Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Triggering 100xReward While Buying Things!


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Starry Sky Road, Fragrance Garden Restaurant.

After leaving the Treasure Armor Pavilion, Lin Ye went straight there.

He had already taken a liking to this restaurant when he visited the Wang family’s residence.

It was close and easy to find.

It was at the side of the road and could be considered a landmark.

“Dear guest, are you here to eat or to stay?” A child ran over.

“Tm here to eat.” Lin Ye looked at the lobby from the corner of his eye. It was messy and not suitable for conversation. He said, “Is there a quieter private room? It’s best if it’s by the window. Money is not a problem.”
As he spoke, he threw a high-grade spirit stone over.

In Heaven Cast City, spirit stones were more popular than Zombie Souls. There was no lack of food and drinks here. What was lacking was all kinds of precious blacksmithing materials.
‘Therefore, the immortal cultivation system became mainstream. 1 high-grade spirit stone was equivalent to 100,000 Zombie Souls.

‘This amount of money was enough to feed ordinary people for a few months.

“Sir, let’s go to the third floor!!”

Upon seeing this, the child’s eyes lit up, and his attitude became even more humble than before.

“The third floor is the VIP area of our Fragrance Garden Restaurant. Usually, only a noble like you can enter it. Since you look unfamiliar, you must be from a main city or the capital. You’ve come to the right place.”
“This place is linked to all the landmarks. The Divine Weapon Pavilion is in the north, the Treasure Armor Pavilion is in the south, the Treasure Pavilion is in the west, and the Red Pavilion is in the east.”
“No matter what kind of service the benefactor needs, we can get it for you. There’s everything you want here.”

As he walked, the waiter winked and said almost explicitly.

“_.” Lin Ye rolled his eyes. If it was a normal day, he wouldn’t mind giving it a try.
However, what followed was to discuss how to destroy the Wang family. It was not good to have too many people.

He immediately refused, “There’s no need. Serve all the good wine and dishes in your house. I have quite a lot of people. Make it 25 servings.”

He did not call for all the core team members.

‘The remaining 70 plus people stayed in Mystic Fire City to help his mother-in-law open the supermarket. If anyone caused trouble, they could take care of them.

“Yes, I guarantee that you will be satisfied.” The waiter was all smiles. Although he was a little disappointed that the benefactor did not order the ladies from the Red Pavilion, which made him lose some income, the banquet of these 25 people was not a small sum. He immediately felt pleased.
While waiting, in order to test the 100xReward, Lin Ye ordered a pot of tea.

“Benefactor, please enjoy!”

After the waiter went down, Lin Ye stared and heard the notification of 100xReward.

1. 100 Ordinary Cloud Mist Mountain Tea

2. 1 Pot of Top-notch Yunwu Mountain Tea

3. Random quantity, Level of Cloud Mist Mountain Tea


Lin Ye could not help but punch his fist in excitement. He actually triggered the 100xReward by just buying things.

This felt too good.

If he had not informed his avatars to come over and meet him, he would have rushed to shops like the Divine Weapon Pavilion immediately now and crazily swept through the goods.

When the time came and he sold all of them, wouldn’t he be able to make a profit of a hundred thousand, no, a billion?

“Friendly Hint, congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have successfully triggered the purchase reward!”

“Current 100xReward is Level 4. You can trigger the 100xReward when purchasing items 4 times a day for free.”

“Remaining Quota: 3 / 4!”

Lin Ye was dumbfounded.

‘Wait a minute, how many times could he use this thing!!

This was too much.

If the system did this, how could he carry out his master plan?

“Friendly reminder that by leveling up 100xReward, you can increase the number of times you can trigger the 100xReward for free!”

“Wait a moment, 4 times for free. In other words, I can pay if I want it to be triggered more!”

Lin Ye seemed to have grasped the hidden meaning behind the words and hurriedly asked.

System: “In theory, that’s the case.”

“What do you mean theoretically? Tell me how I can charge it. I have money. I want to charge 100 million times!”

