Magic System in a Parallel World – Chapter 12: One Percent

Chapter 12: One Percent

Chapter 12: One Percent

After six total hours of intense training, Leo collapsed on the floor gasping for air.

“I have never worked out so much in my life before… I feel like I am dying…” He could feel his heart beating like war drums.

Seeing that he was done, Miss Camille closed her book, tossed it inside her spatial storage, and she approached him.

“Here, eat this.” She tossed what appeared to be a piece of candy at him.

“Why are you giving me candy?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a performance boosting medicine. It’ll make it so that your body will gain more benefit from your training today,” she explained.

Leo looked at the candy and can’t help but feel like he’s taking drugs and steroids to improve his strength at a rapid rate.

‘This is a magic world, so things are different here… probably…’ He thought to himself.

Once Leo could stand up again, Miss Camille suddenly said to him, “Strip.”


This is his second day in this world and Miss Camille’s already stripped him twice.

However, he didn’t complain and stripped his top and bottom until he was only in his underwear.


Leo could hear Lilith chuckling behind him and feel her gaze ogling at his body, but he pretended to not notice.

Meanwhile, Miss Camille paced around him while staring at his body.

She would also use her hand to squeeze his muscles every once in a while.

‘His body is improving at a good rate, and it seems to have a lot of potential. Maybe he will be able to achieve Leo’s strength if given enough time.’

A few moments later, Miss Camille spoke, “If you continue training at this rate for a month, you will acquire strength that is about 1 percent of what the previous Leo had achieved.”

“Only one percent?! Isn’t that a bit too low? How will I beat Kayn like that?” Leo asked with wide eyes.

“One percent of Sword Emperor Leo’s strength is more than enough to defeat someone like Kayn.”

“No way… Just how ridiculously powerful was this old Leo?”

“Extremely powerful,” she calmly responded.

‘And someone like that somehow died? This world is more dangerous than I thought…’ Leo swallowed nervously.

“It’s getting late. We’ll stop here for today. Come back here tomorrow morning at 9 and don’t be late.” Miss Camille said a moment later.

“Oh! Miss Camille, do you mind if I borrow these magic artifacts for times when I work out by myself?”

“I don’t mind, but if you break or lose them without my supervision, you’ll be responsible for paying the bill.”

Leo swallowed nervously, and he said, “T-Then I will just borrow one of them for now.”

It was easier to manage one than four, significantly lowering the risk of breaking or losing it.


After getting back the other three magic artifacts, Miss Camille left the training center.

“How do you feel?” Lilith asked him once they were alone again.

“I can barely walk straight…” He sighed as he limped his way back to the old dorm.

After a quick shower, Leo hopped straight into bed without even bothering to eat dinner.

“Hey, Lilith, I have a question.”

“How can I increase a magic spell’s mastery level? Do I just keep using it?”

“Pretty much,” she said.

“I see…” Leo fell asleep moments later.

Unbeknownst to Leo, while he slept, his body started to transform.

His muscles and bones grew stronger, his blood healthier, and his body more refined.

The following morning, Leo woke up with his lower body aching in pain, but to his surprise, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

After washing his face and getting dressed, he went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Unsurprisingly, the cafeteria was quite empty this time, mostly because it was the weekend and most students slept in, or they preferred eating outside the school premises.

Because of this, Leo was able to have a slow and peaceful breakfast.

When it was almost nine, Leo made his way to the training area to meet up with Miss Camille for another day of training.

“Is it sword training today?” Leo asked her.

“Yes.” Miss Camille nodded her head as she pulled out a sword from her spatial storage.

‘The sword looks different from the last one I used.’ Leo immediately noticed this detail.

“Careful, this sword weighs 10kg. It’s five times heavier than the last sword,” she warned him as she handed the sword to him.

“10kg?! Why are you increasing the weight already?”

“The lasting session was only to get you used to holding and swinging a sword. The real training starts today. We’ll be working on your arm muscles first. Once you can comfortably swing around a 30kg sword, we’ll begin working on your technique.”

“30kg?! That’s ridiculous! What kind of sword weighs that much?!”

“30kg is nothing. The previous Leo can swing 300kgs easily. And for your question, most magic swords will weigh above 50kg.”

After handing Leo the sword, Miss Camille handed him three bracelets.

“Hm? Is there a reason why two have a different color?” Leo asked her.

“The red ones will increase your strength, and the green ones will increase your stamina. Wear the strength bracelets around your wrist and the stamina bracelet around your ankles.”

After wearing the bracelets, Leo found it much easier to hold the 10kg sword.

“The bracelets are only to train your muscles right now. Your real goal is to wield a 30kg sword without the bracelets.”

“I see… By the way, what if someone decides to wear more than four bracelets? Isn’t that a little too overpowered?” Leo suddenly asked.

“You can, but these magic artifacts have greatly diminished effects after the fourth one, so there’s really no point.”

Sometime later, Leo started swinging the sword like last time.

Once Leo was out of stamina about three hours later, Miss Camille handed him a stamina potion.

“Before you continue, let me add something.” Miss Camille said as she proceeded to pull out a weird-looking object that Leo has never seen before out of her spatial storage.

This object was as tall as an adult human, and it had the shape of a human mannequin. However, the material it was made out of was what baffled Leo.

“What is this thing? It’s like it’s made out of jelly…” Leo said.

“This is a Slime Dummy. It’s near indestructible as long as you hit it with physical attacks. Give it a try.”

He nodded and swung the sword at the dummy, slicing half of its body but not managing to cut it entirely in half. After pulling his sword out of the dummy, it restored the damage almost immediately.

“You’ll be swinging your sword at this dummy starting now. This will help you train your precision with the sword as well. If you don’t hit the dummy properly and with enough strength, you won’t be able to cut it, and your goal is to cut it completely with every swing.”

“I understand.” Leo nodded, and he started to swing at the dummy.

A few swings later, Miss Camille suddenly said, “Since we have plenty of time today, I don’t mind teaching you magic later if you train hard enough with the sword.”

“I’m looking forward to it!” Leo became more motivated after hearing her words, and he started swinging at the Slime Dummy with even more strength and speed.

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