Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Qilin Fist Seal, Powerful Bu Jingtian


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“Great Elder!!!”

The head of the Wang family, Wang Teng, watched until his eyes were about to split open. He cursed angrily, “Little thief, how dare you bully us!”
At this moment, the others had also realized that the terrifying slash just now was only a distraction. The power it could unleash was close to that of a Class 12 expert.
All of them immediately cried out in anger. They turned around and charged towards Lin Ye with Wang Teng.

“Thousand Layered Armor!”

Lin Ye snapped his fingers.


An energy shield instantly arose from his body, layer after layer, like a thousand-layer pancake.

To outsiders, it looked no different than just normal armor.

“Come, come, come. A group of old devils. I’ll stand still and let you fight!”

Lin Ye was carefree and did not even hide. His attitude was extremely arrogant and vile.

“Wow, this kid is arrogant!”

“You don’t know what’s good for you. Eat my Life Stealing Kick!”

“Ah Da ~ Invincible Meteor Fist!”

“Nine Heavens Danger Cross Blade Slash!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the Patriarch, Wang Teng, and the other elders charged over like mad, and they attacked Lin Ye madly.
Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the blink of an eye, within 30 meters of him.

There were all kinds of foot aura, saber aura, sword aura, fist aura…

On the other hand, Lin Ye’s expression remained unchanged.

He was like an immovable pine tree in a strong wind. All the attacks landed on his body, but he did not budge.

“No, impossible?!!!”

“He is not even a Class 11. It’s impossible for him to block the siege of so many Class 11 and 12 experts!!”

“Damn it, Hundred Layered Armor? No, even a Hundred Layered Armor is not that strong!!”

After attacking hundreds of times in a row, Wang Teng and the other elders were about to collapse from exhaustion, panting heavily.

All of them looked at Lin Ye as if they were looking at a monster, filled with shock and disbelief.

Their cultivation levels were above Lin Ye’s, but after fighting for so long, they could not even break through the other party’s defense. How could they fight?
At the same time, the shocking fluctuations finally seeped through the Five Elements Sealing Array.

“Who dares to be impudent in Heaven Cast City!!”

An ear-splitting roar came from the east gate.

Swish! Swish!

A moment later, two extremely fast shadows charged over from the east and west of the city.

Behind them were thousands of valiant and spirited Heavenly Cast Army elites.

Upon hearing this extremely familiar voice.

It was none other than General Ji Hong, who was guarding Heavenly Cast City.

Wang Teng was overjoyed and shouted for help, “Brother Zong, Brother Ji Hong, you guys came at the right time. Come and lend me a hand. This bastard is sinister and cunning. He must have ulterior motives for
coming to Heaven Cast City this time. After we capture him and interrogate him, we will definitely be able to find strong evidence.”

“Brother Wang, don’t panic. Us brothers are here!”
Zong Ji laughed loudly. He and Ji Hong transformed into two dazzling saber beams that charged towards Lin Ye.

“Kid, with the help of two generals, you’re dead for sure!!” Wang Teng supported his waist and laughed. He ignored his exhausted body and swallowed more than ten medicinal pills before continuing to entangle Lin Ye
to prevent him from escaping.

In fact, Lin Ye did not even want to run. He had to pretend that he could not beat them. If these people stopped fighting, wouldn’t he suffer a huge loss?
When they were exhausted, he was confident that he could use a big move to instantly kill more than half of the elders.


Killing intent appeared in Zong Ji’s eyes.

Ji Hong was the same.

They were ordered to protect Heaven Cast City. They would not allow anyone to cause trouble here.


The saber beam slashed out dozens of meters and was about to hit the Five Elements Seal above Lin Ye’s head.


The air suddenly became scorching hot. Then, an illusory fire kirin more than ten meters tall appeared behind Zong Gu and Ji Hong.
The roars of the beasts shook the sky, causing all the citizens of Heaven Cast City to look toward the Wang Family’s territory.
“Impressive, Fire Qilin Totem? City Lord Bu Jingtian!!”

“Why is he fighting with the Heavenly Cast Army’s general?”

“Let’s go, let’s go to the Heavenly Wind Pavilion. That’s the best viewing building!”


People who were used to watching shows swarmed over.

They could not see what was happening at Mount Lightning, but they could not miss the big show here.

They seemed to be unafraid of death.


Soon, two dull voices sounded.

Zong Ji and Ji Hong were successfully ambushed by Bu Jingtian.

Both of them groaned and coughed up blood. They were kicked dozens of meters below the ground by the fire kirin shadow.

“Bu Jingtian, you dare to collude with external enemies to commit murder in Heaven Cast City? Do you really think we don’t dare to destroy your Qilin City?!!”
The next moment, two red and green pillars of air exploded, and two pitch-black figures appeared from below.

Zong Ji gnashed his teeth as his tiger-like eyes stared intently at Bu Jingtian who was wearing a red cloak as he walked over from the Treasure Weapon Pavilion.
“Whether I am causing trouble or not, it’s not up to you to decide.”

“Also, Qilin City can’t be destroyed by someone like you.”

Bu Jingtian glanced coldly at him and Ji Hong. “If you want revenge, follow me.”


His figure flashed and charged into the clouds.

“Ignore him. Let’s capture the brat who caused trouble in the Wang family first,” Ji Hong said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Boom! Boom!

Two ten-meter-wide fire kirin fists landed from the air. Their target was not them, but the elites from Heaven Cast City who were surrounding them from the east and west.
“You dare!”

Zong Ji and Ji Hong were exasperated.

Their figures rushed to the front of the fire kirin and blocked this fatal punch for the elites.

The difference was too great. Most of the elite soldiers were only Class 9 or 10.

Bu Jingtian’s combat power was comparable to a top Class 13 expert.

The two of them could only fight with the help of the terrain advantage of Heavenly Cast City.

Therefore, if they did not block it, at least dozens of elites would have died from those two punches.

“Come up and fight me. If you two do not, I’ll kill all the elite soldiers of Heaven Cast City!”

At this moment, Bu Jingtian’s cold voice sounded from above the clouds.


Zong Ji and Ji Hong gnashed their teeth.

“Bu Jingtian, f*ck your ancestor!!!”

Wang Teng, who was in the Wang family’s old mansion, cursed angrily.

“My ancestor has long died and has already turned into bones. Your Wang family is indeed sick. You don’t even let the dead off. What a heavy taste. Boss, it’s a waste of space for these trash to live in this world. Send
them on their way.”

Bu Jingtian’s words were astonishing. This was the first time he had spoken so long and even dissed the entire Wang family.

Wang Teng and the other elders were furious.

“Of course!”

Lin Ye laughed.

The two generals had been stopped by Bu Jingtian. He felt no pressure at all.

Furthermore, after suffering so many attacks from the experts of the Wang family, he had already accumulated enough strength.

The golden Great Sage Battle Aura in his dantian space roared, and there were fine lightning snakes visible to the naked eye around him.
This was a fusion of the twelve zodiacs. After revision, the power of this fused battle aura was still comparable to an Advanced Earth Tier.
With the enhancement of 100,000 Awakening Chains, its power was no different from a top Heaven Tier one.

Gasp! Gasp!!

In an instant, his figure was wrapped in purple lightning liquid.

Dozens of purple and golden saber beams exploded in the Wang family’s camp..