Magic Gems Gourmet – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

「Let’s see . Does your legs hurt?」

I tried to hide my slight embarrassment by saying that I was concerned about Krone .

It was a change of pace from what I had just said, but I had no choice .

「 . . . . Huh . No, it’s okay . It hasn’t been that long」

「I-Is that so . Well, that’s good」

Still, she was not able to completely hide her embarrassment, so Ainz was still a little confused .

As he was thinking this, he felt as if he was being watched by people around him .

「Hmm? Are we being watched?」

「Well, that’s not surprising, since you’re doing this in a place like this, right?」

「Certainly, you’re right . 」

A pier in the harbour . It was also a place where large ships docked, so only knights and people working on ships would pass by .

It was natural that he would be conspicuous if she was kneeling in such a place . When Ainz was taking a nap by himself, he didn’t stand out much, but now it’s a different story .

「I’m just relieved that you made it here safely」

「Yes, thank you . I’m glad you’re fine too」

「Did you leave late yesterday?」

「Yes, it is . Ishtalica’s ships was really fast huh, I was surprised to hear that you were on the even faster one」

「I was thinking the same thing . Everything was like new things to me」

It was only for a short time, only one night, that they had talked . But they were able to be so natural that it didn’t seem to matter at all . The only thing that existed was a little tension in their hearts .

「 . . . I’m surprised to hear that you’re a royalty」

「I was surprised too when they told me」

「When I heard you went to another continent, I thought I couldn’t talk to you anymore . 」

「But we can talk now」

There were so many things I wanted to talk about . But when I was in a situation where I could talk, the words suddenly won’t come out .

「Hey, that jewellery on your arms, did you get it as a gift or something?」

「Warren-san gave it to me, he said it was to protect the royal family」

「 . . . . . It’s fine then」

Krone ruffled her hair, saying it didn’t matter . Ainz is happy to see the star crystal glowing on her arms .

「Thank you for the lap pillow . I think I slept better because of it」

「Fufu, That’s good to hear」

Although I felt a little regret, I was now attracting some attention from the people around us . I need to get up, so I thanked Krone and woke up .

Perhaps it was because I had taken a nap on a hard surface, but my body seemed to be a little stiff .

「Hey, what do you think of a royalty taking a nap in a place like this?」

「They might feel a little uneasy about your future」

「You’re right? Well, I’ll refrain from doing that next time . Huh? You came here alone Krone?」

Ainz was grateful for her giving him a knee-pillow, but he wondered why Krone was alone .

Had she crossed the ocean alone? The thought made him feel that Krone could do it, but it was not realistic .

「Grandfather and Alfred, ummm . . . some escorts and maid are coming with me . Look over there」

Then Krone looked at Warren and the others . Ainz followed suit and looked in the same direction, and there was a well-dressed old man beside Warren and Chris .

「So that’s Grand Duke Augusto huh . He’s a dignified man who’s an authority in Hyme」

「He’s the former Grand Duke . He has already handed over the reigns to my father」

「Aahー . . . . You’re coming to Ishtalica, so you need to do something like that huh」

「I was told that the necessary formalities would be finished soon and that I could go and look at the sea . So, I came to the pier and found you taking a nap」

「I see . So Warren-san sent you here」

Ainz was convinced . He found it strange that Krone had conveniently come to his side suddenly .

「That’s right . But thanks to him, it did allow me to see you again, though I’m sure Master Warren had one more thing to make sure of」

「What do you mean?」

「I hope I haven’t really hurt you . But thanks to it, I’m sure know that I’m not, and I’m grateful for that」

「Aah, I see . . . 」

As it turned out, Warren’s assessment was correct and there was no problem .

Chris couldn’t deny that she wanted him to be a little more careful, though .

「Is Olivia-sama were fine too」

「Every day with aunty . I’m having tea with the Queen and enjoying it, I’m sure Krone will be invited sometime, so you can have tea with them」

「I will have a tea with His Highness and Olivia-sama . . . . . . ?」

「Ah . I think they’re done talking over there」

Krone, who was told that she might be invited to a tea party with Queen Lalarua, was puzzled to be told such a thing so suddenly, but Ainz looked at Chris and the others who were on their way, not caring about such confusion .

「Haah, you should pay a little more attention . . . . . Ainz? You’ve been sleeping here, and you’ve ruined your clothes」

Krone then pats Ainz on the back to remove the dirt . Ainz feels embarrassed again, but he doesn’t forget to thank her .

「I’m sorry, thank you . You’ve been a great help to me」

「It’s okay, it’s only this much . Hai~ it’s clean now」

As for Krone, she had already cleaned the dust off of herself .

「Ainz-sama . How was your break?」

「I was able to confirm once again that Warren-san is a man who can do his job well!」

「I’m glad to hear it」

Warren visited Ainz and his friends . Chris, Graf, and Alfred were standing behind him .

For the time being, Ainz decided to praise Warren’s work .

「Ainz-sama . This is the only time I’ll let you take a nap in a place like this」

Chris continued with her small words . Even though Chris had missed the fact that I was going to take a nap, I gave her a warning just in case .

