Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Increasing Everyone’s Strength

Seeing the more than ten 100xReward options, Lin Ye narrowed his eyes.

Corpses could also trigger 100xReward. It was the same when he was refining the zombie king’s corpses.

However, the trigger of 100xReward by a corpse was the same as when he bought equipment. It had to be at least of the same level as his 100xReward. He had just triggered it when he beat Daoist Qing Xuan to death outside the City Lord’s Treasure Vault.

Unfortunately, Daoist Qing Xuan’s body had aged greatly. In the final battle, it was completely crippled after his seed exploded and could not be refined into a combat puppet.

Therefore, he directly threw his corpse to Little Blood after choosing the 100xQuantity option.

Zong Ji, on the other hand, was very strong. He was at the peak of Class 12 and his cultivation was the same as Bu Jingtian’s.

It was just that the number of Awakening Chains he activated was far inferior to Bu Jingtian, so he was not his match.

He could be of some use if he were to refine him into a combat puppet though.

“For safety’s sake, I should choose the choice which gives me a Peak Class 13 combat puppet!”

Lin Ye sighed. In order to deal with Deng Yushan, he had made a few preparations.

Once he captured the other party, all the losses would be worth it.

Thinking of this, he said, “Choose option 2!”

The corpse emitted a dazzling glow. Under Bu Jingtian’s surprised gaze, he kept the corpse into his spatial ring.

“Senior Bu, I’ll have to trouble you to wait for me at Master Ou Ye’s place. I’ll be back later,” Lin Ye said.

“Alright. Call me if you need to fight.” Bu Jingtian nodded.

He knew in his heart that Lin Ye would definitely make a big move next.

Before gaining Lin Ye’s trust, it was better for him to not pry into his matters.

As soon as he finished speaking, Bu Jingtian’s figure transformed into a ball of light that fled toward the Treasure Weapon Pavilion.

Lin Ye turned around and entered the Wang family’s old mansion.

At this moment, the originally luxurious rooms, bedrooms, and secret compartment had all been searched by the main team.

The treasures were all densely packed in an arena.

This place was extremely large. It was about the size of two football fields and was enough to store these treasures.

“My lord, we’ve gained a lot. There are many different kinds of medicinal pills at Level 10 and above!”

Looking at Lin Ye walking over, Tru winked and smiled until his mouth was about to split open.

“My harvest here is not bad either. There are piles of weapons and equipment above Level 10.”

Luo Feng pointed at the mountain of weapons in the distance and said excitedly.

“I found armor above that of Level 10!” Adelia was not to be outdone.

“I wonder how many sins those bastards from the Wang family have committed. Just the high-grade spirit stones found in the accountant’s room are hundreds of millions. There are also more than 50,000 top-grade spirit stones.”

“Their fixed assets in the entire Heaven Cast City might even exceed 100 billion.” Li Xinyi cursed angrily.

“Don’t be angry. Su Yu and I dug up their ancestor’s grave and found 25 peak Level 12 Blood Soul Weapons in the secret chamber!” Xu Que said.

However, as soon as he said that, everyone frowned.

The higher the level of the Blood Soul Weapons, the higher the amount of human life essence needed.

In other words, for the sake of refining these weapons, these bastards from the Wang family.

At least 25 people were sacrificed…

No, maybe more.

Refining weapons had a success rate and a failure rate.

This was common sense.

This was especially so for powerful evil weapons like the Blood Soul Weapon.

The success rate was probably lower than ordinary Level 12 equipment. It would be considered lucky if it was 30%.

In that case, just these 25 Blood Soul Weapons.

According to a conservative estimate, he would have to kill at least 83 human experts above Class 12.

This was not including the Blood Soul Weapons of various levels that they had privately sold for hundreds of years.

He did not dare to think too deeply. That would be an astronomical figure.

When he thought of this, be it the humans, Luo Feng, or the native citizens.

A shadow loomed over their hearts.

The joy of having just found a large number of treasures was instantly wiped away.

“My lord, I want to become stronger. Please help me. Please!!”

A moment later, Tru looked up with a determined expression and said loudly.

“Same for me.”

“Count me in!”

“How can I miss out on such a thing? I still want to conquer the world with my lord!”

“I want to kill these bastards one by one!”

For a moment, the members of the main team responded.

Over the past two days, they had all realized one thing.

The difference in strength between them and their lord was actually so great.

At this rate, they might not even be able to wait until the second zombie wave ended before they were deemed useless by their lord.

Everyone would be eliminated from the main team.

Once they fall behind, the result they would face would be becoming mediocre. In the end, they would either die of old age or die on the battlefield.

Of course, the most important thing was that this trip to Heaven Cast City broadened their horizons.

It made them feel the power of a large city.

At the same time, it aroused a strong sense of danger in their hearts.

As soon as they finished speaking, all of them looked at Lin Ye with anticipation.

“I understand. Please wait a moment.” Lin Ye smiled knowingly.

Through this communication, he could guess everyone’s thoughts.

Since they did not want to fall behind, he would help them become stronger.

Although it would be faster for him to bring in high-level experts like Ji Hong and Bu Jingtian.

He was not such a person. He had his own philosophy.

Even after he became stronger, he would bring along the brothers who had gone through difficult times together with him.

It was not like he could not afford it.

As he spoke, his palm emitted a storage beam. After triggering the 100xReward for all the treasures, he chose the 100xQuantity option and kept them all into his space ring.

With 100xReward of the treasures from the Wang family.

Not to mention the current main team, even if the team expanded it by ten or a hundred times.

He could still make them become Class 12 or 13 elites.

“Old (Dragon), open the dark space and pull us


Lin Ye spoke.

Time flowed slowly in the space where Demon Venerable (Dragon) was imprisoned.

He was also free from the restrictions of the Underworld’s rules and did not have to worry about extreme interference.

To a certain extent, this was considered a high-quality ruin.

“Oh, okay.”

With the lesson from last time, the old (Dragon) was obedient this time.

A large amount of black light was released, pulling everyone from the main team into the dark space.

The world spun as they teleported.

Sensing the solid feeling under their feet again, the members of the main team gasped.

“What power was that just now? It was so magical! I actually didn’t have any reaction and directly entered.”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a certain talent of the lord? Perhaps it’s a domain?”

“I hope so. I wonder how the lord will help us advance. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh? Speaking of which, can everyone see clearly? Where is this place? It’s so dark. I can’t see anything!”


Suddenly, a body of light that was ten thousand meters tall descended, illuminating the dark space where everyone was standing.

“That is!!!”

Tru stared. At their level, their eyesight was good.

Especially since the light of this body of light was gentle, they could see the other party clearly.

“It feels… like… our lord?” Li Xinyi hesitated.

“It’s not a feeling. It’s clearly him!!!” Adelia said firmly.

“My lord, stop playing. Turn off the skin effect. We’re all on the same side. There’s no need to show off.” Zhang Liang laughed.

“Who’s showing off?”

Lin Ye’s magic body rolled his eyes like the sun closing its eyes. Light flashed and darkened in the space.

After entering, his special physique was not suppressed by the rules of the outside world and was thus naturally activated, just like when he first saw Demon Venerable (Dragon).

This guy was the real deal. Compared to him, his 10,000-meter-tall physique was trash.

Fortunately, it was countered by his dragon spirit of luck. Otherwise, he would have died.

“It smells so good, Master. Are these humans the food you brought me?”

Suddenly, a sound rang out.

At the same time, a pair of cold dragon eyes the size of the sun, moon, and stars opened in the darkness. The scene instantly fell silent.

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