Chapter 355 Dragon Sun Grass And Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotus

“How can this be? How can you be so powerful!”

“No, I don’t believe it!”

The more he fought, the more shocked Qing Xuan became. The energy he used to attack Lin Ye was directly negated by the seemingly ordinary armor.

Not to mention killing Lin Ye, even breaking through his defense was impossible.

A moment later, he seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed drastically.

“You are wearing a Hundred Layered Armor? No, even a Hundred Layered Armor is not this sick. Could it be… could it be!!!”

Daoist Qing Xuan’s eyes widened, and his heart almost hit rock bottom.

Those three words were too heavy for him to say. “A little discerning, but… you’re dead.”

Lin Ye bared his teeth and smiled.

As soon as he finished speaking, a wisp of a dazzling glow exploded before his eyes.


Qing Xuan immediately felt a chill run down his spine. An unprecedented sense of danger overwhelmed him.

He wanted to react, but his body seemed to be slower under the intense light. Whoosh!

A blood-colored sword projection that was dozens of meters long tore through the air.

A blood-colored waterfall instantly severed Daoist Qing Xuan’s Asura tail.


A miserable cry echoed throughout Heaven Cast City. Daoist Qing Xuan’s eyes were bloodshot. “I can’t accept this!!”

He let out one last furious roar.

The blood-colored sword projection descended and easily pierced through his glabella.


Lin Ye held his weapon, Little Blood, and panted slightly.

In fact, after using moves that far exceeded his realm multiple times, his body was overstretched.

Fortunately, Daoist Qing Xuan’s endurance was lacking. He was not as young, strong, and explosive as him.

“Master, it smells good. I want to eat!”

The small of the blood made Little Blood let out crisp sword hums one after another, draping over the body of the Asura.

“Don’t be anxious. I’ll take a photo and remove the space ring before giving it to you.”

Lin Ye chuckled and patted the hilt of his sword. He took out a large number of Level 11 and 2 medicinal pills from his space ring and poured them into his mouth.

With the 100xReward, he quickly recovered the huge amount of energy he had spent.

After recovering a little, he walked to Qing Xuan and removed his armor, divine weapon, and a space ring from his body.

After he got the 100xReward from the armor and divine weapon, they were all thrown to Little Blood to be devoured and refined.

Little Blood glowed after refining them and it was one step closer to the peak of Level 14.

Then, he started to check the space ring.

“No way, how afraid of death is this guy?”

After looking at what’s in it, Lin Ye’s face darkened.

This old Daoist, Qing Xuan, was simply embarrassing Class 14 experts.

There was nothing valuable in the ring. It was all herbs.

99% of it was meant to extend one’s lifespan.

When his fingers touched them, waves of notifications came.

“Top Earth-Tier Mysterious Yang Grass. It replenishes Yang Energy and reduces the sensitivity of one’s prime asset. This helps to establish the last dignity of an elderly man!”

“Late-stage Earth-Tier Longevity Lotus. This increases one’s lifespan. Ordinary people can have their lives extended for 50 years, while cultivators can extend their lifespan for 5 years!”

“Asura Blood Fruit. Combined with the secret technique of the Asura Race, it can transform one’s body into the body of an Asura and extend one’s lifespan by hundreds of years. It will also restore one’s combat power to its peak. However, the side effect is that one will neither be human nor ghost after the transformation and one will have no descendants!”


100 stalks of Top Earth-Tier Mysterious Yang Grass!
1 Late-stage Heaven-Tier Dragon Sun Grass!
Random Quantity, Level of Herbs (Excludes the probability of Yellow-Tier herbs from appearing!)
100 Earth-Tier Longevity Lotuses!
1 Late-stage Heaven-Tier Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotus!
Random Quantity, Level of Herbs (Excludes the probability of herbs below late-stage Earth-Tier from appearing!)
100 Heaven-Tier Asura Blood Fruits!
1 Top Heaven-Tier Asura King Blood Fruit!
Random Quantity, Level of Asura Blood Fruit (Excludes the probability of herbs below late-stage Earth-Tier from appearing!)

“Alright, they seem to be of some use.”

Lin Ye’s gaze landed on the Heaven-Tier Dragon Sun Grass.

Legend had it that after eating it, one would become as fierce as a dragon. He wondered if it was true.

“I choose Dragon Yang Grass!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a six-colored glow flashed from his palm, and then a medicinal herb that was emitting a multicolored glow appeared.

On the surface, one could vaguely see specks of dragon-shaped energy-matter, and the air was filled with a dense masculine aura.

Even with a sniff, the effect was immediate.

Item: Dragon Sun Grass

Level: Late-stage Heaven-Tier

Effect: Reforge the Innate Yang Body. Top-grade supplementary medicinal herbs for Yang-type cultivation techniques.

“Oh my god, I’m too superficial. The use of this is so much more than what I thought for it to be. According to the description, if combined with the Pure Yang Limitless Heaven Technique, there will probably be a splendid result! If nothing goes wrong, it might really help me return to my innate Yang body!!”

Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.

The power and practicality of the Five Yang Lightning was too strong. If the chance of the Pure Yang Limitless Heaven Technique’s function healing him was 70%, with this Dragon Yang Herb, the probability would be maxed out.

At that time, once he got back his innate Yang Body, his Yin Yang Five Lightning Technique would advance at the same time and he would have another trump card.

“Put it away, put it away. This is a treasure.”

Lin Ye happily took out a medicine box. Such medicine preserving boxes were everywhere in Daoist Qing Xuan’s ring.

He took out a top-notch jade box with golden edges and placed it properly before putting it away into his Void Ring.

He turned to the second one, the Longevity Lotus. It was an herb that could extend one’s lifespan. Ordinary people could increase their lifespan by 50 years after consuming this, but it could only be used once.

“It’s so troublesome. Dad, Mom, mother-in-law, Xiao Nuan, Xiao Bing…”

“These people who are close to me have to use Heaven-Tier ones no matter what. Wouldn’t using Earth-Tier ones be a waste of chance?”. “Why don’t I just farm for it?”

Lin Ye’s gaze landed on option 3. For safety’s sake, he took advantage of the system’s bug and farmed close to 10,000 Gold Treasure Chests. Sensing the faint pressure above his head, he hurriedly stopped farming the bug.

He opened the box and immediately made his decision.

“Alright, I choose option 3!”

Lights and shadows flashed as a large amount of six-colored light exploded in front of him.

“You have obtained 4 Late-stage Heaven-Tier Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotuses and 30 Early-stage Heaven-Tier Six Revolutions Longevity Lotuses!” Item Information: Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotus

Level: Late-stage Heaven-Tier

Effect: A mortal’s lifespan can be increased by a thousand years after consuming this. Lifeforms above Class 10 can increase their lifespan by 500 years (Longevity Lotus of any level can only be used once by a single person)

Item Information: Six Revolutions Longevity Lotus

Level: Early-stage Heaven-Tier

Effect: Mortals can increase their lifespan by 500 years after consuming this. Lifeforms above Class 10 can increase their lifespan by 100 years. “Son of the system, that was awesome.”

Lin Ye laughed loudly and directly picked up a Nine Revolutions Longevity Lotus and threw it into his mouth. He bit it in a few bites and absorbed and refined it.


In an instant, large amounts of vitality particles suddenly erupted from his body, instantly healing the injuries and deficiencies left behind from his previous cultivation.

His entire body seemed to be bathed in the river of life, recklessly absorbing the life energy. Life Particles+100, Life Particles+100…

Lifespan+1 year, Lifespan+1 year, Lifespan+1 year…