Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 333

Chapter 333: A Top Fighter


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“Customer, this is the fragrant cake from the Heavenly Fragrance Market next door. Try it. Master Ou Ye is washing up. He will be here soon.”

In the VIP room on the fifth floor, the rabbit-eared lady carried a plate of fruits and small food and placed them on the mysterious table beside Lin Ye with a smile.

“Mm, thanks,” Lin Ye replied and picked up a piece of crispy cake to take a look.

It was a little similar to the desserts from the Nine States. It was white and soft.

There were also many exquisite patterns engraved on the surface.

In the bitter Underworld, it was considered a high-class food.

Under the expectant gaze of the rabbit-eared girl, he tasted a piece.


He couldn’t express the feeling.

It was not that his mouth had a problem, but… this thing was too sweet.

The texture was a little like Ah San’s soup balls.

For Lin Ye, who had been born in the north of the Nine States, this kind of dessert was truly a pity.

Then, he chatted with the rabbit -eared girl for a while and asked about Heaven Cast City.

‘As they were chatting, the door opened.

An old man with wet hair and a flushed face walked in.

Bu Jingtian was still standing at the entrance wearing a red robe, guarding outside like a guard.

“Master Ou Ye!” The rabbit-eared girl hurriedly bowed.

“Little rabbit, you can leave now. Tell the others that there are esteemed guests visiting the Treasure Armor Pavilion today. I won’t accept the visits of others. If they’re dissatisfied, they can go to the Divine Weapon Pavilion to buy weapons. I, Ou Ye, will definitely not stop them.”
The old man instructed the rabbit-eared lady before looking at Lin Ye with a smile.
“Young friend, how should I address you?”

“Lin Ye.” Lin Ye smiled.

“Lwonder what relationship you have with Senior Xuanji,” Ou Ye probed.
“We’re friends. Old Xuan said that if there are any problems with forging, I can come to you for help with his token. I wonder if it’s true.”
‘As he spoke, Lin Ye handed Old Man Xuanji’s Advanced Token to Master Ou Ye again.

“It’s real.”

Ou Ye took a look and was excited.

Senior Xuanji was a legendary great senior.

In this day and age, who didn’t want to let Senior Xuanji owe them a favor?

In the future, be it buying information, fortune-telling, survival, or anything else, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Most importantly.

This season was too dangerous. Before it even started, many hidden forces had appeared.

‘Who could guarantee that they would live for ten thousand years?

Therefore, experts like Xuanji who could directly enter the Heaven Gate and evade risks were too popular.

Even a blacksmith like Ou Ye did not dare to underestimate him.

He looked at the jade pendant in his hand which was filled with profound energy. It was the same as the one he had obtained before.

It was definitely a product of Senior Xuanji. There was no mistake.

‘The young man in front of him seemed to have a high status.

He actually dared to address him as Senior. Could he be the son of a peerless noble family in the capital?

‘When he thought up to here, Master Ou Ye couldn’t help but feel deep veneration.

“Lwonder why my little friend is looking for me. If I can help, Ou Ye will definitely do his best.”

Looking at Ou Ye’s expression, Lin Ye narrowed his eyes, deeply understanding how useful Old Man Xuanji’s reputation was.

He said truthfully, “It’s like this, Master Ou Ye. A few hours ago, I saw you forge a set of Hundred Layered Armor for City Lord Bu. This junior has just collected hundreds of sets of Level 10 armor. I would like to request Senior to forge one for me.”
“A Hundred Layered Armor!”

Master Ou Ye’s expression turned slightly grave as he asked, “I wonder when you need it?”

“Just for a few days. The sooner the better,” Lin Ye said.

“This…” Master Ou Ye was a little troubled.

In the past, he would need to rest for a month or two for every 100-layer armor he forged.

After all, this thing needed to be superimposed a hundred times. It was a very draining physical activity.

If Lin Ye was just someone from an ordinary wealthy family, he would have rejected it immediately.

However, he was still holding Senior Xuanji’s Advanced Token.

In another three to four months, when the human forces enter the Underworld, the price of this item would probably exceed a Hundred Layered Armor.

Of course, as long as one was not stupid, they would not sell an Advanced Token.

After hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, for the sake of Senior Xuanji, I’ll risk it. In half an hour, the furnace will open again and I’ll immediately forge a Hundred Layered Armor for you.”
“Thank you, Master. These are the materials!” Lin Ye hurriedly handed the space ring containing the Level 10 armors to Ou Ye.

“Mm, the quality is not bad. There are more than ten pieces that are close to becoming Level 11 armors.” Ou Ye took a look and nodded in satisfaction.

“Master, how much is the forging fee? Please give me a number. I’ll transfer it to you now,” Lin Ye said.

“Forget it, that’s just a small sum. With Senior Xuanji’s jade pendant, I can forget about the forging fee,” Master Ou Ye said happily.

“How can I accept this?” Lin Ye scratched his head.

He remembered that no matter how trashy the Hundred Layered Armor was, the cost of forging it would be at least a few hundred million zombie souls.

This was not a small number.

“Kid, don’t think that you’ve made a loss. If you’re willing to give me Senior Xuanji’s Advanced Token, I can directly give you this set of Hundred Layered Armor and be your lackey for half a year for free.” At this moment, the cold-faced man at the door, Bu Jingtian, spoke.
His words were astonishing and he was directly snatching business in front of Master Ou Ye.

“You with the surname Bu, are you even human? You even dare to snatch my business!!”

‘As expected, Master Ou Ye was furious when he heard this. He opened his mouth and spat.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? We have a fair trade. You helped me forge a Hundred Layered Armor, and I will keep my promise and help you guard the Treasure Armor Pavilion for half a year.”

“You didn’t fix the time. At most, I’ll go and be a lackey for Lin Ye first. I’ll come back to help you in half a year.”

Bu Jingtian said nonchalantly.

“You!!! I’m really blind. How did I know a bastard like you!” Ou Ye was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

He turned to look at Lin Ye and hurriedly said, “Little friend, you must not be deceived by him. Look at how heartless his grandson is. I’ve helped him greatly just now, but he sold me out for benefits and even wanted to snatch my business. You must not fall for such a person.”
“Don’t worry. I promise to forge this Hundred Layered Armor for you in seven days, no, five days.”

“Lin Ye, consider carefully. Most of the armor used to forge the set of Hundred Layered Armor on me is Level 11. It is a treasure that I spent two seasons preparing. Its quality far exceeds yours.”

“Other than that, I’m also at the peak of Class 12. My combat power is comparable to a Class 13.”

“In the entire Heaven Cast City, other than the current City Lord and the patriarchs of the top three noble families, I can’t find another person who is stronger than me.”

“For me to be your lackey for half a year, this deal is definitely worth it.” Bu Jingtian crossed his arms confidently.

“Old Bu, are you bent on going against me!” Ou Ye’s eyes were bloodshot as he gnashed his teeth.

If not for the fact that he could not defeat Bu Jingtian, he would probably rush up to fight him.

“A fair competition. I won’t force it.” Bu Jingtian glanced at him and said expressionlessly.


Seeing that the two were about to break apart, Lin Ye sighed and hurriedly took out the second Advanced Token…

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