Chapter 337: Divine Weapon Pavilion


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“Mount Lightning.”
Lin Ye looked at the name of the small mountain on the map and asked, “Is there any explanation?”

Luo Feng nodded. “My lord, you might not know about this as only us native soldiers know about this.”

“Mount Lightning has a long history. It has existed since ancient times. Because every time it rains, there will be lightning left behind. Those with weak cultivation will be heavily injured by it.”

“Therefore, long ago, this area was rumored to be extremely mysterious. Some said that there was once a lightning-type ancient god buried there. Some said that it was the former residence of the emperor and contained the aura of the emperor. Some said that it was a ruin of the lost civilization…”

“There are many similar theories, enough for us to make an issue of.”

“That’s good. I’ll do the publicity. Before you give me some, I can use the money mode to cooperate with my Illusion Talent and publish nursery rhymes for children in the four directions. The brothels, tea houses, and other places with many people will also put in the corresponding amount of publicity,”
Han Qingging said.

“That’s simple. Is 50 million enough?” Lin Ye opened his Civilization Archive and gave Han Qingqing a sum of money.

“Enough, enough.” Han Qingqing was sweating profusely. With her talent, she might not even need this much.

However, it was good to have more money. She felt that in less than half a day, she would be able to blow up the matter about Mount Lightning.

“Send a message to my brother and ask him to bring some water from the Mother of Death in Hell. This thing is filled with the power of death and decay. It can make the place old and look like it’s filled with signs of history.”
“also, you have to have some Evil Aura when the time comes. In short, you have to make the ruin more dangerous. It’s best if there’s a huge Evil Aura. That way, it will be more realistic and reliable,” Yang Fusheng interjected.
“alright, I’ll send my avatar to do it later. With regards to the high-level ruin, I should be able to get it by afternoon. You guys have to speed up!”

After that, the group discussed the details and split up.

Han Qingqing and Li Xiaohui went to gather strength in the dark. Once the preparations at Mount Lightning were completed, they would go all out.

Luo Feng, Tru, and the others headed straight for Mount Lightning to choose the exact location where the ruin would appear.

As for Lin Ye, he had the Thousand Layered Armor and Avatar Puppet protecting him. At this moment, he directly went to the Divine Weapon Pavilion with his main body.

There were also three times where he would trigger 100xReward. If he wanted to do it, he would have to make it big.

Most of the high-level ruins that appeared on the ground were like the Mechanical Beast Sect. There were not many treasures.

Once the newly developed ruins were of such quality, it would be difficult to stir up a commotion and it would be even harder to take advantage of the chaos.

He wanted it to be as messy as possible.

Ten minutes later, Lin Ye arrived at the Divine Weapon Pavilion.

Before entering, he wore the Thousand Illusion Armor he had obtained from the Dark Life System.

With this set of equipment, even if the City Lord of Heaven Cast City came personally.

‘As long as the other party did not have a Heart of Illusion that surpassed his, it was impossible for him to see through his disguise.


Lights and shadows flashed across his eyes like flowing water. His clothes and appearance had changed drastically.

He was dressed like a gangster.

In the surface world, if there was a human lord in the oasis desert, he would definitely be able to tell at a glance.

The person that Lin Ye had transformed into was none other than the lord of the oasis, the leader of Hongxing Thirty-Six—Qi Delong.

A shadow flashed on his fingertip and a large cigar appeared.

‘With a snap of his fingers, Xu Que immediately understood and took out a lighter to light it for him.


Lin Ye took a deep breath and revealed a look of enjoyment.

This scene was completely different in the eyes of the people from the Underworld. Many ladies pouted when they saw this.

They even cursed inwardly at this scum!

“Mm, very good. I’m starting to look like a good-for-nothing.” The corners of Lin Ye’s mouth curled up as he turned his head to Xu Que and said, “Be more arrogant later. Don’t be afraid. If something happens, the lord will hold it up for you. Act as much as you can.”
“alright, I’m good at that.” Xu Que chuckled.

Of course, this was also the reason why Lin Ye brought him here.

