Chapter 358 Divine Armor, Defeating Two Generals


100 Advanced Level 12 Archery WeaponStorm String!

1 – 1 Peak Level 13 Archery Weapon-Storm’s String!

2 – Random Quantity, Level of Archery Weapon (Storm String series bow and arrow. Excludes the probability of Level 10 and below from appearing.)

3 – 100 Peak Level 12 Longswords—Unity Dream!

4 – 1 Peak Level 13 Longsword—Unity Dream!

5 – Random Quantity, Level of Longsword (Unity Dream series weapon. Excludes the probability of Level 10 and below from appearing.)

6 – 100 Peak Level 12 Armor-Battle Armor!

7 – 1 Peak Level 13 Armor-Battle Armor!

8 – Random Quantity, Level of Armor (Battle Armor series. Excludes the probability of Level 10 and below from appearing.)

“Choose option 1 for both!”

There was nothing to hesitate about. He was not the only one lacking high-level equipment now. Apart from himself, there was still his main team and Little Blood.

Lin Ye promptly made his choice.

Light flashed, and the originally small treasure vault was instantly covered by thousands of precious lights. “Come!”

His divine sense enveloped all the weapons and treasure light and he stored them all into his Void Ring.

Only Level 12 armors were left behind. There were more than a thousand of them, and they were all put into his Thousand Layered Armor.

In an instant, the power of his Thousand Layered Armor increased drastically. Layers of fine energy shields stacked up a thousand times.

Even Level 15 and 6 experts could not break through this terrifying defense in the short term.

The armor he exchanged out for could be separately equipped. Later, they could also be rewarded to the main team and to replenish the needs of the Lin Clan’s territory.

“Friendly reminder that there is a secret compartment on the wall behind the weapon column.”

“Friendly reminder on how to open the compartment. Rotate the inner button, turn three rounds to the left, three rounds to the right…”

“F*ck, not bad. Old Deng, you actually have a secret compartment in the treasure vault.”

“Tsk tsk, this move is awesome!”

Lin Ye muttered.

He felt so comfortable that it was as if he had eaten an ice cream in summer. It felt refreshing and cooling.


Soon, he twisted the secret button and the sound of a mechanism unlocking came from inside.


The secret compartment popped open. Inside were ten space rings. When his divine sense invaded, it was like a stone sinking into the sea. He did not obtain any information and could not probe the situation inside. “Friendly reminder: Divine Refinement Spatial Ring, Requires a special method to unlock it. Those who are not the owner of the ring will destroy the contents within it if they forcefully

open it!”

“Friendly Hint: Method 1 to unlock: Learn a Divine Forging Technique which is of a higher level than that of the blacksmith who forged the ring.”

“2. Kill the original owner and remove the restriction!”

“Friendly reminder that the ring is filled with treasure. Please do not forcefully break it to prevent any major losses.”

This is too much.

The corners of Lin Ye’s mouth twitched and he was a little speechless.

Whether it was to find a blacksmith with a higher forging technique or to kill Deng Yushan, the difficulty was not ordinary.

But looking at these ten space rings, according to his calculations, 99% of them were spirit stones or medicinal pills.

With Heaven Cast City being so big, the monthly tax and benefits it received from the various sectors were definitely not a small number.

Of course, the maintenance fee for Heaven Cast City was not small either. After all, there were at least 100,000 Heavenly Cast soldiers. They had to be given salaries and free medicinal pills.

Thinking about it carefully, it was a huge sum.

With Deng Yushan’s personality, he would either have the resources on him or place them somewhere he thought was the safest.

For these space rings to appear in the secret compartment of the treasure vault, the answer was self-evident.

He temporarily put away the ten rings. When he had time later, he would ask Master Ou Ye. If he really couldn’t, he could only choose the second option.

However, he still had to consider the details of his plan.

He searched a few more times on the spot until his Hint talent was completely silent. Only then did Lin Ye give up.

During this time, the ten avatars had destroyed 35 energy lighthouses in a row. They were just short of the last one to shatter the protection barrier.


Lin Ye’s main body ordered in his mind channel.

His gaze flickered as he left a Beginner Avatar Puppet to guard the area.

This thing could not be destroyed completely. There was still a use for it in his next plan.

If he scared Deng Yushan away, it would not be worth it.

He looked at the treasure vault which only had the large city crystal left. Lin Ye waved his hand in satisfaction and left a puppet in the dark corner.


His figure instantly transformed into a stream of light that entered the gap of the keyhole again. With the help of his Hint talent, he successfully passed through the maze and returned to the City Lord’s Mansion.

At this moment, the light clone outside was almost shattered by the soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion.

After all, it was only a light clone. Its energy was limited, and it would disappear once it was used up.

“Hey, thief, your companions have all been killed. Hurry up and surrender!”

The City Lord’s Mansion’s commander, Deng Zhong, panted as he raised his saber and shouted at Lin Ye.

“All of them?”

Lin Ye chuckled. “That might not be the case.”

As he spoke, he snapped his fingers again.


A large number of white light spots appeared on his fingertip again.

The points of light landed on the ground, and each of them transformed into a transparent figure that charged at the soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion again.


Not only Deng Zhong, but the hundreds of soldiers outside were also dumbfounded.

What kind of evil technique did this person practice that his energy avatar was so strong??


Ding ding ding

A moment later, another battle broke out outside.

As Lin Ye took pills to replenish the energy in his body, his figure flickered and transformed into fine light that disappeared.

At the same time, above the clouds of Heaven Cast City, the battle had reached its climax.

The two generals, Ji Hong and Zong Ji respectively drew the power of the city in Heaven Cast City to transform into two 700-meter-tall figures.

They waved their mountain-sized fists at the auspicious qilin beast that were emitting raging flames.

“Bu Jingtian, die!!”

The aura of Zong Ji was overwhelming. The energy in his dantian leaked out. With the support of the power of the city, his divine body emitted a dazzling golden light.

Even his fist and blade were dyed in a dazzling glow.

When the light gathered to its limit, killing intent exploded in his eyes. Right at this moment, a faint light appeared.

The person who came was none other than Lin Ye himself.

With all the Level 12 armor stacked on top of each other, he was not afraid at all. In addition, the energy here was boiling. He had used his Great Radiance Celestial Body to conceal himself. No one could discover these microscopic particles.

A moment later, a notification came.

“Friendly reminder that there are five major acupuncture points in the other party’s body: Shen Ting, Ju Que, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, and Tai Yuan! Attack the five major acupuncture points and it will break the other party’s technique.”

“Shen Ting, Ju Que, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, and Tai Yuan!”

Lin Ye’s eyes lit up. Ever since he started cultivating, the meridians of the human body were almost a record for every cultivator.

With the help of his divine sense, he found the five major acupoints in a millisecond. Swish! Swish! Swish! Fine light particles exploded, turning into five light needles that landed on the five major acupuncture points of Zong Ji.


In an instant, it sounded like the sound of a balloon popping.