Chapter 356 Asura King Blood Fruit And Asura King Body


Life Particles+10,000, Life Particles+10,000…

Lifespan+100 years, Lifespan+100 years, Lifespan+100 years… A few minutes later, the increase stopped.

Lin Ye carefully counted the increase in lifespan.

“One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand…”

At this point, he sucked in a breath and said in shock, “My god, it directly increased my lifespan by 100,000 years!!”

According to the description, the Nine Transformations Longevity Lotus could increase a mortal’s lifespan by 1,000 years.

As for him, he was half a step into Class 10 and was considered below Class 10.

It had perfectly increased his lifespan.

“I feel like I can practice more secret techniques which specialize in burning my lifespan in the future. While others spend money, I’ll spend my life. Let’s see who’s better.”

Thinking of this, Lin Ye’s mood surged.

Unknowingly, he had discovered another super trump card with great potential. He calmed his emotions a little and kept the other rank Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotuses.

The remaining three could be sent to his parents when he returned to the surface.

As for his mother-in-law and the others, they could only take the sub-par ones. The Six Revolutions Longevity Lotus was actually not bad too.

If it really didn’t work, he would find them other Top Heaven-Tier life-prolonging herbs to make up for it.

Soon, after organizing the Longevity Lotus, his gaze landed on the Asura Blood Fruit.

This thing was very strange.

It was specially used to cultivate the body of an asura, and asuras were known to be a powerful race that belonged to the Blood Sea in Hell.

Among the many factions in Hell, they were almost no weaker than the zombie kings.

“Something from Hell actually appeared in the Underworld, and it’s an evil thing that allows one to transform into an Asura…”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes and sighed slightly.

The water of the Underworld was indeed as unfathomable as Yang Tianyou had said.

Not only were there cities and factions left behind from every era, but there were also native races, hermit clans, and the Dark Race from the outer realms…

There were even powerful people from Hell hiding in the dark.

With such a complicated distribution of powers, the stronger ones would only become stronger, while the weaker ones would slowly become extinct.

No wonder the races that were recruited to the surface were all miserable. The strong races did not come at all.

For example, Mages, Immortal Cultivators, God Cultivators, Diviners, Shamans, and so on. His mind had drifted slightly, but the 100xReward choice for the Asura Blood Fruit was indeed a problem.

Lin Ye hesitated slightly.

This thing was used to convert bloodlines.

Although it could greatly increase one’s combat power and lifespan, the side effect was a little strong

For those who were afraid of death and were about to die, this was a divine item.

But it did not seem to be that important to him with his current state.

Oh, that’s not right. If he doesn’t cultivate, couldn’t he just let his avatar transform into an asura?

If he chose option 2, he could even let one of his avatars convert into having the royal bloodline of the Asura Race.

This way, when he went to Hell in the future, he could fish in troubled waters.

Thinking of this, Lin Ye looked forward to his future trip to Hell.

“I choose option 2!”

Gray light flashed and a devil fruit with six-colored light appeared.

“That’s right, I still lack the cultivation technique for the Body of Asura.”

Lin Ye’s divine sense swept through the space ring again. As expected, he quickly found a damaged jade slip in the corner.

When his divine sense touched it, a message


Jade Slip: Body Of Asura

Level: Peak Earth-Tier (Broken version, last volume)

Effect: Combined with the Asura Blood Fruit, it can reverse one’s bloodline and allow one to cultivate the body of an Asura. Increases physical strength, speed, and lifespan in all aspects.


100 Earth-Tier Body Of Asura Techniques
1 Late-stage Heaven-Tier Body Of Asura Technique (First Volume)
Random Quantity, Level of Asura Race Cultivation Technique (Excludes the probability of techniques below Earth-Tier from appearing) “I choose option 2, I choose option 2!” Lin Ye had no choice. The Asura King Blood Fruit and the Body of Asura Technique were a perfect match.

As for the next volume, he would buy a random one from Hell when he went in the future.

With 100xReward, he would have what he needed.

With a flash of light, the damaged jade slip turned into a grayish-black jade slip. Inside were the words left behind by the asura royal family.

Fortunately, there were translations and notes beside it. With his hundredfold comprehension, it was easy for him to understand and comprehend it.

A shadow flashed beside him and Avatar No. 2 appeared. Lin Ye handed the cultivation technique and Asura King Blood Fruit to Avatar


“Cultivate here. Help me guard the door while you’re at it. I’ll go and raid the City Lord’s Treasure Vault.”

Lin Ye instructed before turning around and walking towards the City Lord’s Treasure Vault.

The ordinary soldiers along the way had long been killed by the shockwaves from the battle between Lin Ye and Daoist Qing Xuan.

On the other hand, the outside world was bustling with activity. The two generals naturally sensed the aftershock of the battle in the City Lord Mansion and roared repeatedly.

“Bu Jingtian, get lost!” Zong Ji shouted angrily.

What responded to him was Bu Jingtian’s Qilin Fist.

“Bu Jingtian, do you know that you are rebelling? You are a traitor. You dare to besiege the City Lord’s Mansion in a large city. This is a capital offense!!”

Ji Hong took out his trump card and threatened.

“I’m also the City Lord of a large city. I am only defending myself!” Bu Jingtian snorted coldly and did not give in at all.

“Bullshit, you’re twisting logic. You helped the villains below and first destroyed the Wang family. Now, you’re pestering us. When City Lord Deng comes back, we will definitely destroy your Qilin City.” Ji Hong was trembling with anger.

“If you have the guts, go and destroy it. If you don’t, you are a dog.”

Bu Jingtian cursed under his breath as his body suddenly transformed into a 1,000 meter long Qilin. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws as he pounced forward.

For a time, the two generals, Ji Hong and Zong Ji, were forced to retreat repeatedly.

Outside the Wang family’s old mansion, the battle was also extremely intense.

Tens of thousands of Heaven Cast Army soldiers formed a military formation and condensed a terrifying battle soul. They were fighting crazily against the zombie king army and Little White. The battle was temporarily in a stalemate.

However, everyone knew that there was still the main team who were still digging for treasures everywhere in the Wang family. There was also Lin Ye, who was in the City Lord Residence.

As a result, the families who did not go to Mount Lightning sealed their doors and did not dare to go.

This was what Lin Ye wanted.

At this moment, he had already arrived in front of the treasure vault of the City Lord’s Mansion.

In front of him was a red-gold metal door that weighed a million tons. There was only one key, and that was the City Lord Token on Deng Yushan.

Without combat power above Class 7, it was impossible to break through this metal door.

On the other hand, if one had the combat strength of this level, it was utterly beneath the dignity of such an expert to raid a treasure vault of merely a City Lord from a large city.

Therefore, this was the reason why Deng Yushan dared to leave the city with a large group of Heaven Cast soldiers. So what if outsiders conquered Heaven Cast City?

Since he could not open the City Lord’s Treasure Vault, when he returned, Heaven Cast City would still be his territory.

Of course, this was for ordinary people.

For Lin Ye, this gate was not invincible.


His pupils darkened as an invisible wave scanned the golden door. “Friendly reminder that the Dark Cloud Gold Gate is Level 16 and is 10 meters thick. With your current combat power, you are unable to break in forcefully!”

“Friendly reminder that with your Revision Talent, you can change the password and unlock it within 10 hours!” “Friendly reminder that the Great Radiance Celestial Body Technique can allow you to split into light rays and enter through the port of the keyhole!”

Upon hearing this, the corners of Lin Ye’s mouth curled up.