Chapter 353 Treasure Vault Of The City Lord’s Mansion, Hidden Experts

“The Wang family is gone.”

Lin Ye put away his divine sword, Little Blood, and looked at the zombie king soldiers gradually gathering outside the dark space.

He turned to Demon Venerable (Dragon) and asked, “Can you leave this place?”


Old (Dragon) shook his head. “As you can see, my main body is sealed in an unknown space. Even though this strand of divine sense managed to escape, it is still bound by the chains and cannot leave the area of the Wang family’s old mansion.”

“That’s too bad.” Lin Ye sighed.

This guy’s divine sense was comparable to at least a Class 14 super expert and he could also control an entire area.

If he could bring him out, it would still be a strong deterrent. It was enough to be a trump card.

“Master, are you leaving this place?”

Old (Dragon) quickly asked.

“Nonsense. If I don’t go, do you expect me to stay here for the new year?”

Lin Ye rolled his eyes. His fingertips emitted divine light as he prepared to tear through the darkness and escape.

“Master, when you finish cultivating your Great Radiance Celestial Body, you must come and save me. With your talent, you will definitely be able to help me escape this crisis.”

Old (Dragon) shouted.

“Got it.”

Lin Ye waved his hand, and his body lit up.


The next moment, the dark space shattered and time reversed, returning to reality.

At the same time, dozens of streams of light ignored the restriction order of Heaven Cast City and landed in the Wang family’s old mansion.

The people who came were none other than the Lin Clan’s main team that had retreated from Mount Lightning.

Each of them had the Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon given by Lin Ye and was extremely fast.

In less than five minutes, they rushed back.

“How dare you!”

“The invaders have all entered the Wang family’s old mansion!”

“Surround this place. Don’t let anyone out!”

Behind them were tens of thousands of elites from the Heaven Cast Army.

“Little White, lead the zombie army and stop them.”

Lin Ye took out Little White from his space ring and said.

“Alright, Master.”

Little White nodded.

Although their numbers were far inferior to the Heaven Cast Army, the cultivation of the Zombie King Army and Little White far exceeded that of the Heaven Cast Army.

Combined with the Five Elements Formation, he was not afraid that the other party outnumbered them.

“Old (Dragon), keep a close eye on them. Once they enter your dark domain, do your best to interfere.”

Lin Ye used the light mark to send a message to Demon Venerable (Dragon) in the dark space.

“Tell them to stay within 1,000 meters from the Wang family’s residence. If it’s too far, they will be out of my range. The suppression here is already at its limit.”

Old (Dragon) answered truthfully.


Lin Ye nodded and sent the information to Little White.

“My lord, we have obtained complete victory over at the side of Mount Lightning. What should we do next?”

Tru had just jumped off the Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon when he asked hurriedly.

He was tempted by the big deal that Avatar No. 1 mentioned.

“Let’s plunder the Wang family’s assets first. We’ll take it step by step. Don’t be anxious.” Lin Ye tapped his forehead and shared Heart’s Web talent with everyone.

He had signed a sharing contract with all the members of the main team. They could obtain part of his abilities in a short time.

With Heart’s Web, the probability of discovering the Wang family’s assets was high.

Especially with Tru, Luo Feng, Adelia, and the others as the leaders.

They had also obtained Hint Fragments and this greatly reduced the time needed to find treasures.

“People from the Totem Battle Clan, follow me to the north to plunder!”

Tru shouted and led Ron and the other old brothers towards the north of the Wang family.

“Luo Clan, follow me to the south.” This was Luo Feng

“Rangers, follow me to the west.” This was Adelia.

“Human Lord, follow me to the east.” This was Zhang Liang.

The four commanders each led their clansmen in a direction.

Xu Que and Su Yu opened their mouths and smiled bitterly.

F*ck, why were these guys more eager to plunder than the two of them?

“Don’t idle around. Go and destroy the Wang family’s ancestral hall. There’s a space below. Don’t let go of any treasures. Hurry!”

Lin Ye pointed at the Wang family mansion in the middle and said.

“An interlayer space?”

Upon hearing this, Xu Que and Su Yu’s eyes lit up.

It would be best if things were hidden inside.

They immediately obeyed and led their subordinates into the ancestral hall.

Soon, rumbling sounds came from inside. The ancestral hall that the Wang family had kept for ten thousand years was on the verge of collapse.

The ancestral tablet hanging inside collapsed and was blasted into pieces by the energy wave.

Lin Ye did not open his mouth to stop them. The Wang family’s methods were cruel and they had killed so many human lives. Their crimes were unforgivable.

It was already a form of forgiveness for not pulling out the corpses of their ancestors and beating them up.

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows and looked in the direction of Mount Lightning.

Through the connection between his avatars, he vaguely sensed some information and his gaze immediately turned cold.

“Dumb pig, I originally wanted to live in harmony and not find trouble with you. This is your own fault!”

Lin Ye snorted coldly. His figure flashed and transformed into an extremely fast white beam of light that charged straight to the City Lord Residence.

“How dare you! This is the city lord…”

The hundreds of soldiers at the entrance seemed to have sensed something and shouted.


Lin Ye’s expression was calm as his body was enveloped in a white ball of light.

With a wave of his hand, ten thousand white light spots scattered, immediately turning into avatars with powerful auras that charged at the soldiers who surrounded him.

“Impressive, as expected of a top-class avatar technique. It has the same effect as Monkey Sun’s monkey fur.”

Light leaked out from under Lin Ye’s feet. As he watched his avatars fight, he activated the notification function.


The next moment, his pupils darkened and an invisible wave spread out.

“Friendly reminder: City Lord’s Mansion’s core treasure vault. Coordinates 10: 10!”

“Friendly reminder, unknown powerful energy has been detected. Energy Level Prediction: Peak Level 13 – Early-stage Level 14!”

“Friendly reminder that the hidden expert is in his old age and cannot fight in high intensity!”

“Crisis Prediction: Class E! (No injuries)”

“F*ck, none of these city lords are good. They actually have a backup plan.”

Lin Ye cursed under his breath.

Information from other places indicated that the strongest City Lord, Deng Yushan, was followed by the four generals.

The result was a little different.

This bastard hid more than anyone else.

There was actually an expert comparable to Deng Yushan in the core treasure vault.

This was ridiculous!

If not for his Thousand Layered Armor and his Blood God Weapon, he really would not have dared to come and snatch it.

“Age of aging… Class E difficulty…”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes, his gaze cold.

Deng Yushan, this bastard, dared to ambush his Avatar No. 1 in the ruin.

If not for the fact that he had just cultivated the Great Light Body, his avatar might have been destroyed.

But even so, he was still heavily injured and had to use the heretics in the ruin to escape from Deng Yushan’s pursuit.

With Heart’s Web’s omniscient view, he immediately captured an old figure.

From his aura, he was already close to death and his lifespan was about to reach its end.

Even so, the old man was willing to guard the treasure vault for Deng Yushan.

Presumably, it was either his family or the person he trusted the most.

“Let’s start with you!”