Magic Gems Gourmet – Chapter 34

Chapter 34

. . . . 」

In the dark, damp cave, how and why was he born?

He couldn’t figure out why, no matter how much he thought about it .

After a few hours after he woke up, what seemed to be his ego had awakened, the first thing he do, was to check his body .

Other than that, all he did was lean his body against a rock .

「A, Ah . . . . 」

His voice’s tone was low and dull, he felt terrible tired, his body feels so heavy, he’s hungry, needed help, and scared . These are the only thoughts that run through his head .

「 . . . . Ara, sweetie . Are you alone?」

「 . . . . ?」

「Arara, you don’t even know any words yet huh . Nice to meet you . little skeleton-kun?」

Although he didn’t even recognize himself, he was somewhat glad that he was no longer alone .

A woman appeared in front of him . She held a large staff in her hand and wore a black robe .

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a few stones .

「Ah . . . . . . ?」

「Come on, eat up . You must be hungry, right?」

He could guess instinctively . His body feels heavy, but he was hungry . With all the strength he had left, he took a bite of the stone she had taken out .

「I knew you’d be hungry . There’s still plenty left . You can eat it all」

He took a bite of the stone with all his might . He couldn’t taste it, and the stone he ate was falling through the bones . However, every time he bit into it; he felt a sense of satisfaction that he could not describe .

「Aah! Aa . . . . !」

「Well, you’re full huh? I’m glad」

Although he couldn’t say a word, he could somehow express his joy .

There was no heaviness in his body that he had felt a moment ago . On the contrary, he felt very light .

「You are a slave’s child, perhaps . There’s no way a little child would be alone in a place like this . The cave collapsed after last night’s earthquake, so he must have been left behind and turned into a demon」

The woman was saying something, but he could not understand what it was . The only thing he understood was that she was helping him .

「You poor thing . You’ve been left all alone」

She mouthed the words and hugged him . The sound of crunching bones echoed in the cave .

Although he didn’t understand what she was doing, he felt a sense of joy . A strange, indescribable feeling began to circulate .

「Come on . Won’t you come with me? I haven’t decided on a place to go, but I’m sure it’ll be less lonely than being alone . . . . . . 」

Then he followed the girls in her black robe .

With a crunching sound of bones, the little skeleton walked behind her .


We left the cave and walked a long distance .

It took days to cross the mountain, days to cross the river, and days to reach the big forest .

「My stomach . Is full」

「You ate well, didn’t you? Then let’s get some rest for today」

When we arrived at a somewhat open area with no trees, they sat down to eat .

He, a small skeleton, covered himself with the stone she had given him . She, in her black robe, also had a large staff in her hand, which she propped up against a tree beside her, and she sated her hunger with a mouthful of preserved food .

Every time he ate one of the stones she gave him, he felt his body grow stronger and a little bigger .

Now he could understand the words she was saying, and he could say them himself .

「Tomorrow we’ll be walking a lot again, okay? Get some rest and be ready for tomorrow」

Even a skeleton can regain his strength by resting .

As a small skeleton, he had very little energy . That’s why it was important for him to rest every night .

「yes . . . !」

He replied in a faltering voice and lay down . He hoped that he would be able to travel safely with her tomorrow .

He was a very good sleeper . She could tell immediately that he would be asleep within a few minutes .

「You’ve grown up so well in such a short time . Good boy」

She was stroking his head and talking to herself, what she was giving him was a magic stone .

There are several kinds of nourishment for demons to grow, but magic stones are the most effective of them all .

As an undead, he does not eat meat, so he basically eats magic stones .

What she gave him was a magic stone, which was quite valuable in general terms . However, it didn’t take any special effort for her to get it .

In all her years of living, she had never had a family, and she had never had anything to look forward to in life .

In the midst of all this, she met a small skeleton . she felt a little sorry for him, and gave him a magic stone, which he bites into with all his might . When she saw him, he looks so cute that she asked him if he wanted to come with her .

She was surprised at how much she enjoyed traveling with him, even though it was only for a few days . Watching him eat made she feel happier than anything else .

Even though she is a demon, she is still a woman, and that is why she asked herself if she have motherly instincts in her, but she couldn’t find an answer . But it’s no lie that this is a “good time” for her, so she feels that this is a trivial matter .

「We’ll have to keep walking tomorrow . Let’s take a rest for now」

A journey with no fixed destination . That’s what was this trip supposed to be, but she wanted to take the little skeleton to different places, so she continued her journey to a few places in her memory .

「Oh, that reminds me, I need to think of a name for him . What should I name him? . . . . . 」

It is meaningful for a demon to have a name; it expands its evolutionary future .

It didn’t mean that they would become stronger just by having a name, but it was important in the sense that it would expand their future potential .

A small skeleton that is very important to her . She decided to give it a name .

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