Chapter 346 Dark Space, Beating A Demon Venerable


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Amidst the terrifying saber flashes of purple and gold, an invisible black dot appeared.

In the blink of an eye.

Black light erupted as ink-like black light instantly enveloped the area.

It seemed as if it was trying to assimilate it and convert it…

To turn it into pure darkness.

At this moment, time and space seemed to have stopped.


Lin Ye’s eyes flickered.

The dragon spirit of luck above his head flew out and let out a disdainful roar towards the dark space.

“Dragon Spirit of Luck, I didn’t expect to meet the first person with such great luck so soon at the start of this season!”

After a moment, a soft sigh came from the depths of the darkness. It was filled with shock and emotion.

“Who are you?”

Lin Ye asked while looking around curiously.

The mental net swept over and did not sense any life fluctuations.

His Hint talent kept making sounds of unknown energy interfering.

Apart from that, the situation here was very special. It was like a special isolated space.

The Wang Family residence, Wang Teng, and the others had completely disappeared.

Only he and the owner of this dark space remained.

“Master, this fellow is a dark lifeform, but he seems to be very weak right now. He still can’t break through my golden light of luck.” The little dragon spirit transmitted her voice to Lin Ye.
“Oh?” Lin Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled.

A dark lifeform.

This was the same race as that woman, An Ying.

And the other party couldn’t hurt him. That was even more perfect.

“Hey, mouse hiding in the dark. If you still don’t come out, I’ll have the dragon spirit break through your tattered space so as to not waste my time.”
Lin Ye shouted arrogantly.


Upon hearing this, the creature in the depths of the dark space grew frantic.


He could vaguely hear the sound of chains and a large amount of black energy flowing.

A giant black figure gradually condensed a hundred meters away.

“What the f*ck!!!”

Lin Ye stared. This was the first time he had seen such a tall and magnificent figure.

The 10,000-meter dharma idol that he had mentioned before was just child’s play in front of this figure.

This black figure felt like a million meters or perhaps ten million meters…

In fact, the other party seemed as large as the eternal galaxy.

His size was not visible to the naked eye in the material world, but was larger than the macroscopic consciousness.

After a moment, he spoke. His voice was dreamy, and it was impossible to tell if he was male or female.

“As you can see, I am from the great Dark Race, the most honorable lifeform. My name is Dragon, and this is the domain of darkness formed by part of my body. Welcome, human of great karmic luck.”
“Why did you drag me in here?” Lin Ye raised an eyebrow.

“| have an agreement with Wang Family’s old ancestor, Wang Kui. During this period in which he’s not around, I have promised to help him protect the Wang Family. Naturally, I want to kill you.” Dragon said honestly.
“In that case, we are mortal enemies!”

A hint of displeasure appeared on Lin Ye’s face as he snorted coldly, “If not for the dragon spirit of luck, would I have been killed by you now?”
“Going by the logic of the material realm, that should be the case.” Dragon nodded as if it was only natural.

“Then there’s nothing to say.”

Lin Ye clenched his fist as boundless dragon spirit energy gathered.

Without another word, he attacked the huge figure.

With such a huge body, it was unknown who had locked it here. It was like a target that could be hit even with closed eyes.


A mushroom cloud the size of a speck of dust rose.

Despite it seeming like a small attack, the dark creature called Dragon still let out a painful cry.

“Stop hitting me, stop hitting me. Your punch cost me hundreds of lives and souls!”

An illusory voice reverberated in the dark space.

Space exploded and the galaxy shattered. All kinds of strange phenomena appeared.

Unfortunately, with the dragon spirit of destiny protecting his body, Lin Ye was completely immune to this dark energy.

“Hmph, how embarrassing would it be for me to stop just like that? We’re already mortal enemies, why should I be polite to you!”

Lin Ye sneered. He was not acting at all. His figure turned into a small electric drill.

He gave Dragon dozens of punches, causing mushroom clouds to rise from his buttocks.

“No, no, no. I admit defeat. I admit defeat!”

Although it wasn’t life-threatening, watching the soul force that had been accumulated for decades dissipate caused the dark life form, Dragon, to feel incomparable pain.
Yet it could do nothing to Lin Ye.

Not only that, but Lin Ye had the power of the dragon spirit. Even if it wanted to kick Lin Ye out, it could not do so now.

Unless the person with great luck was willing, he could be a local ruffian and hide in its dark space forever.

Thus, apart from admitting defeat, it had no other choice.

“According to the rules of the Kingdom of the Nine States, the losers have to pay tributes. Don’t you understand? So if you want to admit defeat, do not just say it, give me some benefits!”
Lin Ye reached out and asked for it.


Dragon was stunned for a moment. It seemed that it had not interacted with anyone for a long time, and this was the first time it had such intimate contact with someone. On top of that, it had actually met such a

To dare ask it, the great Demon Venerable of Darkness—Dragon, for benefits. Was the other party crazy?
“Don’t tell me you don’t have anything?”

After a while, seeing that the other party was unmoved, Lin Ye’s expression turned ugly.


The surface of his fist began to glow with the power of luck once again.


After being punched a few more times, Dragon came back to his senses and said with a face full of grief and indignation, “I’ve been sealed for countless years. The treasures on me have long been taken away by the
fellow who sealed me. Where can I find treasures for you!”

“Why do I feel like you’re lying?” Lin Ye was suspicious.
“No, I never lie! You have to believe me!” Dragon quickly explained.

“Then how long have you stayed in the Wang Family? Have you never obtained any rare treasures?” Lin Ye still didn’t give up. This terrifying expert, even though sealed, was still this terrifying. After hiding in the Wang
Family for so many years, how could he not obtain anything?

“I really don’t have any. This is just a wisp of my divine sense. The reason | sent out my divine sense is to gather spiritual strength. The Wang family kills for me, so I help them refine Blood Soul Weapons. It’s that simple.
I can’t use any other treasures either.” Dragon felt wronged.

“Blood Soul Weapon?” Lin Ye frowned. He had seen his mother-in-law’s family being slaughtered by the Feng and Wang families because of this.
t turned out that this was the source!

“F*ck you! How dare you bully my mother-in-law’s people! I’ll beat you to death!”

Lin Ye’s face was twisted. Without any warning, he punched out, chasing after that terrifying figure.

“Stop hitting me, stop hitting me. I beg of you, if you continue to attack my Divine Sense, it will explode!”

Dragon was on the verge of tears.

What kind of person was this? How could this person just start hitting without saying anything?

Even if I am going to die, I should at least know why I die. I have never even left the house. How can I bully your mother-in-law’s clansmen?
Just looking at you makes me want to kill you.

Of course, he would never say the last sentence.

“T’ll give you one last chance.”

Lin Ye stopped his golden fist and said murderously, “I’m very interested in the Shadow Clone Technique of the Dark Race. Give it to me and I’ll forgive your evil deeds.”