I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse – Chapter 970 [Bonus chapter] I Got A Nice Idea

[So you are telling… That someone sold you out? Hahahaha! Damn! Why didn’t I ever think about doing something like this before? Hahahaha! It’s fun!]

[Damn bastard! It’s not that funny at all! We got such a mighty race setting its eyes over us! What’s funny about that?]

[I’m siding with that sovereign… What was he called again? Lucid?]


[Yes, that dude has a point. If we are going to bring trouble for lions, we need to prepare to get bitten and hit fiercely in return. We aren’t just going out there to have a nice party with them. It’s war!]

[But we could have a better start]

[Start isn’t what matters, the end does]

[Ok… Anyway, be on guard. Even if your enemies are weak and unprepared, they still have a massive army in the Selvator’s continent. Also these Hescos are a variable you have to watch out for]

[I’m on my guard. But taking these two away… What is for again?]

[Screw you!]

[Hahahaha! Don’t get stirred up like this. I’m just trying to understand the reason. So, what about this… I can send that arrogant and talkative bastard, the spearhead, alongside his girlfriend]

[You seem to hate couples]

[I hate anything related to love. It gets on my nerves]

[Fine, leave them with you then and send another two, hahaha!]

[Screw you!]

I closed the chat with him while laughing. This jerk… It seemed he was in a good mood and things were going nicely out there.

But… This feeling… It kept bothering me and didn’t get relieved even when I spoke with that jerk.

[Do you get any contact with the armies at Hector continent?] As I didn’t get settled, I sent this to Isac. The latter moved away to handle her things and get to know the latest development while she was away.

[I have few friends through the jumper. But why?]

[Ask for two armies to move from there and get stationed near the gathering place]

[What for?]

[Just… As a precaution]

[Hmm… You got a hunch about something? Then I’ll do it!]

Unlike that jerk, she was more practical and didn’t come at me for what I felt.

I had little relief when I arranged a couple more armies to get here. Should I bring more from my other world? Or should I stay here for much longer?

The lack of communication between the two worlds was a pain in the as*. I had to find a way to solve this later on, like the same way Silverlining and others could talk to me from their faraway worlds.

Staying here was a waste of time. So I returned back and decided to get a grand tour over the training grounds.

The first training ground was still in fervent battles. Yet as they lacked fresh blood, I felt they were lacking enough force.

[Can you spread words over… Start recruiting from all the towns and cities we got so far] I sent to Lily. Depending on the influx of races and humans from Silverlining wasn’t going to help all the time.

I needed to start digging for more fighters out of all the large people here.

I got that when they came here, they were traumatised to volunteer. This was especially the case of my humans.

They lived their entire lives as slaves. However, a long time has already passed and this feeling must have gotten washed away.

So it was time to start recruiting from this grand pool we had. Tens of billions or even more were living just near the first training grounds. They saw how fighters fought each single second to protect their lives.

This might inspire many to join my armies.

[Sure, why not? Let’s try this out then] and Lily got my point without the need to explain anything further, [Do you seek to support the first training grounds?]

[It seems without fresh forces, the ones here are getting thinner in time]

[I got it! I’ll also send a few to support them while we wait for the construction process here to be done. By the way, Isac told me about your intention to move everyone towards Earth. What about that Hescos continent? Shouldn’t we save enough to build things there?]

[No need. We are going to train with Hescos, not fighting them to death] She spoke as if I’ll handle Hescos the same way I was treating monsters.

[Oh… Then it’s fine] she got my point, [I’ll go and supervise over things. Give us one week and we can get the training grounds here rolling]

[Good luck] I closed the chat with her and started to roam the first training grounds for an entire day.

The situation here was slightly risky and unstable in some zones. Yet in just a few hours, I witnessed oceans of people flooding towards here, coming from the direction of the mountains and beyond.

[What’s going on?!] This scene startled me. I knew this recruiting process would get us a good number of forces, but this was simply too much!

It was like we added another bulk of forces, at least in the size of the forces fighting on the frontline. And the stream of those people didn’t show any sign of stopping.

[Hahahaha! It seems we underestimate our folks living here! They all got the urge to come and fight! I even didn’t accept all of them]

[You are there?]

[My trusted men are. Anyway, I decided to place part of them at the first training grounds, another will be sent to the second ones, and the rest would remain seated as reserve forces]

[Reserve forces? I like the sound of this word.] I was impressed with such results. I never expected my sudden inspirational idea to bring such results.

