Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Wang Family’s Ancestor Leaving the Mountain


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While the elites of the various races were chasing after the direct descendant of the Wang family, news about the ruin at Mount Lightning and the Level 12 Blue Calamity Ring started to spread in Heaven Cast City.
Someone had silently spread the news from Heaven Cast City.

In an instant, the solo players who were originally taking advantage of the situation seemed to have been injected with chicken blood.

If the entrance already had a Level 12 weapon. What would there be inside?

This time, it might really be a huge ruin with many treasures inside.

There were many people who had this thought, and countless people had taken action for it. They were afraid that if they went late, they wouldn’t even be able to drink a mouthful of soup.
Obviously, the number of people at the city gate increased drastically. All of them brought their life-saving equipment and swarmed towards Mount Lightning.

At the same time, the noble families were holding an emergency meeting.

In the estate of the richest family of Heaven Cast City, the Wang Family Manor!

“Master, something bad has happened. Little Master has snatched a Level 12 Blue Calamity Ring from Mount Lightning and is being chased by the people from the various large families!”
“The message talismans are about to explode. The young master’s situation is not good. He needs support!”

Suddenly, someone barged into the meeting room and interrupted the discussion between the elders.

“Bastard, is that place something he can go to? Send the orders to the Grand Elder of the Guest Elders Pavilion. Hurry up and save Young Master!”

Wang Teng was furious and shattered the wooden table in front of him with a slap.

“Teng’er, you’re too concerned.”

Behind the curtain, the Wang Family’s Patriarch, Wang Kui, said faintly.

“But Yue-er…” Wang Teng hesitated.

“It’s fine. With Old Ye following, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Patriarch Wang Kui waved his hand and continued, “On the other hand, there’s something strange about the incident at Mount Lightning. Someone is clearly adding fuel to the fire in the dark. The news has spread too
quickly and there was no time for any families to think and consider this matter carefully.”

“This is an open conspiracy. If we go, the main family might be targeted. If we don’t go, the treasure will be snatched away.”
“Once our enemy benefits, our position as the number one noble family in Heavenly Cast City will be lost.”
“Ancestor, then, then what should we do?” Wang Teng asked solemnly.

“Defend our family. Our Wang family has seen all kinds of storms. Furthermore, it’s not a divine tomb at all. It’s most likely a ruin and its level is not low. Now, in Heaven Cast City, do you think anyone can snatch the
ruin from the City Lord, Deng Yushan?”

From the corner of his eye, he glanced at Wang Teng, who had no reaction. Patriarch Wang Kui shook his head and sighed. “You don’t even understand this. You keep saying that I won’t give up my authority, but with
your stupidity, how can I leave the huge Wang family to you like your only son?”

“I’m sorry, ancestor. I’ve disappointed you.” Wang Teng looked guilty. “Please explain.”

“Deng Yushan will definitely want the ruin. At our current stage, it’s not suitable for us to fight head-on with the City Lord. The biggest share can be given to Deng Yushan, but we’d rather not obtain the other treasures
in the ruin than let the Zhao, Liu, and Baili families obtain them.”

“Remember, our greatest mission is not to snatch but to cause trouble.”
“As long as we maintain the current situation of the family, other families will never be able to surpass us.”
“Then… how many people are we sending in?” Wang Teng asked softly.

“I’ve already said that there’s no need for too many. The Guest Elder Pavilion will guard the main family to prevent others from stealing from us. The business of the main family is the most important. On this point,
even if Heaven Cast City is about to be destroyed, it will not be able to shake the foundation of my Wang family. We have to prioritize our actions!”

Patriarch Wang Kui stood up and said calmly, “I’ll be going to Mount Lightning alone this time. Don’t worry, I’ll protect your useless son myself.”
Upon hearing this, Wang Teng was overjoyed. “Thank you, ancestor! When I return, I will definitely teach him a lesson!”

“Alright, all of you can leave.” Wang Kui waved his hand and dismissed the family meeting.

After everyone left, the meeting room fell into darkness.

Space reversed and a throne appeared. Sitting on it was a tall and sturdy figure.

“Master, there’s a problem with Mount Lightning. I need to leave for a moment.” Wang Kui knelt on the ground and didn’t dare to raise his head. He said in a low voice, “Please protect my Wang family on account that
I’ve worshiped you for many years.”

“SH% SH…% HH”

A moment later, a complicated voice came from the darkness. It was completely different from the common language of the myriad races outside.
But in Wang Kui’s ears, it was no less than a blessing. He quickly thanked the other party.


A moment later, the darkness disappeared. Wang Kui stood up and heaved a sigh of relief.

After obtaining his master’s assurance, he was in a good mood and no longer had any worries.

As for what his master said about not interfering if someone with great luck came, it was directly ignored by Wang Kui.

He had been careful all these years and had never offended other experts.

Even for the sake of promoting his master’s Blood Soul Weapon, he only captured those weak clans and families.

Typically, those with great luck would definitely not be from a weak clan. This probability was directly sealed by himself.

This way, he could head to Mount Lightning without any worries.

“Hidden mouse, I hope you won’t find trouble with me. Otherwise… Hmph!”

Acold smile appeared on Wang Kui’s face. His gaze turned to the Zhao, Liu, and Baili families in turn. “With me around, you can only eat dust under my Wang family’s butt for eternity!”
With that, he soared into the sky and let out a deafening roar.

“You are all going too far. My grandson’s luck is exceptional. He stole the treasure alone, but you all actually dare to work together to chase after my grandson. You really don’t place my Wang Clan in your eyes. I, Wang
Kui, will put this straight. Whoever dares to harm my grandson will be wiped out!”

As soon as he said that, the entire Heaven Cast City surged.

It was not because of the threat from Wang Kui.

Everyone knew that this old bastard always said the most ruthless things and did the smallest things.

Typically, the thunder was loud but the rain was small.

Bullying the weak and fearing the strong. When facing strong clans, harmony was always the most precious thing.

After he shouted, he flew directly towards Mount Lightning. His objective was obvious.

“F*ck, old man Wang is shameless. He used the name of a junior to run to Mount Lightning first!!”

“This old thing doesn’t have good intentions. If he goes, who among the other small families will be able to tolerate it? Even if it’s a trap, they will rush in without regard for their own safety!”
“Old Zhao, Old Liu, Brother Baili, and the other older brothers, let’s go together. We can’t let the Wang family and the family that they’ve allied with expand!”

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. This time, it doesn’t matter if it’s a f*cking conspiracy or not. Just us old fellows can go. Those from the Guest Elder Pavilion, stay behind and guard the main family!”
As soon as they finished speaking, those from the other families closed their voice transmission talismans, and their figures tore through the sky as they chased after Ancestor Wang Kui.
After they left, the alleys of Heaven Cast City became lively.

The ordinary citizens were just watching the commotion. Some teams who wanted to take advantage of the situation then joined in.

Deng Yushan, who was watching from afar in the City Lord’s Mansion, frowned.

Should he go or not??.