Magic Gems Gourmet – Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A little while after the carriage with Ainz and the others arrived at the castle .

The carriage with Graf and his group also passed through the castle gate . Graf and the others got off from the stopped carriage and saw the White Knight Castle with its sheer presence .

「I never thought I’d be stepping into the heart of Ishtalica」

「It’s so high that it will tire your neck if you look up, yet so wide you can’t see the edges . . . . . . what a beautiful castle it is!」

It was the first time for Graf to set foot in the royal castle of Ishtalica .

Krone, needless to say, was simply amazed at the size of the castle .

「Everyone, we have arrived . Welcome to White Knight, the heart of our Ishtalica」

Warren welcomed Graf and the others as they landed .

As they arrived, the entrance to the castle opened, and from there, several knights and servants appeared .

「Please leave your luggage with them . They will also take care of Augusto family’s servants’ luggage . They will also take you to your room to rest for a while」

「A, aah . thank you, Warren-dono」

「Thank you very much Warren-sama」

They were still amazed by White Knight Castle, but they managed to pull themselves together when they heard that Warren was going to show up and guide them .

「Miss Krone, you must be tired after your long walk . If you would like, why don’t you go to the castle’s famous baths and relax? Afterwards, you may have dinner with Lady Olivia too」

She was glad of this suggestion, as she wanted to keep up her appearance .

She also wanted to see Olivia for the first time in a long time and have dinner with her . Considering that she had walked and sweated the whole day, it was an urgent matter for her .

「Thank you for your consideration . Then, I’ll take on your offer」

「Very well . It would be a good idea for you to take a rest as well, and Graf-dono, I would like to prepare a guest bath for you as well」

「Then, I’ll take you up on that」

「There will be several servants for the two of you . They will show you to the bathhouse and assist you, so please feel free to ask for help . Let me show you to your rooms first」

Then Warren gave the signal and the servant to led Graf and the others .

The knights were to carry the luggage to their room .

「Ah, Alfred . After Graf-dono and the others have rested, I will send someone to show you around again in a little while, so please follow him to the table with Olivia」

「I understand . I’ll be waiting for you . 」

With the help of the servants, Graf and the others headed for their rooms .

Seafood purchased from the port town of Magna had already been delivered to the head chef at the castle for cooking .

After being guided to castle, Warren went to the room where the king was waiting to report on the day’s events .


「Excuse me」

「Come in」

Warren arrived at the room where Sylvird was waiting for him . In the room, not only Sylvird, but also Lloyd was waiting for Warren’s arrival .

「Thank you for your work since this morning, Warren-dono」

「No, no . It’s been a fruitful visit, in various ways」

「Well then, how’s your report」

Sylvird couldn’t help but be curious as to how it had turned out .

That’s why he had the servant check on Warren several times before he arrived at the room .

There are two reasons for this . The first was to report on the sea crystals, which were important to Ishtalica . The other reason was about the members of the Augusto family .

「 . . . . I know both of you are interested . Let’s just say that I’ll be submitting detailed document on the sea crystal later, shall we?」

「I’m fine with that」

「Fumu . I don’t have a problem with that as long as I get the report」

「Let’s talk about the former Grand Duke Augusto-dono . In a word, he’s not a character for nobles」

Warren explain what he has learned over the course of the day .

First, he decided to report on Graf .

「You think he was a Grand Duke with a personality not meant for nobility?」

「Yeah . Simply put, he took his family over his country . I guess that’s why he went to Ishtalica」

「Hmm? So, you’re saying that Krone-dono, who accompanied by him on this trip, was more important than Hyme, whom he served?」

「I’m afraid so」

Warren agreed with what Lloyd had said .

In Warren’s own way, he has seen what Graf are like .

「So we can’t expect him to be loyal to us too huh」

「I don’t think that’s the case . At least, if there is a guarantee for the safety of his family, or in the current situation, the safety of Miss Krone, I’m sure that Graf-dono will be sincere . He’s a smart and calculating man, and if he’s in a superior position, he’ll be able to deal with us with a certain degree of advantage . The only drawback is that when he is in a lower position, it will be difficult to show his strength」

「Your Majesty . While it’s has some flaw . It’s not every day that Warren-dono speaks of a man who’s capable」

「I think so, too . But I’m sure he doesn’t always have his strong side」

In Warren’s mind, Graf’s reputation was not low, but rather high .

Regrettably, he was unable to catch a glimpse of his true strength because he felt somewhat guilty for taking on such a strong man for Ishtalica

「As Ishtalica, Miss Krone . . . . . . and the Augusto’s people in Hyme . If they know that they won’t be harmed in the future when things turn out to be “unexpected” for us, they won’t become our enemy」

「I had heard from initial reports that he were a strict and fair nobleman even in Hyme . He takes his family over his country, so we will never know」

「As a nobleman, I feel that was a terrible contradiction, but it’s easy to understand, isn’t it?」

「It is easy to understand, as Lloyd-dono said . It would be better if he understood that they would not be harmed . Then he would be able to rest over their safety」

As for Graf, there were some things that Lloyd was right about that he was easy to understand .

