I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator – Chapter 101 – Be a Person at the Top of the Pyramid

Chapter 101: Be a Person at the Top of the Pyramid

[On the 113th day, it was the first day of the great war between Lesser Gods. Yaksha fought alone against the four Lesser Gods, not losing in the slightest. As for the army of believers you led, they were evenly matched against the enemy. The scene was quite chaotic.

[Finally, the divine war attracted the attention of a High God. He stepped forward to stop your actions, and he took five Lesser Gods under his wing.

[Only now did you learn that High Gods could take in a few Lesser God subordinates. They didn’t need to kill or devour them. They only needed to divide the faith power they had collected from their followers into seven layers.

[On the 114th day, the High God dealt with Yaksha. He became much more honest, no longer as aggressive as before. He wholeheartedly collected the power of faith to increase his cultivation.

[An evil Lesser God who doesn’t want to fight isn’t the evil Lesser God you want. However, you also know how difficult it is to break through to the third step. It’s the same for a god to become a High God. According to the information you collected, you would need to collect at least billions of believers before you could support a High God.

[You didn’t leave Yaksha. According to your understanding of this world, you came up with a perfect plan.

[You found a god who had just been born and was only in the Nascent Soul realm. You named her the Moon Goddess, Selene. You found a few hundred believers and asked them to worship Selene. You divided them into regions and then ignored them.]

[On the 117th day, Selene’s territory was very peaceful. Because Selene was not powerful enough, there were not many believers. There was no divine hall, only a simple temple. You directly passed down Selene’s decree to the believers and asked them to recruit believers. You also gave them a generous reward.

[You divided the believers into 20 levels. Each level corresponded to a certain level of cultivation and the corresponding full strength. If one person could recruit 10 people, you would bestow the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment realm. If they could recruit 100 people, you would bestow the cultivation of the Golden Core realm, and so on. Moreover, if a recruit recruited another person, the one at the head of the pyramid would benefit.

[This set of methods had been proven to be extremely useful in your world, allowing you to display them to the fullest in the alternate world.”

[All mortals desired to cultivate. However, the rules of this world were destined for these mortals to only be able to peacefully and steadily become believers and be the various gods; proselytism targets.

[Since you had given them the opportunity to become cultivators, all of the believers naturally became fanatical.

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[In just one day, the hundreds of believers all left the area you divided and started to increase the number of people outside.]

[On the 127th day, when you found Selene again, Selene, who was only in the Nascent Soul realm, had already reached the Tribulation Transcending realm. When you looked at the original area, it was only a small village of a few hundred people, but now it had become a small city with more than 10,000 people.

[The originally simple and crude temple had also become a divine hall that looked pretty good.

[You were very satisfied with this result.

[You looked at the entire city. Almost all the believers had received Selene’s gift. The lowest was at the Foundation Establishment realm, and the highest had actually reached the Profound Void realm.

[The believers were stronger, which naturally meant that they could go to further places and increase the number of believers.

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[You could leave immediately and wait for this fruit to take root and sprout.]

[On the 157th day, the situation developed a little too quickly, so fast that you didn’t even have time to react. On this day, you received a message from Yaksha, saying that the power of faith that you had been collecting has been greatly reduced. He wanted you to go and find out what exactly had happened.

[You visited some of Yaksha’s cities and found that every city had a large number of believers of Selene. Because they all had cultivation levels, they had even established an organization called the Moon Goddess Sect.

[A large number of members of the Moon Goddess Sect were scattered around the major cities. With the temptation of cultivation, they instantly absorbed many members. The original location of the Moon Goddess Sect was too small to accommodate outsiders, so these people still lived in the current city. It was just a belief. From the original Moon Goddess Temple, they became the Moon Goddess Sect.

[The formless changes were the most fatal.

[There was no need for a god to personally make a move? Instructing the believers to recruit other believers? This was something that had never happened in this world!

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[Even you did not expect it would cause such a huge effect.

[You had been searching all the way and found traces of the believers. They have already spread throughout the territories of the nearby gods. At every moment, many people joined the Moon Goddess Sect and became her loyal believers.

[You’ve come to Selene’s location again. This place has already become a big city. There were millions of people in the city, and they were all believers who dared to come during this period. Moreover, these people’s cultivation levels were generally very strong compared to the other gods’ believers. They were undoubtedly the people standing at the top of the pyramid out of the 20 levels you had created.

[When you found out that some of the first few hundred people had already reached the second step, you knew that something big was going to happen.

[You still underestimated the influence of the doctrine you instilled on this world’s mortals. In just a month, the Moon Goddess Sect had grown from hundreds of believers to hundreds of millions of believers, and no gods had discovered it.

[Even the strongest believers had entered the second step. There was no need for you to guess Selene’s current cultivation level.

[When you came to the Moon Goddess Temple again and saw Selene, your eyes betrayed a mix of emotions. Selene seemed to be waiting for you.

[A voice suddenly came from a huge ball of light. “Father, you’re here.”

[You slowly walked forward, and your eyes narrowed as you asked, “Why didn’t you inform me beforehand that such a huge change had occurred?”

[In the beginning, Selene was merely your experimental subject. But now, when the experimental subject became even more powerful than the one conducting the experiment, everything was different.

The ball of light began to slowly evolve. A moment later, a woman materialized from the spiritual altar. Her long jet-black hair draped over her bow-tied shoulders, and her jade-like cheeks carried a faint smile. She was as beautiful and refined as a lotus flower that had just emerged from the water.

[Perhaps she should not be called a woman, but a girl. The girl was only 13 or 14 years old. On her peerless face, her lively eyes, long eyelashes, straight nose, and rosy little mouth made her look as beautiful as an elf, as pure as an angel.

[Because Selene was known as the Moon Goddess, there was a bright crescent moon behind her. She slowly walked down the spiritual altar and came to your side.]

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