After obtaining the confirmation from the system, Lin Ye danced excitedly.

System: “Current level is insufficient to activate the charging feature. Host, please upgrade your 100xReward talent as soon as possible. When the talent level reaches Level 7, you will undergo an unimaginable transformation. The charging feature will also be unlocked.”
“It can only be unlocked at Level 7?!”

Lin Ye bared his teeth, feeling a headache.

‘The 100xReward was only Level 4 now. Although there were bugs that could be used in the treasure chests, the efficiency was a little slow.

He could only wait till when there were no eyes on him before he could use the bug. On average, he could only use it twice a day.

To advance his 100xReward talent to Level 5, he still needed one or two more days.

As for Level 7, it would probably take some time before he could reach it.

“Forget it, it’s already not bad that I have it. I can farm it three times today.”

Lin Ye sighed and looked at the tea on Mount Yunwu. He said, “System, can I return thi:

“No, since the options have already appeared, I can’t take it back,” said the System.
“Lin Ye was speechless.
Alright, he had to take the blame even if he had to cry.

With this in mind, he hurriedly called the child over and temporarily pause him from serving the dishes. He would get Zhang Liang and the others to pay later.
Otherwise, he would suffer a huge loss.

“I choose option 2!”

Suppressing the heat in his heart for the time being, Lin Ye made his choice.


The ordinary tea in his palm instantly changed color. The tea was green.

It looked like a pure lake under the spring sun, with a clear lingering charm in its green color.

He lowered his head and took a sip. The fragrance was strong and the taste was fresh and refreshing.

He drank his tea happily and sat by the window, looking at the bustling market in the underworld.

Lin Ye could not help but feel like he had returned to China.

“A peaceful era is still better.”

He sighed.

Of course, he was just joking.

It was a peaceful era in China. It was safe and comfortable, but he had no money back then and was always angry at his boss.

If he had a choice, he would prefer to stay in this new world.

However, this gave him a revelation. The Lin Clan’s territory had to develop quickly. All kinds of commercial and ecological regions had to be developed faster.
As he was thinking, more than ten familiar figures walked over.

It was Zhang Liang and the other core members.

“Come up to the VIP room, Imperial Relative’s Room on the third floor!” Lin Ye smiled and waved.

Soon, a group of people rushed over in a panic.

They pushed the door open and entered. As soon as he entered, Tru’s loud voice sounded. “My lord, the owner of this restaurant is interesting. He has even named this room as the Imperial Relative’s Room. By eating here, we can be considered people who eat imperial food, hahaha.”

Lin Ye pointed at the seat.

There were four large round tables where ten people sat. The disciples of the Luo and Totem Battle Clans tactfully sat at the comer.

Zhang Liang, Tru, Luo Feng, Li Xinyi, and the others sat at the main seat where Lin Ye was.

The efficiency of the Fragrance Garden Restaurant was not bad. After everyone was seated, the food and drinks were served.

Lin Ye gave him a look.

Zhang Liang immediately understood and took the initiative to throw a high-grade spirit stone to dismiss the waiter and the cat-eared chef.

“Don’t mention it. We’re all on the same side. Let go of your stomach and eat.”

Lin Ye smiled.

As soon as he finished speaking, the group was hungry. They had played in Mystic Fire City for an entire day and the treatment the Fox Lady Race gave them was perfect.
Each of them was accompanied by a fox lady. If not for the lord’s mission, they would not be willing to come out.

After having his fill, Zhang Liang’s eyes darkened. He looked around and nodded. “No one is eavesdropping.”

“My lord, why are you so careful?” Tru asked curiously as he picked his teeth.

The others also looked over.

On the way here, his avatar only told everyone about Heaven Cast City.

The specific mission had yet to be revealed.

“Open your minds and read it yourselves. After reading it, tell me if you have a way. If you don’t, think of a way!”

Lin Ye’s eyes flickered. 25 strands of his divine sense pierced through the air and entered everyone’s forehead..