Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – White light and another world summon

White light and another world summon

We were on a school trip .

Ogito school second year class C .

Now the bus travels in a mountain road .

There’s a guy sleeping .

Someone fiddling with a smartphone .

A fellow who seems to have motion sickness .

Another is watching a hand mirror .

The ones who stand out the most are gathered in the back seats .

The so-called high-rank group .

「Heyyy… Takutooー Please introduce to me some of your girl acquaintancesー」

「Shogo is too soft towards girls . That kind of dishonesty, isn’t good . 」

Kirihara Takuto


The ikemen who got two things from the heavens .

All kinds of high specs .

With a single word the surrounding air changes .

In fact, the air had already changed after the remarks from a little while ago .

「As expected Kirihara-kun is honestー」

Several girls in the nearby seats are talking with a high-pitched response .

Kirihara Takuto is the protagonist of 2-C .

2-C revolves around Kirihara .

Always taking seat next to this Kirihara, Oyamada Shougo小山田 翔吾 .

I’m sorry to use such an old expression .

He has the position of being Kirihara’s follower .

Kirihara’s best friend (self-proclaimed) .

Fierce look (so-so) .

Has bad behaviour .

Also foul-mouthed .

A good point would be skill in brawls and a good physique .

I wonder if his unkindness is also a good point?

The “Kirihara & Oyamada combination” are always accompanied by girls and boys who are really cool(good-looking) in the class .

「I mean . What ’bout me Shougooー」

「Your personality is too much」

「I’m falling~」

「If you attack a gyaru, little sis Takao will come here!」

「No way, no way, no way I tell you! That’s not a human being, thats some transcendental! That’s someone who absolutely collects the seven balls」

「No, no wayー! By the way aren’t the seven balls really dangerousー!?」

What’s “dangerous” I wonder .

Since it’s a school excursion does the tension go up?

Oyamada who keeps being in high spirits .

On the other hand, the topic about Takao little sister got quiet .


高雄 sisters .

Twin sisters famous for being weirdos .

The two are always together .

The Takao elder sister Hijiri聖 is a cool beautiful woman .

The Takao little sister Itsuki

樹 is a beautiful gyaru1 .

Both are high specs .

The elder sister has the second rank for academic ability in the class .

The younger sister is also smar, she got fourth in the last test .

They’re also good in physical exercises .

When the sisters gather, the figure is outstanding .

With the exception of them being weirdoes, I guess .

「The landscape of the mountain is extraordinary, it feels good as your imagination expands to reach higher goals . You should also observe carefully, Itsuki」

「Understoond, elder sister . 」

Yeah, I still can’t understand these Takao sisters .

Even if I look at it many time but to me it seems to be an ordinary scenery .

What about that feels extraordinary .

Nah .

The elder sister surely must see something .

By the way, I’ve never seen the younger sister disobeying the elder one .

「Uwah!? Takao lil’ sis’, even the name is called, I’ll proceed steadily! Too much! Too cool!」

「Can’t you keep quiet, I wonder, Oyamada-kun?」

A clear voice stops the atmosphere in the bus .


「I’m reading, though」

「Waz’zat Sogouー? Those words just now are like really cold ya’know?」

Sogou Ayaka十河 綾香

Class president .

So beautiful that even other schools talk about her .

Actually, the candid shot without permission appeared on the market via SNS(forum) .

Black hair .

Alice hairband2 .

Fair-skin .

Black stockings3 .

It’s rumored to be more than a young lady .

When coming home from school, she’s picked up by luxury cars .

Both literary and martial arts .

Takao elder sister is suppressed, the one who gets the top in the class is Sogou .

She doesn’t belong to any clubs .

However, the height of her athletic ability has been proven many times when doing P . E .

Sometimes is asked for assistance from the clubs of the sports department .

If you assume Kirihara Takuto to be the male main character, then absolutely Sogou Ayaka is the female main character .

「Like Sogou, why’re you readin’?」


Oyamada takes Sogou’s paperback book .

「Hey, stop it」

Ah .

Oyamada you .

Have even the nerve to detach the cover…

That’s just a little too much .

However, no one stops it .

