My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! – Chapter 1037 – More Grain Means Better Treatment

Chapter 1037: More Grain Means Better Treatment

Because those young lives in Huge Bear Squad effusing with overflowing vitality were no longer icy corpses!

She was very happy.

Huge Bear Squad would definitely live well in this life.

Maybe some day in the future, Huge Bear Squad’s Captain Gao would bring back Mister Zhong, Ah-E, as well as the skillful cook Caicai again.

Perhaps, everyone would reunite again before long!

“Little Sixth! When we come out from the secret realm, let’s join Huge Bear Squad together, okay?” The little lady turned around, looking at the youth with her glittering eyes.

Little Sixth Zheng nodded inexplicably. “Okay!”

The displeasure from encountering those dunces from Eastern Ying Kingdom earlier had been flushed away entirely by this faint joy.

When the two people turned to make their way back to the court, the sky had already darkened completely.

There was nothing much Qiao Mu could do in such a small place, so she casually washed her feet and wiped her hands before going to sleep.

Beside her, Qin Susu kept her place and didn’t disturb her.

It was peaceful and quiet the entire night.

The next morning, Qiao Mu, Little Sixth, Qin Susu, Duan Siren, and Dou Fengchi were eating a simple breakfast in the courtyard.

Hong Bawei and Fan Qiuming, who had dawdled in getting out of bed, walked out with dark eye circles, as if they hadn’t slept well.

“Is there something tasty to eat?” Fan Qiuming walked up to everyone with a grin and was about to sit down.

Yet Qin Susu and the rest each turned around while holding their bowls.

“Hey, you can’t eat if you haven’t contributed grain!” Dou Fengchi shooed her hand at him.

They had each chipped in grain, and since our dear Darling Qiao had never been good at cooking, she had contributed an extra portion as a service fee…

Otherwise, how would they all be sitting together harmoniously to eat breakfast!

Fan Qiuming gazed at them in astonishment, and he opened his mouth to say something.

On the other hand, Hong Bawei directly adhered to their rules, fishing out a small bag of grain from his pocket and asking, “Who do I give it to?”

“Oh, bring it over then.” After taking the bag of grain he handed over, Duan Siren opened it for a peek before nodding, “Ladle it yourself.”

Seventh Duan was the one who cooked this breakfast.

“This amount is enough to last until the day after tomorrow, right!” Hong Bawei muttered as he sat down to ladle porridge into his bowl.

“Don’t grumble. Who wants to go out in a bit to see if besides the people from the Eastern Ying Kingdom, everyone else has arrived?” Dou Fengchi asked while eating from her bowl.

Qiao Mu was done eating, and afterwards, she set down her utensils and wiped her small mouth with her handkerchief. “I’ll go take a look!”

“Xiao Qiao, I’ll go together with you,” called Little Sixth Zheng as he quickly stood up, as well.

After casting the two people a glance, Dou Fengchi made a face at their backs. “Xiao Qiao and Little Sixth—such intimate names for each other. Those who didn’t know better would think that they were secretly in a relationship.”

“Shut up, will you, always thinking about this dirty stuff.” Qin Susu set down her chopsticks with a clang. “Wash the bowls later.”

“On what basis!”

“On the basis that you contributed the least amount of grain out of everyone! Xiao Qiao chipped in double, while you only chipped in half a portion! It’s no problem to put in more effort if you put in less grain, right.” Qin Susu rolled her eyes before turning around to leave.

“F*ck, just because she’s a dainty crown prince consort is why you’re all yielding to her, right!” Dou Fengchi was so indignant that she threw down her chopsticks.

Duan Siren quickly placated, “Alright, alright, Sister Fengchi, you should also go out to take a look. I can tidy up the bowls here myself.”

Nevertheless, Dou Fengchi got up while grouching, “Seventh Duan, it’s because of you that I’m not arguing with her.”