[I left instructions for the generals at the first training grounds to deal with the fresh soldiers. However, the best is the second training ground. Here we have a stepwise system, one that can allow them to train and grow stronger fast. Ah, we lack gears]

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Chapter 103 - The Still Time Prison
Chapter 104 - The End Of Volume 1
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Chapter 106 - Trans-Apocalypse Visit Invitation
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Chapter 108 - A Low Grade God
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Chapter 116 The Angels Are Angry
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Chapter 122 The Terrifying Curasee Race
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Chapter 126 Come On Board... Selvator!
Chapter 127 Signing Contracts
Chapter 128 Meeting The Races
Chapter 129 Let’s Curse Them!
Chapter 130 Ooohhhaaa!
Chapter 131 Fighting Minions
Chapter 132 [Bonus chapter] Killing Hearts
Chapter 133 Fire In The Hole!
Chapter 134 Sealing The Fate Of The Dragons
Chapter 135 [Bonus chapter] New Subquest
Chapter 136 The World Is Too Small To Run Away From Me
Chapter 137 Santa Claus
Chapter 138 A Pro Gamer
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Chapter 140 Returning To Jersey City
Chapter 141 Setting A Plan For The Quest
Chapter 142 Crashing The Party
Chapter 143 Memory Beads Again!
Chapter 144 Is It Karoline?
Chapter 145 [Bonus chapter] The Plan
Chapter 146 Enemy Is Approaching
Chapter 147 Learn About Cultivation First
Chapter 148 We Meet Again!
Chapter 149 [Bonus chapter] I’m Your Love Rival!
Chapter 150 Newark City
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Chapter 152 The All Dangerous Paterson City
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Chapter 154 Hocken
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Chapter 156 The Crazy Lightning Fallen God!
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Chapter 192 Yonker
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Chapter 201 War Embodiment Building
Chapter 202 Albany City Mercenary Recruitment Building
Chapter 203 Impacts, Alchemy, And Forging!
Chapter 204 Diamond Influencer World Impact DIWI
Chapter 205 Views Are The Most Important Thing Ever In Any Channel!
Chapter 206 Being A Streamer Is A Pain
Chapter 207 Boss Is Mad
Chapter 208 Breaking The Curse
Chapter 209 The Broadcasting Station
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Chapter 211 You Are A Loser, Chick!
Chapter 212 A Kiss To The Wrong Person!!!
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Chapter 214 I’m From Illinois
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Chapter 216 The Channel Is Repaired
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Chapter 221 Ranked Fifth
Chapter 222 The Unfair Punishment
Chapter 223 My Counterattack
Chapter 224 The Coalition Army
Chapter 225 Selling Them My Point
Chapter 226 Another Girls’ Fight
Chapter 227 Drawing A Map
Chapter 228 Illinois Is Surrounded With Enemies
Chapter 229 This War Is Massive!
Chapter 230 The War Gains Are Huge
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Chapter 252 Severing The Gods’ Support
Chapter 253 The Keys
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Chapter 255 The Battle At Northampton
Chapter 256 Going To Worcester City
Chapter 257 Aquatic Monsters
Chapter 258 Promise This City To Me
Chapter 259 Calling Aid From Albany City
Chapter 260 The Hectors
Chapter 261 This Fight... Must Be My Win
Chapter 262 The Fight Under Water
Chapter 263 A Hard Earned Victory
Chapter 264 Meeting The Suspicious Humans
Chapter 265 Gamers
Chapter 266 Special Monster Cores
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Chapter 285 It’s A Total Mess Inside!
Chapter 286 Things Are Really Complicated Inside
Chapter 287 An Intense Moment!
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Chapter 289 Reaching Cambridge City
Chapter 290 A Nice Idea
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Chapter 295 A Paragon?!!!
Chapter 296 The Two Missed Treasures
Chapter 297 Let The Drums Of War Rumble!
Chapter 298 I’m Going To Kill You!!!
Chapter 299 A Chase
Chapter 300 Victory!
Chapter 301 Shield
Chapter 302 Closing The Gates
Chapter 303 Wolf
Chapter 304 Meeting With The Four Big Names
Chapter 305 Showing My Demeaner
Chapter 306 MIT Youths