Is it a matter of course?

Someone who can object against Oyamada from 2-C are few .

「Nowadays paperback books are really lame tho! Manga? Uwah, it’s a novel!」

「Return itっ」

「”This year’s greatest ultra class love story”ー!? No wayyyyyyyyyy! I’m really curious about the contents of this storyー!」

「I said to return it to me!」

「Uohー! This term’s number one unexpected secretー! Ehー What? Ayaka-tan then, actually is someone who reads sweet sweet love stories, isn’t it?」

「Is something wrong with that!?」

「Eeew! Like seriously really!? These little lines wha! It’ーs imーpossiーbleーforーme! Eyes, my eyes are falling~! Brain cells are dying~!」

「Then, return it . 」

「Eeehー? WhatーshouldーIーdo? Ah, then like when we exchange [email protected] I’ll return it?」

What’s he trying to hide for .

Oyamada likes Sogou .

This just now .

You want to tease the girl that you like .

The way to express love from long-ago .


「Oyamada-kun, stop it!」

「Sogou is not aware of the feelings of Oyamada . 」

I felt she was just a little bit dense .

By the way [email protected] is a messaging app .

It boasts the world’s largest market share .

If “Approval” is not done by the other party, [email protected] cannot be exchanged .

In other words Oyamada is approaching Sogou for her approval .

I guess I would kind of look cool if I stopped this here .

However, with “air” like me, even if I try to stand out only a soft breeze blows .

Zero effect .

Nothing . (Spoken in english)

Emptiness .

Meaningless action .

No, it may rather worsen .

Oyamada being the other party is also bad .

In the first place, if even Sogou who’s at the top of the class can’t do anything, most other people would find it unreasonable .

Even so,

today’s Songou doesn’t seem the same .


Sogou’s face, isn’t it red?

…Aah, I see .

She has been found out about liking love stories .

Because of that she can’t 100% display that usual confident side .


Because she’s embarassed, huh .

Just for a moment I thought she looked lovely .

And then,

「Oyamada-kun, return it」

Normally, you’d think she’s pretty pitiful .



The second “Ha?” was my voice .



What happened?

Why, am I standing up?

「Mimori Touka-kun? Um…Ah… What? Ah? So suddenly?」

Well, Oyamada might be surprised too

Me who has a mob character atmosphereー

Mimori Touka has, carefully noted .

The atmosphere in the bus becomes strange .

I was exposed to the attention all at once .

An unpleasant sweat come out .

「No, see… it looks like Songou-san, really, doesn’t like it so…」



Oyamada is trembling .

Just like a fresh jelly put on the plate .

「Too, muchーToo coooooolー! It’s too cool! Cool man! Man!」

Oyamada points at me with high spirits .

It’s an attitude which completely makes a fool out of me .

「Haa? Mimori like, you got on the LOVE Songou-san trend, well did’ya? Mimori paisen… and then you got quite cool didn’t ya!? Eh? Seriously now is what? Airman’s(spoken in english) revenge is it?

「Mimori, kun… . ?」

Sogou’s face enters my sight .

A expression which is difficult to describe .

That expression .

Should I receive it positively?

Or should I receive it negatively?


Let’s hope for the former .

Well .

What to do with this bed of nails .

What is the correct answer for Mimori Touka right now?

At that time,

「Return it, Shougo」

Kirihara was the one to give me a lifeboat .

Truly someone who not even Oyamada can go against .

「More importantly Takutoー? Cool man who transformed here, Mimori-senpai do you have free time to hear me outー?」

「I don’t really mind . I’m not interested in Mimori」

「Uwoh!? Too much! Too much Takuto! It’s just too much! I don’t really have all this coolness in me! This kind of thing is the difference between Takuto and me huh?」

「But, Oyamada listen, leave Mimori alone, ignoring him is also fine, but you have to return Sogou’s book . This kind of mood, I dont like it」

The look of envy is poured to Kirihara from all over the place .

Mainly from girls .

Kirihara-kun after all is really sweet isn’t he, or so I hear from the whispers .

Oyamada patted Songou’s shoulder with the binding of the book .

