Martial Peak – Chapter 1852 – Support

Chapter 1852, Support

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

Purple Star City Guard’s response time was fast. It had only been five breaths or so since Yang Kai swatted away the two Third-Order Origin Realm cultivators, yet someone had already rushed to the scene.

What’s more, the one who appeared was Qu Zheng, one of the eight Vice Commanders of Purple Star City’s Guard!

Hearing Qu Zheng’s stern shout, all the onlookers felt that Yang Kai was about to face great trouble and would possibly even lose his life.

In Purple Star City, there were very few fights so the guards had nothing to do all day; as such, when even a small dispute broke out, they would deal with it harshly. Yet today, someone thrashed two Origin Realm cultivators in the street, so how could this young man’s fate possibly be good?

After hearing Qu Zheng’s voice, Jiang Chao became so excited tears nearly left his eyes. Right now, he was like a wronged young wife who saw her in-law’s family come to her rescue. Staring at Qu Zheng, Jiang Chao was eagerly awaiting him to uphold justice for him…

However, Qu Zheng’s abrupt change in attitude caused Jiang Chao’s anxiety to resurface.

Qu Zheng actually called this bastard ‘Sir’ and was now bowing to and flattering him…

[Just who the hell is this boy?] Jiang Chao was completely confused.

“So it is Vice Commander Qu!” Yang Kai recognized at a glance that this person was the Vice Commander who came to deliver the box of land deeds to Five Paths Chamber of Commerce. Although the two had never met face to face, with Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, he naturally remembered Qu Zheng’s appearance.

The reason why Qu Zheng was able to recognize Yang Kai was some simple deductive reasoning.

At this moment, a young man who he could not see through stood next to Hua You Meng. Besides the Great Sir Commander Lu told him about, who else could it be?

After hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Qu Zheng immediately confirmed his guess and knew that this was the Sir who even Commander Lu had to treat with great respect!

Qu Zheng immediately became even more humble and waved his hand quickly, “I dare not! Sir is too polite. How could this Qu call himself Vice Commander in front of Sir?”

After speaking, he asked carefully, “Sir, what happened here?”

“Nothing much,” Yang Kai chuckled and pointed at Jiang Chao. “This friend here wanted to rely on his status to annex President Hua’s Five Paths Chamber of Commerce, but after being rejected by President Hua, he became angry out of shame and tried to use force. This King couldn’t just stand by and watch so he simply gave him a small lesson.”

“What?” Qu Zheng was furious, “Who doesn’t fear the Heavens and dares to use force against President Hua? Are they impatient to die?”

Saying so, he cast a menacing glance towards Jiang Chao, but after seeing the other party’s face clearly, Qu Zheng could not help being startled, “Young Master Jiang?”

Upon recognizing Jiang Chao, Qu Zheng’s mood turned gloomy…

Jiang Chao, a mere rich second generation, had a conflict with Sir. What was Qu Zheng supposed to do? Although Jiang Chao was a waste, he was still the descendant of Elder Jiang Chang Feng, not someone a small Vice Commander like him could afford to offend. This mysterious Sir, however, was someone even Commander Lu treated with reverence. Sandwiched between these two, how was Qu Zheng supposed to settle this matter?

Qu Zheng suddenly wished he had never come to this place…

However, there was no point in regretting now. Qu Zheng could only curse Jiang Chao in his heart while wondering how this good for nothing rich second generation could be so blind as to offend this Sir.

“So it is Vice Commander Qu! Please enforce justice for this Young Lord!” Jiang Chao saw Qu Zheng’s apprehensive look and was immediately overjoyed, putting on a pitiful expression as he pleaded, “Vice Commander Qu, this Young Lord was not trying to use force on President Hua and was simply trying to have a discussing with her about merging our two chambers of commerce. Vice Commander Qu must also know that in business, both parties must meet to agree on mutual terms in order to be successful, but this man came in out of nowhere and indiscriminately attacked my two guards! Vice Commander Qu, just look at them! They haven’t even gotten up yet! Who knows if they’re even alive or dead? I don’t know whether they have families of their own or parents they need to care for, but in their condition…”

Speaking with emotion, Jiang Chao began shedding tears and snot.

“This…” Cold sweat broke out on Qu Zheng’s forehead as he constantly lifted his hand to wipe it. This was no longer a situation a small Vice Commander like him could handle. No matter who he sided with, he would offend the other.

“Vice Commander Qu, you just said that Purple Star City does not allow anyone to fight or kill within its borders, and if there are violators their cultivation will be crippled and they will be thrown into the Frozen Prison, or they will be executed on the spot! This man clearly despises our Purple Star City’s laws. I ask Vice Commander Qu to enforce the law impartially to preserve the peace of Purple Star City!” Jiang Chao said with a rousing tone, secretly celebrating to himself as he imagined the scene of Yang Kai being brought down and shamed.

Yang Kai only looked at him like a fool.

Qu Zheng’s expression had gone completely ugly and he could not wait to slap Jiang Chao’s mouth shut.

Purple Star City indeed had such rules, but everything depended on who those laws were aimed at. People with enough background could ignore these rules, and the Sir standing in front of Qu Zheng was obviously one such person.

Qu Zheng did not dare to deal with Yang Kai, much less the ability, but he was backed into a corner by Jiang Chao’s words, so now he felt like he was being roasted on a fire, uncomfortable all over. More than anything though, he hated Jiang Chao to death.