Chapter 307 [Bonus chapter] Bring Boys
Chapter 308 Thinking About The Future
Chapter 309 Using Heroic Calling
Chapter 310 Rare Moment Of Peace
Chapter 311 Meeting The Big Military Companies’ People
Chapter 312 [Bonus chapter] Comparison Between Two Warlords
Chapter 313 The True Problem In Human Weapons
Chapter 314 Making A Final Offer
Chapter 315 A Sincere Advice
Chapter 316 A Provocation
Chapter 317 The Lord Of Death, Ed
Chapter 318 Meeting Hilary
Chapter 319 Any Weaknesses?
Chapter 320 The Golden Quests
Chapter 321 [Bonus chapter] The Mad Jumper
Chapter 322 Harvard Is Here
Chapter 323 The Dungeon Is The Solution
Chapter 324 Entering The Dungeon
Chapter 325 Like Starting The Apocalypse All Over Again
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Chapter 328 [Bonus chapter] New Challenge
Chapter 329 Burning My Way Through Everything With Ease
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Chapter 333 Sword Skills
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Chapter 336 A Hard To Clear Zone
Chapter 337 Setting A Trap
Chapter 338 Light Glaive Skills
Chapter 339 A Single Peak And The Flying Monsters
Chapter 340 Attacking Flying Monsters
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Chapter 343 The Mysterious Human Army
Chapter 344 Gods Are Tricked
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Chapter 361 Buy Me Time As Much As You Can
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Chapter 363 Moving My Dantian
Chapter 364 Draw A Circle
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Chapter 366 Developing A New Cultivation Technique
Chapter 367 The OP Technique
Chapter 368 A Plan To Secure More Bulltors
Chapter 369 Something Is Wrong With My Compass
Chapter 370 Wake Up, Lazy Boy
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Chapter 372 It Finally Worked!
Chapter 373 Finally Cornering Him
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Chapter 375 Trying To Recruit Hectors
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Chapter 382 Sending Her Away
Chapter 383 Hunting In Dirty Waters
Chapter 384 Preparing To Go For War
Chapter 385 You Are A Hot Cake
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Chapter 387 All Are Coming At Me
Chapter 388 Thundering Might Pillar Skill
Chapter 389 The Trap Is Ready
Chapter 390 Kill The Hectors!
Chapter 391 A Chance To Kill Three Major Armies At One Go
Chapter 392 I Found You!
Chapter 393 [Bonus chapter] Fighting Two Paragons
Chapter 394 A Scary Being Appears
Chapter 395 Arguing With A Greedy Dude
Chapter 396 [Bonus chapter] The Terrifying Exiles
Chapter 397 The Weakness
Chapter 398 The Crazy Hector Paragon
Chapter 399 I Need Fodders
Chapter 400 Shadow Faction Of The Other Universe
Chapter 401 I Won’t Fall Here!
Chapter 402 Eggs!
Chapter 403 Let’s Have Peace For Now
Chapter 404 We... Are Doomed!
Chapter 405 [Bonus chapter] Despair
Chapter 406 Trying To Reach Beyond The Sky
Chapter 407 Bathed With Deadly Red Beams
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Chapter 409 Sith’s Valuable Guidance
Chapter 410 [Bonus chapter] Getting Done With Dark Energy
Chapter 411 A Really Weird Situation
Chapter 412 Words Have Power
Chapter 413 What Happened To My Team?!!!
Chapter 414 I Have To Hurry!
Chapter 415 Empty Towns And Cities!!!
Chapter 416 Interrogation
Chapter 417 Getting Answers
Chapter 418 Finding Them
Chapter 419 Fight Erupts In A Big Way
Chapter 420 Getting Things Under Control
Chapter 421 The Illusion Is Gone
Chapter 422 Let’s Kill More Paragons
Chapter 423 One Is Trying To Run Away
Chapter 424 Making An Offer To A Paragon
Chapter 425 The War Is Almost Over
Chapter 426 Another Follower With A Complicated Secret
Chapter 427 Dealing With The Crazy Jumper
Chapter 428 Where Should We Go?
Chapter 429 Meeting Hilary
Chapter 430 The Big Plan
Chapter 431 You Seem To Know Him Quite Well!
Chapter 432 Taking A Bite From The Goddess Of Beauty
Chapter 433 Meeting Everyone At Detroit
Chapter 434 The Races’ Fierce Rules
Chapter 435 Strange Finding
Chapter 436 I Saved The Best For You
Chapter 437 Going Back To Boston
Chapter 438 The Jealous Hilary
Chapter 439 Leaving
Chapter 440 Weird Things Kept Happening
Chapter 441 [Bonus chapter] A Week Waiting Period
Chapter 442 The Devastated Jumper
Chapter 443 He Needs A Waking Up Call
Chapter 444 His Wound Never Healed
Chapter 445 The Contract Of Secrecy
Chapter 446 The Scared Spearhead
