Lord of Pets – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Spell of Divine Protection

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Bai Wushang had a long dream.

He dreamed that a man named Qin Long originally lived in a world called Blue Star, where there were no monsters and no strife; the world was peaceful.

As a programmer, he lived a humdrum and fulfilling life working from nine to nine seven days a week.

One day, Qin Long stayed up all night for two days and nights to fix a bug in a game called Gourmand, but he never woke up due to exhaustion.

However, he was not dead yet, but floating in the void rift as a strange “soul form,” muddled and drifting with the waves.

After an unknown amount of time, perhaps a year, or perhaps hundreds of years, a light appeared in front of him.

Through the light, Qin Long saw a young boy who had fallen into a pile of rocks, and was dripping blood. His breath was weak, and he didn’t look like he would survive.

A wonderful feeling rose in his heart, like a magnet that deeply attracted Qin Long, and his soul subconsciously drifted towards the teenager’s brain…

“No! It’s not right!”

Bai Wushang awoke with horror—wasn’t that blood-soaked teenage boy precisely what he looked like?

“Brother Wushang! Brother Wushang!”

The familiar voice of Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly rang in his ears, her voice trembling with a distinct crying tone.

I can’t die yet. How can I die…

With a strong desire to live, Bai Wushang’s blurry mental body revived, and the first thing he noticed was the presence of another soul in his mind that was gradually seizing control of his body.

Transmigrate… possession… rebirth…

Those several newly learned words popped into his consciousness, and chills ran through the soles of his feet.

Perhaps because he had been floating in the void for too long, the soul body that belonged to Qin Long was significantly more powerful, and Bai Wushang tried to struggle several times, always falling behind and continually being eaten away.

Bai Wushang knew that the moment his soul form was all “eaten,” he would be finished!

Even if I die, I don’t want another person to take over my body and live this life for me…

The illusory soul clenched its fists, and after a slight hesitation, Bai Wushang charged towards the heart of his body.

He recalled the first half of his life.

Born 16 years ago in a small wilderness village, Bai Wushang lived a happy, harmonious, and uneventful life until the age of six.

…Until one day. When he was six years old, disaster struck unexpectedly. The princess of the Abyssal Blood Clan awoke from an ice coffin after 30,000 years, and needed a large number of virgins to replenish her qi and blood.

The Blood Clan vassals had slaughtered many surrounding villages and towns to please this princess, and all children of school age were their targets, and the small village where Bai Wushang was located was one of them.

As a young boy, he watched as his parents were brutally murdered to save him, and that feeling of powerlessness hung in his mind to this day; he dared not forget it.

Fortunately, just as the Blood Clan’s princess bit open his throat and drew blood, a legion of angels belonging to the Holy Court teleported in using a spatial tunnel. They were led by the six-winged guardian holy angel, Asbold, who managed to repel the Blood Clan, and save him in the process.

He was saved. However, she was one of the oldest members of the Blood Clan from ancient times, and the nobility of her bloodline was rarely matched in the world.

Her saliva naturally carried the most potent and vicious ancient blood poison, and Bai Wushang had no way to avoid it, because he had been bitten.

This blood poison was highly potent, rooting deep in the human body and constantly sucking up life force. It would break out of the body and blossom into a six-petaled blood flower when the time was ripe.

At that time, the soul would disintegrate, and the corpse would be gone.

Even a legendary-level six-winged guardian holy angel couldn’t eradicate this ancient blood poison!

The benevolent Lord Asbold, unwilling to see a young being die in pain, spent his energy to cast five spells of divine protection to help Bai Wushang seal the blood poison deep within his heart, which allowed him to survive to this day.

Lord Asbold had warned him that the protection spell was not a radical solution, and would protect him for 15 years at most before its power was depleted.

Right now, Bai Wushang was facing a life-and-death crisis of his soul form being devoured, and he had no time to think about what would happen five years later, and only thought about resisting.

This protection spell might be his silver lining!

The blood-red heart pounded.

In his soul body state, Bai Wushang clearly saw a circular light curtain cage deep inside his heart. A red liquid slowly flowed inside the cage, permeating with an endless horror and evil.

Seemingly sensing the approach of Bai Wushang’s soul form, the mass of red liquid suddenly transformed into a blood-striped python, hissing and spitting out its tongue, the colors of greed, desire, and hatred unconcealed in those dark golden vertical pupils.


Two talismans engraved with golden cryptic inscriptions quietly emerged, turning into golden chains that ran through the torso of the blood-striped python.

The blood-striped python screamed miserably, and the next moment it exploded like a bubble, turning back into a red liquid that slowly flowed in the cage.

The soul body gently touched the two golden talismans, which were the most fundamental core power of the protection spell. Initially, there were five of them, and after 10 years of natural exhaustion, only two were left.

“Whether I live or die, it’s up to this!”

Focusing all of his willpower, Bai Wushang detonated a divine protection spell within his body.



It was nearing evening, and the sun’s last rays were about to fade.

It seemed to be some valley in the desert, and the ground was littered with sand and gravel of all sizes and many fragments and body parts from the destruction of the floating ship; it was quite shocking to see.

Bai Wushang was lying on his back, and blood wouldn’t stop flowing out from all corners of his body.

Mu Xiaoxiao shook Bai Wushang with teary eyes, calling out his name over and over again, and trying to wake him up.

Suddenly, densely packed golden specs of light were seeping out of Bai Wushang’s body, repeatedly rushing inside and out.

Those terrifying wounds in his body began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye, quickly being fully restored.

“Phew… phew…”

Bai Wushang sat up abruptly, his gaze dull.

“Oh my, Brother Wushang, you’ve woken up. I was so afraid I’d never see you again!” whimpered Mu Xiaoxiao as she excitedly jumped into his arms.


Bai Wushang froze and became clear-headed, hurriedly checking himself.

Aside from his clothes being torn beyond recognition, he had no scar on the surface of his body, and he couldn’t have been healthier.

Obviously it’s my own conscious body that’s in control of the physical body now, and everything is back to normal, so where did the guy named Qin Long go?

Many thoughts came to his mind. Initially, Bai Wushang thought that the holy protection spell possessed amazing purifying energy and healing ability, and was supposed to be the counter of evil forces; detonating a spell seal within his body might expel Qin Long.

Maybe there was some risk, but he had no choice but to take a leap of faith at the time.


Bai Wushang was surprised to find that a transparent crystal was hovering in his mind, spinning.

His intuition told him that the crystallization of the remaining soul essence had coalesced after Qin Long’s subjective consciousness body had perished entirely.

It was like a freshly baked cake with a tempting aroma, captivating the attention of Bai Wushang…

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