Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Treasure Armor Pavilion, City Lord Qilin’s Fist


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The Wang family was deeply rooted in Heaven Cast City.

Heaven Cast City was definitely not something Mystic Fire City could compare to. The current Heaven Cast City was only half a step away from entering the ranks of the major cities.
There were many experts in the city.

He had already sensed dozens of Class 10 experts after a walk.

‘There were no less than a hundred families who were on good terms with the Wang family. Among them were extraordinary and powerful ancestors.

Now, although he had the two powerful trump cards of Little White and the zombie king army in his hands.

It was difficult to replicate the accomplishments of destroying the Feng family in Mystic Fire City.

After all, unlike the Mystic Fire City Lord, who liked to socialize, the City Lord of Heavenly Cast City was a blacksmith and had always stayed in the city to forge.
It was said that this person was not weak as well. He was a top Class 13 expert who was not weaker than Yang Tianyou from Hell.

Furthermore, this was his territory, and his combat power could double. He was strong enough to match a Class 14 expert here.

Thinking of this, Lin Ye had a headache.

“Having two brains is better than one. Call Zhang Liang and the others over! Let’s think of a solution together.”

Thinking of this, he made a spin and a Beginner Avatar split out from him.

He brought an Advanced VIP teleportation token to find Zhang Liang and the others.

He did not idle himself and turned around to go to the Treasure Weapon Pavilion.

Treasure Armor Pavilion.

‘The place was bustling with noise.

A few hours ago, Master Ou Ye had just forged a priceless Hundred Layered Armor for City Lord Qilin.

Such a transaction of hundreds of millions of Zombie Souls was rare even in Heaven Cast City.

Every time it appeared, it was equivalent to a top-tier advertisement. There were countless people who came to watch.

The orders made after such an event would be even more exaggerated.

Even if one could not afford the Hundred Layered Armor, it was still good to get some ordinary Level 9 equipment that was sturdy.

After all, the reputation of a blacksmith that could forge a Hundred Layered Armor would not be too bad. This was public knowledge.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” As Lin Ye walked in, a rabbit-eared lady with a clear voice asked.

“No.” Lin Ye shook his head.

“Tm really sorry. There are too many guests who want to meet Master Ou Ye. The Treasure Armor Pavilion has introduced an appointment function.”

“You can tell us your request first. Whether you want to forge weapons or armor, we will give you an appointment number.”

“When it’s your turn. I’ll inform you immediately,” the rabbit-eared girl said kindly.

“are those on the other side all queueing?” Looking at the dense crowd of people sitting opposite him, Lin Ye’s mouth twitched.

Who knew how long he would have to wait.

“That’s right. Sir, what do you need to forge?” The rabbit-eared lady took out a piece of paper and a pen and looked at Lin Ye expectantly.

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Give this to Master Ou Ye. He will meet me later!” Lin Ye threw out a jade pendant.

It was Daoist Xuanji’s Advanced Token.

“Customer, stop fooling around. This is not Master Ou Ye’s token. You are the 38th person to impersonate as master’s friend today.”

The rabbit-eared girl frowned and her expression darkened.

“Tm really not lying to you. This jade pendant was given to me by an elder. That elder of mine has a close relationship with your master. Take it and give it to Master Ou Ye to take a look. You will know when you see it.” Lin Ye explained with a helpless expression.
Before the rabbit-eared girl could say anything, laughter came from afar.

“Brother, that trick is too boring. The few of us have already tried that. It’s useless. Are you thinking that since you’re rich, when you meet the master and use money to knock him out, you can perfectly cut the line?”
“Hehe, I can only say that you’re too young. Everyone present is all from a noble family. Don’t even think about cutting the line. Come and queue obediently!”
“Also, little brother, let me remind you. Master Ou Ye hates getting in through the back door the most. If you act so brazenly, I might throw you out!”

The cat-eared girl’s face flushed red.

Lin Ye had a strange expression. F*ck, what was going on? Was there something else going on?

He revealed a suspicious expression.


At this moment, a terrifying Qilin Fist Aura appeared out of thin air.

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes. He was not the target of the Fist Aura, but the young man who had just jeered.

“Bu Jingtian, you dare!!!”

‘The expressions of the young men changed drastically. Their bodies were surrounded by dazzling protective equipment as they tried to block the terrifying punch.

Unfortunately, the difference between the two sides was too great. Before the dozen or so Class 9 protective equipment could hold on, they were instantly shattered.
Meanwhile, those youngsters cried out miserably one after another, their chests caving in, vomiting blood. They smashed through the wall, flying out.
“Lord Bu!”

‘The cat-eared girl looked at the burly man walking down the stairs with admiration.

Bu Jingtian’s figure flashed and appeared outside the Treasure Armor Pavilion.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At this moment, more than ten figures flew out from a hidden corner and guarded the heavily injured youth.

The leader of the group stared at Bu Jingtian with an ugly expression.

He gritted his teeth and said, “City Lord Bu, you’re the lord of a city after all. Why lower yourself to the level of a child?”

“You don’t know how to shut your mouth. You should be glad that I’m only lowering myself to their level.”

Bu Jingtian’s gaze was cold as he looked at the young men who were wailing miserably. Killing intent appeared on his face. “If you dare to cause trouble in the Treasure Armor Pavilion again, I will say this today. I will definitely massacre your families!”
“Bu Jingtian, don’t go too far! My Wang Family is not to be trifled with!” The leader gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Let your ancestor Wang Jingze say this. You don’t have the right.”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, Bu Jingtian threw another punch.


‘The air exploded and a terrifying wave of air exploded. In an instant, more than ten black-clothed people were beaten until they vomited blood repeatedly.

The man in black’s face flushed red.

Under Bu Jingtian’s cold gaze, he could only leave indignantly with the young man.

“Let’s go.”

After looking at the surrounding people, Bu Jingtian said and turned around to return to the Treasure Armor Pavilion.

As he passed by Lin Ye, he accidentally saw the mysterious token and his pupils constricted.

He turned his head and said, “Little rabbit, he’s Grandmaster’s friend. Bring him to the fifth floor to wait.”

“Oh, okay.”

The rabbit-eared girl nodded repeatedly until Bu Jingtian left.

Her eyes lit up as she asked in disbelief, “Customer, you really know the Grandmaster?”

“It’s not that I know him, but he’s my elder,” Lin Ye corrected.

Ashe spoke, he silently split out another avatar and hid in the dark, wanting to chase after those Wang Family disciples.

“Isee. Please follow me. The fifth floor is the Grandmaster’s exclusive room. Other than Lord Bu, no one has been there before.” The rabbit-eared lady winked mischievously and twisted her hips as she led Lin Ye upstairs.
At this moment, after the incident with Bu Jingtian, no one dared to voice any objections.

However, all of them looked at Lin Ye with envy. At the same time, whispers rang out. Many people treated him as a descendant of a top family.

If not for that, how could he cut in line at the strictly regulated Treasure Armor Pavilion?

For a moment, many people were curious about Lin Ye’s identity.

Towards this, Lin Ye shook his head and sighed.

This person was too outstanding. He was the center of attention wherever he went. It was impossible for him to keep a low profile.

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