Chapter 447 I’m Afraid Of Hybrid Monsters
Chapter 448 How To Deal With The Upcoming Quest
Chapter 449 Kneel!
Chapter 450 Assigning Tasks For Everyone
Chapter 451 [Bonus chapter] Revising Laws
Chapter 452 List Of Highly Anticipated Rookies Across Universe
Chapter 453 The Uses Of My Bones
Chapter 454 The Heaven Kingdom
Chapter 455 [Bonus chapter] The Monster Attack Begins
Chapter 456 Going Back To Boston
Chapter 457 Going To Pittsburgh
Chapter 458 The City Is Secured
Chapter 459 Taking Control Of Monsters
Chapter 460 The Portals Are Getting Closed Up
Chapter 461 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 462 [Bonus chapter] He Finally Woke Up
Chapter 463 Paragons’ Sealed Strength
Chapter 464 A Weird Meeting
Chapter 465 Finally He Responded!
Chapter 466 I’ll Make Her My Girl Then!
Chapter 467 I’ll Chop An Arm Off Them In Return
Chapter 468 Texas... Here I come!
Chapter 469 Going To Kentucky
Chapter 470 These Two... Sigh!
Chapter 471 Fighting Dragons
Chapter 472 I Want... I Want Them...
Chapter 473 Isac’s Weird Request
Chapter 474 They Taught Her Singing And Dancing To Be A Man!!!
Chapter 475 The Terrifying Dark Realm Monster
Chapter 476 Fighting Craziness With The Same!
Chapter 477 More!
Chapter 478 He Is... Here!!!
Chapter 479 [Bonus chapter] You Are My Safest Shelter
Chapter 480 The Epic Battle - Part 1
Chapter 481 The Epic Battle - Part 2
Chapter 482 The Epic Battle - Part 3
Chapter 483 The Epic Battle - Part 4
Chapter 484 The Epic Battle - Part 5
Chapter 485 [Bonus chapter] Sith’s Advice
Chapter 486 Fine! You Ruined My Mood!!
Chapter 487 Bringing Everyone To Battle
Chapter 488 You… Are… Crazy…!!!
Chapter 489 Think About Your Technique!
Chapter 490 [Bonus chapter] It’s Hard To Deal With A God!
Chapter 491 The God Nemesis Scissors
Chapter 492 A Crazy Idea!
Chapter 493 Creating A Badass Technique
Chapter 494 Even Gods Can’t Kill It!!!
Chapter 495 The Technique Is Ready... Almost!!
Chapter 496 What’s Missing?
Chapter 497 The Mighty Dark Blue Glove
Chapter 498 [Bonus chapter] This Apocalypse Is Mine!
Chapter 499 A Mysterious Wound On My Back
Chapter 500 The Boogeyman Is Sealed!
Chapter 501 The Loser Always Pays It Big In Any War!
Chapter 502 The Mysterious Spiritual Energy
Chapter 503 The Minute Black Spheres
Chapter 504 A New Dantian Is Formed
Chapter 505 One Thousand Humans Per Two Bones Price
Chapter 506 No One Is Responding!
Chapter 507 A Really Hard To Deal With Fellow!
Chapter 508 I Got You!
Chapter 509 Going To The Capital
Chapter 510 Winning War
Chapter 511 The MIT Campus Losses
Chapter 512 [Bonus chapter] Going To Check Damage
Chapter 513 Blame Me! Not You!
Chapter 514 Planning For Future
Chapter 515 Is Karoline Dead?
Chapter 516 I Learnt Designs
Chapter 517 The Poor Humans
Chapter 518 Bring Me More And I’ll Pay Double!
Chapter 519 [Bonus chapter] A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 520 A Serious Talk With The Missing One!
Chapter 521 Putting A Plan For Rescue
Chapter 522 The Food Big Problem
Chapter 523 Where Is Everyone?
Chapter 524 A Fierce Training In The Ocean
Chapter 525 Getting A Tasty Meal
Chapter 526 The Human Groups
Chapter 527 Why Farming Is Impossible In Apocalypse?
Chapter 528 Gather Up Farmers
Chapter 529 Blue Unicorn Spears
Chapter 530 Giving Them What I Bought
Chapter 531 Modifying Merrimack River
Chapter 532 Now... We Need To Wait!
Chapter 533 Let’s Dig The Capital!
Chapter 534 A Single Room For All Humans!
Chapter 535 A Ticket Pass For The Golden Quest
Chapter 536 The Kingdom Of Heaven Room
Chapter 537 [Bonus chapter] Trying Everything I Can
Chapter 538 Finally Getting Things Under Control
Chapter 539 Let’s Say Hi
Chapter 540 A Sly Higher Up!
Chapter 541 A Troublesome Shield
Chapter 542 Planning A Countermeasure
Chapter 543 The Betting Heaven World
Chapter 544 The Magical Pill
Chapter 545 Ticket Passing To Worlds
Chapter 546 Truth Behind The Bringold Impact
Chapter 547 Dragons Vs Berserkers Big War
Chapter 548 Inside My Shadow World
Chapter 549 Creating A New Technique
Chapter 550 Losing Consciousness!
Chapter 551 My Right Glove!
Chapter 552 Changes In My Meridians And Dantians
Chapter 553 Meeting Isac
Chapter 554 Next Time Then
Chapter 555 Assigning An Admin To My Room
Chapter 556 I Want Special Ores
Chapter 557 Blueprints For Aerial And Aquatic Cities And Fortresses
Chapter 558 Are You A Magician?!!
Chapter 559 The Alien World’s Access
Chapter 560 The Krishn World
