Magic Gems Gourmet – Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Sylvird’s Conclusion

Translated by Tods

Edited by Phantom0408

In the Royal Capital of Ishtalica, those in the castle were still talking about what actions to take in this situation.

In the main conference room, not only were there many important people but also the stewards were hurrying in and out to deliver reports to the various other people in the castle.

「Was there a problem with the education I had given to him? Or is this caused by Olivia? Or was it a bad environment, what do you think, Warren?」

「… I would also add the country of birth to that list of concerns too」

「I see, you have a point」

Even in this room, the atmosphere was bad, especially around Sylvird. It was because the Crown Prince, Ainz, had forced his way out of the castle and headed into a dangerous situation.

Anger, worry, and a mixture of emotions. The current situation was hard to put into words.

Lloyd, in particular, was showing his state of mind in a rather remarkable way.

He had failed to stop Ainz from leaving. Not only that but his son Dill had also helped the Crown Prince get to the port.

He had clenched his fist too tightly, as a small amount of blood dripped from his palms.

While in such a tense situation. The report that everyone had been waiting for arrived in the main conference room.

「Your Majesty, pardon my intrusion!」

While the reports keep reaching Warren, the prime ministers, and the authority. A person from the steward’s office, who had received a message from the port town, went directly to Sylvird to give him an earful.

「… Is that true?」

「Yes. I was contacted directly by the Commander」

「Your Majesty? Is there something wrong?」

Warren asked curiously, looking at Sylvird’s slightly dazed face.


「… Yes!」

Sylvird spoke to Lloyd before replying to Warren. Lloyd had not yet come to his senses and was thinking about the future.

Lloyd’s reaction to being suddenly called out by Sylvird was a little delayed.

「There’s only one punishment for this right」

「… I’m aware of that」

「That’s why. I’m worried about what to do now」

Lloyd wondered what was bothering him. Even if Dill should return, there was only one punishment. There was no other punishment but execution. He wondered why Sylvird had said that he was worried about it.

The punishment would be not only for Dill but for Lloyd as well. He could not stop Ainz, and his son took part in helping him.

「What does that mean? There is only one punishment…」

Before he replied to Lloyd, Sylvird clapped his hands to draw attention to himself.

「Everyone. I’m going to end the meeting about this Sea Dragon matter」

Everyone was surprised to hear those words. This was a situation of national crisis, and to close a meeting about it amid this problem was insane.

「Calm down. It’s not that I’ve given up hope. There’s no need for a meeting anymore! The subjugation team had taken down one of the Sea Dragons. And after that, The Crown Prince had then single-handedly defeated the other Dragon… Although the damage was devastating, more than half of the members of the subjugation team have survived, and Chris, the Vice-Commander of the Knight Order, has also survived!」

The Crown Prince had single-handedly defeated a Sea Dragon, a statement that made no sense. But the momentary silence in the conference room was quickly replaced by a whirlpool of joy.

「Y-Your Majesty is that true…!?」

「That’s insane. You said that Ainz-sama defeated a Sea Dragon by himself…!?」

Warren and Lloyd were as surprised as the others. They were amazed that the Crown Prince had been able to pull off such a feat in an emergency.

「This is why Lloyd. I want to properly re-evaluate the punishment and make a decision about it. That’s why this is so difficult to deal with」

「Hahaha. Your Majesty… It seems that Your Majesty’s grandson has apparently become a hero. Should we hold a grand parade for this?」

「Warren is right. Ainz feats were the equivalent of him becoming a hero. Although we’ll have to hear more details first」

「Y-Your Majesty? As for me, I understand the meaning of credit and punishment. But what Dill has done, and what I have failed to do, is very…」

「You’re right. But this is how it has turned out, and that gives me a reason to re-evaluate it. Dill took Ainz to a dangerous place, but he did show his loyalty. It wasn’t loyalty to his country, but loyalty to Ainz personally. This might even be said as a form of treason against his country」

Lloyd quietly accepted what Sylvird told him. There was nothing wrong with it.

