Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Thousand Layered Armor, Unrivaled Defense

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“There’s more:
“Let me see, is it real?”

“Tsk, it’s reall!”

Master Ou Ye and Bu Jingtian compared the two Advanced Tokens. They looked at each other with surging emotions.

“Little friend, are you really planning to give us one each?”

Master Ou Ye swallowed his saliva and said excitedly.

“Of course. You are the blacksmith with the highest chance of forging a Hundred Layered Armor. I don’t want to offend you. City Lord Bu is also a rare top expert in the surrounding area and a talent that I especially need. I want both of the fish and the bear paws, so this is the only way.” Lin Ye smiled.
“Then what about this set of Hundred Layered Armor?” Master Ou Ye gestured at the space ring in his hand. Since he had given both of them, then Bu Jingtian’s set would definitely be given to Lin Ye. He had more on his side.

As he spoke, Bu Jingtian had already taken out the Hundred Layered Armor from his space ring.

“Boss, this is my hundred-layer armor. After it’s forged, I can’t bear to wear it and have been hiding it in my Meru Space. If you don’t mind, just wear it. With this treasure protecting your body, ordinary Class 14 experts won’t be able to kill you in the short term.”
“Thank you. Then I’ll give this set to City Lord Bu. When Master Ou Ye has finished refining, you can give it to City Lord Bu directly.”

Lin Ye smiled and accepted the set of Level 11 Hundred Layered Armor.

“You have obtained a half-step Level 11—Hundred Layered Armor!”


1. 100 Half-step Level 11 Armor!

2. 1 Half-step Level 11—Thousand Layered Armor!

3. Random Quantity, Level of Hundred Layered Armor! (Excludes the probability of a Level 9 Hundred Layered Armor from appearing)


Lin Ye exploded.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!!!

A Thousand Layered Armor?

If he chose option 2 and spent a year or two preparing other materials, would he be able to transform it to become a 10,000 Layered Armor?

F*ck, what was there to forge?

“I. choose option 2!”

Lin Ye immediately spoke. With a flash of light, the originally Hundred Layered Armor instantly became a thousand layered one

Of course, its appearance did not change at all. This superimposed armor looked the same on the outside, like a coat.

However, after filling the void, it could stack the attributes of other armor.

When he wore it, information instantly returned to his sea of consciousness.

Item: Thousand Layered Armor

Level: Half-step Level 11

Effect: Additional 1,000 Level 11 Armor and Level 10 Armor Special Effect. Can withstand the full power attack of 500 Class 11 and 500 Class 10 experts at the same time for 10 times. To break the armor using individual attacks, Class 12 experts need to attack 2,000 times, Class 13 experts need to attack
1,000 times, and Class 14 experts need to attack 500 times.

Improvement Method:
1, Remove the lower-level armors imbued in the Thousand Layered Armor and add higher-level armors.

2. Absorb all kinds of metallic Natural Oddities, Natural Spirit Treasures, Golden Light of Merit, and so on.

“This attribute is godly!!!”

Lin Ye was dumbfounded.

‘As expected of the invincible armor that was highly respected by all clans. After obtaining the Thousand Layered Armor, its attributes immediately exploded.
Even its value had changed.

In the past, it was a real star or a virtual star, but now, it had directly evolved into a hexagram.

A qualitative change had occurred.

Furthermore, from the looks of it, the effect was ridiculous.

In other words, even if he was facing the strongest person in Heaven Cast City, the City Lord, who was a peak Class 13 expert with the combat power of a Class 14 in the Heaven Cast City’s territory, the other party would still have to attack with all his might and hit him with 500 to 800 sure-kill techniques
before he could kill him.

This was equivalent to hundreds of resurrection!

Lin Ye was tempted.

Or rather, he was thinking if he went to buy a Thousand Layered Armor now, would he be able to get a hundredfold reward for it?

His heart heated up.

“Thank you, boss!”

On the other side, Bu Jingtian had yet to react to the change in Lin Ye’s mentality.

He was still surprised by Lin Ye’s generosity.

At the same time, he forced a smile on his cold face.

He just needed to try to gather more resources for his Hundred Layered Armor and he would have gotten back to what he initially had.
“Little friend, you’re being silly!!”