「I just let the sunshine get the better of me . I know, thank you for looking out for me today」

While they were having this conversation, Krone left Ainz and went next to his grandfather, Graf .

She wanted to make sure that it would not be considered disrespectful for her to stand next to Ainz while Warren and the others were there .

But as someone who had given him a knee pillow, she felt it was too late .

「Ainz-sama . Allow me to introduce you . This is Graf Augusto-sama, Miss Krone’s grandfather and former Grand Duke Augustus」

「It’s a pleasure to meet you . My name is Graf Augusto . Until recently, I was the head of the Augusto family . I’m glad to have this opportunity to have an audience with you, Ainz-sama, a royalty of Ishtalica」

Graff’s greeted Ainz .

To be honest, Ainz didn’t feel very comfortable to be treated like this by someone like Graf, who is a superior and has been through a lot .

「It’s been a long time, Ainz-sama . I am more than happy to see Ainz-sama again today . I would like to thank you for accepting my impudent offer」

Krone continued with her awe-inspiring greeting . She thought it was necessary to straighten up her face in front Ainz of the royal family called and the Warren an authority .

「Nice to meet you Graf-dono . It is a pleasure to be able to talk to the former head of the renowned Augusto family like this . Thank you for your long journey . I’m sure you’re still busy today, but I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy Ishtalica afterwards」

As a member of the royal family, it is not a good idea for Ainz to address Graf with “sama” and even if he is not .

So, he decided to use the honorific title of “dono” and said “thank you for your efforts” instead of “thank you for your hard work . After that, he muddied the waters with a line without twitching his eyebrows .

「Umm . . . Krone . I think it’s too late for that」

「Kukuh, kukukuh . . . . . 」

Ainz was convinced, that she had behaved politely and for that reason .

Even so, he felt that it was too late for him to make a tsukkomi . Seeing Ainz, Warren seemed to be trying hard to hold back his laughter .

「A-Ainz-sama, as expected of you, but that word is too pitiful for Krone-sama」

「Eh . Well, I’m not sure . I’ve already had you on my lap just now, and I feel a little lonely when you’re so polite」

When she saw Ainz who had brought Krone’s care and effort to nothing, Chris followed suit .

「As expected of Ainz-sama, he’s absolutely delightful . Now, Ainz-sama, your inspection for today is finished, so you may go to the market with Chris-dono as planned . I have a few more things to do and meetings to attend, so I’ll continue with Graf-dono」

「Understood . Well then . . . 」

He was told that what he had to do today was done, and Ainz was going to move on to his plans to see what he could bring back for Olivia .

Warren was still having a meeting with Graf and the others, so he couldn’t leave his works .

What will Krone do, he thinks, glancing at Krone and then back at Warren .

「Krone-sama too, if you would be so kind, would you be willing to accompany Ainz-sama? I’m sure he would enjoy it even more」

「Understood . Ainz-sama, will you allow me to accompany you?」

「Eh, Yeah . . . . . . Please treat me well」

It’s not that she’s in a particularly bad mood after what Ainz said earlier . It’s not that she’s not happy, but it’s just that she doesn’t feel any tension at all from him .

「Warren-sama . Would you like to let my butler Alfred accompanied them? I’m worried that Krone might cause some trouble, and more importantly, he can help Master Ein with his market viewing」

And Alfred, who was behind him, turned to Ainz and bowed his head .

Even Ainz, who has accustomed to seeing Ishtalica’s butlers, felt that his gesture was refined and magnificent .

「Hmm . I agree with you, Alfred . Can I leave it to you?」

「Of course . It is a pleasure to meet you, Ainz-sama . I am Alfred, and I have been in the service of the Augusto family since Graf-sama was a small child . I am deeply honored to have the honor of accompanying you」

「Nice to meet you, Alfredo . It’s a pleasure to be in your service」

Alfred joined the group, making it four people .

Ainz decides to take the four of them to see the market in the port town of Magna .


Afterwards, Ainz and his group enjoyed the market and bought a lot of seafood .

At the right time, Ainz’s group and Warren’s group joined at the market, and took the water train to the royal capital .

On the water train ride, although Ainz and Krone were in separate cars, they both fell asleep as soon as they got on the water train . Because they were both exhausted from the long journey and the market tour .

When she woke up near the royal capital, Krone regretted it . She regretted that she had fallen asleep so quickly, even though she had planned to enjoy the water train ride to the capital .

However, the scene from near the royal capital was also very exciting to her .

It was getting darker and darker in the evening, and the royal capital looked beautiful with its many lights .

Her heart leapt when she saw the size of the royal capital . she wondered how such a huge the capital is .

The royal capital, grew even larger as she approached it . Although Krone had lived in the royal capital of Hyme, she couldn’t hide her surprise at how different it was even if it’s the same thing, a royal capital .


「Nn? You’re awake, Krone . Looks like you had quite a fun at the market」

「Yeah, I enjoyed it more than I ever have before」

Ainz didn’t seem to mind, but with Chris by her side, Krone remained polite .

