Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Triggering Double 100x Reward, Mount Lightning


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1. 100 Level 12 Weapon—Blue Calamity Rings!

2. 1 Level 13 Weapon—Blue Calamity Rings!

3. Random quantity and Level of Blue Calamity Rings! (Excludes the probability of Blue Calamity Rings below that of Level 10 from appearing!)
1. 100 Level 11 flying magical artifact—Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon!

2. 1 Level 12 flying magical artifact—Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon!

3. Random quantity, Level of Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon! (Excludes the probability of Sky Shuttle Meteor Moons below that of Level 10 from appearing!)
1. 100 Beginner Treasure Light Beads

2.1 Advanced Treasure, Meteor Bead

3. Random Quantity and Level of Light Beads (Excludes the probability of Beginner Treasure Light Beads from appearing!)

“I choose option 3!”

Lin Ye chanted in his heart.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘The Void Ring emitted a dazzling light as a large amount of colorful light poured down.

At the same time, the system sent a number of congratulatory messages.

“You have obtained 78 Level 11 flying artifacts—Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon!”

“You have obtained two Intermediate Treasure Light Beads!”

“You have obtained 10 Level 12 weapons—Blue Calamity Rings!”

“You have obtained a Level 13 top-tier weapon—Blue Calamity Rings!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have successfully triggered option 3’s hidden reward. 100xReward has been triggered again.”

“You have obtained 1,000 Level 12 weapons—Blue Calamity Rings!”

“You have obtained 100 Level 13 weapons—Blue Calamity Rings!”


Lin Ye stopped and stared.

He was dumbfounded and even took a few deep breaths.

“Double 100xReward!!”

“This… feels too good!!!”

“Of course it feels good. You spent tens of millions of Zombie Souls.”

Xu Que thought in his heart as he thought that Lin Ye was talking about the equipment he had just bought.

Heart aching, he said, “My lord, we should have bargained with them just now. They have made a killing.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Ye couldn’t help but laugh.

They had profited, but your lord had profited beyond the universe.

“alright then. If you feel like you’re losing out, take these two and retum them. Just say that you’re not satisfied and you have to return them! Even if they don’t return the money, you have to exchange them for other treasures!”
Lin Ye casually took out a Level 12 Blue Calamity Ring and a Sky Shuttle Meteor Moon, and threw them to Xu Que.

As for the rare treasure, the Light Beads, he had no choice.

The original version was a Beginner one while the ones here were all Intermediate ones. If he took them back, he would be exposed.

“alright, don’t worry, my lord. I promise to do it beautifully for you!” Xu Que’s eyes lit up. This was a lucrative job.

With his glib tongue, he would definitely be able to gain a lot from the Divine Weapon Pavilion.

As he spoke, he turned around and ran towards the Divine Weapon Pavilion with the treasures.

‘As for Lin Ye’s main body and avatar, they were separated.

‘The danger he would experience when leaving the city was too high. He did not dare to let his main body go out.

Therefore, he still used the same method. His main body returned to the surface world while his avatar rushed towards the direction of Mount Lightning.
On the other side, on the surface world, in the Lonely Forest.

Ina forest 400 kilometers away from the Lin Clan’s territory.

Asilver-white Five Diamond Light Spirit Vehicle flew through the forest.

Amoment later, it arrived at the coordinates of the map.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Ten figures of the same build and appearance flew out of the Five Hexagram Spirit Vehicle.

They stood in the air above the forest.

“This is it!”

“This should be right! The Hint talent has already started to give out hints. There’s a large amount of treasure aura here!”

“Impressive, if not for the sake of attracting the City Lord of Heaven Cast City, I really wouldn’t be willing to hand it over like this!”

“Cut the crap. Everyone, use Universal Pull.”

‘As soonas he finished speaking, the fingers of the ten figures opened up.


The next second, the attractive force of the space in front of them increased drastically.

‘The ground rumbled and the giant trees collapsed.

Sparrows flew were carried by the storage beam into the space ring amidst their wails.

Fortunately, they were all living beings and could not be kept. They were excluded and avoided disaster.

All of them flapped their wings and flew away in panic.

“It’s out! Act together! Be careful, don’t trigger the protective array of the ruin!”

‘The ten of them understood each other and were firm, accurate, and ruthless.

Soon, with a rumble, they kept a small mountain-sized ruin into their space rings.

“Done. Retreat!”

‘The avatar was overjoyed. It transformed into the Five Elements Light Spirit Vehicle again and sped along.

‘When they passed by Yang Tianyou’s territory, the latter said with a suspicious expression, “What are you doing? Why do you even want the water of the Mother River of Death in Hell? Don’t tell me you’re causing trouble in the Underworld?”
“It’s just a small fight. It’s fine, it’s fine. Let me practice with it first.”

Lin Ye smiled. “Where are the goods!”

“I’ve packed a few tons for you. Is this enough?” Yang Tianyou asked a Level 6 zombie to pass a space ring to Lin Ye’s avatar.

“I don’t know. If it’s not enough, I’ll call you again. By the way, do you still want more blood? Recently, the population has increased rapidly. There have been more people donating blood. I’ve already saved tens of thousands of cubic meters.”
“That’s good too. Give them all to me. I’m about to break through to become a Level 4 Zombie King. This blood can help me condense blood energy. It should be enough.”
“[ don’t have it on me now and my main body has already returned. He’ll deliver it to you personally later. If there’s nothing else, I’ll see you again. I’ve been too busy recently!”
After saying a few words, Lin Ye put away the ring containing the water of the River of Death and quickly left.

“This guy… is too good at causing trouble. He doesn’t know how to be safer.”

Looking at the disappearing shadow of the car, Yang Tianyou narrowed his eyes and revealed a smile.

This fellow seemed to have become stronger again. Compared to him, he was only two steps away.

This was good. If Lin Ye continued to maintain this momentum, there might be hope for this season.

However, what was the situation with the Succubus Race? He felt that a little fellow with an extremely high status had recently arrived and was constantly wandering around the Wasteland of Death.
Did the other party sense something?

No, he had to check.

Thinking of this, the blood shadow disappeared and the place became lonely and calm again.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, six hours had passed.

It was evening in the Underworld. During this time, the main team was making use of the time to make preparations.

In acertain corner in the southwest of Heaven Cast City, Han Qingging and Li Xiaohui were in charge of publicity. One of them had hypnotized a portion of the ordinary citizens with an illusion technique and was frantically copying the written advertisements. The other used a coin-scattering strategy to
bribe hundreds of thousands of refugees in the city.

As long as their lord sent the signal, they were confident that they could spread the legend of Mount Lightning to every corner of Heaven Cast City within two hours.
On the other hand, the preparations at Mount Lightning had also entered the final stage.

“Dig deeper, it’s not deep enough!”

“On the left corner, dig out a circular card slot. This will make it convenient to irrigate and corrode it with the water of the Mother of Death River!”

Lin Ye looked down at the pit that Tru and the others had dug.

‘With dozens of people digging crazily, he used the Universal Pull to absorb the soil and threw it into his space ring.

‘The group of people had Heart’s Web to assist them and cooperated seamlessly.

Amoment later, he felt that it was about time.

Lin Ye opened the space ring containing the ruin and light flowed down.


Atuin the size of a small mountain fell into the pit..

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