Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Full 607 Chapter (End)

Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Legend Of The Maestro, 师士传说

方想, Fang Xiang

Sci-fi, Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha

Qidian International

Chinese Novel



Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk – Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated “caveman” that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

List of Chapters
List of Chapters
Chapter 331: Battle Royale
Chapter 332: Coordination
Chapter 333: The Enemy Appears
Chapter 334: Underground Base
Chapter 335: Fate
Chapter 336: Mech Duel I
Chapter 337: Mech Duel II
Chapter 338: Mech Duel III
Chapter 339: Departure I
Chapter 340: Departure II
Chapter 341: A Clever Disguise
Chapter 342: Blue Nebula
Chapter 343: The Singular Wave
Chapter 344: Between Life and Death
Chapter 345: Coraplatinum
Chapter 346: Child Abductor
Chapter 347: The Village
Chapter 348: Wang Family Village I
Chapter 349: Wang Family Village II
Chapter 361: Dangerous Forest II
Chapter 362: Dangerous Forest III
Chapter 368: Proposition
Chapter 369: The Seed
Chapter 370: Gliding
Chapter 371: Landing
Chapter 372: Bargain
Chapter 373: Green Tempest
Chapter 374: Attack in the Night
Chapter 375: Alchemy Performance
Chapter 376: Shock
Chapter 377: Situation
Chapter 378: Gemini
Chapter 379: Battle in Alchemy I
Chapter 380: Battle in Alchemy II
Chapter 381: Battle in Alchemy III
Chapter 382: Battle in Alchemy IV
Chapter 383: The Story Behind I
Chapter 384: The Story Behind II
Chapter 385: Pursuit
Chapter 386: Moon King
Chapter 387: Target
Chapter 388: First Battle
Chapter 389: The Search
Chapter 390: Everyone's On The Move!
Chapter 391: Resolution
Chapter 392: The Smoke Branch
Chapter 393: Ye Luo's Proposition
Chapter 394: Falling Sick
Chapter 395: Wei You’s Kindness
Chapter 396: Coldness Underneath His Disguise
Chapter 397: The Power of Useless Trash
Chapter 398: Predicament
Chapter 399: Wok-firing
Chapter 400: Adepts in the Dark
Chapter 401: The Mysterious Ridge of May's Night
Chapter 402: Deja Vu
Chapter 403: Guan Qingheng
Chapter 404: Admiration
Chapter 405: Withering Heart
Chapter 406: Where Do You Come From?
Chapter 476: Airhead?
Chapter 477: Aiming High
Chapter 478: D-6
Chapter 479: Crazy Training I
Chapter 480: Crazy Training II
Chapter 481: Crazy Training III
Chapter 482: Situation
Chapter 483: Reaction
Chapter 484: Haskel
Chapter 485: Take Off
Chapter 486: Preparation
Chapter 487: Maiden Battle
Chapter 488: Along the Way
Chapter 489: Let's Be Heroes Today Onwards!
Chapter 490: At Full Force
Chapter 491: The Mu/Shang Treaty
Chapter 492: Deduction
Chapter 493: Changes I
Chapter 494: Changes II
Chapter 495: Changes III
Chapter 506: Spectre I
Chapter 507: Spectre II
Chapter 508: Spectre III
Chapter 509: Spectre IV
Chapter 510: Unexpected Profit I
Chapter 511: Unexpected Profit II
Chapter 515: This World Is Too Dangerous
Chapter 516: Kristen
Chapter 517: Product
Chapter 518: Organization
Chapter 519: Under Attack I
Chapter 520: Under Attack II
Chapter 521: Under Attack III
Chapter 522: Under Attack IV
Chapter 523: The Mysterious Stony Man
Chapter 524: This Woman Is Up To No Good
Chapter 525: Pressure
Chapter 526: Paying the Price
Chapter 527: One Against Three
Chapter 528: Opportunity
Chapter 529: Agreement
Chapter 530: Fish and Net I
Chapter 531: Fish and Net II
Chapter 532: Fish and Net III
Chapter 533: Fish and Net IV
Chapter 534: Expenses
Chapter 535: Kristen’s Project
Chapter 536: Everyone Has Their Own Problems
Chapter 537: Isolated Training
Chapter 538: Breakthrough
Chapter 539: The Evening Ball
Chapter 540: Place Your Bets!
Chapter 541: Battleground
Chapter 542: Strength and Wickedness
Chapter 543: His Majesty’s Gifts
Chapter 545: Another Negotiation
Chapter 546: Let's Get It Big!
Chapter 547: Festival
Chapter 548: Contest
Chapter 549: How Does One Look Fabulous?
Chapter 550: Puzzled
Chapter 551: Xuan Ning’s Visit
Chapter 552: A Faint Clue
Chapter 553: Xi Yan
Chapter 554: Always Be Prepared
Chapter 555: Spider
Chapter 598: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 599: Xi Ding Defense Line
Chapter 600: Walking a Tightrope
Chapter 601: General Xi Ding
Chapter 602: Saving Xue Lai Clan
Chapter 603: Heaven and Hell
Chapter 604: A Warning Shot
Chapter 605: Return of Legend I
Chapter 606: Return of Legend II
Chapter 607: Finale. New life and where things ended