Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Forging A Blood God Weapon

Gasp! Gasp! While bathing in the light, Lin Ye tried to clench his fist.

An ear-piercing explosion sounded between his fingers.

He punched through the air.


The air exploded, and countless beams of light exploded. The Wang family’s ancestral mansion opposite exploded instantly, turning into dust.

“Is this the power of light!”

Lin Ye clenched his fists. He was extremely shocked when he sensed the terrifying white divine radiance within his body.

At the same time, he narrowed his eyes, and white light appeared in them.

He saw a space filled with dark matter in the Void Realm.

“Found it!”

At this moment, the expression of Demon Venerable (Dragon) who was hiding in the dark space changed drastically.

At his level, if he felt a substantial threat, he would feel a sudden impulse. Even if it was just a threat from one’s divine sense, it was no exception.

“What’s going on?!!” “It’s Lin Ye?” “No way, is he so petty?” “I’m just unwilling to let him in and he’s angry now?”

“That’s not right either. Even if he’s angry, he shouldn’t be able to do anything to me. I am hidden in the dark void. Other than the guy who sealed me, only humans who have cultivated the Great Light Celestial Body can find me.”

“Lin Ye shouldn’t have this ability, right?”

“Mm? Wait, this power, this fist…”


The expression of Demon Venerable (Dragon] who was originally sleeping lazily in the dark suddenly changed.

It frantically struggled free from the chains on its body, but it did not react.


A moment later, a white beam of light descended from the sky above the dark space.

Like scissors cutting through cloth, it slowly left a glaring hole in the dark space.

Then, Lin Ye bathed in holy light, landed expressionlessly.

His cold gaze landed on Demon Venerable (Dragon).

“F*ck, it’s actually… real!!”

Demon Venerable (Dragon) widened his eyes in shock.

Great Light Celestial Body!!!

This was the secret technique that countered Dark Race lifeforms. He would never mistake


However, it could not understand how Lin Ye, at such a young age and without any extraordinary background, knew this secret technique.

Forget about that. Thinking of Lin Ye’s unfriendly tone previously.

Demon Venerable (Dragon) smiled bitterly.

This was bad.

He raised his chained hands in a gesture of surrender and quickly said, “Lin Ye, I have something to say. Let me explain…”

“Lin Ye? This is not something you can call me by!”

“How can you be so disobedient! It’s time for you to experience some suffering!”

As he spoke, white divine light erupted from Lin Ye’s body. Together with the power of the Dragon Spirit of Luck, it dealt a double blow.

He beat Demon Venerable (Dragon) until he screamed miserably.

During this time, Lin Ye discovered a strange thing. It seemed like when he used the divine power of light to attack Demon Venerable [Dragon), he would become stronger.

Every time he attacked, his strength would increase a little.

“Beating up Dark Race lifeforms can also increase experience points for this skill?”

Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.


“Ah Da!!”

“Great Light Divine Fist x100!”

“Friendly Hint: You have entered an epiphany.”

Great Radiance Celestial Body Experience+2,000, Great Radiance Celestial Body Experience+2,000…


Super state of epiphany.

Great Radiance Celestial Body Experience+200,000, Great Radiance Celestial Body Experience+200,000, Great Radiance Celestial Body Experience+20,000…



“The experience points are twice as much as when I cultivate alone. Feels good!”

Lin Ye was overjoyed and attacked crazily.

In just a few minutes, he could hear the congratulatory messages from the system.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye for successfully refining the second level of the Great Radiance Celestial Body!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye for successfully refining the third level of the Great Radiance Celestial Body!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye for successfully refining the fourth level of the Great Radiance Celestial Body!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye for successfully refining the seventh level of the Great Radiance Celestial Body!”

Immediately after, six consecutive white beams of light descended and Lin Ye underwent a crazy baptism. The size of his Great Radiance Celestial Body increased drastically.

10 meters → 100 meters → 500 meters → 1,000 meters → 5,000 meters…

In the end, it slowly stopped at 10,000 meters.

A dazzling white divine glow illuminated the world.

In this state, he was like a small human-shaped sun, illuminating this dark space.

“Pain! Pain! Pain!”

“Master, I was wrong!”

“Don’t hit my face. I depend on my face to eat. I didn’t…”

“Sobs, f*ck, just beat me to death. I don’t want to live anymore!”

After being beaten up by Lin Ye for more than ten minutes, Demon Venerable (Dragon) fell to the ground with a swollen face.

At this moment, his body that was the size of a river of stars had shrunk to the size of Lin Ye’s Great Radiance Celestial Body.

He fell in a pool of blood, his pupils losing focus as he looked at the top of the void helplessly.

“This can be considered a small punishment and a big warning!” Lin Ye snorted coldly. With a point of his finger, he imprinted the Great Light Seal on Demon Venerable (Dragon)’s divine sense.

If the other party dared to disobey him again, he could instantly destroy this wisp of divine sense.

Regarding this, Demon Venerable (Dragon) seemed to not notice it. He continued to fall to the ground like a dead fish.

“Serves you right.”

Lin Ye pouted. He had to deal with disobedient outsiders well.

The only thing that troubled him was that this damn thing belonged to an outer realm life form. There was no such thing as loyalty.

It was impossible to trigger the loyalty value.

Therefore, whether he could listen obediently depended on his fist.

As for using virtue to convince people, that was impossible.

Not only was it a waste of time, it was also unstable. In this era, people were heartless.

It was not worth wasting time on them.

While he still had time, he took out hundreds of Blood Soul Divine Armors and Blood Soul Divine Sword from his space ring.

He upgraded his Thousand Layered Armor using the Blood Soul Divine Armors, and its power immediately soared.

The 100 Level 10 armors that he had taken out from the Thousand Layered Armor could be given to the main team to protect their lives.

There were also 100 Level 12 Blood Soul Divine Swords.

He planned to refine one into a Blood God Weapon and devour the rest of the Blood Soul Divine Swords.

He wondered what the end result would be.

As he was thinking, he took out a Blood Soul Divine Sword. The Blood God Forging Technique was an upgraded version of the Blood Soul Forging Technique.

In theory, the two had similarities, so it was extremely easy to modify them.

According to the map of the Blood God’s Mark on the Blood God’s Forging Technique, a sharp glint flashed across the depths of Lin Ye’s eyes.


He let out a low shout and pointed with his finger.


An invisible mental energy exploded and instantly destroyed the original blood soul spirit pattern.

In an instant, the power of this Level 12 Blood Soul Divine Sword fell drastically, dropping from Level 12 to its basic level.

“Next is the array that belongs to the Blood God Rune!”

Lin Ye’s gaze was focused.

Using his blood essence as ink, he drew complicated and profound spirit patterns on the surface of the divine weapon.

His mental cultivation was exceptional and he had the enhancement of 100,000 Awakening Chains.

The effect of his enhancement was even more powerful than a Class 12 expert who majored in mental cultivation.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

When all the spirit patterns wandered on the surface of the divine weapon like a long dragon, they gathered into an array pattern similar to a black hole vortex.

In an instant, the weather changed and the dark space reversed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately after, beams of blood-colored light soared into the sky with a terrifying aura.

It was as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had descended to compete for sovereignty with the dark space.

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