Chapter 364 All Peak Level 12!

“Tianxia City? Xiong Batian?”

Lin Ye had a strange expression as he said, “Pardon me for asking, but do you have a Junior Sister named Feng and a Senior Brother named Shuang?”

“How does the master know?”

It was Bu Jingtian’s turn to be shocked.

He had never revealed his identity to outsiders.

Even Old Ou was not sure of this.

Lin Ye blinked. F*ck, he actually had.

However… he glanced at Bu Jingtian.

His name and martial arts had changed.

Was this the miniature of the Bu Jingtian in “The Storm Riders”?

Mm ~ He could not determine for the time being. “Boss?” Seeing that Lin Ye was in a daze, Bu Jingtian called out.

“Ahem, I heard it from Senior Tianxuan’s fortune-telling.” Lin Ye found a lame excuse.

“I see.” Bu Jingtian deeply agreed.

In their eyes, Senior Tianxuan was a living god.

He had no records of failure.

“Alright, there’s not much time left. Let’s talk about unimportant things when we have time in the future. Bring Grandmaster Ou Ye to a safe place first, or directly teleport to Tianxuan City. If there’s a chance, I will directly descend there.” Lin Ye said.

“Tianxuan City? It’s an ordinary large city. That’s good too. The security in such a place is pretty good.” Bu Jingtian nodded, “Old Ou, let’s go. I’ll send you there.”

As he spoke, he didn’t wait for Master Ou Ye to say anything before grabbing his arm and flying out.

“F*ck, my Treasure Armor Pavilion hasn’t been cleaned up yet!!”

Master Ou Ye screamed miserably, and his voice gradually disappeared.

Lin Ye shook his head and laughed. He activated his divine sense to chase away all the staff in the Treasure Armor Pavilion.

At the same time, he flicked his finger and used a restriction under his divine power of light to temporarily seal the door, preventing outsiders from entering.

After doing this, his figure melted into the sunlight and quietly returned to the Wang family’s old mansion, entering the dark space.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as he entered, he saw dozens of blinding upgrade golden beams descending from the void far away.

At the same time, hearty laughter sounded.

“Hahaha, I, Tru, am already half a step into Class 10!”

In the distance, Tru thumped his chest excitedly.

The next moment, his body suddenly expanded.


A fiery red bull battle aura and a black lightning rat phantom appeared and fused at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His aura instantly soared.

“Luo Feng, come and fight!”

“Brother Tru, I’m already at Class 10. Are you sure?” A smile appeared on Luo Feng’s face. A flash of blood appeared under his feet and light flashed.

The blood-colored flying sabers that surrounded him spun rapidly, turning into a cloud of saber energy.

“Let’s give it a try. My combat power is not something an ordinary Class 10 can compare to when I combine my two zodiac battle auras.” Tru bared his teeth.

As soon as he finished speaking, swish! Swish! Swish!

The massive bull phantom stomped and exploded, its figure flashing.

It appeared above Luo Feng’s head like a bolt of lightning

“Divine Fist of the Barbarian Bull!”

He let out a thunderous roar and threw a punch through the air. The scorching flames and the heavy punch combined with the special effect of the Lightning Rat.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of punches landed on the saber intent cloud outside Luo Feng’s body.


Energy exploded, and Luo Feng’s feet swept through the dark space like an iron plow.

“Awesome, hahaha, again!”

Seeing this, Tru laughed.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Now, the appearance of the lightning rat zodiac battle aura made up for his weakness in speed.

For the time being, there were no shortcomings. Achieving high speed and explosive power were the dreams of all melee soldiers.


The next moment, a black shadow flashed.

Another hundred Barbaric Bull Divine Fists appeared behind Luo Feng.

“Blood Lightning Blade!”

Luo Feng narrowed his eyes. Blood-colored lightning appeared on the surface of the saber and swept out like a clap of thunder.

In an instant, it destroyed all the fist shadows.

Ding Ding DingA moment later, a red and a black figure trembled in the dark.

The saber aura exploded and the fist aura vibrated violently.

Not far away, Adelia, Zhang Liang, Li Xinyi, and the others had also broken through to Class 10.

One by one, they searched for their opponents to spar with

“Unfortunately, I’m still a bit short of Class 10. It’s a pity that there’s no more pills.”

After a long time, Zhang Liang sighed.

The dark space was the best place to cultivate.

Time flowed slowly and it could shield them from the lightning tribulation. It allowed them to gain benefits without limit.

As long as he had enough resources, he felt that he could level up forever.

“Who said there’s no more? Catch it.”

Suddenly, a crack appeared in the dark space.

A white shadow appeared and threw dozens of crystal clear porcelain bottles at everyone.

“I have enough Level 10, 11, and 12 medicinal pills!” Lin Ye’s glowing figure solidified as he spoke. “6666!”

“Our lord is awesome!”

“My lord, I love you!”

Upon hearing this, everyone was extremely excited. To be able to advance to Level 10 was already enough to bring honor to one’s ancestors. Yet, they could still continue to advance this time. Wuhu ~ Time to take flight and become a powerhouse!

“Stop fooling around. Hurry up and level up. A great battle is about to happen. Deng Yushan, the Heaven Cast Army, and dozens of families who are on good terms with the Wang family are all waiting for us.” Lin Ye waved his hand, and an invisible barrier blocked Tru and the others from flying over. He continued, “There are no other requirements. If you can advance to Class 12, try your best to advance to Class 12. Those who are unable to advance will stay here obediently and are not allowed to fight.”

“Ah, this—”

Upon hearing this, everyone stopped smiling and had solemn expressions.

To advance from half-step Class 10 to Class 12, and to reach Class 12 before the battle erupted, were not simple matters.

The requirements for one’s talent were high.

“Cultivate, cultivate!” “Think my a**! I’ve decided. I am going to go into seclusion right now. I won’t come out until I reach Class 12!”

“That’s right, I’ve had enough of watching and not fighting. I’m a member of the main team. Even if I die, I will die on the battlefield!!”

As soon as they finished speaking, all of them received the medicinal pills and quickly composed themselves before sitting down cross-legged and starting to take the pills madly.

“Very good.”

Lin Ye nodded in satisfaction. “It’s time for me to advance as well.”

He sighed inwardly, and his figure flashed, including his main body and avatar.

Ten figures flew above the head of Demon Venerable (Dragon).


Old (Dragon) glanced at Lin Ye and recalled the tragic scene not long ago. Hence, he decided to endure it!


Lin Ye’s main body and avatars tore open the medicinal bottles. His body, battle aura, mind, and body cultivated together.

He opened his mouth and swallowed thousands of Level 10 and above medicinal pills.


In an instant, air waves gathered around him as all kinds of energy rapidly soared.

Physical Body +1000, Physical Body +1000, Physical Body +1000… Battle Aura +1,000, Battle Aura +1,000, Battle Aura +1,000…

Mind +1000, Mind +1000, Mind +1000…

A minute later, three upgrade golden beams landed.

His body, battle aura, and mind had all entered Level 10.

Three minutes later, another three upgrade golden beams appeared.

Level 11!

Ten minutes later, the system sent three congratulatory messages.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your physical body has reached the peak of Class 12!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your battle aura has reached the peak of Class 12!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your mental state has reached the peak of Class 12!”