Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Subduing General Ji Hong

“No, damn it!”

“Who ambushed me!!!”

Zong Ji was exasperated. His divine body which was more than 700 meters tall had yet to explode.

The golden light quickly retreated, and he was like a deflated balloon that flew in the air.

“Brother Zong!”

The general of the east gate, Ji Hong, panicked as well.

Zong Ji’s strength was about the same as his. The person hiding in the dark could easily break through the divine body of Zong Ji.

By the same logic, once the other party launched a surprise attack, there was a high chance that he would be unable to escape.

“Idiot, you dare to be distracted while fighting with me!”


Opposite him, Bu Jingtian sneered. The 1,000-meter tall Qilin raised its claw and heavily slapped Ji Hong’s chest. A huge wound appeared. Terrifying Qilin flames enveloped him and almost burned him to death. In just a few seconds, his divine body burned like a soldering iron, his entire body red.

Misfortune never came alone. The direction in which Ji Hong flew out coincided with Lin Ye’s location.


With the help of his Hint talent, another five crisp and pleasant sounds rang out.

Ji Hong followed Zong Ji’s steps. Both of them let out a breath in midair and fell from the clouds with a wail.

Boom! Boom!

The ground cracked, creating two human-shaped holes. “Come out!”

Bu Jingtian used his qilin force and caught the two generals. He turned his head to look at Lin Ye’s main body that was gradually appearing from the light particles.

He smiled and said, “Boss, how should we deal with these two?”

“Submit or die!”

Lin Ye looked at the general of the east gate, Ji Hong. As for the general of the west gate, he didn’t even look at him. He merely pointed at him.


Fine divine power of light pierced through the center of his forehead.

“Old Zong!”

Ji Hong’s eyes widened as if he had never thought that such a day would come in Heaven Cast City.

“You still have one more chance to choose.”

Lin Ye said calmly, “Don’t look at me with hatred. You survived because you’re still considered kind. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the chance to speak.”

“What do you mean!” Ji Hong gritted his teeth and shouted.

“It means that I have killed Zong Ji only because his death can’t even atone for his crimes.”

Bu Jingtian cast a sidelong glance at him and said coldly, “Don’t tell me that as one of the four generals, you don’t know what Zong Ji has done.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Hong fell silent. He naturally understood the dark deeds of Heaven Cast City.

Destruction of clans, kidnapping women, slaughtering low-level clans, these were all bread and butter for Zong Ji.

It was only because the city lord thought highly of him.

And because he was also very friendly to the other generals that made him become friends with Zong Ji.

“I don’t have time to waste with you. I call the shots. Sacrifice your loyalty. If you don’t, die!” Lin Ye’s gaze was cold.

Ever since he entered the Underworld, everything he saw and heard had been secretly changing him. Although he did not want to become cold and ruthless, he had to be even more ruthless when facing these black-hearted people.

In this environment where the strong preyed on the weak, one had to have the strength of a saint.

Otherwise, his soft-heartedness would only lead to death.

“Sacrifice?” Ji Hong revealed a surprised expression and shook his head. “No, before I became a general, I offered my loyalty to City Lord Deng. According to the rules of the gods, I can’t betray City Lord Deng in this life. Kill


“Did the god not tell you that facing a city lord of a new season, you still have one last chance to offer your loyalty?” Lin Ye said calmly.

“A city lord of a new season???”


Ji Hong was shocked speechless.

It had only been nine days since the start of the new season and the first zombie wave had just passed on the surface.

Throughout history, in the past seasons, at this stage, there shouldn’t be any new city lords who had the ability to teleport to this place.

Not to mention the terrifying fellow who had the combat power to crush the four generals.

On the side, City Lord Bu Jingtian’s pupils constricted.

Although he and Master Ou Ye had already guessed that Lin Ye’s identity and background were extraordinary from the fact that he had his hands on two of Xuanji’s Tokens.

However, now that he heard that Lin Ye was from the surface world, it meant that he was not a direct descendant of the wealthy families in the city.

Thinking of this, he broke out in a cold sweat. F*ck, was his boss a god that had descended to the mortal world? This was too sick.

Without any connections and just by relying on himself, his boss could actually develop to this stage in just nine days.

He knew better than anyone else how difficult it was to become a city lord.

Especially with Lin Ye’s current development history.

If it was him, he would probably still be trembling in a dark corner at this time.

At this point in time, he was either worried about his livelihood or how he wanted to avoid the zombie attacks every single day. Comparisons were odious. After understanding Lin Ye’s identity, not only was he not disappointed, he even respected him more.

“So, you…” Lin Ye looked straight at Ji Hong.

“I…” Ji Hong’s heart trembled.

On one hand, he was frightened by Lin Ye’s identity, and on the other hand, he was affected by Lin Ye’s Invincible Heart.

There was a hint of yearning in his reverence.

Soon, under the double suppression, he knelt on the ground. “Ji Hong greets my lord!”

At the same time, the system sent a congratulatory message. “Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have obtained the loyalty of the general of Heaven Cast City, Ji Hong. He has sacrificed 100% of his loyalty to become your loyalist!”

“Very good. Get up and talk. No one needs to kneel in my Lin Clan.” Lin Ye smiled and personally helped Ji Hong up. “My lord, with me changing my loyalty, once City Lord Deng Yushan returns, he will definitely discover it,” Ji Hong said worriedly. “If you change how you think of the situation slightly, then you will find that that might not be the case anymore.” Lin Ye revealed a mysterious smile and sent a few voice transmissions.


Ji Hong clicked his tongue and hesitated. “My lord, it’s not that I’m unwilling, but I don’t know if I can do it with my strength.”

“Don’t worry. You just have to do as I say. Leave the rest to me.”

Lin Ye was full of confidence.

The surrender of the general, Ji Hong, made him confident that if nothing went wrong, he would definitely be able to settle this old schemer, Deng Yushan.

“Continue lying down and play dead!”

With that, Lin Ye grabbed the air and the corpse of Zong Ji fell into his hand.


1 – 100 Peak Class 12 corpse!


2 – A Peak Class 13 corpse!


3- Random quantity, Level of Zong Ji’s Corpse (At the end of last season, Zong Ji was at Class 9. Hence, the probability of a drop of Zong Ji’s corpse being Class 9 and below is excluded!)


4 – 100 Level 12 Weapons-Iron Broken Steel Blade!


5 – 100 Level 13 Weapons-Iron Broken Steel Blade!


6 – Random quantity, Level of Iron Broken Steel Blade (Iron Fragment series. Excludes the probability of Level 10 and below from appearing.)


7 – 100 Level 12 Armors—Heart of Frost!


8 – 1 Level 13 Armors—Heart of Frost!


9- Random Quantity, Level of Armors (Frost Series. Excludes the probability of Level 10 and below from appearing.)


10 – 100 Level 12 Void Rings!


11 – 1 Level 13 Void Ring!


12 – Random Quantity, Level of Void Ring (Void series. Excludes the probability of Level 9 and below from appearing.)

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