「But what about the results? Ainz killed one Sea Dragon and did a heroic job. He also saved the life of Chris, the Vice-Commander of the Knight Order, and brought back many of the members of the subjugation team alive. At least Ainz couldn’t have done it without Dill’s help. What do you think, Warren」

「That’s right. By the way, Your Majesty, what should we do about the materials that will be harvested from the Sea Dragon?」

「It seems they brought the whole thing into the harbor」

「We wouldn’t have been able to get the materials of those two beasts if the subjugation team had been wiped out. If they brought all the material of the Sea Dragons, his achievements will be immeasurable. After all, it’s not materials that can be bought with money」

Next to him, Sylvird also agreed with 『Yeah』. The materials of a Sea Dragon are very valuable, and there’s plenty of ways to use them.

It is not material that can be simply obtained with money, and even when they had defeated them in the past, they had not been able to bring back the whole thing. This time, there were two of them, and so their value was immeasurable.

「Let’s review Ainz-sama’s accomplishments that Dill-dono had helped him achieve. First of all, he had single-handedly defeated one of them and became a hero. He also prevented the annihilation of the subjugation team and protected Magna. And thanks to that, he was able to bring back the materials of two Sea Dragons. Lastly, he had also brought back Chris, the Vice-Commander of the Knights Order safely. There’s no mistaking in his great achievements, Your Majesty」

「Yes, you are right. That was a great achievement… we can’t afford to dismiss our thoughts on it. We need to re-evaluate their punishment」

「But we can’t let this happen again, Your Majesty. We can’t let him go unpunished for endangering the Crown Prince but his achievements are too great. Especially for saving the lives of many people」

「Yes, that’s why I can’t make up my mind」

Lloyd found a bit of hope when he heard about it. Even though he and his son had caused trouble, Lloyd still wondered if his son would be executed, and that was all he could think about.

「Your Majesty. I beg you. Please spare Dill and Marche’s heads by taking mine and Glacier Family’s」

Lloyd prostrated on the spot and bowed his head to Sylvird. It was the first time Warren as well as Sylvird saw him like this. A bit of surprise showed on their face.

「… Dill has done something that is no exaggeration to call it a felony. But, Lloyd, I’ve said that we couldn’t ignore his accomplishments too」

「… Yes!」

「Dill will be stripped of his status as a family member of the Dukes of Glacier and demoted to a commoner. He will be also stripped of his knighthood. The Glacier family will be also fined the equivalent of 10 years of their annual income. Do you agree?」

「Y-Your Majesty? Are you talking about our punishment?」

「And one last thing. Dill must offer 80 years of national service」

National service, as the name implied, was a punishment that made one dedicate their life to one’s country. It was imposed on a humane basis.

Although his life was guaranteed, his freedom will be taken away.

「Thank you for your generosity…」

Lloyd shed tears. Dill was the son that he had treated harshly, both publicly and privately, and had even beaten him at times. But there was no doubt that it was also because of Lloyd’s love for him, and he felt most grateful that Dill was not going to die, and even Marche would not be punished.

「The content of the national service will be chosen by Ainz. The punishment for Ainz will be announced to him later」

「Yes! … Your Majesty, do you know exactly what Ainz-sama will choose?」

「This is the only reward I can give to Ainz this time. Do you have any complaints?」

「I see, I see. Then it can’t be helped huh…?」

We evaluate crimes as crimes and achievements as achievements. In this case, it could be said that it was a generous treatment because his achievements to the country were much higher even than those of the previous generations in Ishtalica.

The word “All’s well that ends well” seemed to be too much of a cliché. (1)

But for this time, Sylvird thought it was for the best.


Ainz was taking a short rest after the fierce battle.

As they were about to have a meal at the port, something strange happened to Ainz.


「What’s wrong, Ainz-sama?」

「Is there a problem?」

Chris and Dill responded to Ainz’s voice.

「…I see. So, this is a backlash of being overworked so much huh…?」

「A-ainz-sama? What did I do to give you such backlash…?」

「Aah, no. It was a big help that Chris was able to keep me lying down. Thanks to you, I didn’t get tired, but that’s not the problem…」

「Could you please explain?」

Dill urged him to continue. After such a fierce battle, even Dill was wary of what might happen.

