Magic Gems Gourmet – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The End of The Long Day

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They found out a few things about the magic stone that Ainz had absorbed.

However, due to the time and circumstances, they decided to discuss it later and had dinner.

What Ainz brought in from Magna was the meat of a Sea Dragon. The fact that he had brought such a thing without saying a word made Sylvird’s head spin again, but a few seconds later, after bringing the meat to his mouth, he became quiet.

The taste was so mouthwatering that even Sylvird had to shut up.

Other than that, the dinner ended in a friendly atmosphere, although there were a few topics of conversation, such as Chris taking care of Ainz while her face turned red.

After they finished their dinner, they decided to rest for the day.

Ainz and the others were very tired, but the people waiting for him were not without their own fatigue. They were constantly worried, and Sylvird and the others had been gathering their wits for some time at the meeting.

The meeting was already dismissed for today, with the details to be discussed later.

Then Ainz went to Olivia’s room together with Olivia.

「Umm mother? How did you do this?」

「I was so worried about Ainz, and I couldn’t control my power well…」

Ainz was supposed to clean Olivia’s room. However, since he couldn’t move his arms at the moment, he wasn’t going to start cleaning now. He simply went to Olivia’s room because she asked him to.

The mess was also leaking through the door. When he entered the room, he couldn’t help but ask what had happened because the place was so wrecked.

The whole room was covered with tree roots and a few flowers and plants.

「So this is why Marche warned me that mother was a powerful dryad huh…」

The roots of the tree were spread around the couch where Olivia often took a seat.

「My true form is a dryad after all… So, when I don’t feel calm, this will happen」

「You don’t have to be so embarrassed though」

「But Ainz? All of these are parts of my body, I can’t help but feel embarrassed when I think about it you know?」

He was a little more convinced when she said that. Ainz decided to accept that values were different for each person and each race.

「So I was supposed to clean up mother’s roots huh?」

「Y-yes, I’ll leave it to you, Ainz」

He was so worried about her, he thought that he could at least do this for her. But Ainz also wondered if he was able to grow out a root as well.

「I wonder if I can grow my roots out too」

「Ainz is closer to a human but I think you might be able to do it. Let’s practice together sometime」

He’s curious to see what kind of practice it was, but he’ll have to wait and see.

「Well then, Ainz. Would you like to come here?」

Olivia sat on the sofa and invited Ainz to join her.

「I’ll sit next to you then」

「No, not next to me, but here」

Olivia lifted Ainz, who was sitting next to her, and since he felt that he was a little heavy, Ainz lifted himself as well.

Then Ainz was hugged in Olivia’s lap.

「That’s good, you’ve done a great job. Good boy, good boy…」

Ainz was held close to Olivia’s chest and his head was gently touched.

As she did so, tears slowly began to well up in his eyes.


「It’s okay, Ainz is a good boy after all… You’ve worked so hard, haven’t you? But it’s all right now. There’s nothing to worry about」

Strangely, no embarrassment came to his mind, but rather a warm feeling.

The tears did not stop, and Ainz continued to cry.

「Why…? Why is this happening…?」

To save Chris, the adrenaline that had been over-secreted in his brain had suppressed Ainz’s fear.

This was probably the reason why he felt unsettled even after he defeated the Sea Dragon.

Ainz had come back to the place where he felt safest and where he was finally being accepted. He realized that he had been in fear all this time.

He almost died, he might not have been able to save her, Chris might have died in front of his own eyes. There were so many reasons for him to be afraid. Those thoughts that had been forcibly suppressed in his head were finally coming out as his emotions.

「Yes, yes. Ainz has done a lot, but you don’t have to worry and be afraid anymore. Because Ainz has come back here safely with everyone. So, it’s okay now」

Then he cried so hard that he couldn’t say words well when he let out his voice.

What he had done was too much for his body and mind. It was Olivia who had understood this at a glance since Ainz’s return.


It was hard to imagine this crying boy as the usual Ainz. But he was only ten and soon to be eleven. So he’s still a kid.

He had done something that was not appropriate for his age, and now he was showing his age-appropriate appearance to Olivia.

Ainz continued to cry for a while. His body, tired from the day, fell asleep in Olivia’s arms.


When Ainz had fallen asleep on Olivia’s chest, there were four people gathered in Sylvird’s room, Sylvird and Lalarua, plus Warren and Lloyd were talking.

