Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Hero Creates A Chance

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“Wang Family of Heavenly Cast City. The ancestor is at the peak of Class 12 and is suspected to have on him a Hundred Layered Armor. The family head is at the early stages of Class 12 and there are eight elders. Seven are at Class 10, one is at Class 11. There are also a total of 37 guest elders, of which 34 are
at Class 10, and 3 are at Class 11…”

“The City Lord of Heavenly Cast City is at the peak of Class 13. He only cares about benefits. The four generals of Heavenly Cast City are all at the peak of Class 12. The four Heavenly Cast Armies under each of them are all well-equipped Class 9 soldiers. Among them, there are extraordinary Class 10

“There are more than 40 families who are on good terms with the Wang family. Half of them have Class 11 experts…”
“Because of the Blood Soul Weapon, there are more than ten humanoid lifeforms who are enemies with the Wang family. Among them are the Fox Lady, the Rabbit Ear Lady, the Werewolf, and the Houndhead Men…”

“Regarding the Blood Soul Weapon, it seems to be forged through colluding with some powerful hidden factions
After a long time, everyone present fell silent after reading the information.

With these conditions, wanting to destroy the Wang family in Heaven Cast City was extraordinarily difficult.
“What are your thoughts? There’s no need to be afraid of going overboard. Tell me and let’s communicate through our thoughts. We might be able to find an opportunity.”

Lin Ye looked at everyone and said.

“My lord, on the surface, the other party has the advantage of timing, location, and people. On our side, we’re alone and it’s difficult to defeat them head-on. If we can use a long line to catch the big fish, I have an idea.”

Meeting everyone’s gaze, Zhang Liang continued, “For example, if we fight our way into the Wang family, with Sister Qingqing and my talent, we can infiltrate the Wang family and slowly understand them. At that time, we can coordinate from the inside and gradually disintegrate them.”
“It’s too slow. I need it done in two days. It’s best to reduce the time to one day. There is still the descent of the four sacred halls the day after tomorrow. We don’t have time to waste here. If we don’t succeed within two days, all of us will have to leave the underworld temporarily,” Lin Ye said solemnly.
“This…” Everyone lowered their heads, feeling like this was extremely difficult to deal with.

This was a difficult task to begin with. Now that time had been compressed to the limit, no one felt that it would succeed.

“Lin Ye, I have an idea. I guarantee it will meet your requirements.”

Suddenly, Little Zombie King Yang Fusheng raised his hand.

Upon hearing this, many people’s eyes lit up as they looked over curiously.

“Tell me about it.” Lin Ye nodded, a trace of anticipation rising in his heart.

The little fellow was an old monster who had lived for tens of thousands of years after all. No matter what, he had more tricks than young people like them.

“After this is done, I want the entire collection of One Piece!” Yang Fusheng hurriedly said.

Lin Ye was speechless. F*ck, this bastard had fallen for a new anime recently.

With his understanding of this perverted zombie, it was 80% likely that he had taken a fancy to the beautiful woman inside.

Zhang Liang and the others suppressed their laughter as their faces flushed red.


Lin Ye nodded with a dark expression.

“Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you.”

Yang Fusheng smiled in satisfaction. His figure flashed and appeared in midair. He tapped the air with his finger.


An invisible blood-colored light landed and formed a virtual projection in midair.

There were all kinds of information that no one noticed.

‘The advancement of Heaven Cast City was imminent. The new Heaven Cast City Lord, Deng Yushan, was greedy for money and the Wang Family’s Blood Soul Weapon

As the details were divided, everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Can you tell now?” Yang Fusheng chuckled.

“Borrowing others’ strength to beat them?” Zhang Liang raised his eyebrows.

“feel like I can connect…” Li Xinyi narrowed her eyes.

“It’s not easy to connect. We’re not locals, so I think it’s better to use the opposite strategy,” Han Qingging interjected.

“All of them are wrong. As the saying goes, troubling times make a hero. On the surface, it seems like there’s no chance, but we can create our own opportunities

Lin Ye’s gaze locked onto the first line that Yang Fusheng analyzed. His thoughts raced.

The advancement of Heaven Cast City was imminent!

The major cities in the Underworld lacked resources for advancement. They could only evolve by devouring the core of ruins.

However, most of the ancient ruins were firmly in the hands of the capital and main cities.

Many of the large cities below had remained unchanged for tens of thousands of years, unable to upgrade and advance.

The difficulty of advancing was extremely high. This was also the reason why there were more than ten generations of Heavenly Cast City’s City Lords.

As the lord of a city, they were more willing to give up their position as a city lord and go to a main city and become the chief blacksmith for them.

That was the main reason.

If they stayed behind in Heaven Cast City, there was no chance of them advancing.

Instead, after leaving Heaven Cast City, with the support of the capital and main cities, their improvement speed would soar again.

In other words, the relationship between a city lord and his city was mutual.

Before a city lord rose up, the city would give him the opportunity to soar, and when the resources provided by the city reached its limit.

This relationship would change.

Once the city could not keep up with the city lord’s advancement speed, the large city would become a burden.

The current City Lord, Deng Yushan, was known as someone who valued wealth as much as his life. It was probably related to the advancement of Heaven Cast City.

After the city advanced successfully, he would become the lord of a major city.

At that time, be it in terms of strength or authority, he would be considered an overlord in the Underworld.

For this, Deng Yushan was determined this time. He wanted to take this path until the end.

This was bad for others, but for the current Lin Ye, it was a good opportunity to find flaws.

Of course, the specific method still needed to be discussed in detail.

“My lord, you mean to lure the tiger out of the mountain? We can create an opportunity outside to pull everyone out and we can take the opportunity to destroy the Wang family?”
Zhang Liang narrowed his eyes as a thought arose in his mind.

“That’s right. If Heaven Cast City wants to advance, it needs the core of a ruin. We’ll follow their wishes.”

“We will create whatever the old fellows in Heavenly Cast City need the most. With Deng Yushan’s anxious mindset, even if he knows that there are ghosts in this newly excavated ruin, he will still take the risk.”
Lin Ye tapped his fingers on the table, emitting a rhythmic sound. He looked at everyone and continued, “We can start from this. Everyone, think about how to make it perfect. It’s best if we can draw out more than half of the soldiers of Heavenly Cast City.”
“The other party probably won’t take a liking to a small ruin. I think it should at least be a high-level ruin.” Zhang Liang frowned.

According to his knowledge, the only high-level ruin in the territory was the Mechanical Beast Sect.

However, logically speaking, he was unwilling to give it to Heavenly Cast City.

“Tl handle the problem of the ruin. Yang Tianyou has provided a few. There’s no need to worry.”

Lin Ye knew what he was worried about and explained with a smile.

“That makes things much easier. Now that the main resource has been settled, I think we should properly create an appropriate time and place for the ruin to appear. Otherwise, if it appears out of nowhere, it will feel a little abrupt. Also, we need to discuss the location of the ruin.”
Li Xinyi opened the map of Heaven Cast City and placed it in front of everyone.

“Tru, come and take a look. You guys are natives. You should know the terrain better than us.”

“Let’s do it here!”

The native, Luo Feng, took a step forward and pointed at a small mountain thirty kilometers away from the north gate of Heavenly Cast City on the map..