Chapter 561 Paying The Price To Become Krishn World’s Lord
Chapter 562 Exploring Krishn World
Chapter 563 Wood Experts Secured!
Chapter 564 [Bonus chapter] Bringing Races Here
Chapter 565 Meeting The Experts
Chapter 566 Bringing Isac Over
Chapter 567 The Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 568 Spending Time In Cultivation
Chapter 569 Giving The Girls A Surprise
Chapter 570 [Bonus chapter] Moving Ores To Build The First City
Chapter 571 [Bonus chapter] Get Me The Recipe Now!
Chapter 572 Boss... We Found Something Interesting!
Chapter 573 A Big Discovery!
Chapter 574 We Need Alchemists!
Chapter 575 I Want Blacksmiths And Alchemists
Chapter 576 The Fourth Quest Starts In Ten Days
Chapter 577 Seeking The Help From Gods
Chapter 578 Talents Specialised Impacts
Chapter 579 Studying The Cultivation Recipe
Chapter 580 Taking The Hero Away
Chapter 581 Gathering Up A Team Of A Hundred Generals
Chapter 582 Good News
Chapter 583 Securing The Deal
Chapter 584 Big Changes At The Second Earth World
Chapter 585 Talks With The Talent Providing Impact
Chapter 586 The Greedy And Foolish Bringold Impact
Chapter 587 I Can Get Warriors!
Chapter 588 The Warriors, Resources, And Races Lists
Chapter 589 Dammit Hye! It Hurts!
Chapter 590 We Did It!
Chapter 591 [Bonus chapter] A Violent Energy
Chapter 592 Energy Enough To Power Up Big Cities
Chapter 593 Attack On The Jumper
Chapter 594 Can You Provide A Kingdom Heart For Me?
Chapter 595 A Red Graded Bone
Chapter 596 Wryly’s Mistake
Chapter 597 I Lack Souler Generals
Chapter 598 Bringing The Army Out
Chapter 599 [Bonus chapter] Fighting A Fierce Water Battle
Chapter 600 [Bonus chapter] The Weird Pillars
Chapter 601 I Got Outplayed!
Chapter 602 Ending A Battle To Start Another
Chapter 603 Forming A Flying Army Of Monsters
Chapter 604 The Jumper Is Here
Chapter 605 With A Single Move...
Chapter 606 Fighting Against The Ground Worms
Chapter 607 A Quarrel With The Jumper
Chapter 608 I Have A Plan
Chapter 609 The Plan Is A Success!
Chapter 610 Time To Wrap Everything Up
Chapter 611 Don’t Use Them!
Chapter 612 Great Changes Back
Chapter 613 What The Hell Do Cosmetics Mean?!!!
Chapter 614 The Bet Over Cosmetic Relic Site
Chapter 615 Taking A Tour At Second Earth World
Chapter 616 A Conflict!
Chapter 617 Assigning Tasks To The Two Girls
Chapter 618 The Three Sovereigns' Offers
Chapter 619 I Want Necromancers!
Chapter 620 Den Of Heroes Artefact
Chapter 621 Fountain Of Life
Chapter 622 What's So Special About My Bones?
Chapter 623 The Crown Meeting
Chapter 624 A Problem During Cultivating
Chapter 625 Two Months!
Chapter 626 Dealing With The Mess
Chapter 627 Removing Masks
Chapter 628 Potions Are Ready
Chapter 629 A Scientific Debate!
Chapter 630 I Will Turn This Place Into An Impregnable Fortress!
Chapter 631 Meeting Hilary
Chapter 632 Creating A Triangular Defensive Zone
Chapter 633 Giving Silverlining A Scare
Chapter 634 Making Great Deals
Chapter 635 A General Grade Souler
Chapter 636 I Got Myself A Sovereign!
Chapter 637 I’m An Anomaly!!!
Chapter 638 The Reason Behind Souler Race Demise
Chapter 639 Nature Is Scary!
Chapter 640 He Is A Monster!!!
Chapter 641 [Bonus chapter] Asking For More Soulers!
Chapter 642 Truth About Time Difference
Chapter 643 Monster Dens
Chapter 644 Let's Start The Test
Chapter 645 The Hellish Struggle To Create A Dantian
Chapter 646 Finding Hidden Gems
Chapter 647 It's Too Hard To Control My Cultivation Time
Chapter 648 Angelica Will Rule Over The Second Earth
Chapter 649 Fools! The Got Stronger, So They Became Arrogant!
Chapter 650 Making Plans For The Epic War
Chapter 651 Assigning My Generals To Their Posts
Chapter 652 Exploring The World
Chapter 653 We Have War Chariots!
Chapter 654 Getting Chariots And Warriors
Chapter 655 Acting As Santa Clause
Chapter 656 A Very Bad Situation!
Chapter 657 Weird Messages
Chapter 658 Its Not A Coincidence
Chapter 659 Enemy Is On The Move
Chapter 660 Hectors Are Coming!
Chapter 661 War At My Capital
Chapter 662 The Jumper’s Solution
Chapter 663 Fighting Underwater Enemies
Chapter 664 A Weird Move
Chapter 665 He Is Finally Here!
Chapter 666 Despair!
Chapter 667 Fighting Against Death
Chapter 668 [Bonus chapter] My Savior Is Here!
Chapter 669 The Symbol Of The Kingdom Is...
Chapter 670 She Is Mad!
Chapter 671 Checking Over The Entire War
Chapter 672 Sara Is... Fierce!
Chapter 673 How Kingdom Hearts Work
Chapter 674 Making Big Changes To My Armies
