in hatred. When she went back, she would definitely tell on him. How dare he say that she was short!? He could say anything about her, but he could not say that she was short. She had drunk so much milk, so she would definitely be able to grow taller!

“Let’s go. Why aren’t we going?” Shen Nan turned around and looked at Emily’s back, which was still stagnant. His eyes were filled with confusion. She was fine just a moment ago, but now she had an expression that said that she was going to eat people. What was going on?

Emily pursed her lips and followed behind Shen Nan. She had made up her mind to go back and complain about Shen Nan, but Shen Nan was not aware of Emily’s unhappy mood at all. He looked at the documents in his hands.

“This Teacher Yang is really boring. She actually prepared so many documents for you. This is clearly favoritism. However, you have missed so many days of classes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well this time. If I don’t do well, Mom will probably skin me alive. Why don’t you lend me these documents?”

Emily snorted coldly and went forward to take all the documents in Shen Nan’s hands. “Dream on, Sixth Brother.”

Just a moment ago, he was still ridiculing her for being short. Now, he turned around and wanted to borrow her information. She would not give it to him. She would still have to complain when she went back.

“Third Aunt, Sixth Brother said that I was short in school today.” Indeed, before Emily even stepped into the house, she had already shouted loudly at the entrance, causing everyone in the Shen family to know.

“You little brat, you actually called Millie short? How tall are you?” Shen Hao and Shen Xu, who had appeared behind them at some point in time, glared at Shen Nan angrily. Shen Xu was even more angry as he pushed Shen Nan from behind. Shen Nan fell forward without noticing. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and did not fall to the ground.

Shen Nan looked at Emily in shock. No wonder Emily had been acting strangely and did not want to talk to him the entire day. It turned out that she was waiting for him here. The moment he came back, she complained about him. It seemed that it was better for him to escape as soon as possible.

“Where do you think you’re going? Let’s go. Let your brother see how tall you really are.” Shen Xu lifted Shen Nan’s collar and carried him into the house.

Shen Nan started to struggle. Shen Nan kept calling out, “Brother, I was wrong. I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t mean to dislike Millie.”

“Mom, Mom, please save me. My brother is going to beat me to death,” Shen Nan shouted when Shen Xu’s palm was about to land on his butt. However, his mother crossed her arms in front of her chest and was ready to watch the show.

“Millie, little cutie, are you enjoying the show? Let’s go to the next round with Fourth Brother. I learned a new move today.”

Shen Hao looked at Emily’s gloating expression and shook his head helplessly. She was still a little angel, but she was really not soft when it came to teasing people.

“Fourth Brother, I may not have time to play Go with you recently. The midterm exam is the day after tomorrow. Look, the information in my hand was prepared for me by Teacher Yang. I have to hurry up and read it.”

Emily waved the information in her hand. Shen Nan wanted to help her get it, but she refused to let Shen Nan touch it because she was angry. Fortunately, she had been training recently and her strength had increased a lot. Otherwise, it would have been a little hard for her to carry it all the way.

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