Chapter 339: Building A Man-made Ruin!


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“F*ck, Yang Fusheng, seal the movement of the earth vein!”

Lin Ye couldn’t help but curse when he heard the loud sound.

“It was sealed a long time ago. Don’t worry about it.” Yang Fusheng was half lying on a green cloud. He looked at the One Piece leisurely while yellow energy particles shone on his fingertips. He easily suppressed the earth vein of this world to prevent others from sensing it.
“F*ck, we’re all busy and you’re the only one playing.” Lin Ye was jealous and cursed angrily.

“Don’t malign me, okay? I’ma top student. It’s all thanks to me that you guys can think of this method. I rely on my brain to make a living. You can’t expect me to be like them and dig a pit to fill the soil, right?” Yang Fusheng rolled his eyes and said disapprovingly.
“E*ck, I’m still the lord. How can I work while you stay there to enjoy yourself? Come down and help me!”

Lin Ye said.

He grabbed Yang Fusheng’s tablet and grabbed it from the small green cloud.

The green cloud was the Level 11 Heavenly Shuttle Meteor Moon that he had just obtained.

Excluding the one that Xu Que went to return, there were still 77 of them.

Everyone in the main team had one.

This small thing could transform into clouds, a Silver Moon Flying Shuttle, and other external forms according to the user’s will.

Yang Fusheng loved green, so he transformed into a small green cloud.

“Damn it, return the tablet to me!” Yang Fusheng put away the little green cloud and glared at Lin Ye.

“Tll give it to you after I’m done.” Lin Ye flicked his finger and placed the ring containing the water of the River of Death into Yang Fusheng’s palm. He instructed, “This thing belongs to Hell. You’re more familiar with it. You’ll be in charge of this.”
“Hmph, how can you abuse child workers, and not let even the corpses rest,” Yang Fusheng muttered. He grabbed the ring and started to pour the water down.


Amoment later, the turbulent grayish-brown river water that was filled with the aura of death flowed back and surrounded the entire ruin.

“Are you just releasing it directly? F*ck, if you destroy the ruin, I’ll get your brother to compensate!” Lin Ye’s mouth twitched.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen. I control the innate five elements, and the water element is no exception.”

‘As he spoke, Yang Fusheng snapped his fingers, and the river of death that was flowing towards the ruin reversed.

Like a small water dragon, it spread and seeped through the soil along the way.


A soft hiss sounded.

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes.

The water of the River of Death was magical.

It was not as corrosive as sulfuric acid, but seemed to possess the power of time to accelerate the aging of matter.

While the soil was corrupting and turning bad.

Ata speed visible to the naked eye, it gave off an ancient aura.

“This is the smell!”

Yang Fusheng sniffed the air and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he controlled the remaining water from the River of Death with his divine sense and returned it to the space ring.

“What else do you need?” Lin Ye asked again.

“Let’s wait. The water of the River of Death is extremely volatile. In an hour, the residual matter of the water of the River of Death in this area will be completely removed, leaving only the soil that has been corrupted. From the outside world, it looks no different from soil that has been weathered by time.
Yang Fusheng said confidently, “Unless it’s the Asura Race who has lived in the Mother River of Death for a long time, no other race can discover this flaw.”

“One hour. Alright, we’ll wait then.”

Lin Ye nodded. He could still afford to wait.

He looked down at his Rolex’s gold watch.

It was 7:40 PM now. An hour later, it would be 8:40 PM.

It should not be a problem.

“Don’t idle around now. You still need to do something in the ruin.” Yang Fusheng looked at Lin Ye and continued, “If you want to attract an expert at the level of the City Lord of Heavenly Cast City, you have to at least spend some money this time to get some Level 11 and 12 equipment.”
“Lunderstand. Is this enough?”

Lin Ye opened his space ring and threw out hundreds of Level 12 Blue Calamity Rings.

The comers of Yang Fusheng’s mouth twitched.

Not far away, Luo Feng, Tru, and the others who were resting on the ground were numb.

“All of them are Level 12 equipment?!”


Inan instant, the eyes of the core team turned red as they surrounded him.

At this moment, both the citizens of the Underworld and humans had a 180-degree change in attitude.

“My lord, let’s not forge anymore. There are so much high-level equipments. Let’s take them back and use them ourselves. There’s no need to let the City Lord of Heavenly Cast City benefit for the sake of the Wang family!”

“That’s right. Brother Tru is right. A Level 12 equipment has a market price of a few million. This set will cost at least a few hundred million. With this money, we can use it on our own people. When we become stronger, we can conquer Heaven Cast City!”

“My lord, if it’s not enough, let’s sell all of them. We can spend money to buy assassins from the Stalwart Star Pavilion. With a bounty of hundreds of millions, it should be enough to destroy the Wang family once.”

“T’ve already done it. What’s the use of saying this now? Besides, what I want is time. If the assassins go and kill him, it will take months.”

Lin Ye rolled his eyes and decided. “Alright, I know what you mean. After this matter is over, everyone will get a set of Level 12 equipment. Your lord has plenty of trash like this.”
As he spoke, he threw out another 800 to 900 Level 12 Blue Calamity Rings.

Everyone fell silent.


Everyone swallowed hard as they looked at Lin Ye.

Their lord was just too f*cking rich.

Which lord was like theirs? Which lord had Level 12 weapons measured in tons?

Seeing Lin Ye take back all the Blue Calamity Rings, the core team was boiling with excitement.

“My lord, I love you!”

“My lord, are you hungry? I’ll go cook noodles for you!”

“My lord, I still have a duck leg hidden here…”

“Stop, f*ck, I’ll give it to you guys. Don’t disgust me!”

Lin Ye had goosebumps all over his body.

Li Xinyi, Adelia, and the other girls were fine with acting coquettishly, but there were more than ten stinky men.

There was something even more ridiculous. Who would keep duck legs in his space ring?

And why did he have to take it out and put it in his arms? Now, the duck leg had his body odor.

‘After the farce ended and everyone was given a Blue Calamity Ring, everyone immediately started working enthusiastically.

“My lord, it’s a good start. If we bury a ball of Sky Piercing Lightning at the entrance of the ruin and use the Blue Calamity Rings as bait, many people will definitely fall for it!”
“F*ck, why is it so desolate inside? It’s worse than the Mechanical Beast Sect!”

“The space in the martial arts hall is huge. We can hide more than ten weapons here. Do you have any array formations? If not, we can use the balls of Sky Piercing Lightning instead.”
“There are too few traps. Lin Ye, this won’t do. Take out your Evil Aura and put a big heretic from the Inheritance Pagoda.”

“still have two Light Beads. Who wants to appear as big shots who have passed on for hundreds of thousands of years!”

“My lord, let me do this. With my image and makeup, I’ll definitely be a top-notch one!”

“Me too.. Hahaha, I’ll definitely act till they kneel down and call me ancestor!”