Chapter 675 Using The Kingdom Hearts
Chapter 676 They Are Eating My Arms Up!
Chapter 677 The Merge
Chapter 678 Who The Heck Is That?!!!
Chapter 679 [Bonus chapter] Sith Knows That Bastard!
Chapter 680 Getting Things Under Control At The Capital
Chapter 681 Grave News!
Chapter 682 Leaving The Capital To Lucias
Chapter 683 Forming A Hit Force
Chapter 684 The Northern Gulf Battle
Chapter 685 The Two Jerks Are Mad!
Chapter 686 The Final Battle Starts
Chapter 687 A Bloody Fight At The Bridge
Chapter 688 Things Are Bad At The Eastern Side!
Chapter 689 The Counterattack Starts
Chapter 690 A Surprise Army Awaits Me!
Chapter 691 The End Of War!
Chapter 692 The Flag Appears
Chapter 693 I Have To Prepare For The Future
Chapter 694 Zombies!
Chapter 695 I Will Make A Big Order This Time
Chapter 696 This War Will Last For Months
Chapter 697 Gaining Tons Of Bones
Chapter 698 Meeting With My Generals
Chapter 699 Moving Bodies Over To My Second Earth World
Chapter 700 Finalising The Big Deal With The Three Sovereigns
Chapter 701 The Seed Of Necromancers World
Chapter 702 Creating A Pocket World
Chapter 703 Toying With Lily
Chapter 704 The Silver Grade Monster Den
Chapter 705 Talk About The Three Mighty Races
Chapter 706 A Crazy Idea!
Chapter 707 I Will Go All Out To Achieve My Dreams!
Chapter 708 They Got Mechas!
Chapter 709 Exploring A Piece Of Heaven
Chapter 710 Using Monster Dens
Chapter 711 Dude... I Need Materials!
Chapter 712 Selecting Generals And Officials
Chapter 713 Helping The Frontline
Chapter 714 The Jumper Evolves
Chapter 715 Turning Elites Into Generals
Chapter 716 Bruno
Chapter 717 Getting Busy With The Eastern Battlefield
Chapter 718 The Jumper's Brilliant Idea
Chapter 719 A Meeting
Chapter 720 We Need To Lure Them
Chapter 721 A Very Peaceful City Worthy Of My Envy
Chapter 722 The Weird Holes!
Chapter 723 Spotting A Large Army
Chapter 724 A Scary Beast!
Chapter 725 The Legendary Guardian Offsprings
Chapter 726 Going To Second Earth World
Chapter 727 A Shocking Discovery!!!
Chapter 728 Putting The Big Plan
Chapter 729 A Hellish Way Of Training
Chapter 730 The War Starts Hot!
Chapter 731 Having It Hard At First
Chapter 732 Paragons Are Here!
Chapter 733 The Brilliant Idea
Chapter 734 Using Terrain For My Advantage
Chapter 735 Hit The Walls Again
Chapter 736 Using My Pillar
Chapter 737 Closing The Pass
Chapter 738 Chasing The Hectors
Chapter 739 Finding The Location Of Other Beasts
Chapter 740 Going To The Other Beasts
Chapter 741 What About Our Families?
Chapter 742 Draw Me A Map Of The Capital
Chapter 743 Lily Knows Them
Chapter 744 I Just Need A Solution
Chapter 745 Upgrading My Class Again
Chapter 746 The Different Effects Of My Upgraded Class
Chapter 747 Ten Billion Coins!!!
Chapter 748 Starting To Make The Ultimate Summoning Technique
Chapter 749 Why My Glaive?
Chapter 750 Getting A Taste Of The Strength Effect
Chapter 751 Such Greedy System
Chapter 752 Did It Fail?
Chapter 753 Summoning The Beast!
Chapter 754 My Little Turtle
Chapter 755 Getting Ready To Start The Epic War
Chapter 756 Come Forth... My Valliant Armies!
Chapter 757 I'm Going To Hit The Capital
Chapter 758 Getting Such A Warm Welcoming Party!
Chapter 759 Who Is This Turtle Again?!!!
Chapter 760 Crushing Walls With My Glaive!
Chapter 761 Adding Speed To My Chariot
Chapter 762 Invading The Capital
Chapter 763 Showing Them How Apocalypse Truly Looked Like
Chapter 764 I Have To Act Crazy!
Chapter 765 Destroying The Walls In One Single Attack!
Chapter 766 The Messy Aquatic Battle
Chapter 767 Just Wait For One More Hour
Chapter 768 Giving More Crazy Orders!
Chapter 769 I'll Make You Proud!
Chapter 770 A King Vs A King Battle
Chapter 771 Little Flying Lizard
Chapter 772 Your Lizard Got Two Wings And Can't Fly With One!
Chapter 773 Violating The System Rules!!!
Chapter 774 Told You Already, It's Mine!
Chapter 775 Using A Scary Artefact!
Chapter 776 Getting Intel About The Battle Arena
Chapter 777 The Secret Behind The Battle Arena
Chapter 778 Resurrection!
Chapter 779 Saying My Last Words To Them
Chapter 780 The Full Details Of The Battling Arena
Chapter 781 Normal Bones Exchange Rate
Chapter 782 You Are Late To The Challenge!
Chapter 783 Scram!
Chapter 784 [Bonus chapter] The Battling Part 1
Chapter 785 The Battling Part 2
Chapter 786 The Battling Part 3
Chapter 787 The Battling Part 4
Chapter 788 The Battling Part 5
Chapter 789 The Battling Part 6