「Well, it seems, I can’t move my arm」

At that moment, Chris fainted and collapsed into a chair.

「Ainz-sama, do not take such things lightly….」

「Aah but, you see, I’m fine. I’m feeling a little numb, probably because I’ve been overworked. I think that’s why the backlash is so harsh to my body」

As usual, Ainz was aloof and unconcerned about Dill and Chris’s concern.

「Aah!!? I just dreamed that A-Ainz-sama’s hand was unable to be moved anymore」

「It’s not a dream, but this doesn’t mean that I’ll be immobile forever」

「What are you talking about, you’re not a doctor! Come, let’s go!」

「Wha… Eh, where are we going?!」

「Many healers have come to this port city! Now let’s go get you healed, Ainz-sama!」

「O-oi Dill, do something」

He was suddenly about to be taken away, and Ainz turned to Dill for help. As for Ainz, he wanted to wait until later because he wanted to satisfy his hunger first.

「Chris-sama, You’re going to the Royal Capital by boat huh?」

「Oh, yes. We will use Princess Olivia’s boat and head for the port of the Royal Capital. Since it’s the unveiling of the Sea Dragon and a new hero, we’ve been permitted to use Princess Olivia’s boat」

The return trip to the Royal Capital was not by land, but by sea. Ainz would also bring one of the Sea Dragons that he had defeated.

「If that’s the case, why don’t we head to Princess Olivia too? And while we’re at it, why don’t we tie Ainz-sama to the bed and let him rest for a while?」

「Wha! …O-oi Dill!」

「That’s a good idea, Dill. Let’s use your idea… Come on, Ainz-sama, let’s go」

「Wait, don’t lift me! This is embarrassing. At least, please let me walk by myself」

Chris listened to Ainz’s desperate plea and stopped lifting him. Ainz decided to go to Princess Olivia on his own.

「Ah, Chris-sama. I’ll have the food delivered later. It will be of great help for Ainz-sama to eat sooner」

「Sorry, I’ll count on you for it」

「Acknowledged. Then Ainz-sama, I will be heading to Princess Olivia later. Please have a good rest」

「…You traitor! You’ve changed your attitude a lot in one day huh, Dill!」

「Hahaha! That’s not true, right, Your Highness? I’ll see you later」

And so Ainz was taken by Chris to Princess Olivia. On the way, some healers were picked up to treat Ainz aboard the ship.

「…This may be the last day that I will be able to escort Ainz-sama. It wouldn’t hurt to reveal a little of my feelings」

He has committed so many crimes. That’s why there’s no way he could continue to be there for Ainz. Dill, who knew that he had caused trouble for his father and mother, apologized in his heart for being so unfilial.

But it wasn’t that he had any regrets. At least he was able to help Ainz, the Crown Prince, whom he served, with the utmost loyalty. The thought that he would be executed did not dampen his spirits.

「It’s a little lonely to be alone, though. It’s not a bad idea to soak up myself with the lingering feelings, and it’s also nice to have a meal accompanied by Ainz-sama today」

Although their time at the academy was shorter than Chris’s, He had been Ainz escort at the academy and had watched him grow up for several years.

Dill felt very proud that Ainz had become a hero and had saved so many lives.


Surrounded by healing magic tools, he received healing magic from many healers. As a result, Ainz was able to heal his body to a certain extent. However, the damage to his arms and the fatigue was so severe that he was not able to get back to full strength yet, although he was able to move a little now.

The healer also had advised one thing for him to do.

「We do not know how His Royal Highness the Crown Prince used his skills. However, this is the consensus of those of us as professionals. Please don’t use it in the same way as you did this time, next time, if you’re not careful, you might lose all function of your arm completely. In fact, your arm may even be torn to shreds」

「… I understand that I’ve been pushing it too much as well. I appreciate the advice」

「I’m glad you understand. But what kind of skills do you use… This is not the kind of damage that people can do to themselves…」

The healer walked out of the room, mumbling a few thoughts. After all, the damage Ainz had sustained was severe. Seeing that the healer had left, Chris opened her mouth.

