Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Boundless Golden Body And Heavenly River Sword Array

“Well said!”

Light and shadow transformed. Lin Ye clapped his hands and his figure appeared in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion’s furnace.

“Boss? You’re here.” Bu Jingtian’s back left the wall as he revealed a smile.

“Mm, I thought you were talking bad about me.” Lin Ye chuckled.

“How could that be? Little Friend Lin has outstanding talent and is a top peerless genius. We can’t wait to curry favor with you, so how could we possibly speak ill of you? However, there is something that I need to verify with you. I heard from Old Bu that Little Friend Lin came from the surface world?” Master Ou Ye still wasn’t convinced and asked solemnly.

“Yes.” Lin Ye didn’t deny it. They would find out sooner or later anyway.

Furthermore, with his Listening Ear and Heart’s Web talent, he could tell at a glance what they were thinking. Master Ou Ye and Bu Jingtian were both upright people. They would not play any tricks behind his back.

“Alright, alright. Little friend is awesome. I have a presumptuous request. I don’t know if I should say it or not.” Master Ou Ye poked his hand and said embarrassedly.

“Please speak, Master.” Lin Ye nodded happily.

“I’m very interested in the surface world. If there’s a chance, when the second zombie wave ends and the

Class 10 restriction disappears, can you pull me up to play through your territory?” With that, Master Ou Ye looked at Lin Ye nervously.

Normally speaking, this was a difficult problem.

Unless one was a trusted one or a loyalist of a human lord, a human lord from the surface world would almost never lead the person back to his territory.

This would undoubtedly expose the coordinates of his teleportation array. If someone used it, it might cause a huge disaster.

“Of course you can. I warmly welcome you.” Lin Ye smiled.

A master blacksmith like Ou Ye would be welcomed wherever he went.

“Thank you, thank you, young friend.”

Master Ou Ye was extremely excited when he heard this.

“If you have any needs when it comes to forging in the future, feel free to look for me. I won’t accept any payment.”

“Speaking of which, I coincidentally have something to trouble you with, Master.” Lin Ye took out the city lord’s 10 Void Rings.


Master Ou Ye narrowed his eyes and said with a grave expression, “Are these from the City Lord’s Mansion?”

“Yes.” Lin Ye nodded.

“Impressive, it’s actually real.”

Master Ou Ye revealed a bitter smile. “Although I wasn’t the one who forged this thing. I was only invited to watch the forging process. The person who forged it can be considered the top blacksmith of a large city. His forging skills are definitely not inferior to mine. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

“Since I have thought of asking for your help, I have naturally found a way to deal with this.”

Lin Ye smiled mysteriously. The corners of his mouth twitched as he sent the secret message he got from old (Dragon). “This is?!!”

Master Ou Ye’s face was filled with shock. It took a long time for him to calm down.

He praised, “What an exquisite divine refinement technique. It seems to be specially made for these ten rings. I wonder which expert did this. Can you tell me?”

With that, he looked at Lin Ye eagerly.

“Sorry, the person who imparted the incantation has a secret identity. I can’t publicize it.” Lin Ye directly refused.

Old [Dragon) was his trump card. If the news spread, it would be bad.

Not to mention that he might not be able to catch Deng Yushan, it might even attract the attention of the expert who sealed old (Dragon) back then.

Therefore, unless he had no choice, he would definitely not bring people to the dark space.

“I understand, I understand.” Grandmaster Ou Ye nodded. Although he was a little disappointed, he didn’t pursue the matter.

After reciting the incantation again, he nodded confidently and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, young friend. With this restraining incantation, I can unlock these ten Void Rings for you in less than twenty minutes.”

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“I still have something on. I’ll be back later.”

Lin Ye clasped his fists and left in a flash.

Twenty minutes seemed like a long time, but at his speed, he could still do a lot.

For example… triggering 100xReward. There were no more chances when it came to purchasing things today, but there were still a few chances for secret manuals and corpses. In the distance, the zombie king army cooperated with Little White and was still engaged in a stalemate fight with the Heaven Cast Army. The two sides fought back and forth.

Fortunately, the zombie kings’ bodies were strong and Little White had a top-tier mechanical beast constitution. They were not in danger for the time being.

“Hang in there a little longer. It’ll be done soon!”

Lin Ye muttered and turned around to leave. He followed his Hint talent and arrived at the East District.

The streets here were empty. The commotion in the Wang family and the City Lord’s Mansion was too great.

The residents here were timid. Most of them ran away with their families.

Only the rich and powerful families were fearless and continued to do their business calmly.

As he flew, Lin Ye quickly arrived in front of a five-story building.

“Boss, I am here to buy secret manuals! I will take anything above Earth-Tier!”

“Young man, those at Earth-Tier cost hundreds of thousands of high-grade spirit stones. For those at the top, they might even require hundreds…” Behind the bookshelf, an old man in his seventies shook his recliner leisurely and said slowly. “Forget it, it’s tiring to talk to you. I’ll do it myself.”

Lin Ye directly threw down a Void Ring containing 10 million high-grade spirit stones. “Take the extra as a gift.”

With that, under the old man’s dumbfounded expression, his figure flashed and he went straight to the fifth floor.

“Friendly reminder that the highest quality Earth-Tier cultivation techniques in this building are ‘Taiji Golden Body’ and ‘Eternal River Sword Formation’.” “Alright, I’ll get these two. One for offense and one for defense. They’re very suitable for the main team. I can still trigger the last two chances of 100xReward as well.”

Lin Ye nodded.

He then grabbed the air and took the two secret manuals.


100 Earth-Tier Body Forging TechniqueTaiji Golden Body!
1 Advanced Heaven-Tier Body Forging Technique-Boundless Golden Body!
Random Quantity, Level of Body Forging Technique (Golden Body series. Excludes the probability of Body Forging Techniques below Earth-tier from appearing)
100 Earth-Tier Sword Array FormationLong River Sword Array!
1 Advanced Heaven-Tier Sword Array Formation-Heavenly River Sword Formation!
Random Quantity, Level of Sword Array (Sword Array Series. Excludes the probability of sword arrays below Earth-Tier from appearing)

“I choose option 2, I choose option 2!”

Treasure light flashed, and Lin Ye directly kept them in his space ring.

His figure transformed into a faint light and flew into the sky through the window.

After he left, two old figures walked out from the darkness.

Looking deeply at Lin Ye’s disappearing figure, his face revealed shock. Then, he shook his head and sighed as he retreated to a corner in the shadows.

Then, Lin Ye spent tens of millions of spirit stones to buy two corpses of top Class 12 experts in the black market.

In less than five minutes, when he returned to the Treasure Weapon Pavilion.

A large number of spirit refinement imprints exploded in the workshop next to the top floor.

At the same time, the crisp and pleasant sound of knocking came from Master Ou Ye’s excited voice.

“Boss, Old Ou isn’t done yet.”

Seeing Lin Ye return, Bu Jingtian called out.

“It’s fine. I’m going to refine something too. No one uses the forging furnace opposite, right?” Lin Ye asked.

“Feel free to use it. Old Ou is usually the only one who uses it on the fifth floor. The forging furnace on the other side is a backup.” Bu Jingtian explained. “Alright, when he comes out, I should be done as well.”

As Lin Ye spoke, he flashed into the room, started a fire, lit the furnace, and threw the corpses inside.

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