Chapter 790 The Battling Part 7
Chapter 791 The Battling Part 8
Chapter 792 The Battling Part 9
Chapter 793 The Battling Part 10
Chapter 794 The Battling The End!
Chapter 795 I Gained An Aquatic Army! Hooray!!
Chapter 796 The Awesome Flying Castle - Part 1
Chapter 797 The Awesome Flying Castle - Part 2
Chapter 798 Finishing The Central Battle
Chapter 799 It's My Victory!
Chapter 800 My Thoughts About The Upcoming Golden Quest
Chapter 801 The Problem Of The Fifth Beast
Chapter 802 The Immense Value Of The Fifth Guardian
Chapter 803 Lily's Weird Request!
Chapter 804 A Weird Meeting
Chapter 805 An Interesting Offer
Chapter 806 The True Face Of An Enemy
Chapter 807 Doing An Exorcism!
Chapter 808 Calling Everybody Over
Chapter 809 Killing It Or Turning It Into A Guardian Beast?
Chapter 810 Let's Keep It Then
Chapter 811 Finding The weird beast
Chapter 812 Fighting A Kid!
Chapter 813 The Teleportation Race Ability!
Chapter 814 Sealing The Beast
Chapter 815 A Slippery Beast!
Chapter 816 Success!
Chapter 817 A Grand Meeting
Chapter 818 My Shocking Necromancer World
Chapter 819 Impending Feel Of Death
Chapter 820 Death Can Be Heaven Sometimes
Chapter 821 The Black Liquid Of Death
Chapter 822 Summoning Necromancers
Chapter 823 The Power Of Necromancers
Chapter 824 The Shocking Fact About Zombies!!!
Chapter 825 Time Manipulation Ability
Chapter 826 Checking The Capital
Chapter 827 Arranging Things At Earth
Chapter 828 It’s A Vacation Then?
Chapter 829 Lily Is... Hot!
Chapter 830 I Got Myself Into Deep Trouble!
Chapter 831 [Bonus chapter] The Evolved Hector Guardian Beast
Chapter 832 Bloodline Cleansing Effect
Chapter 833 The Shocking Discovery About Monsters
Chapter 834 Angelica Is Missing!
Chapter 835 The Mysterious Relic Site
Chapter 836 Waiting For Hilary
Chapter 837 One Shock After Another!
Chapter 838 A World Filled With Souls
Chapter 839 Time And Space Powers
Chapter 840 Speaking With An Enemy
Chapter 841 I'm Not Going To Say!
Chapter 842 A Hassle With A Sovereign!
Chapter 843 [Bonus chapter] Wait! Sign A Contract First!
Chapter 844 Let Me Tell You A Story...
Chapter 845 The Time Curse!!!
Chapter 846 What Are You Hiding?
Chapter 847 Like My Technique? No Way!!!
Chapter 848 Digging Out Special Stones
Chapter 849 There Is Something Terribly Wrong!
Chapter 850 Everyone Is Freaking Out!
Chapter 851 How To Read The Alien Language
Chapter 852 Translated Into English!
Chapter 853 An Ancient Message
Chapter 854 A Shocking Similarity!!!
Chapter 855 [Bonus chapter] We Are Soulers! We Eat Souls!
Chapter 856 [Bonus chapter] The System Is Sealed!!!
Chapter 857 My Technique Is Quite Scary!
Chapter 858 Attacking The Pocket World
Chapter 859 We Found Real People!
Chapter 860 A Special Terrain
Chapter 861 Are You A Fool Or What?!!
Chapter 862 [Bonus chapter] Fighting Ancient Races
Chapter 863 The Fight Spreads Inside
Chapter 864 Hearing The Story Of The Pocket World
Chapter 865 The Core Of The Pocket World
Chapter 866 Sending Everyone To One Path
Chapter 867 The System Evolved During These Years!
Chapter 868 Going To The Paths
Chapter 869 Unbelievable Bone Harvest!
Chapter 870 Few Hobbies To Waste Time With
Chapter 871 Getting Inside The Core World
Chapter 872 The Terrifying Negative Effect
Chapter 873 Flying Serpents Shrouded In Clouds
Chapter 874 Using An Artefact To Change The Fate Of This Desperate War
Chapter 875 Feeding My Bones To A Statue
Chapter 876 The Statue Speaks!
Chapter 877 Bringing Everything Out! Doing Everything I Can To Win!
Chapter 878 Things Are Going For The Better
Chapter 879 The Last Struggle
Chapter 880 Meeting The Leaders
Chapter 881 The Cruel Fate These Races Faced Here
Chapter 882 Going To The Central Zone
Chapter 883 Clearing Rocks
Chapter 884 Finding The Weapon
Chapter 885 Let The Two Universe Top Fighters Fight Together
Chapter 886 Den Of Bones Artefact
Chapter 887 Fighting Against Two Artefacts Is Damn Hard!
Chapter 888 I Suffered Heavy Losses In This War
Chapter 889 [Bonus chapter] I Acted First
Chapter 890 A Deadly Situation!
Chapter 891 The World Is Changing To The Better
Chapter 892 Dealing With The Dens Of Bones
Chapter 893 A Bizarre Encounter
Chapter 894 Something Seems Fishy
Chapter 895 A Lost Artefact Of A Long Gone Universe
Chapter 896 Delivering The Grave News
Chapter 897 The Weird Throne
Chapter 898 Tearing It Apart
Chapter 899 Getting Everything I Wanted
Chapter 900