「Ainz-sama. Can I tell you what I think?」

「Please do」

「Even though not all of the damage done to the illusionary hand is transmitted, I’m sure a certain percentage of it will affect Ainz-sama’s actual hand too….」

「Hmm. Probably so. I don’t have a strong body like Dullahan, so I guess my abilities were too much for a human body」

I can’t use it like him. Or rather, if I think about my body, I shouldn’t use it like that.

As for the damage to my arm this time, I heard that it would heal if I rested for a few days. But probably it wouldn’t even be recovered for the second time.

「Well then….」

After exchanging opinions, Chris asked him to correct his habits. As for Ainz, he thought it was finally the time for a sermon and felt a little depressed. But they had a right to be angry about today, so he couldn’t argue.

「I’m sure you’re hungry. Shall we eat?」


「What’s wrong?」

Ainz was expecting to be scolded, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

「Aah, I see. Did you think you were going to get scolded?」

「N-no, that’s definitely not the case….」

「It’s just only for today. Now that the food has arrived, let’s eat」

Chris was being sweet and kind. No, she was always kind, but Ainz thought she was about to start a long, long sermon.

「Let me sit by your side」

Chris then sat down in the chair next to the bed by Ainz’s side.

「Huh, what are you going to do by sitting next to me?」

「Ainz-sama can’t move his arm after all. So let me help you」

Chris held up a dish that had been placed on the table and scooped out some food with a spoon.

「Wait a moment Chris-san!? I mean, this is embarrassing!」

「Then how will you eat it? Jeez!」

The scooped-up food was emitting a lot of steam, so Chris blew gently with a fuh-fuh to cool it down a little.

Ainz was embarrassed and reluctant to open his mouth.

「…Ainz-sama. Here you go」

But it was also true that there was no other way, which is why Ainz endured the embarrassment and accepted it.

「Umm, Umm」

He couldn’t taste it. Now that he had become restless, Ainz can’t afford to enjoy the taste.

But as he slowly chewed his first meal in a long time, Ainz’s body began to feel delighted.

「Does it taste good?」

Ainz couldn’t say that he couldn’t taste it. He’s afraid to say it outright, even though he feels sorry for Chris who has done this much for him.

「It’s delicious. Thank you, Chris-san」

The dish was made with seafood from Magna, and under normal circumstances, it would have been mouth-watering dishes.

But now, he couldn’t taste it. So he lied, and he decided to say it was delicious.

「Fufu… Is that so? That’s good to hear then」

Ainz was fascinated by her smile. It was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

He thought, “Thank God, I was able to save Chris…”

Perhaps that’s why Ainz also had tears in his eyes, which caught Chris’s attention.

「A-ainz-sama!? Was it still hot!? I’m so sorry…」

「No, it was good. I was just happy. I wonder when the next one will be coming, I’m still hungry after all」

Chris didn’t know why Ainz had tears in his eyes. But when he saw Ainz smiling and asking for the next one, she somehow felt warm inside her heart.


The Royal Capital was in an uproar, not only over the news that two Sea Dragons had been defeated but also over the details.

The news that the Crown Prince had single-handedly defeated one of the Sea Dragons was spreading all over the Capital.

There were a lot of people asking why they let him go to such a place, but in light of the hottest topic, those talks were all erased.

The Crown Prince went to help Chris, his escort. Somewhere along the way, the story was passed on to the people of the capital.

The people, who had been strongly moved by the remarkable story were not worried but simply looked forward to the return of the newly born hero.

The port in the Royal Capital is only half the size of the port city of Magna. And even though it was night, the area was very bright and filled with light as if it were daytime.

Many houses were lit, many stalls were set up, and many lights were set up along the streets.

Although there were several big festivals a year in the Royal Capital, they were nothing compared to this.

And it got more and more lively as a certain time approached. It was the arrival of Princess Olivia’s ship.

According to the information from the castle, Princess Olivia’s ship and a battleship will be arriving at the port of the Royal Capital. The battleship is said to be coming into port with the Sea Dragon that the Crown Prince had subjugated.

That’s why so many people from the Royal Capital had gathered to see and honor the future King that had subjugated the Sea Dragon.

「O-oi I can see it’s coming!」

One of the men shouted. Princess Olivia’s ship and the battleship are coming into view.

