Chapter 329: Heaven Cast City, Eight Trigrams Pavilion


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Half an hour later, Lin Ye arrived in a huge city that was like a furnace, with blacksmith shops everywhere.

The air was filled with fire particles and the rhythmic sound of iron striking.

“Impressive, is this Heavenly Cast City? It’s simply a steel fortress.”

Lin Ye pulled Yang Fusheng with his left hand and carried the mechanical beast, Little White, in his arms as he wandered around the huge city curiously.
There were differences between large cities.

‘When they arrived at Heaven Cast City, it was early in the morning.

One by one, burly blacksmiths with bare chests picked up large hammers and crazily forged their weapons.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was the heaven for weaponsmiths.

Every square was connected to the earth vein volcanoes under their feet. There was endless fire energy supporting the blacksmiths’ crazy forging.

Along the way, Lin Ye gained a lot of knowledge.

He saw armed armor, armed mechanical beasts, and all kinds of dazzling strange weapons.

He saw a huge saber that was dozens of meters long, a meteor hammer that weighed tens of thousands of kilograms, and even the ugliest of flying wings.
The blacksmiths here had a huge imagination and were bold and imaginative. Regardless of whether it was useful or not, they just forged it.

In terms of forging alone, this should be the holy land that many blacksmiths dreamed of.

Unfortunately, the threshold of Heavenly Cast City was high.

At the very least, one had to be a Class 6 blacksmith. Low-level blacksmiths were not entertained here, even in the small shops.

After wandering for a few hours, with Lin Ye’s leg strength, he had walked at least dozens of kilometers.

However, according to the map he bought before entering the city, he had only walked 1 / 1000th.

This place was too big.


Suddenly, three-colored divine splendor descended from ahead. Someone cried out in alarm.

“Heavens, Master Ou from the Treasure Armor Pavilion has forged another Hundred Layered Armor!”

“Impressive, I heard that it was made for the lord of Qilin City, Bu Jingtian. It cost a total of 230 million zombie souls and hundreds of sets of Level 10 armor!”
“Gasp—What the f*ck, this is simply a divine beast that devours gold!”

“That’s normal. The Thousand Layered Armor made for the big shots of the capital and the main cities are even more priceless treasures!”

The people below discussed spiritedly. Lin Ye’s eyes flickered.

‘The Hundred Layered Armor was also one of his reasons for coming to Heaven Cast City.

He stood where he was and watched for a moment. The so-called Master Ou was an incomparably old man.

However, the muscles on his body were bulging, looking like Master Roshi who was old but strong.

Opposite him was a cold-faced young man. He was tall and sturdy, about two meters tall. He had loose hair and a red cape behind him.

One could vaguely see a vaguely visible flame beast rising from his right arm.

“City Lord Qilin?”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes.

Little White, who was in his arms, had a serious expression. “Master, this guy is so strong. I feel that his combat power is at least Class 12.”

“I know.” Lin Ye nodded.

This aura was the strongest he had seen since he entered the Underworld.

His aura was dense. As he stood there, his spirit perception was like a scorching volcano. Once it erupted, it would turn the world upside down.
“However, if we work together, we can still kill him with the zombie king puppet army.”

Little White narrowed its eyes, saliva drooling at the corner of its mouth. It said softly, “He’s the lord of a city after all. Master, should we beat him up? I feel that this fellow is definitely much fatter than the Feng family.”
“Right, right, right. If we want to snatch, we should snatch the strongest one. I can also help. By burning 90% of the Zombie King’s blood essence, I can freeze him for a second!”
‘The comers of Yang Fusheng’s eyes lit up as he looked at the cold young man standing on the huge forging furnace diagonally opposite him.

“Idiot, put away your greed.” Lin Ye cursed.

‘As expected, that City Lord Qilin sensed it.

He glanced at Yang Fusheng from the corner of his eye and looked at Lin Ye and Little White. He nodded slightly but did not flare up.

Upon seeing this, Lin Ye hurriedly grabbed Yang Fusheng’s collar and went to a corner. As he walked, he cursed, “Are you stupid? Even if you want to beat him up, you have to hide it and not secretly attack him. F*ck, just because of you, he already sensed it. How can we even rob him now?”
“[ didn’t do it on purpose…” Yang Fusheng said weakly.

“Forget it. In any case, the main target this time is not him. Let’s go. We’ve seen enough. Let’s go and find the blind man.”

Lin Ye opened the map and searched according to the coordinates his mother-in-law gave him.

Ten minutes later, the man, zombie, and cat arrived at a corner of the north of the city. The conditions here were simple and looked like a slum.

Along the way, there were even children who took off their pants and shat in the middle of the road.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a child shitting!”

Lin Ye took a look and was even scolded by the other party’s fierce mother.

“Education is indeed important.”

Lin Ye sighed and moved his fingers.

Apile of golden sh*t fell into the mouth of the fierce mother.


Soon, screams and vomiting came from behind.
“Well done!”

Yang Fusheng secretly gave him a thumbs up.

Lin Ye smiled and turned a few alleys before finally reaching his destination.

It was a fortune-telling board placed beside a sewage ditch. Sitting in front of it was a blind white-haired old man.

Although the old man was blind, his hearing was sharp.

“An esteemed guest is here. I wonder if it’s for money or fortune-telling.”

“I don’t seek wealth or fortune-telling.”

Lin Ye leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m here to find my son.”

“So you’re one of us.”

The old man smiled and knocked on the wall with his walking stick. “Father, please come in.”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes and his gaze landed on the crutch and the wall. The moment he tapped, it was as if he had triggered some mechanism or restriction order.
He vaguely sensed a spatial fluctuation, similar to the feeling he had before entering the ruin.

“Could it really be a ruin?”

Lin Ye cursed in his heart.

‘What a generous move. To hide a ruin in Heaven Cast City and especially use it to sell information, who would be so generous?

For a moment, he was even more curious about the owner of this place.

“Father?” The old man saw that Lin Ye didn’t move for a long time and called out again.

“Hehe, it’s okay. I thought of something happy.”

As he spoke, Lin Ye pulled Yang Fusheng and crashed into the dark wall. The teleportation array flickered.


A moment later, his feet landed on the ground and his body appeared in a dimly lit room.

The room was not big and the interior was simple. It was like a thatched house with dense spirit patterns engraved around it.

Lin Ye looked at it curiously.

Soon, a faint and aged voice sounded from behind the straw hut.

“It looks like this is your first time here. There’s no need to worry. Our Eight Trigrams Pavilion is the best and most professional news source.”

“The spirit patterns that you saw just now are the strongest spirit patterns of the array formations in the Underworld forged by our Lord, the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets and other Underworld powerhouses. It took us 49 days to obtain 108,000 forbidden divine spirit patterns.”
“With the protection of these spirit patterns, you can ask for any information at ease here.”

“No matter how secret the information is, as long as you can afford it, there’s everything you want to know here..”