Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Mother-in-law’s Shock


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A sky-blue teleportation portal descended.

With a flash of light, Lin Ye and Yang Fusheng appeared.

“My lord! I’ve waited long.”

As soon as he walked out of the teleportation hall, Liu Yong, the city guard, walked over and bowed with a smile.
“You seem to be keeping an eye on me.” Lin Ye narrowed his eyes.

“There’s definitely no such thing. With the Advanced VIP token, you are the most esteemed guest of Mystic Fire City. However, the city is not peaceful tonight. The thousands of people from the Feng family have been wiped out and the old mansion has been emptied. With such a dangerous situation, I
naturally have to guard the teleportation array as soon as possible.”

Liu Yong lowered his eyes obediently, “It’s just that not long ago, you were the only one with the teleportation record. Can you tell me where you went?”
“You can’t find out?” Lin Ye smiled faintly.

“What I said is true. The authority of the Advanced VIP token is above mine. I can only confirm that you have used the teleportation array.”
Liu Yong said truthfully.


Realization dawned on Lin Ye and a smile appeared on his face. “So you’re saying that you suspect me now?”

“Twouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare.” Liu Yong lowered his head and sent a voice transmission, “My lord, just give an excuse. I will settle it cleanly. However, the process is complicated and requires a connection. What do you think…”
“How much is it?” Lin Ye asked directly.

Through his Listening Ear and Heart’s Web talent, he could tell that Liu Yong was indeed only looking for money.

“It might require 100 million zombie souls,” Liu Yong said softly.

“Good fellow, your appetite is not small.” Lin Ye smiled, his eyes flickering with a brilliant light.


An illusory world had descended!

An invisible wave of light spread out and enveloped the thousands of guards nearby.

Including Liu Yong who was at the peak of Class 9, everyone had a dazed expression.

“Fusheng, I’ll leave it to you. Delete their memories and use your aura to find me.”

“F*ck, I just came and you’re already giving me such a heavy task!”

“Those who are capable should do more work. If you’re done, I’ll give you a few Natural Oddities in two days.”

With that, he ignored Yang Fusheng who was overjoyed. Lin Ye smiled and turned around to fly towards the city in Mystic Fire City.
Along the way, they encountered many soldiers from the Fire Army who were searching for the criminals.


Lin Ye hid in the darkness and sneered.

Combined with Liu Yong’s thoughts, he roughly understood.

The four generals and Liu Yong didn’t want to cause trouble. The matter of the Feng Family was so ridiculously settled.

They would shift the blame to the so-called sinners.

The so-called sinners were those who had commited crimes and did not belong to any city.

These people were usually strong and ruthless. They were lawless and often massacred cities in remote cities.1

Of course, no one knew if it was true or false.

A few minutes later, he returned to the Exquisite Treasure Pavilion.

At this moment, his mother-in-law, Luo Bing, was holding a meeting with the upper echelons of the Fox Lady Race.

She was planning how to obtain the greatest benefits from this distribution.

“Son-in-law, you’re back?” Housekeeper Lan Xin saw him and hurriedly bowed.

“How long until it ends inside?”

Lin Ye asked.

Before heading to Heavenly Cast City, he still needed to get some information from his mother-in-law.

He would also give her all the goods that the supermarket would sell.

“It should be soon. It’s been a few hours.” A look of worry flashed across Lan Xin’s face. “Although the destruction of the Feng family is a good thing for our clan, there’s a butcher’s knife above our heads. All the clans are afraid that the knife will fall on our heads sooner or later.”
“Don’t worry, no matter who it landed on, it won’t be in the Fox Lady Race,” Lin Ye consoled.

Meeting Lin Ye’s gaze, Lan Xin seemed to sense something and opened her mouth slightly. “It’s you?”


Lin Ye smiled. “It’s a secret.”

“Oh, oh, okay!” Although she could not confirm it, for some reason, Lan Xin felt that Lin Ye was not lying and a strong sense of security arose from her heart.
The Fox Lady Race had been weak for too long, making them instinctively rely on the strong.