The area near where Princess Olivia’s ship is docked is off-limits and being guarded by knights.

The King of Ishtalica, Sylvird, was on his way. While Lloyd and Warren were standing by his side.

These three important figures had to leave the castle for a while, but it couldn’t be helped this time.

「It’s so big! So that’s a Sea Dragon huh!?」

「I can’t believe it even looks that big from this distance…That being is bigger than a battleship, huh?」

Many surprised voices were heard.

There had never been a case where an entire Sea Dragon had been transported before, and this was a first for Ishtalica, so the people were very excited.

The sound of a steam whistle blared from Princess Olivia’s ship. Hearing this, the people became even more excited and the port began to bustle with activity.

「Your Highness―!」

「Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince! Welcome home!」

Some of the knights also shouted. The Crown Prince who had become a hero has returned.

「I’m going to scold Ainz after this, but I’m feeling overwhelmed now」

「It is as you say. Praise the good things and scold the bad things. Isn’t that right?」

「…As for me, I have to punish Dill as well」

Arriving at the pier, Princess Olivia’s ship shut down its furnace. Then the scaffolding was lowered, and the excitement reached its peak as Ainz and the others showed up.

「Your Majesty. And Lloyd-dono. Please allow me to speak to you as Warren, a citizen of Ishtalica. I want you to listen carefully to these cheers. This is the cheers for Your Majesty’s grandson, the Crown Prince, for what Dill-dono has accomplished by helping Ainz-sama to achieve this. As the Prime Minister, I can’t talk about this kind of thing. It’s a secret after all」

「….Fufu. Warren, I’m not a demon you know?」

「I’m grateful for that, Warren-dono…」

「Well then. It’s time for the heroes to return. Let’s go and greet them」

Agreeing with Warren’s words, the three of them headed closer to Ainz and the others.

「Well, it’s an impressive feat for Ainz-sama to be able to defeat it. Don’t you think so, Your Majesty, Lloyd-dono?」

「…Good grief, He had done the work of an entire army on his own. However, what a large and majestic figure this Sea Dragon is. We have to make good use of it」

「Warren-dono is right. I remembered Ainz-sama when he first came to Ishtalica, but I couldn’t believe that he was able to kill such a big beast. I feel deeply moved」

As the three of them were talking, Ainz, Chris, and Dill came down from Princess Olivia’s ship.

「….We’re back. Your Majesty」

「Umu. I have a lot of things on my mind right now, but first, as a King, I should say this. Thank you for your hard work」

「Welcome back Ainz-sama. I’m surprised you were able to kill such a magnificent Sea Dragon」

「I’m glad you made it home safely… Dill, you know what going to happen right?」

「Yes, Your Excellency the Grand Marshal….No, Esteemed Father, I understand everything that I’ve done, and I’m prepared to face it」

After welcoming Ainz, Lloyd paid close attention to Dill.



This was the first time Ainz called out to Lloyd without any honorifics. Lloyd was a little surprised when he heard it.

「He was given an order by “Me”. You shouldn’t complain about what the Crown Prince had ordered」

Warren was the most surprised to hear those words. He felt that the presence that Ainz gave off was like the presence of a strong King, even more so than the young Sylvird.

「Y-your Highness, what are you talking..!」

「A-ainz-sama….No, Your Highness! Even if you said something like that…」

「Lloyd, I won’t say this for the second time. We’re not going to talk about it here」

Dill and Lloyd were both surprised. Dill had never thought that Ainz would say something like this to them.

「I know that we need to take care of “several uses of the Royal Decrees” that I have issued. But we shouldn’t be doing it here… If we look so gloomy here, the people who have gathered here won’t be happy either, so let’s go back to the castle with a smile on our faces first」

Ainz has issued a Royal Decree by himself while not saying it openly. So, when Ainz said that he had “issued several uses of it”, not only Dill, who had been involved, but also Sylvird and Warren guessed his intentions.

「…As you wish. Your Highness」

Lloyd froze at Ainz’s great presence.