In the current situation, it seemed that if we took good care of Krone, he would feel a great debt of gratitude to Ishtalica, and would return it .

「Well then, I hate to break you, but I’m done with the preliminaries . I want to ask you something」

「That’s enough for the opening act huh, Your Majesty」

「Now now . . . . I knew Your Majesty was also a family man」

The main issue that Sylvird was talking about was Krone . For Sylvird, the matter of Graf was no small matter, but his priority right now was to find out what kind of relationship Krone had with Ainz .

「Lloyd! I’m sure you’re interested too」

「Hahaha! Well then, Warren-dono, please continue」

「Yes, sir . Miss Krone is truly a gem in the rough, a woman too good for the Prince of Hyme」

The report about Krone begins . Krone has made a big impression on Warren as she has come to speak and express her thoughts about what she thinks about Ainz, even in front of him .

「Her ability to understand things in detail, and her ability to talk about things in a way that gives her the upper hand without making others uncomfortable . I felt that she had the courage and determination to do so . In addition, I’m sure her appearance is as good as Chris’s, so that’s not a problem either」

「For someone of Warren caliber to say that much . . . 」

「At this point, let’s put it a little differently . Miss Krone will certainly be more capable than I am in the future」

「For Warren, who is considered to be one of the best prime minister of all time . . . 」

Warren’s reputation as Prime Minister in Ishtalica is very high .

Not only for the policies and developments that he has carried out, but he was above all for his ability as a civil servant and his ability to negotiate .

He also has a strong intelligence warfare capability that allows him to search for information even in the Hyme that is located on the continent across the ocean .

「Indeed . One more thing to add is that she likes him as a member of the opposite sex . How she will be by his side in the future, I will not discuss now . But no matter what form it takes, she is someone he should have by his side」

「So, if we cooperate with them by providing generous protection, it will be in line with Graf-dono thoughts huh」

「As Lloyd says . Is worth doing」

「And as for Ainz, how does he feel about Miss Krone?」

We understood that Krone was capable and that he liked Ein .

And the last thing we wondering is what Ainz thinks of Krone .

「Today, something interesting happened」

In the port town of Magna . I reported about Ainz’s nap and Krone’s lap pillow .

Sylvird didn’t like the idea of the crown prince to be taking a nap in public . But what happened afterwards did not leave a bad impression .

「Fumu . I’m sure Ainz likes her well enough as her」

「That’s right . So there is no problem for her to be near Ainz-sama」

「Lloyd, what do you think」

「I thought it would be better that way . There was no one close in age for Ainz-sama here」

Lloyd agrees .

Indeed, no one in the castle was close to Ainz age, and Kadyma was only enjoying something with him .

「I say this in my capacity as Prime Minister . She will be a woman of national interest」

「So please tell me you what Warren personally thinks」

「We think good about each other, and I think it would be better if we stayed close . At least it seems harmless」

It would be a pity to bother to keep our distance, Warren closed the story .

When expressing his opinion as an individual, Warren did so with a gentle smile on his face, just as he did when talking to Ainz .

「I’ll also speak as a grand marshal . If the Prime Minister said she is a woman that he feels will benefit the country, then we should welcome her with open arms . As for me personally, I hope that Lady will be a good person for Ainz . . . . . . 」

「I see . I understand what you two are thinking . I have no problem with someone who can think of the best interest of the nation without harming Ainz . You should ask Miss Krone what she wants to do now, Warren . You can also consider educating her directly」

「I understand」

「Fumu . When it comes to the education of Prime Minister Warren, it will seem to be quite strict」

「It’s the same kind of education Lloyd-dono gave to his son」

The atmosphere was friendly at the end, and Warren’s report was over .

He would be submitting a more detailed document of his thoughts later, along with the sea crystal matter .


The location changed to the guest room where Graf and the others were shown to .

After enjoying the castle’s baths, they were waiting to be welcomed in the salon set up between the rooms .

「By the way, Krone . You’re looking more beautiful than ever」

「I was impressed by the skills of the servants, but more importantly, the quality of the beauty products was very good . . . . . . 」

Her hair was shinier and her skin more translucent than before she went to the bathhouse .

The massage had soothed her face, which had been somewhat tired .

「I never thought I’d be able to see the difference in technology in such a place」

「That was a very comfortable bath, Grandfather」

「Umu, Thanks to it . It helped me to relax」

They had just left the bathhouse and were taking a short break . The sweat had subsided and they were relaxing when the servants finally arrived .

When Graf heard the knock on the door, he instructed Alfred to let the guide into the room .