On the other hand, Master Ou Ye was clearly a person who bore grudges. He didn’t forget to break the ice and said, “Little friend, don’t be fooled by him. Although that bastard surnamed Bu is strong, he’s definitely not worth this price. Give me the second Advanced Token and I’ll find a stronger one for

“Also, this Hundred Layered Armor is extremely precious. I’ll keep it for you. Perhaps I can even use it to forge a Thousand Layered Armor in the future.”
“This thing can be refined indefinitely.”

“Refine infinitely? Seriously?” Lin Ye was suspicious.

“This thing can be refined indefinitely.”

From the corner of his eye, Lin Ye glanced at Bu Jingtian, who had regained his cold mask, and couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

“It’s a fair competition. If you are willing, I’ll be your lackey. If you’re unwilling, it doesn’t matter. I won’t suffer any losses either.” Bu Jingtian said calmly.

“Bah, what are you pretending for? Your palms are sweating. Do you think I don’t f*cking understand you?” Master Ou Ye snorted coldly.

”_.” Bu Jingtian looked at the sky at a 45-degree angle.

Lin Ye shook his head and laughed when he saw this. In any case, he had already obtained the Thousand Layered Armor, and he had no interest in the Hundred Layered Armor.

He would just accept Bu Jingtian and take it as a form of gratitude to him. Without him, he would not have been able to obtain the Thousand Layered Armor.

He immediately waved his hand and said, “Forget it. It’s a matter for the future. In the future, after this set of Hundred Layered Armor is forged, it’s better to give it to City Lord Bu. Although I’m young, I’ll definitely keep my word.”
“You are actually giving it to him?” Grandmaster Ou Ye blinked, feeling incredulous.

This was a treasure worth billions, and he was giving it away just like that?

Even though the other party was Bu Jingtian, he still could not understand this thought.

“Really.” Lin Ye nodded firmly.

Upon hearing this, Bu Jingtian’s eyes flickered. While he was surprised, his favorable impression of Lin Ye soared.

“Little friend, your magnanimity is truly something that I have never seen before.” Grandmaster Ou Ye said respectfully.

‘As they conversed, Lin Ye turned to the teleportation array of Heaven Cast City and immediately sensed that his avatar, Zhang Liang, and the others had entered the city.

“[still have something on, I’ll take my leave first.” Lin Ye clasped his fists.

“Boss, how should I contact you?” Bu Jingtian hurriedly asked.

“Lalmost forgot about this. This is for you. I will inform you when I need you.” Lin Ye searched through the Reputation Shop for a few seconds and quickly found two walkie-talkies. He threw one to Bu Jingtian and kept the other for himself.
“This is?”

Bu Jingtian looked at it with a confused expression.

He could not understand the summary and characters on it at all.

“It’s an enhanced version of the walkie-talkie, a product of my hometown. We can contact each other within the range of 50 kilometers. This is how it’s used. Don’t block my mental fingerprint!”
Lin Ye’s fingertip flickered with white light. With a flick of his finger, it drilled into the space between Bu Jingtian’s eyebrows.

The latter instinctively wanted to dodge, but after some thought, he resisted it.

Soon, he understood.

He was immediately curious about the iron lump in his hand and happily chatted with Lin Ye a few times.

“Give me one, I want one too!” Master Ou Ye was overjoyed and said.

“Sure, catch it.”

Lin Ye bought another one from the Reputation Shop and handed it to Grandmaster Ou Ye.

This thing was not expensive and was only effective at 50 kilometers. It could not expose his coordinates.

“Old Bu, stay far away. Say something, I want to hear it!”

“Ou Ye, can you hear me?”

“Yes, yes. I can hear you very clearly. This thing is very powerful. It feels more convenient than the voice transmission talismans of the immortal cultivation system.”

“That’s right. A sound transmitting talisman requires spiritual energy to activate. Yet, we only need to press a button on this iron lump to communicate remotely

“You two, go ahead and play first. T’l go first!”

Looking at the two of them having a good time, Lin Ye said and his figure flashed as he flew out of the Treasure Armor Pavilion..