Magic System in a Parallel World – Chapter 44: Tier 3 Magic Spell

Chapter 44: Tier 3 Magic Spell

Chapter 44: Tier 3 Magic Spell

<Your Mastery Rank for Void Spear has increased to ‘C’>


<You have completed a Quest>

[+5,000 Magic Experience, +25 Magic Point]

“I have completed one of the quests, Miss Camille.” Leo said to her after seeing the notification.

And he continued, “I just need to learn a Tier 3 magic spell and I will finish the other one.”

She nodded and said, “I have just the perfect magic spell for you.”

“Oh? I’m intrigued.” He raised an eyebrow.

“You have enough offensive power for the moment, and you also have a defensive spell. However, Dark Shield should only be used during emergencies where you can’t dodge the attack. Therefore, I’m going to teach you another defensive magic spell, but you will be able to use this one more frequently.”

Miss Camille proceeded to hand him a pamphlet.

Leo accepted the pamphlet and immediately opened it up to see a magic circle inside.

After staring at the magic circle for almost a few minutes, Leo finally memorized the magic spell.

‘That took a lot longer than usual. Looks like he isn’t able to instantly remember any magic circles regardless of their tier. However, his speed is still groundbreaking and probably the fastest in the world.’ Miss Camille thought to herself after noticing this change.

Most magicians would require at least two weeks to a month to fully memorize a Tier 3 magic spell, yet Leo had managed to achieve such a feat in less than five minutes.

<You have learned the Magic Spell: Void Step>

[Void Step]

[Affinity: Dark/Space]

[Tier: 3]

[Mana: 500]

[Mastery Rank: F]

<You have completed a Quest>

[+6,000 Magic Experience, +30 Magic Points]

<You have received a new Quest>

[Quest: Kill Monsters]

[Description: Kill 30 E-Rank monsters using magic below Tier 2]

[Time Limit: 7 days]

[Reward: 10,000 Magic Experience, +50 Magic Points]

<You have received a new Quest>

[Quest: Increase Mastery Rank]

[Description: Increase a Tier 2 magic spell to Mastery Rank ‘B’]

[Time Limit: 7 days]

[Reward: 7,000 Magic Experience, 35 Magic Points]

“The magic spell is called Void Step. It’s a magic spell that allows you to step into the void and teleport a short distance. Give it a try,” Miss Camille said to him a moment later.

He nodded and proceeded to try out this new magic spell.

Once he was prepared, he took a step forward and used Void Step.

He disappeared into thin air after taking his first step before reappearing about four to five steps away.

“Wow! That was neat!” Leo exclaimed as he continued using Void Step around the room, teleporting several steps every second until he was almost out of mana.

“Although the distance isn’t that impressive, it’s more than enough to dodge crucial attacks and surprise the enemy. As you increase its Mastery Rank, you’ll be able to travel further.” Miss Camille said.

“This is an amazing magic spell! Thanks, Miss Camille!” He said in an excited voice.

Unbeknownst to Leo, this kind of magic spell wasn’t public knowledge, not to mention its rarity, so Miss Camille had to spend a hefty amount of money to acquire it, costing her around 250 million dollars.

If Leo knew about this, he would surely be shocked out of his mind. After all, he had no idea that one needed to purchase magic spells in a world where magic is so widespread.

Realizing Leo’s lack of knowledge regarding their world, Miss Camille decided to lecture him a little.

“Leo, you should be aware of something. You probably think all magic spells are free, but that’s not the case. Although you can find most Tier 3 and below magic spells in the academy, that is a privilege only given to its students. People outside have to acquire magic spells through other sources, whether it be borrowing from others or buying them from markets.”

“Huh? Really? Even though this is a magic world?”

She nodded and continued, “It’s exactly because this is a magic world that people want to profit off of magic spells. The more popular and widespread something is, the more people will try to benefit from it.”

Leo pondered for a moment and asked, “Since that’s the case, won’t I be able to earn a lot of money by selling the academy’s magic spells to outsiders? Or is that not allowed?”

“Selling the academy’s magic spells is highly illegal. If you’re caught doing so, going to jail will be the least of your worries, so don’t you dare think about it even if you’re about to be homeless.”

“I was just asking out of curiosity…” He swallowed nervously.

“Anyways, Void Step is a very valuable and rare magic spell. With that being said, I have already given you the magic spell, so you’re free to do whatever you want with it, but I will still advise you to not share it with anyone.” Miss Camille said a moment later.

“Don’t worry, I won’t share it with a single soul no matter what!” He patted his chest.

Sometime later, Miss Camille asked him, “Alright, what’s your next quest?”

“I need to kill 30 E-Rank monsters using Tier 2 and below magic spells, and I also need to increase the Mastery Rank of a Tier 2 magic spell to Rank ‘B’.”

Miss Camille nodded and said, “We can train your Void Spear in the Wilderness tomorrow.”


The following day, Leo and Miss Camille went back to the Wilderness.

However, since Leo needed to kill E-Rank monsters for his quest, they had to go a little further away from the city than usual.

Eventually, they would encounter Steel Feather Long Legs as often as Sharp Tooth Wolves.

“I am definitely going to kill it with a single magic spell this time!” Leo said right before throwing a Void Spear at the Steel Feather Long Leg.


The Void Spear disappeared midair and teleported a few meters forward, dumbfounding the Steel Feather Long Leg that couldn’t comprehend what it had just witnessed.

When the Void Spear struck the monster, it suddenly exploded into a bloody mess with bits and pieces of its guts flying all over the place.

This shocked Leo, who has never seen anything this repulsive before.

“W-What the hell happened to that monster?!” He exclaimed after snapping out of his daze.

“That is what happens when your body is completely overwhelmed by mana. Your Void Spear was too powerful for it to handle, causing it to explode.”

“I see… Well, at least I don’t have to manually harvest its mana core now.” He said as he went to pick up the mana core on the ground.

They continued to hunt monsters shortly after.

After hunting for about half a day, the two of them came to a sudden halt when Miss Camille stopped moving and said, “Wait. Look over there.”

Leo followed the direction she was pointing at to see a cave in the middle of the Wilderness. However, this was not an ordinary cave, as its entrance was gushing with mana. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any caves out here in the open; it just seemed very unnatural.

“Why is there a cave here?” Leo asked.

“It’s not a cave. It’s the entrance to a Labyrinth,” she said.

“A Labyrinth?!”

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