The only pity was that this guy did not know how to disguise himself. He could only let Li Xinyi use the Nine States Evil Technique to barely draw a bandit’s outfit onto him.

Those not familiar with him would not recognize him.

“Open a path.”

Lin Ye waved his finger.

The latter listened to Lin Ye’s orders and immediately puffed up his chest and walked towards the Divine Weapon Pavilion with a proud expression.

‘As he was about to enter, he placed his hands on his hips and said rudely, “Where are the people? Are you all dead? My Lord Qi has arrived at your Divine Weapon Pavilion. Hurry up and invite the chief elder of your Divine Weapon Pavilion out to receive guests!”
Guests, I’m sorry. There are too many people upstairs and I’ve neglected you. How many of you are there?”

The receptionist was a gentle cat lady who asked pitifully.

“Are you blind? Hurry up and get your chief elder to come out!” Xu Que shouted impatiently.

“This… Ican’t make the decision.” Seeing the evil expression on Xu Que’s face, the kitten girl was so frightened that she was about to cry.

“Kitten, you can leave first. I’ll receive the two esteemed guests.” At this moment, a middle-aged man walked out from the inner courtyard. He walked towards Lin Ye and the other two with a kind expression and bowed. “Esteemed guests, what would you like to order?”
Xu Que secretly glanced at Lin Ye, who was still casually looking at the large cigar and completely unconcerned.

He immediately braced himself and said, “Can you make the decisions for a deal that costs more than 100 million?”

“Of course. This humble one is the manager of the Divine Weapon Pavilion, Liu Zhang. The two of you have an imposing appearance. With a single glance, I can tell that you are people who do great things. My Divine Weapon Pavilion likes to do business with people who are capable like you two. If you two
need anything, you can just ask me,” the man called Liu Zhang said with a smile.

With that said, he instinctively defined these two young men as freeloaders who only wanted to see but not sell.
Every day, the Divine Weapon Pavilion would meet countless strange customers, and this was no exception.

After all, his job was to deal with these hooligans.

“Alright then. My lord wants to buy the best divine weapons and sharp blades of your Divine Weapon Pavilion. Also, take out the strange weapons and treasures quickly and let my lord take a look.”

Xu Que said arrogantly with his nose in the air.

“Alright, this way please.” Liu Zhang still had a smile on his face as he respectfully brought the two of them to the top floor.

The armories along the way were filled with weapons of different colors. It was a dazzling sight.

“Esteemed guests, this room called the Divine Weapon Workshop contains the best equipment of my Divine Weapon Pavilion.”

“You can take a look. Of course, you can’t touch it. On the surface, there are a large number of Spirit Sealing Arrays laid down by Class 13 Array Masters. Those below Class 14 are considered mere mortals in front of them.”
Liu Zhang reminded.

“Got it. Don’t scare us. It’s not like we will be scared.” Xu Que waved his hand impatiently.

Liu Zhang was speechless in his heart, but on the surface, he still introduced the treasures to Lin Ye respectfully.

“My lord, this is a Level 12 top-tier weapon forged by Master Ye of our Divine Weapon Pavilion—Blue Calamity Rings. It can take things from afar and kill people without leaving a trace. It’s an extremely exceptional treasure
“This Heavenly Shuttle Meteor Moon is a rare flying Dharma artifact. It is most suitable for Golden Core cultivators. It is extremely fast and can travel tens of thousands of kilometers a day. It is definitely necessary to travel home…”
“Also, this is the Stream of Light Bead. It’s a unique treasure that can record what has happened in the past. Its value is extremely high…”

It had to be said that the standards of the Divine Weapon Pavilion were not bad, and their hospitality was good.

Lin Ye could do nothing about it. It was simply invulnerable.

“Alright, just these few. Count how much it costs.”

Lin Ye couldn’t be bothered to waste time. He paid directly and carried the goods. It took less than ten seconds.

Leaving behind a dumbfounded Liu Zhang, he turned around and left the Divine Weapon Pavilion.

After walking a hundred meters, his consciousness entered his space ring.

He immediately triggered the 100xReward..