「Excuse me, sir . My name is Martha, the servants’ head, and I am Olivia-sama’s personal servant . I’ve come to escort you to the dinner table with the Second Princess Olivia-sama」

Graf was momentarily taken aback by the small woman who appeared, but he did not show it in his attitude and replied .

「I understand . Then shall I, Krone, and my granddaughter head there?」

「Please rest assured that there will be servants at the venue . Her Highness, the Second Princess, has asked that you take a rest, as the servants accompanying you must be tired from their long journey」

「Umu . . . . . I understand . Then, Alfredo, tell that to everyone」


「I will have the servants bring you your meals too, so please wait . Graff-dono, Miss Krone, please come this way」

Martha led us out of the room and started to move .

As we were told, only two people left the room and departed, Graf and Krone .

「The place is a salon that is often used by Ainz sama and the others . I will bring the food in there, and I hope you will enjoy it」


So, we walked for a few minutes and arrived at the salon where Olivia was waiting .

Martha knocked on the door, and after confirming that she heard an answer from inside, she opened the door .

「Olivia-sama . I’ve come to escort these two guests」

「Thank you Martha . It’s been a while, Graf-dono and Miss Krone . Please come in and make yourselves at home」

Olivia hadn’t changed at all from the last time they had met, and Krone felt a sense of relief .

However, she was wearing more beautiful clothes than before, and her hair and skin looked incomparably more beautiful than before, probably because she was using Ishtalica’s highly effective beauty products, just like the ones Krone had used .

「Your Highness, the Second Princess . I have been thinking of many words to say . But first, I would like to apologize」

「Oh, you don’t have to do that, Graf-dono . I don’t care about it anymore」

「I have to hang my head if I’m called that by someone like Her Highness the Second Princess」

「Uum . . . Hey, Ainz . What should I do」

「For now, I think it’s a good idea to name him with -dono」

Ein, who was next to Olivia, followed up .

「Your Highness, the Second Princess . It’s been a long time . And Ainz-sama too, not a day goes by that I don’t think about spending time with the two of you again . I am truly happy to see you again」

「Well, Miss Krone . . . . Aah, that -sama is no good, but -dono . . . . . . there’s something uptight about that」

「Let’s put up with it for now, okay?」

It seemed that the only thing that hadn’t changed at all was her appearance, but on the inside, she was visibly more devoted to Ainz than before .

Olivia’s love for Ainz had been stronger the last time that Krone had met them, but now she seemed to have surpassed that and was behaving freely .

「Why don’t you let them take a seat first? Olivia-sama」

「Martha’s right . I’m sorry to keep you waiting . Please take a seat, both of you」

As Martha had suggested, she first asked their guests to take their seats .

It was decided that Graf would sit in front of Olivia and Krone in front of Ainz .

The table brought into the salon was larger than the one that is usually placed there .

It was replaced because they thought it would not be good if they were too close to each other .

「We will prepare you a drink first」

After making sure they were seated, Martha prepared their drinks .

「Thank you very much」

「Not at all, Miss Krone . Please make yourself at home」

「Well then . Martha, can I ask you a favor?」

「I understand」

Olivia’s words triggered Martha to give instructions to the other servants in the room .

The servants then leave the room . Only five people remained in the salon .

「It’s fine now Krone」

「 . . . . . Ainz-sama? I’m not quite sure what you mean」

「Krone-sama . Olivia-sama and Ainz-sama would like to have a conversation with the former Krone-sama . I hope you don’t mind . 」

They were hoping that Krone would talk to them like the Krone they met for the first time .

They felt sad that she felt a little stranger to them, even though they had come all the way across the ocean to Ishtalica .

「The truth is that Chris-san is fine with it too . Well, it’s too late now」

「 . . . . . Ainz . You seem to like to bring all my efforts to naught」

「My nature hasn’t changed, and I know I have to be presentable, but I’m tired of being that way all the time」

「Haah . . . . . I understand . If Ainz is okay with that, then I’ll do the same」

What she was doing was not wrong .

It was only natural that people around her would think she was rude if she called them the same way she used to call them when dealing with royalty .

「Olivia-sama . It’s been a long time . Since you told Grandfather that you have had enough, I will refrain from mentioning “that” again . However, you have become even more beautiful than before, and you are too dazzling for me to see」

「Why, thank you, Krone-dono . . . . . no . . -san, let’s go with it now . . . . . . that’s preferable because it takes away the stiffness . I’m sure that as you grew older, you became more beautiful and there were many people who wanted to be engaged to you」

「I’ve received a fair amount of offers . But I usually turned them down with a single word, so I don’t know much about them . Hey, Grandpa」

Graf’s reaction was slightly delayed when he was suddenly asked to speak .

