I Stayed At For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible – Chapter 91 – Five Years

Chapter 91: Five Years

The Evil King acted swiftly and decisively. He suppressed any dissatisfaction and reorganized the evil imperial court, finally regaining the dignity of an evil king.

What made the countless heretic cultivators unhappy was that the Evil King had actually introduced a series of laws that placed many restrictions on the heretic cultivators.

There were too many rules and regulations, to the point that it was even stricter and more restrictive than the laws of the Great Qian Dynasty.

It was simply ridiculous!

They were heretic cultivators, so why was there a need for so many laws?

However, the old evil king also supported it, which caused many of the upper echelons of the evil imperial court to think that the old evil king and the Evil King had both lost their minds.

They wanted to look for the little evil king to persuade those two, but the little evil king had already left the evil imperial court.

As such, they could only bear with it.

Perhaps when the Evil King’s anger subsided, the laws and regulations would be repealed.

If there were people who opposed the new law of the evil imperial court, there would also naturally be people who supported it. For example, those who were at the bottom rungs and weaker cultivators.

Under the new laws, they would be able to obtain more protection and have more opportunities to cultivate and rise up.

Chu Xuan had only casually asked the Evil King to reorganize the evil imperial court. As for how that objective was accomplished, he did not care.

In this world where the strong reigned supreme, there were not many good laws. Most kingdoms only promulgated some simple rules, and those laws rarely protected or safeguarded the welfare of the weak.

However, even if they did, there would always be experts who would disregard the rules and kill the weak anyway.

The law enforcers would usually turn a blind eye and would not offend the strong for the sake of the weak.

If even the Great Qian Dynasty was like this, what more the evil imperial court?

The evil imperial court’s new laws made many factions wonder if there was something wrong with the Evil King’s head.

He was an heretic cultivator, yet he had created such strict laws to protect the weak and even set up a law enforcement team.

His sense of justice was even stronger than the righteous path.

His benevolent and wise actions seemed unbecoming of an evil king.

If these new laws were strictly implemented, the evil imperial court would not be evil anymore, it would be fair and just.

Compared to them, the Great Qian Dynasty now looked to be the evil ones.

The Southern Region regained its peace, and there were no conflicts between the major factions.

The only place that was not peaceful was the evil imperial court, which had pushed forward many new laws. Many heretic cultivators who were not used to the new laws felt the heat.

Many of them were imprisoned, and they secretly wondered if they were in an evil kingdom or a just one.

Chu Xuan had originally thought that the Great Qian Dynasty would send people to the Chu family to control the Chu family for their own use, turning them into a thorn in the Great Qin Dynasty’s side.

In the end though, the Great Qian Dynasty did not send anyone.

Ever since Qin Keyun had led the Great Qin Dynasty to rise up, the Southern Region had undergone a massive power restructuring and, after a short period of turmoil, it returned to a peaceful state.

Chu Xuan knew that the various factions were all waiting for the Asura Ancient Land to open.

As for the Great Qin Dynasty, it was busy absorbing whatever resources it could find to rapidly develop its foundation and strength.

The Chu family was also cultivating in a low-profile manner, and each and every one of them was trying their best to increase their strength, wanting to catch up to the other three families.

Chu Xuan raised his head. The light in his eyes gleamed as the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region continued to recover.

As the laws were restored, the cultivation speed of the Southern Region’s cultivators also gradually increased.

Time flew by. Soon, the five-year milestone had arrived.

Chu Xuan’s cultivation had already risen to the fourth level of the Supreme realm.

The strength of his two pets had increased very quickly as well. The Heavenly Spirit Cat reached the fifth level of the Emperor realm and the Sky-shaking Golden Roc reached the ninth level Emperor realm.

After the Spirit Devouring Flower swallowed the devilish blood energy from the blood spirit pearl, it underwent a transformation, and its strength was now equivalent to the sixth-level Emperor realm cultivator.

Ding Yue was indeed worthy of being the fated person of the current generation of the Southern Region. Moreover, his terrifying talent in the Sword Dao was further complemented by his Heaven’s Will Sword Pulse. His cultivation had already reached the third level of the void realm.