「Your Majesty, let’s go to the carriage. And Ainz-sama, I know that you’re tired, but could you please at least show your face to the people through the window」

「Of course, no problem. Let’s go then」

With that said, Ainz went to the carriage accompanied by Chris. The carriage that was prepared this time had large windows and was suitable for parades.

A total of six people, three from Sylvird’s side and three from Ainz’s side, got into the carriage and set off for the castle.


The main street of the Royal Capital was also incredibly crowded. Numerous stalls were set up on the main street, and many of the people were lively. The carriage carrying Ainz and the others continued while responding to the cheers from the port town and finally settled down near the castle.

「May I ask you just one question, Ainz-sama」

「Fine with me, Warren-san」

「…What exactly are those “Several uses of Royal Decrees” is?」

Hearing these words, Dill and Lloyd shook their bodies in panic.

「I used it two times. One was to force the Royal Train to operate. The other one was to order Dill to prepare a horse and be my escort. Only these two」

「W-what are you talking, Ainz-sama!」

Dill tried to object when he heard it. But it would be a breach of disrespect to interrupt the Crown Prince while he was talking, but no one pointed this out.

「I see, I understand. But do you know if the use was found to be inappropriate, Ainz-sama would be stripped from his position as a Crown Prince and also be banished from the Royal Family right?」

「I’ve thought about that. But I can’t simply wait and do nothing without taking action while weighing that against the lives of Chris-san and the others」

「Yes, certainly, the result is that now you have saved them…..But if you fail, we might lose our Crown Prince. Olivia-sama and Claune-sama would be sad too, right?」

With that being said, Ainz couldn’t immediately refute it. However, an ally came to Ainz from an unexpected place.

「…I’m sorry, Warren-sama. It was my fault. Ainz-sama went out there because of my lack of strength. Ainz-sama is a very kind and honorable person. I am the one who needs to be punished, so please…」

Please don’t punish Ainz, Chris pleaded so.

Sylvird and the others, who had never seen Chris like that before, were at a loss for what to say next for a moment.

「Chris-san. I need you to be quiet for now」


「It’s like we’re the bad guys here aren’t we, Warren?」

「Hahaha, indeed, it seems so… It would be a shame to prolong this though, right, Your Majesty? Why don’t you say something already?」

Warren urged Sylvird with a smile.

「I don’t like the idea that all’s well that ends well (1). But I can’t deny that we have to consider both the merits and demerits」

Sylvird speaks his mind.

「Ainz. You have brought back several achievements with you, the greatest one is by bringing two whole Sea Dragons to Ishtalica. Warren, give me an estimation」

「In my opinion, it is worth about 24 to 26 years of Ishtalica’s national budget. Its uses are immeasurable, and its quality is one of the highest materials ever exist in Ishtalica」

「It will make us all more prosperous and will be a great help to all the people. Therefore, I will not question your use of the “two Royal Decrees”. But Ainz, we can’t give you any reward for you having destroyed a private train and causing some damage. Do you understand what I mean?」

It was an offset. Still, it was something that Ainz was grateful for.

「Yes, Your Majesty」

「As for the other matters, there will also be some minor punishments for you. Until then, you will be under house arrest for two months」


「And now, Lloyd. For your punishment」

Sylvird then looks at Lloyd.

「As punishment for not being able to stop Ainz, 10 years’ worth of the Glacier Family’s income will be collected by the government. You will also be stripped of your position as a Knight of Ishtalica. So, you’ll no longer be a Grand Marshal anymore」

「…I’ll do as you wish」

「And as a reward for this time, Chris will be promoted to the Grand Marshal’s seat. I won’t accept any objections」

Chris almost shouted in surprise at the sudden appointment. But since it was in front of the King, she managed to control it this time.

「Lloyd, from this moment on, you will be my personal guard. You will work hard and risk your life on it」

「Y-Your Majesty…!?」

「Lloyd-dono, this must be also hard for His Majesty too… right, Your Majesty?」

「…What do you want me to do, you fools? He has saved the port city of Magna, brought two Sea Dragons to the country, saved Chris, a valuable knight, and rescued the subjugation team. How can we severely punish those who have achieved so much?」

They had saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, enriched the nation’s budget for decades, and rescued a valuable knight. Those who had accomplished such a feat shouldn’t be severely punished.