Peshi Peshi

「My badー Sogou ♪ I got carried away for a moment . My bad~! Could you forgive me?」

Sogou collects the book as if snatching it .

She severely glares at Oyamada .

Oyamada took a pose like giving up .

「I, I said my bad… . 」

Sogou tops talking with a “tsun” and puts the book inside a pouch .

Seems she doesn’t have anymore intention to read .

Sogou Ayaka is not only excellent in grades and is a beautiful girl

She can also use Kobujutsu (I’m certain it’s Kobujutsu) .

And, Oyamada has been done in simply by this Kobujutsu .

After that Oyamada kind of got a fear for Sogou .

Well it seems he also fell in love at the same time .

Kirihara puts on an earphone and began to listen to music .

Oyamada returns to his seat rapidly .

Then .


Oyamada suddenly kicked the back of the seat which was slightly tilted .

Most students become startled with the sudden event .

The tour guide’s shoulder was also rising .

I was also surprised .

Only four people kept calm .

Kirihara Takuto .

Sogou Ayaka .

Takao sisters .

More precisely in relation to the twins, they didn’t react at all .


The boy who was sitting in the kicked seat had a very timid personality .

Oyamada approaches that student and grabs his shoulder .

「Wha, What is it Oyamada-san… . ?」

Yasu Tomohiro安 智弘

In other words bullied kid .

Now it’s made a complete target of Oyamada’s bullying .

That’s been going on from the opening day ー it’s been 2 years .

Yasu carelessly split juice on Oyamada .

Even worse, the juice splashed on Oyamada smartphone and it broke down .

However Yasu wasn’t at fault .

He didn’t know who he provoked .

Since then Oyamada has Yasuo on lock-on .

「A little while ago, you were surprised weren’t you… . 」

「Mimori-senpai who can’t read the atmosphere makes a scene as big as that . You put on airs like it doesn’t involve you isn’t that right you trash! Hey aren’t you gonna complain, huh!? Ora! Look at me properly in the eyes!」

「It, It’s not like that… . 」

「Are you fucking kidding me! Nobody told me 2-C”s industrial wastes is becoming actually useful for something now! Shut the fuck up, you trash!」

「… . . 」

「Where’s your answer!」

「Y, Yes… . . 」

Does he want to shut him up?

Or does he want an answer?

Which of the two .

As expected Oyamada is strange .

「Oiー Oyamadaaー? Leave it like that, okayー? Nowadays you’re too much, if it’s like that he’ll commit suicide really soon . Yasu as well pleaseー? If you want to suicide please do it when I’m not in charge okayー」

This is the homeroom teacher Zakurogi Tamotsu . (柘榴木 保)

P . E . teacher .

He’s kind to girls and severe with the boys .

No, I should correct myself .

It’s gentle to the cute girls .

Zakurogi is also only interested in the top class boys .

In other words he wants pieces which he can use to organize his classes .

Conversely, he’s only interested in pieces he can use .

That’s why the difference between students is like earth and heaven .

Equality .

When I’m in this class, this word sounds the emptiest of all .

Hierarchy exists .

At any time .

Anywhere .

It’s helpless .

「Yesー, I’m like reflecting reallyー I’m like really sorryyー」

Oyamada sits on the seat quietly .

Oyamada is really good at currying favours with teachers and adults .

When he wants to be loved by the other party he really puts in the effort .

He spreads a really wide net .

The refuge of the target, he closes it thoroughly .

In a joking-like tone, he does an apologizing pose .

「I’m like really sorry Yasu-kun! I, was really born again one minute agoー!」

Not being shy he spreads his legs, and once again Oyamada sits down .

「Aーaーaー! Even though I thought I was the main character but thanks to Mimori-senpai, the fun school trip the sparkling “one scene” was like seriousl coldー! This time I am completeー」

It was at that time .

Without any warningー

White light filled the inside of the bus .

1イケメンIkemen A good-looking/handsome man – Google Image Search ↩

2ギャルGyaru A culture where a girl dresses “cutely” – Google Image Search ↩

3 . カチューシャKachusha – Google Image Search ↩

4 . タイツTaitsu – Google Image Search ↩