Chapter 348: Overbearing Lin Ye, Submission Of The Demon Venerable!


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Within the storage ring, Lin Ye’s consciousness came into contact with the two brand-new manuals.

Soon, new information returned.

Secret Manual: Great Radiance Celestial Body

Level: Peak Heaven-Tier

Cultivation Requirement: Any living lifeform can cultivate this technique

Effect: Imprint your spiritual mark in the light void realm and create the Great Light Celestial Body. The Celestial Body has nine revolutions and the one who succeeds can fuse with the light. One will then become one with the light, eternal and undying.

Secret Manual: Blood God Weapon Forging Technique

Level: Peak Heaven-Tier

Effect: Using ordinary and cheap materials, you can use the power of laws to forge them into an evolutionary weapon. It can devour any living creature’s corpse, blood, soul, increase the weapon’s essence, level, power, and other attributes. It has the potential to grow.

“D*mn, these two manuals are invincible!!”

Lin Ye’s heart surged.

The effect of the Great Radiance Celestial Body was similar to the Shadow Clone Technique. They were both top-notch cloning techniques.

However, he had eliminated the most extreme requirement of needing to have the Dark Race Royal Family’s bloodline.

Now, anyone could cultivate the clone technique.

Just this alone made this technique a thousand times better.

At the same time, it also meant that all the members of the Lin Clan could cultivate this as well.

After reaching the large success stage, it would be equivalent to an army of undying light lifeforms specifically targeting undying dark lifeforms.

With the Blood God Forging Technique, which allowed him to create a pile of growth weapons, the Lin Clan could become invincible.

The corpses and blood in Hell were the best nutrients.

Lin Ye felt like he was going to fly to the moon.

Of course, the most important thing was the 100xReward.

He remembered clearly that in the past, when he obtained the Beast

Taming Skill, Twelve Zodiac Battle Aura Secret Manual, Primordial Breathing Technique, and other secret manuals, he had never triggered the 100xReward.

If he advanced his 100xReward to Level 4, his authority level would be much higher.

He would also gain new functions.

As he was speaking, he peeked at the talent page from the corner of his eye. Under the row which displayed the remaining times he could trigger the 100xReward when purchasing items, a new row was added.

Secret Manual 100xReward: (2/4 times remaining)

Note: The number of times you have is linked to the level of your 100xReward level. When it reaches Level 9, a miracle will happen!

“Miracle? What miracle can it be!”

Lin Ye complained. He could only look at the present. Yet, the system was playing with his feelings by making him anticipate for something that was so far away.

At this moment, Demon Venerable [Dragon] spoke, pulling Lin Ye’s consciousness back into the dark space.

“Hey, kid, what just happened? I feel like there’s a special ability affecting those two manuals.”

“What did you say? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lin Ye looked at Demon Venerable [Dragon] expressionlessly and said in all seriousness, “Don’t change the topic. Just now, you only asked me to forgive your evil actions. Now, what are you going to use to buy your life!”

Demon Venerable [Dragon] was stunned.

Immediately after, it flew into a rage. “Kid, are you playing with me?”

Lin Ye’s figure tore through the air, his hands becoming over ten thousand meters long.

Although compared to the massive body of Demon Venerable [Dragon], it was still pitifully weak.

But the insult was strong.

More than ten slaps landed on Demon Venerable [Dragon], causing him to roar in anger.

However, the more Lin Ye grew, the more vicious he became. Demon Venerable Dragon’s face was bruised and swollen, and dozens of pieces of his consciousness were broken.

“Grandpa Lin, stop hitting me. I was wrong. I don’t dare anymore. Boohoo It’s too damn difficult. I’m just a wisp of my divine sense and you actually played word games with me. You don’t keep your word and even hit me after fooling around with me. I can’t live like this anymore!” “Oh, you’re feeling wronged.”

Lin Ye coldly snorted.

“Tell me honestly, what’s your relationship with that woman?”

