Chapter -1 – Character Sheet (temporary)

Lucien’s women:

Marie, the blue-haired wizard adventurer who fought mercenaries when Lucien arrived in this world.

Anne, the fox-girl dueler who was in Marie adventurers’ group.

Mia, the hooded assassin who was with the mercenaries facing Marie’s group. She is also Cassidy’s daughter.

Oya and Ko, mother-daughter tigresses, of the Moom Tigers race. Lucien found them at the mine where he fought the Light Empire forcers after arriving in this world, and they are now his loyal companions.

Cassidy, the Queen who was supposed to be dead but was just hiding because her body was suffering from a terrible poison, which Lucien started healing.

Astrid, known to everyone as a strong A-rank adventurer Ravenous who was also Cassidy’s best friend but had to hide in the guild after the revolt against the crown.

Aria and Ella, mother-daughter harpy pair who owned the inn, which was Cassidy and Mia’s hideout. Now she has to follow Lucien’s group as she would be in danger by staying in Portgreen.

Maggie, a mercenary member of the assassin squad who tried to capture Mia and Lucien. Lucien doesn’t trust her yet, but Oya is always ready to bite if she does something suspicious.

Rose, the mysterious woman who was hiding at Aria’s inn and was attacked by mercenaries casting the earthquake spell in Portgreen, then being chased by the guild. She is as intense as Lucien, and with her vampire peculiarity, she quickly developed feelings for him. But don’t worry, their relationship will have good development.