「Then, Your Majesty. The punishment for Dill is…?」

「I’m tired, don’t call me with “Your Majesty”」

「…T-then, grandfather?」

「Aah that’s good. Good grief, it’s been a hectic day… If you said that you have used the Royal Decree against Dill, I have no choice but to punish Ainz too. But considering what Ainz has accomplished, I can’t punish you too harshly」

「Ainz-sama, it’s our loss. If Ainz-sama hadn’t claimed that he had used two Royal Decrees. Dill-dono would have lost his knighthood and his position in Glacier family」

If Ainz had given the order, then they had to blame Ainz. Because that was the responsibility and duty of the Royal Family who had given the order.

That’s how important the “Royal Decree” is here in Ishtalica.

So, no reward will be given for Ainz’s achievements.

It may seem like a very light punishment.

But considering the magnitude of what Ainz had achieved, it wasn’t a big punishment.

Ainz has indeed made a great deal of achievement, which would not have been possible without Dill.

But is this alright? He kept wondering about it.

Nevertheless, this was the punishment that Sylvird had chosen.

He was not a big fan of the phrase “all’s well that ends well”. Still, it was hard not to appreciate the fact that Ainz had been able to bring about such an outcome.

Sylvird might be even called naive and might be said to have made an incorrect decision as a King by those around him.

Still, he had no regrets about making this choice.

「What kind of punishment would Olivia-sama and Miss Claune give to you? We’re not going to have a part in that matter you know, Ainz-sama」

Although he felt a bit of fear at what Warren said, he still felt a little relieved about the fact that he will be punished.


(1) All’s Well That Ends Well (a play by Shakespeare in 1623)

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Chapter 10 - The truth is, I know nothing.May 2, 2021
Chapter 11 - The “Former” Family At That Time.May 2, 2021
Chapter 12.1 - Second time going out, let’s go to the capital (of a different continent)May 2, 2021
Chapter 12.2 - Second time going out, let’s go to the capital (of a different continent)May 2, 2021
Chapter 13.1 - An Extremely Special Moving.May 2, 2021
Chapter 13.2 - An Extremely Special Moving.May 2, 2021
Chapter 14.1 - After arriving at the castle [First Part]May 2, 2021
Chapter 15.1 - After Arriving At The Castle [Last Part]May 2, 2021
Chapter 16.1 - I Finally Understood.May 2, 2021
Chapter 16.2 - I Finally Understood.May 2, 2021
Chapter 17.1 - Stock up transactions and Ain’s abilities.May 2, 2021
Chapter 18.1 - A High-Class Magic Stone is Eaten.May 2, 2021
Chapter 19.1 - Olivia’s real intentions and Ain’s future.May 2, 2021
Chapter 20.1 - ThoughtsMay 2, 2021
Chapter 21.1 - Dark Straw Ver.1May 2, 2021
Chapter 22.1 - Visiting The Town And A Magic Stone Store For The First TimeMay 2, 2021
Chapter 23.1May 2, 2021
Chapter 24 - One step further.May 2, 2021
Chapter 25 - Unexpectedly disappointing monsters and weapons of romance.May 2, 2021
Chapter 26May 2, 2021
Chapter 27 - First Real BattleMay 2, 2021
Chapter 28.1 - Her Mischief.May 2, 2021
Chapter 28.2 - Her Mischief.May 2, 2021
Chapter 28.3 - Side story part 1 - Krone & Graf [Previous]May 2, 2021
Chapter 29May 5, 2021
Chapter 30May 5, 2021
Chapter 31May 5, 2021
Chapter 32May 5, 2021
Chapter 33May 5, 2021
Chapter 34May 5, 2021
Chapter 35May 5, 2021
Chapter 36May 5, 2021
Chapter 37May 5, 2021
Chapter 38May 5, 2021
Chapter 39May 5, 2021
Chapter 40May 5, 2021
Chapter 41May 5, 2021
Chapter 42May 5, 2021
Chapter 43May 5, 2021
Chapter 44May 5, 2021
Chapter 45May 5, 2021
Chapter 46May 5, 2021
Chapter 47May 5, 2021