Chapter 901 Quite Intense Meeting
Chapter 902 [Bonus chapter] They Sought Hard Redemption Path
Chapter 903 Meeting A Zombie
Chapter 904 A Way To Handle Zombies
Chapter 905 Silverlining Crisis
Chapter 906 Taking Them In A Tour
Chapter 907 Speaking With The Big Boss
Chapter 908 Did You Forget Our Little Deal?
Chapter 909 He Seems Not That Much Confident!
Chapter 910 Monster Outbreaks!
Chapter 911 Sending Generals And Leaders To Help
Chapter 912 Diamond Grade Bone
Chapter 913 Rejecting All Offers
Chapter 914 Asking For More Big Weapons
Chapter 915 A Demoness!
Chapter 916 What Do You Know About Demons?
Chapter 917 You Want To Work Me Till Death And Have Fun With Other Girls!
Chapter 918 Will You Punish Me With Ropes?
Chapter 919 Getting The Alien Races To Their New s
Chapter 920 I’ve Changed!
Chapter 921 The Generals Title Ceremony
Chapter 922 We Got Nineteen More Worlds To Fight At!
Chapter 923 The Grand Mine!
Chapter 924 A Terrifying Explosion!
Chapter 925 What Happened?!!
Chapter 926 Twin Discs
Chapter 927 The War Returned
Chapter 928 My Right Handed Man!!!
Chapter 929 Fulfilling An Old Promise
Chapter 930 Meeting Unexpected Old Mates
Chapter 931 For Alex’s Sake
Chapter 932 You Were The One Who Inspired Me To Do All This!
Chapter 933 Meeting My Weapon Development Team
Chapter 934 They Didn’t Get What I Wanted To Do!
Chapter 935 The Rocket Launcher
Chapter 936 Bringing Her Over
Chapter 937 No! I Won’t Leave!
Chapter 938 I Want Dens
Chapter 939 Testing The Big Weapon
Chapter 940 [Bonus chapter] The Big Surprise
Chapter 941 Leaving Them Behind To Learn
Chapter 942 Preparing New Training Grounds
Chapter 943 Bouncing Over One More Girl
Chapter 944 I Will Pay To Get A Gift!!!
Chapter 945 We Agree
Chapter 946 Rise And Shine
Chapter 947 A Harsh And Yet Honest Talk
Chapter 948 I Will Tell That Jerk!
Chapter 949 She Learnt From The Master
Chapter 950 I Need Weapons!
Chapter 951 Finding Isac
Chapter 952 That Jerk...
Chapter 953 They Are Excited For... Such Result?!!
Chapter 954 A Terrifying Attack From A Single Rocket Launcher
Chapter 955 I Got An Idea
Chapter 956 Forming My Long Desired Aerial Army
Chapter 957 Isac Is Shocked!
Chapter 958 A High Grade Evolution For A Monster
Chapter 959 A Qilin!
Chapter 960 Controlling The Qilin
Chapter 961 Little Qi
Chapter 962 I Want To Play
Chapter 963 Your Bones Is The Reason
Chapter 964 You Are A Dead Man!
Chapter 965 The Scorching Ground Mode
Chapter 966 How Overlords Are Decided
Chapter 967 Zombies Are The Key
Chapter 968 The Second Training Grounds
Chapter 969 I Have A Bad Feeling
Chapter 970 [Bonus chapter] I Got A Nice Idea
Chapter 971 They Are Making Progress
Chapter 972 A Talk With Old Gan
Chapter 973 Shocking Truth Got Revealed
Chapter 974 My Counter plan
Chapter 975 I Need Them To Go Into My Shadow World!
Chapter 976 The Weird Ores
Chapter 977 A Weird Terrifying Face With A Helmet!
Chapter 978 Reopening The Fresh Deadly Wound Again!
Chapter 979 Finding An Expected Situation
Chapter 980 Great Surprises!
Chapter 981 What’s Going On Here?
Chapter 982 You Are A Legend Here!
Chapter 983 Unexpected Early Confrontation
Chapter 984 Their Side Of The Story
Chapter 985 Getting Everything Sorted Out
Chapter 986 Meeting Genius Minds
Chapter 987 Deadly Weapon
Chapter 988 I Want To Go As Well!
Chapter 989 Meeting Hescos
Chapter 990 They Are Terrifying!
Chapter 991 A Terrifying Battle Tactic
Chapter 992 Meeting Oglak
Chapter 993 It’s Still Not Enough!
Chapter 994 Taking Them In A Tour
Chapter 995 Getting Them Shocked
Chapter 996 We Aren’t Traitors!
Chapter 997 Was She A Hero Or A Traitor?
Chapter 998 Gaining One Thousand Generals
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000... Hooray!
Chapter 1001 Giving Him A Scare
Chapter 1002 The Price Of A Single Bottle Of Water!
Chapter 1003 Looking For Gems
Chapter 1004 We Got A Problem!
Chapter 1005 [Bonus chapter] I Know The Use Of Your Bones
Chapter 1006 The Remarkable Use Of My Bones
Chapter 1007 A Problem And A Solution
Chapter 1008 Dark Realm Monster Bone
Chapter 1009 A Scary Ocean Of Fire
Chapter 1010 The Magical Transformation Of The Training Ground
Chapter 1011 Ronald, The Genuis Tactician
Chapter 1012 Giant Behemoths
Chapter 1013 Monsters Need One More Continent
Chapter 1014 Interrupting Cultivation Has A Price
Chapter 1015 Zangibar
Chapter 1016 The Spiritual Crystal
Chapter 1017 Spirit Representation Stage
Chapter 1018 Plans To Invade And Expand