“Well… I promised my brother. I can’t say.” The Demon Lord [Dragon] looked pitifully at Lin Ye.

Lin Ye’s eyes widened as a resplendent golden fist light rose from the surface of his fist.

“Say it!”

Demon Venerable [Dragon] was so depressed that he was about to cry.

Back in the day, he was also an all-powerful figure who had fought alongside the Fiend Ancestor.

In this endless universe, there were billions of races but all of them treated him as a VIP.

Even though his glory was gone, his prestige still remained.

This was the same for the Wang Clan Patriarch, who was usually polite and attentive to him.

He wished he could become a licking dog and kneel down to lick his toes.

But today, he was unlucky to run into Lin Ye.

Not only did he suppress him in all aspects, he even wanted to extort and beat him up.

This made him feel aggrieved and lonely at the same time.

“Hurry up and say it!” Lin Ye’s expression was fierce.


Another red mark appeared on Demon Lord [Dragon]’s face.

He was so angry that his demonic blood boiled, but he didn’t dare say anything.

Facing the power of karmic luck dragon spirit, he could only reply obediently, “[Shadow] is the daughter of my brother, Demon Venerable [Phoenix].”

“She is very talented. After [Shadow] seperated from [Phoenix], she comprehended the techniques of human beings.”

“She mastered hundreds of different kinds of martial arts and learned all the secret arts of the Human Race.”

“She then disguised herself as a shadow assassin in the area around Heaven Cast City and worked as an underground assassin for the Feng family.

“However, in reality, she can be said to be my assistant.”

‘IA capable assistant? It seems like you all still have missions in this region. Tell me, let me hear it.” Lin Ye’s eyes shone with golden light.

“That’s none of your business. It has nothing to do with you anyway.’

Demon Venerable [Dragon] shook his head, not intending to explain.

“I’d advise you to think about it.” Lin Ye grinned, made a fist, and raised a golden fist the size of a football field.

“Lin Ye, don’t act recklessly. Even a rabbit will bite when it’s anxious. I’ve already told you many secrets. Don’t think that you can control me. If you push me too far, I’ll detonate this strand of divine sense so that you won’t be able to obtain even a fart.” Demon Venerable [Dragon] was anxious and threatened.


As he spoke, the dark space vibrated.

Scorching heat and terrifying spatial cracks could be vaguely seen.

It seemed that if Lin Ye dared to hit it again, these terrifying cracks would engulf this dark space.

Pa! Pa!

The crisp sound of a slap sounded again.

The sound was light and the tempo was clear. Demon Venerable [Dragon] exploded.

“F*ck you, Lin Ye, you really dare to hit me! If you have the guts, try me again!!”

“I’ll give it a try. I’ve never seen such a cheap request in my life.” Lin Ye pouted.

Who are you trying to scare? Even if you self-destruct, it is only just a piece of divine will.

I won’t lose anything. At most, I’ll leave this dark space. Who’s afraid of who!

After he finished speaking, he transformed into a ten-thousand-meter giant and rode on the face of Demon Venerable [Dragon]. He then opened his mouth passionately.

“Continue cursing!”

“How dare you threaten me after giving you face!”

“Explode! Explode! F*ck! Do you think I’m afraid of you? Explode!”

Ding ding ding—

“Wu wu wu -v

Demon Venerable [Dragon] was ashamed and furious.

If this was still the era where he was in his peak.

Let alone one wisp of his divine sense, even if he were to self-destruct a large portion of his divine sense.

He wouldn’t even blink.

But he had been sealed for countless years.

The entire clan had paid an immeasurable price to send out this divine sense.

He could not bear to, nor did he have the courage to self-destruct.

After all, this wisp of divine sense didn’t just represent himself. It was the key to the entire Dark Race’s return to glory.


“I am sorry, Lin Ye! I can tell you everything except the core plan of my people that I can’t say.”

“Even I or [Shadow] can temporarily obey you!”