「But don’t you think it’s a little sad that there’s no reward for him at all?」

Lalarua opened her mouth to complain.

「…Lalarua, I understand what you’re saying but..」

「I mean, shouldn’t you reward him, right?」

「Yes… I cannot give anything to him, even though I am Royalty」

「But Your Majesty. I understand what Your Majesty is saying, the hero Ainz did indeed work single-handedly. Nevertheless, he has accomplished so much. Even though he did without receiving a reward」

「…As Lloyd-dono says, it’s certainly possible that the people will be dissatisfied」

In the eyes of the people, Ainz was a hero. It would be a problem if Ainz was not being rewarded at all, offsetting his responsibilities. This was a source of concern for Sylvird.

「I understand that too. But…」

「I have a proposition then, will you listen to me?」

「…Please continue」

「What did Ainz use to ride to the Royal Capital in triumph with?」

Hearing what Lalarua had said, Warren nodded a few times, as if he had already made his point.

「The Princess Olivia」

「Why is that? Why Princess Olivia’s ship?」

「If you ask me why. There was no way he could use my ship. And since Princess Olivia was in Magna. It would have been for the best other than using the Princess Kadyma…」

(TLN: The name of the ship is “Princess Olivia” プリンセスオリビア purinsesuoribia)

It would be better than using Princess Kadyma, he was about to say. But Lalarua interrupted him.

「You can’t fix your bad habits, can you? You’re so good when it comes to the country, but why are you so stupid when it comes to your family…」

When Lalarua came to a private space, she didn’t hesitate to say those words to Sylvird.

「Warren, you must know about it, right?」

「…I’m sure it’s all because Ainz-sama doesn’t have his own ship」

「Yes. That’s why Ainz-kun couldn’t make a triumphant return on his own ship, I understand that it wasn’t necessary yet. And he is indeed too young to have his own ship. But… it’s just about the right time, don’t you think?」

「I have a feeling that what Her Highness says will come together quite nicely」

Hearing this opinion, Sylvird begins to think about it. Rather than a form of reward given by Sylvird and the others, the special ship can be given to him by the government. It doesn’t seem to make much difference who gives it to him, but to them, the Royalty, every action has an important meaning. That is why, in this case, Sylvird did not feel any problems with the suggestion.

「A hero who has saved many lives, it’s natural that the country rewards him, right?」

「Ugh… It’s as you said. Then let’s talk about that」

「But, you do remember that the dagger I gave to Ainz is gone right?」

「Yeah, I know about that」

「That’s why I have another Idea, it’s fine isn’t it?」

The presence of the arrogant Lalarua prompted Sylvird to continue.

「Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking about first? I can’t help but feel uneasy」

「We’ve received good materials today, right?」

「…Your Highness, don’t tell me…」

Warren seemed to understand the meaning immediately and looked at Lalarua with a surprised face.

「Let’s use one of them. We will create a masterpiece that will become the symbol of our people, the Ishtalicans. We will build a ship that will surpass your White King」

「Your Highness, are you serious!?」

「Lalarua…don’t tell me!」

「Yes, there are two of them, and this is the first time we’ve ever brought in a whole one. So, we’ll distribute the one in Magna and use it for the country. I’m sure there won’t be any complaints. And about the Sea Dragon that Ainz-kun defeated, which he carried to the Royal Capital…」

It was truly an amazing quality material compared to the ones used in the Royal Ships to date.

「Let’s build a new battleship for the future King of Ishtalica using all the materials from the Sea Dragon that Ainz-kun defeated. Let’s see… How about we name it this?」

The Sea Dragon Battleship, Leviathan. That’s what she said.

The ship would be a symbol of Ishtalica from now on. If that was the case, it was not a bad idea. The White King, which the king of Ishtalica inherited, was getting old and they were considering reconstructing it, so the timing was just right.

The best part was that it could also be a countermeasure when the Sea Dragons appear in the future.

It made sense to give it to the future King, the Crown prince, Ainz.

「It would be a ship fit for a hero to sail in, Your Majesty」

That’s what Warren said to Sylvird. Even in Sylvird’s mind right now, several ideas were stirring to make this proposal a reality.

「That’s not a bad idea. I feel that way too」

The Royal Family of Ishtalica has always been a place where women have shown themselves to be very talented.

Lalarua was another example of excellence, and she had been a great help to Sylvird.

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