It had only taken him less than two years to advance from the first level of the spirit realm to the third level of the void realm.

Moreover, given the sword technique that Ding Yue cultivated, it was not a problem for him to cross realms and battle cultivators at the seventh or eighth level of the void realm.

Presently, Ding Yue had already broken through the first stage of the way of the sword and forgotten all about his sweetheart.

He no longer missed his childhood sweetheart.

Anyone who thought ill of a person every day, blaming her for his predicament and heaping all sorts of insults on her, was bound to gradually loathe her, stop liking her, and then forget about her. He could now concentrate on the Sword Dao.

At this moment, when he started cultivating the Sword Dao seriously, Ding Yue realized that pining for a woman truly distracted him from cultivating.

He increasingly felt that what his master said was true.

Ding Yue was currently trying to overcome the second stage of the way of the sword, so that he would not be distracted by beautiful women and would only have the soul of the sword in his heart.

However, even up till now, he was still unable to overcome this stage.

When Chu Yun came to the small courtyard, he would take a few glances at her. He clearly did not have any other thoughts in his heart, but he would always subconsciously look at her.

This was especially so when Su Xian’er was with Chu Yun. He would subconsciously look over.

This stage was too difficult!

It was difficult to not be disturbed by external things!

Ding Yue’s gaze was resolute. He would definitely overcome this test.

Apart from teaching Ding Yue the Sword Dao, Chu Xuan also taught him concealment techniques. Concealing one’s cultivation was, after all, a necessary skill.

He also taught the Immovable Mountain Technique to Ding Yue.

The sword manual he provided to Ding Yue also included cultivation techniques for one’s soul. As such, Chu Xuan did not teach him any other soul techniques.

One should not bite off more than he could chew.

Moreover, Ding Yue’s terrifying talent was all focused on the way of the sword. In terms of his aptitude for other secret arts, his cultivation was much slower.

Su Xian’er’s cultivation speed was also extremely fast. She had the Grand Moon Mystic physique, so when she cultivated the Grand Moon Immortal Spell which was compatible with her physique, her strength would naturally increase by leaps and bounds.

She was now already at the eighth level of the unity realm.

Chu Yun’s talent was not poor either, especially when it came to alchemy.

She had already reached the ninth level of the spirit realm. Although she was a lot weaker than Ding Yue, in the entire Southern Region, there were not many who could compare to her.

Moreover, her true talent was actually focused in the field of alchemy.

Chu Yun had already left the Chu family’s territory to temper herself.

It had also been a long time since Chu Xuan heard Chu Tianming’s roars from the direction of the ancestral residence.

The impending rise of the Chu family probably meant that they were less angry with Chu Yuan.

There did not seem to be many people in the Chu family who still remembered him.

Apart from Chu Yun who came frequently, Chu Qing came to visit a few times and Seventh Brother also came three times.

Other than that, no one else came to visit him.

Chu Xuan was happy to live his life in peace.

The five-year milestone was about to arrive, and Chu Xuan was looking forward to what rewards he would receive.

Nowadays, the rewards that were randomly triggered for his achievements in seclusion were of a very high grade.

Divine-grade treasures rarely appeared.

Most of them were treasures above the divine-grade.

With the support of Chu Xuan’s medicinal pills, Du Yuan’s strength rose very quickly, and he was now at the peak of the third level of the Supreme realm.

It would not be long before he broke through to the fourth level of the Supreme realm.

After cultivating the Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique, Du Yuan’s strength was almost invincible among those of the same level.

Ren Changhe’s comprehension of the Yin-yang god Combination Divine Seal had improved quite a bit, and his strength had already taken a step forward.

Although he had not actually reached the divine realm, he was not far from it.

He had now reached the half-step divine realm.

He still remained inside the Fallen God Cave and chose not to leave for the time being.

The aura of death in the Fallen God Cave was still prevalent around the area. However, the stone house where Ren Changhe was located was already showing signs of life.

In fact, due to his increased mastery of the cycle of life and death, the originally lifeless plants around his stone house were exhibiting signs of life and had transformed into special treasures.

These had the miraculous effect of reversing life and death.

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