Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Five Elements Seal, Insta-killing The Grand Elder


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“Class F or C?”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes. The danger level was unconfirmed due to an unknown energy interference.

Was it due to a dark lifeform or some special force hiding in the dark?

Ever since he destroyed the Feng family, he had come into contact with some relevant information.

Unfortunately, Yang Tianyou didn’t allow him to interfere. For the time being, he couldn’t directly pry into the secrets of the hidden forces.
Fortunately, the highest danger level was only Class C, so it was not difficult.

With his current strength, he could settle it with some time.

ow, he could announce that the Wang family of Heaven Cast City was gone!

After making up his mind, Lin Ye’s gaze locked onto the Wang family’s old mansion. Now, he was waiting for information from Avatar No. 1.
At the same time, outside the main entrance of the Mount Lightning ruin.

At this juncture, many families and unaffiliated people rushed over.

There were figures moving all over the small mountain stream, near the edge of the main ruin.

There were also some powerful itinerant cultivators fighting desperately.

There were at least 500 people who were spectating this scene as well.


Suddenly, a golden glow flew out from the sky in the distance.

As he got closer, a terrifying aura surged towards everyone.

Immediately after, a cold and terrifying saber beam landed.

The team of soloists who were fighting for a blue halo that had exploded could not dodge in time.

They were instantly sliced into pieces by the terrifying saber beam.

“Amber Divine Blade!”

“It’s Deng Yushan City Lord!”

“F*ck, this old bastard is also here to snatch the treasures!”

Many people looked at the Level 12 Blue Calamity Ring in pain as it was caught by the figure walking out from the saber beam.
Deng Yushan glanced at it lightly and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He casually threw it into his space ring.

He did not expect his luck to be so good. He had just arrived and he had already picked up something.

The quality of the Blue Calamity Ring was not bad. It was a top Level 12 artifact and was enough to sell for millions.

Deng Yushan did not mind the gossip. There were too many people scolding him anyway, and it was not as if the scolding could do any real harm to him.

With a slash through the air, he killed the few people who cursed the most ruthlessly, leaving behind a group of lone wolves who were silent like cicadas in the winter.

His body transformed into a saber beam as he entered the ruin.

“I’ve finally entered!”

At the top of the clouds above Mount Lightning, Lin Ye’s core team and Avatar No. 1 smiled.

“My lord, it’s time to close the door and beat the dog!” Tru said excitedly.

“Don’t participate in the ruin. It’s too dangerous. Go to the Treasure Weapon Pavilion in Heavenly Cast City first. If there’s a chance later, No. 2 will bring you guys to do something big.”
Avatar No. 1 chuckled and glanced at Little White, the mechanical beast that was playing with Yang Fusheng.

He called out, “Little White, follow me down!”

“Oh, okay.”

Little White immediately left Yang Fusheng and turned around to sit on Lin Ye’s shoulder obediently.

“Let’s go!”

Golden light flashed as the flying immortal treasure tore through the air, bringing Lin Ye into the passageway like a stream of light.

“Another person has entered!”

“Good lord, he got in through the clouds.”

“It looks like he has a top-grade flying immortal treasure. He’s not here with good intentions!”

“What should we do! They’re all in. Should we charge in as well?”

The people outside the ruin who did not dare to enter discussed.

Just as they were wondering if they should go in.


The ruin passageway started to close at a fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it closed.

This action stunned the independent team. Even the dumbest person could tell.

Something big was going to happen!!

“Return to the city!!!”

“Hurry up and return to the city!”

In an instant, everyone ran and rode.

All kinds of strange mechanical mounts appeared and rushed towards Heavenly Cast City.

The fastest was the Lin Clan’s main team.

They each had a top Level 11 flying magical equipment, and their speed was more than ten times faster than ordinary mechanical mounts.

On the other side, far away in the Treasure Weapon Pavilion of Heavenly Cast City, Lin Ye’s eyes flickered as he received the mental connection sent by Avatar No. 1 before he entered the ruin.