“Vice Commander Qu, do you want to arrest this King?” Yang Kai looked at Qu Zheng with a smile.

“Sir surely jests! I wouldn’t dare!” Qu Zheng’s forehead was now dripping wet and his face was flushed red, “The circumstances here are unclear. This Qu needs to investigate before making a decision.”

Jiang Chao slit eyes widened as he exclaimed in dissatisfaction, “Vice Commander Qu, why are you speaking such nonsense? My two guards being injured is a clear fact, what more needs to be investigated?”

[Damn your eighteen generations of ancestors!] Qu Zheng cursed viciously in his heart…

Just when he was at a loss and did not know how to deal with the matter though, Qu Zheng suddenly raised his head and perked up his ears, as if he had heard something, his face soon filling with joy.

In the blink of an eye, Qu Zheng restored his calmness and he cast a stern gaze towards Jiang Chao. Under the Young Lord’s stunned gaze, Qu Zheng yelled, “Young Master Jiang, the truth of this matter has been illuminated. What happened today is not the fault of this Sir but is instead a result of your endless pestering and disrespect. This Sir only acted to give some slight punishment for your offence.”

“Huh?” Jiang Chao was taken aback, never having expected Qu Zheng would dare to say this. What’s more, Qu Zheng only stood in place and did nothing, so how could he now ‘know the truth of the matter’?

“Young Master Jiang, since you are the guilty party, please come with this Vice Commander,” Qu Zheng was already incredibly angry with Jiang Chao, so now that he had someone stronger supporting him and didn’t have to fear any consequences, he was looking forward to dealing with Jiang Chao.

“Qu Zheng, you dare!” Jiang Chao shouted, “You dare arrest me?! This Young Lord is the grandson of Eighth Elder! If this matter today is brought to Eighth Elder’s attention, do you think you’ll have a good end?”

Qu Zheng’s face changed slightly, but he soon sneered and shouted, “Young Master Jiang’s courage is great! This Vice Commander is responsible for enforcing the law on behalf of Purple Star City and Purple Star! Even if this matter is brought to Eighth Elder’s attention, he will not raise any objections, but you dare try to intimidate and threaten this Vice Commander? Do you not put Purple Star in your eyes?”

“What bullshit are you spouting?” Jiang Chao roared at the injustice he felt, never having imagined things would develop like this.

“You have no say in this matter, come with this Vice Commander immediately.”

“Qu Zheng, don’t use chicken feathers as arrows! Think carefully about this Young Lord’s identity before you act!” Jiang Chao tried to act strong and snarled.

Qu Zheng simply waved his hand impatiently and shouted, “Take him!”

Several Purple Star City guards rushed forward and subdued Jiang Chao.

Jiang Chao struggled violently while cursing everyone around him.

Qu Zheng frowned and said, “Seal his meridians.”

When the guards holding down Jiang Chao heard this, they slapped their palms onto his back and rendered him immobile, unable to even speak.

“Vice Commander Qu enforces the law impartially and acts with high character and integrity. This King is impressed!” Yang Kai smiled at Qu Zheng and cupped his fists.

Qu Zheng flushed and said humbly, “Sir is too polite, this is only this Qu’s duty. En, since the culprit has been caught, this Qu won’t disturb Sir any further.”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Qu Zheng bowed once more before leading the guards off quickly.

The many onlookers were still in shock to this point, unable to believe that Jiang Chao, who had always walked sideways in Purple Star City, had actually been captured and taken away by Qu Zheng. When everyone looked at Yang Kai now, their expressions contained a mix of awe and fear, wondering just what this young man’s origins were that actually made Qu Zheng favour him so heavily over Jiang Chao.

Hua You Meng’s face was also blank.

Although she knew that Yang Kai could even scare Lu Tian Feng and his identity must be extraordinary, in front of everyone’s eyes, Qu Zheng had actually given no face to Eighth Elder Jiang Chang Feng to support him!

How high did Yang Kai’s status have to be for Qu Zheng to make such a choice?

Was he even more powerful than Purple Star’s Eighth Elder?

Hua You Meng stared at the stalwart figure in front of her in a daze, like she was trying to see through a cloud of mist shrouding a giant mountain, confusing her beautiful eyes.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai whispered to Hua You Meng before walking towards the direction of Five Paths Chamber of Commerce. Before leaving though, Yang Kai glanced up in a certain direction and grinned slightly.

“Ah… en,” Hua You Meng followed in a kind of trance.

A thousand or so metres away from where Yang Kai and Jiang Chao’s little conflict occurred, there was a restaurant called First Under Heaven.

This First Under Heaven establishment had nine floors. The first through third were for ordinary cultivators to drink and have fun while the fourth floor and above were reserved for those with strength and status. The higher the floor, the higher the requirements to enter.

The ninth floor only entertained peak-level masters and it was not possible to enter it with money alone; one needed to have a high reputation and status as well.

It was said that First Under Heaven was actually the private industry of several Elders from Purple Star.

At this moment, two people were sitting by a window on the ninth floor looking down at the scene below.

One of these two was an old man with half-squinted eyes. This old man’s aura was reserved to the limit, but the occasional energy fluctuations that came from him indicated he was an Origin King.

Opposite the old man sat a young man dressed up in noble attire. This young man had a folding fan in his hand and wore a proud and aloof expression that seemed to come from his very bones. His temperament and aura were quite extraordinary.