Chapter 327: Dark Race


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After successfully upgrading the now Level 10 Zombie King Army, Lin Ye threw Little White into the Void Ring and returned to the Lin Clan’s territory with his avatar.
Before he could pass through the teleportation array and head to the Underworld, a black shadow crawled over.

‘The next moment, Yang Fusheng laid beside him and sniffed. He could vaguely see a wisp of dark green aura entering his nostrils.

“Natural Oddity?!!!”

Soon, Yang Fusheng opened his eyes and glared at Lin Ye angrily. He said angrily, “Alright, Lin Ye. There’s such a good thing, but you actually ate it behind my back. Are we still brothers?”
“You must have a dog’s nose.” Lin Ye laughed.

He did not eat them secretly. He gave them all to the zombie army and Little White.

However, after destroying so many Natural Oddities, his body was more or less tainted with some of its aura.

This was good as well. Yang Fusheng had even absorbed the last trace of his aura without any flaws.

“Tm not joking with you. Give me 180 of them and I’ll forgive you,” Yang Fusheng threatened with a straight face.

“Scram to the side.”

Lin Ye rolled his eyes. “You’re talking about 180 of them at once. Do you think I’m a magician?”

However, on second thought, he chuckled and said, “It’s not impossible for you to obtain a Natural Oddity. Help me find out the identity of a mysterious race.”
“Mysterious race? Do you have more detailed information?” Yang Fusheng scratched his head.

“I don’t know much either. It can be considered a characteristic of their race. Their bodies can split into a large amount of black shadows. They are not strong, but their life-preservation abilities are exaggerated. As long as one of the tens of millions of black shadows can escape, they can be reborn

As Lin Ye spoke, he took out a black shadow specimen from his space ring.
“This is a specimen.”

Yang Fusheng’s expression changed. “F*ck, wait for me!”

As he spoke, he formed a special seal.

This time, he directly used his zombie king’s blood essence. The efficiency was extraordinarily high.

In less than three seconds, it connected to the Zombie King, Yang Tianyou.

Yang Tianyou clearly knew about the information of the black shadow. As soon as his aura descended, his bloodshot eyes looked at Lin Ye.

To be exact, he looked at the black shadow specimen in Lin Ye’s hand.

After watching for a long time, he nodded slowly. “It’s indeed that race! They actually revived.”

“Which race? Tell me clearly!” Lin Ye hurriedly said.

F*ck, all of them seemed to understand what it was except for him. Lin Ye felt that he was missing out.

Yang Tianyou hesitated for a moment before saying, “The thing in your hand belongs to the Dark Life System.”

“They don’t belong to this world, or even this universe. Perhaps you can understand it this way. They are invaders who want to devour this world and let darkness completely envelop the entire starry sky.”

“Aren’t they too arrogant? Are they very powerful?” Lin Ye raised his eyebrows.

From his point of view, other than her life-preservation skills, the black-haired woman’s combat strength was trash.

Even at the same cultivation level, he could fight hundreds or thousands of them.

“Of course they are powerful. The darkness is indestructible. They are immortal. This is their strongest ability.”

Yang Tianyou sighed. “Us zombie kings are said to be undying and indestructible but in fact, there are many ways to kill us.”

“But for them, so far, other than sealing them, I haven’t found a way to kill them completely. I’ve read the relevant books regarding them previously. They have existed countless years ago.”

“They are very good at disguising themselves. Before the start of the New Age, the upper echelons of the Dark Race had sneaked into Hell. Their highest achievement was to build the terrifying Dark Abyss, which is the place where the current Lords of Hell are in seclusion.”
“So fierce!” Lin Ye secretly clicked his tongue.

They were both foreign life forms, but they could invade Hell and enter it.

Why didn’t humans have such an expert?

Eh, that’s not right. Humans did too. The strongest human from the first generation. It was just that that guy betrayed the humans.

But his foundation was three times stronger than that guy. In the future, maybe… hehe.

“Why are you smiling so wretchedly? You can’t be thinking about the Dark Abyss, right?”

Yang Tianyou glanced at him and snorted, “Even though your potential is great, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t overestimate yourself. The current you is still too weak. Don’t keep looking at the history of your ancestors. It’s best to focus on improving yourself.”
“Don’t interfere with the matters of the Dark Race. Their king has been sealed by the experts of Hell for hundreds of thousands of years. He hasn’t appeared for a long time.”

“Since they dare to come out now, they must be trying to stir up trouble again. Stay away from them. At least stay away from them for the time being. When your strength reaches Class 13, you might be able to use them.”

“Class 13? What do you mean?” Lin Ye was confused.

“If you say too much now, it will only distract you. Don’t worry about it too much. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone is greedy for their race’s Shadow Illusion Technique, but only one person has succeeded so far. At your current stage, you’re not worthy of knowing.”
Yang Tianyou seemed to have seen through Lin Ye’s thoughts and sneered.

“Tsk, what’s the big deal? If you don’t want to say, then don’t.” Lin Ye rolled his eyes.

“When you roam the Underworld, it’s best if you get Fusheng to follow your avatar. Fusheng has recovered part of his zombie king bloodline and can erase other people’s memories. If he goes to the Underworld with you, you can get him to help if others discover your secrets that are inconvenient to
divulge.” Yang Tianyou reminded.

“Wonderful, this is good.”
Lin Ye’s eyes lit up. He thought for a moment and said, “You told me not to provoke the Dark Race, but I’ve already done so.”

“They have sent people to infiltrate the Feng family. There might be a conspiracy that no one knows about. Next, I might have to target the Wang family of Heavenly Cast City. What if I meet them again?”

“If you meet them, so be it. They don’t dare to cause trouble openly for the time being. The Underworld is not made up of trash. If they dare to cross the line, there will be people to deal with them. The Dark Race without a king is just like that.”

“Just do what you need to do. It’s good that you’ve ruined their plans. When you reach Class 13, you might be able to attract the attention of their upper echelons. This will help in the future.”

“Alright, I’m going, There are too many humans in your territory. Arranging for them to go to Hell to do adventure missions every day, f*ck, I’m about to die of exhaustion. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Another little bastard caused trouble. F*ck, why are all of them like you…”
Yang Tianyou cursed. With a flash of blood, he disappeared from Yang Fusheng’s body.

Lin Ye was speechless. What did this have to do with him?

He turned around and slapped Yang Fusheng. “Let’s go, son.”

With that, under Yang Fusheng’s furious gaze, he grabbed his neck and entered the teleportation array.

On the other side, in the underworld, Mystic Fire City.

At this moment, the entire city was in chaos.

The Feng family, which was the second richest family, was gone. For some reason, they were taken away along with the old mansion.

The four generals sent people everywhere to search for information.

The noble families were also dividing up the Feng family’s assets.

For a moment, there was an undercurrent surging in the city..