「Yes, as Krone said . The most troublesome thing was that the third prince’s proposal of marriage became a problem」

「Well . Have they made you a formal offer?」

Olivia was surprised to hear that the prince had asked her to marry him .

「No, the occasion was unofficial, wasn’t it? But when the prince says it, it will be official」

「It is true that if a member of the royal family mentions it, then it is official, no matter what form it takes . How did you manage to cross over to Ishtalica in such a situation?」

「I have come through Hyme as an escort, as I am retiring and going to a trade city to recuperate . After that, I’ve been tangled up a lot of information, so they won’t be able to identify where we are」

「But, Olivia-sama . Even though he had seen me many times, that was the first time he had talked . And yet, to suddenly ask me to marry him, I thought he was out of his mind . Also, I couldn’t accept him physiologically」

Hearing those words, Ainz smiled a little bitterly .

What Ainz had done at Augusto’s mansion, handing over the Star Crystal to Krone, had the same meaning, because even though he didn’t know it, he was doing the same thing as the third prince .

「Excuse me . I’ve brought your food」

Martha brings the food .

It was a menu using fresh seafood that she had just purchased from Magna .

It was a dish she was looking forward to, as it was made with many of Olivia’s favorite ingredients .

「Fufu . I’d love to hear more about that story from Krone-san . But I also received the food I’m very proud of, so please try it first!」

「I’m sure you’re right . I’ll enjoy the seafood, which I’ve heard is Olivia-sama’s favorite」

「I’ll have some of that too」

First, we enjoyed the food while it was still warm . The food tasted excellent, just as Olivia liked it .

The seafood was freshly caught this morning and brought into the castle in special containers to keep it fresh .

「When we were in Hyme, we also enjoyed the fresh seafood from the port . But this one is much more delicate in taste and very tasty . And it’s fresh」

「I’m glad to hear that . The freshness of the food is largely due to the magic tools, and since the magic tools in Ishtalica are a few steps ahead of those in Hyme, that’s what makes the food so delicious!」

Olivia replied to Graf’s impression .

In fact, the freshness of the food was much different because of the special magic tools that were made to keep it fresh .

The rest of it, was due to excellent techniques such as pre-treatment, the taste of the ingredients was brought to life .

「I’m glad you enjoyed it . It was worth it to buy so many souvenirs!」

「Yes, thank you, Ainz . I’m enjoying it too」

The dinner went smoothly and Olivia had a good time talking with Krone again .

Graf was also happy that things were going well and had time to enjoy the taste of the meal .

After enjoying several dishes, the dessert was finished and we were drinking the last cup of tea when the conversation moved a bit .

「Excuse me . I need to use your washroom for a minute」

「Yes, sir . Let me guide you」

Graf told Martha that he needed to go to the washroom . Ainz overheard him and got up from his seat to tell her .

「Mother . I’m going to get some fresh air too . Mister Graf, please join me on the way」

With that, Ainz also left his seat . Olivia and Krone were the only two people in the salon as Martha guided Graf .

「Well then, Krone-san . I’ve asked Ainz to leave the table beforehand」

「Olivia-sama . . . . ?」

Suddenly alone with her, Krone wondered why, but could not think of a reason .

「What do you want to do now?」

Olivia, looking a little more serious, asked Krone .

「What I you want to do here in Ishtalica?」

「Yes, I know . But there’s more to it than that, and you know it right, Krone-san」

「 . . . . Yes」

I was thinking about Ainz and my future . A number of things came to mind .

「Are you ready to spend the rest of your life in Ishtalica? Not in Hyme, but here in Ishtalica」

「I already prepared for that when we left Hyme, Olivia-sama」

I was relieved that the first question was about this .

It was something I had already prepared for, and it wasn’t something I was stuck on answering .

「Is that so! Then the biggest problem is gone now」

Olivia’s face was a little more serious than usual, but when she heard Krone’s reply, her expression immediately returned .

It was a little strange for Krone to see that . She wondered a little .

「Then I’ll have you to go to school here too . I don’t know what kind of place you would like to go to, but I think the school that the young ladies go to would be a good choice based on your image . Yes, let’s leave some of the missing education to Warren」

「E, eeh . Olivia-sama . . . . ?」

「You are like a gemstone, an extremely beautiful gemstone . There are plenty of places for you to polish it . If you continue to polish it, what you want will surely come true . All you have to do is show me something that will convince everyone」

What do you think, Miss Krone? Olivia continued .

Olivia implied that if she continued to work hard, her wish would come true . She knew that Krone liked Ein, and that was why she was cheering for her .

「(After Warren’s report, I’m sure your fathers will have no problem with it . If that’s the case, why don’t we just polish her up here? If she’s smart and make some effort, she’ll be able to get what she wants)」

When she heard Olivia’s words, Krone understood everything what they meant .

After that, she looked serious and replied 『Yes』 to Olivia .

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