The invisible spiritual pressure emitted by Lin Ye was the best tranquilizer.

After drinking a few cups of tea with Lan Xin, the meeting inside finally ended.

One by one, the fox lady shopkeepers rubbed their fists and walked out of the hall excitedly.

Along the way, those who saw Lin Ye and Lan Xin were shocked.

Even Luo Bing, who was breathing lightly in the meeting room, noticed the abnormality and looked at Lin Ye.

An invisible pressure surged over, but it was as if she was standing on a boat in a storm.

As long as the other party willed it, he could easily take her life.

“How is this possible?!” Luo Bing stared.

It had only been a few hours and he had already become so strong?

On the other side, Lin Ye realized belatedly and revealed an awkward expression. He quickly controlled it and put away his spiritual pressure.
After breaking through to half-step Class 10, his aura was no weaker than a Class 11 expert. He had yet to adapt to it.

Therefore, the foxes who were far weaker than him were all dumbfounded.

A moment later, after they recovered, the various higher-ups from the fox clan Lan Xin belonged to greeted him respectfully.
“Greetings, Young Master, Housekeeper Lan.”

“There’s no need for formalities.”

Lin Ye nodded gently and turned to look at the equally embarrassed Lan Xin. “Aunt Lan, I’ll go in first. Thank you for the tea.”

With that, his figure passed through the crowd like a breeze and instantly appeared in the meeting room.

“Good fellow, what kind of treasure did you secretly eat? Your strength increased too quickly,” Luo Bing said curiously.

“Irobbed the Feng family and found something good.”

Lin Ye smiled. As he spoke, he flicked out a Level 10 Void Ring. “Mother-in-law, consider this a gift from your son-in-law.”

“F*ck, Old Feng’s Void Ring. This is a Level 10 spatial ring!”

Luo Bing was shocked. “You really did i
“Twouldn’t lie to you about something like that.”

Lin Ye didn’t mind and instructed, “The ring contains the products from Nine States and they are worth hundreds of millions of reputation points. It’s specially meant to start the supermarkets. The construction blueprint is also inside. You have to hurry up. Your son-in-law needs to support millions of
people. You have to earn money quickly.”

“Got it. The matter of the supermarket will be started today. You didn’t come to me because of this, did you?”

Luo Bing suppressed her surprise and said sternly.

“Mother-in-law is still the smartest. There are a few things I need to trouble you with,” Lin Ye said.

Then, he asked her about the Wang Clan, Dragon Island, Pure Yang Limitless Sect, and the Five Elements City.

“Hold on.”

Luo Bing was swift and decisive. She quickly tore a piece of paper from the conference table.

She wrote the names of a place, person, and a code on it.

“When you reach Heavenly Cast City, look for this person according to the coordinates. He will bring you to a place. There is everything you want there. Furthermore, it is more complete and real than any information obtained from any other news source.”
He took the note from Luo Bing.

Lin Ye took a look. [Heavenly Cast City: 235, 9379. A blind fortune-teller, Secret code: I’m here to find my son!]

“After you’ve seen it, bum it. Don’t leave it.”

Luo Bing instructed, “This organization is strong. Don’t cause trouble after you enter, or you will die miserably.”

“Do I look like someone who will cause trouble?” Lin Ye spread his hands. Why did everyone think that he was a troublemaker? He was being wronged!

“Hehe.” Luo Bing smiled insincerely.

“Alright, speed is of utmost importance. I’m going.” Lin Ye sighed and couldn’t be bothered to explain. His figure tore through the air and flew towards the teleportation array again.
Halfway through, Yang Fusheng chased over with his aura. “Why are you going to the teleportation array again?”

“ve gathered some information. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to snatch some Natural Oddities,” Lin Ye said with a smile.

Upon hearing that, Yang Fusheng was excited. “Let’s go, let’s go. Lin Ye, I admire you more and more. You’re a person who dares to do big things.”

“Tl go over first. Remember to delete the memories of Liu Yong and the rest.”

“L. F*ck you!”

Yang Fusheng staggered and almost fell from the sky..