My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! – Chapter 1036 – The Past

Chapter 1036: The Past

It had already been 12 years since zombies appeared in the world. The various large fortifications in her previous life were simply not as developed as the ones in this life.

In the large fortifications now, you could see flowers and trees that hadn’t mutated, as well as human vitality.

While in her previous life…

It was lifeless everywhere, without a hint of thriving greenery.

The four seasons had all turned into bitter winter, while the air was suffused with gray fog and everything was in decay.

Sister Ge, who was only in her early twenties, looked like a forty-year-old woman because they were constantly on the move outside in the wind and rain.

Because of various reasons, only nine people were left in Huge Bear Squad now: Fan Qiuhe, Qiao Mu, Little Sixth Zheng, Captain Gao, Sis Ge, Ah-Gong, Hua Gu, an elderly apothecary whom they called Mister Zhong, and a reticent demonic cultivator called Ah-E.

In actuality, Qiao Mu didn’t harbor any prejudice towards demonic cultivators per se because this demonic cultivator called Ah-E had helped her a lot in her previous life. Later on, he even sacrificed himself heroically to save Captain Gao.

Therefore, she didn’t fear nor detest demonic cultivators like most people did. Yet the encounters she had with demonic cultivators in this life were always unpleasant.

At this moment, the nine people were sitting around the bonfire, and some were also looking up at the starless, pitch-black sky.

Meanwhile, others were gazing impatiently at the bubbling clear soup that was giving off steam.

Without exception, the nine people were all dressed shabbily, and their faces and tied-up hair were all filthy. If they were on the streets, no one would believe that they weren’t beggars.

“Little Sixth trekked to a dozen places today but didn’t find any clean water sources.”

“If things continue on like this, we’ll be out of water soon too.” Captain Gao gravely announced to everyone.

“There’s only enough yam for around two more days.”

The small hand with which Sis Ge was using to prod the yam paused, and then she yelled indignantly, “When these suffocating days come to pass, when all the d*mn zombies disappear! Wait until I have money! I will definitely buy ten big chicken legs and wolf them all down!”

It was too frustrating to eat yam with clear soup every single day. Sis Ge felt like she hadn’t eaten a good meal of meat in nearly ten years!

“Ha,” chuckled Ah-Gong. He put his hands underneath his head, gazing at the starless night sky as he asked dazedly, “Will there be such a day?”

“There definitely will!”

“Qiaoqiao, if the apocalypse ends, what do you want to do the most?” Fan Qiuhe turned to look at her with a smile.

“I want to plant my own court full of flowers, plants, and a few saplings, and then watch them grow.” Qiao Mu propped up her chin as she said softly, “I haven’t seen the colors of spring in a very long time.”

This dark and gloomy world was unavoidably too full of despair. It was like everything before them had been deprived of all life, without being able to glimpse a thread of hope.

The world was like a mottled scroll that had been stripped of all color.

If this way of life could end…

“Miss Qiao, what are you… thinking of?” Little Sixth Zheng was a bit curious as he turned to look at the little lady, who had turned taciturn.

For some reason, this little lady, who always acted beyond all expectations, grabbed his attention with her every movement.

Although she didn’t talk, he could see that the little lady was in an excellent mood with her spirited pace!

Qiao Mu’s mouth curved as she recollected her wispy memories.

Her mood was indeed very good!

Because she encountered the Huge Bear Squad once again!