But walking around town with Ein, whom she wanted to see again, was still very special .

「You can see it now, Krone . The largest city in Ishtalica, the royal city of Kingsland」

「Yes, I can see it . There was such a beautiful, big city」

「It is the symbol of the country of Ishtalica . Even today in the port town was full of surprises for me, but in the royal capital, there will be even more surprise」

「Grandfather . May I say one thing that I’ve been thinking about?」

「I’d like to hear it」

「Round Heart has done something ridiculous, hasn’t he?」

Krone uttered this with a bit of sweat on her forehead .

She had felt it when she saw the ship she had boarded and the port, but seeing the absolute presence of the royal city of Ishtalica solidified her feelings .

「I could understand why Grandfather was sweating as if you was frightened when you mentioned Olivia-sama . This country is an entity that must not be antagonized with, no matter what」

「 . . . Yeah, you’re right」

「I have heard the words of the First King of Ishtalica . We should be grateful to Ishtalica for still keeping those words」

「I can say this now, but the punishment from the Hyme royal family is far too lenient . They should sent the heads of the Roundheart family, which is what they should have done . I can say that the royal family has been lenient with the rules about Ishtalica」

「Roundheart is a major figure in Hyme’s army, so I can’t deny that they was lax in his treatment」

「Nevertheless . I’m relieved now that they’ve accepted us . I will do anything to protect Krone, no matter what」

If this continues, I can protect my family . Graf felt a little relieved at that thought .

He didn’t know what would happen in the future, but even so, he was able to clear the first problem from the conversation with Warren . That gave Graf a great sense of relief .

「By the way, it’s an amazing ride . It’s so fast, yet it doesn’t shake, and you can sit in such a nice chair!」

The cars that Krone and the others are riding in is a car for nobles, just like Ainz and the others .

「Indeed . It’s amazing that such a vehicle is even operate for civilian use」

「Grandfather! Is this train not going to enter royal capital? It’s not slowing down at all」

「Ah yes, Krone . We’ll continue on the water train’s path to the station in royal capital, that’s where we’ll stop」

Krone wondered why they hadn’t slowed down as they neared the city walls .

It made he think that it was a good idea for Graf to come to Ishtalica, as he had never seen Krone act like kids in her normal age .

The water train, with everyone on board, safely entered the royal capital and proceeded towards White Rose .

「It don’t stop immediately when we enter the royal capital, don’t they? I can’t believe we’re running so fast and still not seeing the edge」

「Ishtalica uses this water train even if it is in the royal capital . That’s how wide it is」

「Amazing, there’s so many beautiful buildings . . . . . 」

「——The only thing Hyme could have won would have been the stupidity of the country’s lords」

Graf blurted out to himself, but it was no use .

While he was talking about such self-deprecation, the train arrived at White Rose Station .

「S-so many water trains!」

「It is one of the biggest stations in Ishtalica . That’s why there are so many water trains」

「And there were so many people . I wonder if they are all using the water train」

「This is a train station, so of course the people using the water train will be here」

For Krone, everything’s looks new, the mere fact that it was a huge train station was enough to make her curious, but then there was this crowd .

It was only a few times a year that such a crowd gathered, even in the royal capital of Hyme .

Then, after the train came to a complete stop, the door was slammed open .

「Lord Warren, is it?」

「Excuse me . We’ve arrived . How was your journey to the royal capital?」

Warren comes to call Graff and Krone .

「Everything is so different from a few decades ago . I was just amazed at that」

「I fell asleep until I got close to the royal city . But when I woke up, the view of the royal capital from up close was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and I still can’t contain my excitement」

「It’s the same for Ainz-sama . Ainz-sama seemed to have been resting too . I’m glad you enjoyed it though」

When she heard that Ainz had also slept, Krone wondered if Ainz had enjoyed it too .

「Let’s go . I’ve prepared a carriage for today, and we’ll take it when we leave the station . Ainz-sama and Chris-dono are already on their way to the castle, so we’ll follow them」

The cargo that Graf and his men had brought was being brought in by a special cargo vehicle .

It was to be delivered to the castle later .

Therefore, Graf and the others took only their simple baggage and followed Warren’s lead .

Alfred and the others that Graf had brought with him also rode in a separate carriage to the castle .

「Warren-sama . May I ask you one question?」

「What can I do for you, Miss Krone?」

「Is this station, the White Rose, always this crowded?」

「Today is quite vacant, because there is no school . However, if it is the morning of a school day, there would be 10 times as much」

「Ten times, huh? Even though it’s already had this many people and it’s still ten times more . . . . . . 」

Krone was shocked .

Even with this much people when she was in Hyme, it was only happening on an event a few times a year . She couldn’t imagine how many people would be walking around, being told that it could swell to ten times of this .

「Come on, let’s go . I’ll show you to your carriage」

Ishtalica has continued to prosper and grow .

The scale of the royal capital was a true representation of the strength of Ishtalica .

Now that they were here, the next stop was the castle .

Krone was looking forward to seeing how great the castle she was going to was .

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