He let out a low shout.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In an instant, hundreds of zombie king puppets hidden around the Wang family drilled out from the ground.

“Five Elements Seal!”

With that top Level 11 zombie king as the leader, they cooperated with the other Level 10 zombie kings.

With his main body controlling the origin power of the five elements, a shield emitting five-colored light condensed in the air above the Wang family mansion.

“What’s the situation?”

“Is this the protective array of the old mansion? Something doesn’t feel right.”

“Isn’t the protective array golden? Why has it changed to five-colored?”

“F*ck, could it be an enemy attack?”

“How is that possible? Our Wang family is the number one noble family in Heaven Cast City. Who is so fearless to dare to provoke us!”

No one in the Wang family panicked.

After all, this was still Heaven Cast City. There were still many experts from the Guest Elder Pavilion and there were also the elders in the clan.
Even if the Heavenly Cast Army came, they would still have the strength to fight.

However, the five-colored shield in front of them was indeed a little strange. All of them walked out of the room and looked at the screen of light above them curiously.

The next moment, an invisible wave descended. Those whose mental cultivation was lower than Class 10 were instantly hit.

The thousands of people had dazed expressions as their figures fell like dumplings.

In the blink of an eye, the huge Wang Family Courtyard fell silent.

“Outrageous, who dares to be so impudent in the Wang Family!”

The source of the sound was from the backyard.

That was where the direct descendants of the Wang family lived. The experts from the Elder Pavilion and the Guest Elder Pavilion were all here.

Soon, more than ten powerful saber beams and sword shadows landed on the five-colored barrier, emitting waves of energy.

However, this five-colored barrier was extremely sturdy. They could not break it in a short time.

“Damn it, it’s the Five Elements Seal. Other than the top Daoists, only the zombie kings from Hell know how to unleash this!”

“F*ck, who is it? Who dares to harm my Wang family!!”

Looking at all the direct descendants who fainted and fell to the ground, the eyes of the Wang Family’s Patriarch, Wang Teng, burned with anger.
“Family Head, don’t split up. The other party came prepared. They have waited for our ancestor to go to Mount Lightning before taking the opportunity to attack us.”

“They also have illusionists with extremely strong mental cultivation. Those above Class 10, gather together. As long as you hold on a little longer, the Heavenly Cast Army will quickly sense the energy fluctuations. At
that time, we will cooperate from the inside and destroy the enemy!”

Great Elder Wang Hui shouted sternly.

“Elder is right.” Wang Teng nodded and immediately gathered all the experts above Class 10 to gather in the backyard.
“That’s good too. I don’t want to waste time cleaning them up one by one.” Lin Ye’s eyes flickered.

The Wang family occupied a huge area. It was completely different from the Feng family.

Fortunately, the Wang family was too arrogant. They thought that by banding together, they could avoid disaster.

But they were too naive.

Avatar No. 2 wore the Thousand Layered Armor, held the Purple Lightning Thunder Blade in his hand, and stood on a Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon.

With a flash of light, he led the 101 zombie kings into the Wang family mansion.


Wang Teng’s hands were sweating as he shouted angrily, “Set up the defense!”


As soon as he finished speaking, a bright lightning saber that was thousands of meters long flew over from afar.


“F*ck, how dare you hit me!”

“Is this a venerable-level immortal?”

“Run! Run! Run!”

Seeing this stunning slash, both the family head, Wang Teng, and the big shots of the Elder Pavilion and Guest Elder Pavilion pissed their pants.
Such a terrifying visual impact directly shattered their combat hearts.

They did not have the courage to defend themselves and scattered.


An explosion sounded in his ears. The lightning saber fell like divine lightning.

The ground cracked, and several luxurious buildings collapsed. Water stopped flowing along the way, and then… it was over?

That’s not right. Was the power of a venerable-level immortal so weak?

Great Elder Wang Hui had always been bold. On the way, he turned around and frowned.

However, the next moment, with a swish, blood flashed and a round head flew into the air..

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