Chapter 324: Gaining A Peak Class Mechanical Beast!

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‘What he saw was a small tree that was glowing with a strange light.

Item: Taiyi Eternal Spring Wood!

Level: Basic Natural Oddity (Precious Level: #4444 ksr3:71)

Effect: Can act as a weapon forging material for wood-type equipment. Also allows mechanical beasts and puppets to directly increase their level (Class 9, 10)

“Directly level up!”


After taking a look, Lin Ye’s eyes burned.

‘When his consciousness touched it, he quickly made the choice of 100xQuantity.

“Split up and choose separately. I choose option 1!”


‘As soon as he finished speaking, the Taiyi Eternal Spring Wood changed again and 100 of them dropped.

“Hey, is ten enough?”

Lin Ye casually took out ten Taiyi Eternal Spring Wood from his Void Ring and threw them to Lord Zi Yang.

Lord Zi Yang swallowed hard at this scene.

“Where did you get so many?!”

“Cut the crap and hurry up and see if you can save it. If you can’t, I’ll get some more advanced goods,” Lin Ye urged.

“Yes, it’s definitely enough.”

Lord Zi Yang hurriedly replied. He suddenly crushed three Taiyi Eternal Spring Wood, turning them into a large amount of green life essence that gradually fused into Little White’s body.
In the blink of an eye, the damaged mechanical beast body on its body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than a minute, it returned to normal.

“Tm…” Little White blinked, confused. “Aren’t I already dead?”

“Die my a**! I’m not dead yet, so don’t even think about it.”

Lord Zi Yang cursed and slapped Little White on the head. “Eat it yourself. I’m tired.”

“Don’t hit me, I’m still f*cking injured!”

Little White was furious, but soon, it saw the nine wooden rods that Lord Zi Yang threw over.

The entire beast body trembled in excitement.

“LLL. F*ck!!!”

“Natural Oddity? This is a Natural Oddity!!!”

“Where did it come from??”

It suddenly jumped up and laid on Lord Zi Yang’s face excitedly, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

“Ask the acting Sect Master. He gave it to me.” Lord Zi Yang grabbed its tail and threw it out angrily.

Little White immediately looked at Lin Ye.

‘The latter reached out his hand and locked Little White in place. He smiled and said, “There are many treasures in the Underworld. In addition to my luck, I got my avatar to raid the Feng family from the Mystic Fire City and found them from their ancestral shrine.”
“The ancestral shrine…” Lord Zi Yang’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Are you even human?

Regarding this, Little White did not have any sense of morality. Its eyes lit up and it said excitedly, “As expected, the previous Sect Master did not lie to me. Killing and arson is the fastest way to earn money. Acting Sect Master, when you go to snatch things next time, bring me along, I want to go too.”
“Sure, I’ll be raiding the Wang Family of Heavenly Cast City later. However, the people there are stronger. You have to be mentally prepared. If you don’t have a Class 10 combat power, you might just be sending yourself to death. If you don’t do well, you might be chopped into pieces,” Lin Ye reminded.
“Is Level 10 enough? Wait for me!”

Little White looked at the remaining seven Natural Oddities in its hand with a pained and blissful expression.

This was the first time it had eaten a natural oddity since its birth.

If he kept it and slowly refined it, the effect might be excellent. It might even allow him to break through to Level 11.

But from what Lin Ye said, he was going to go soon. Time would not wait for anyone.

Thus, he decided to just consume it all now. Perhaps if he robbed the Wang Family of the Heavenly Cast City, he would be able to obtain more and better natural treasures.

At that time, it would no longer be trash and no longer have to stay in the Inheritance Pagoda to count sheeps.

With that in mind, Little White’s eyes were determined. Without any hesitation, it opened its mouth and bit three pieces of Taiyi Eternal Spring Wood.


Water-like green light filled Little White’s body as a large amount of taiyi life force nourished its mechanical beast body.

Its quality increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Amoment later, its aura stabilized and fell to the realm of half-step Level 10.

“My talent is indeed trash.” Little White sighed, disappointment evident in its eyes.

If it were other mechanical beasts, especially for the most top-notch ones, just one of these might be able to allow them to break through from the peak of Class 9 to Class 10.

As for it, including the amount used to heal himself, it had used up six of them in a row, but it only took half a step into Level 10.

“That might not be the case.” Lord Zi Yang revealed a mysterious smile.

“What do you mean? Old Zi, do you know some secrets? Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me quickly!” Little White’s eyes lit up.

“Some weapons, mechanical beasts, puppets, etc. might have the lack of talent you mentioned, but what do you think is the difference between you and ordinary mechanical beasts?”
“Different? Is it that I’m smarter than them?” Little White was confused.

“I guess so. Your body was made from a famous spirit treasure back then. During the final phase of that season, the fight was too fierce and the spirit treasure you were made up from was shattered. Our 76th Sect Master secretly gathered a fragment of the core of the spirit treasure and added a portion of
other blacksmithing materials to refine you.”

Lord Zi Yang sighed faintly. “It’s a pity that although your quality is high, you need to devour too many natural treasures and spiritual materials to evolve. I had to feed you many treasures before I raised you to the peak of Class 9.”
“After that, when our Mechanical Beast Sect fell into dire straits, no one dared to raise you anymore. However, they were unwilling to sell you. After all, you are a top-notch mechanical beast made up from a spirit treasure. Your super spirituality came from that.”
“Therefore, when you enter Level 10, your strength will be comparable to those peak Level 10s.”

“Really? In that case, I’m not trash but a genius?!!” Little White’s eyes brimmed with tears. He had proved himself.

For countless years, because of the words of the last Sect Master and its own strength, it had always thought that it was trash.

So, I’ma genius!!! Thieving old man, sob sob, you’ve f*cking misunderstood me!!

“Little White, follow me in the future. I have a lot of treasures! The natural oddities you ate were all given to you by me!”

Lin Ye’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

A top-notch Level 10. Good lord, it could f*cking fight 100 peak Level 9s at once.

“That’s fine too. Little White, just acknowledge him as your Master. The acting Sect Master’s luck is like a rainbow. It might be a good choice for you to follow him,” Lord Zi Yang interjected.

“If I leave, what about you?” Little White turned around reluctantly.

“It’s not like we’re going to be separated by life and death. F*ck, anyway, I can revive too. When you go out, go find revival materials for me and ensure that this kid doesn’t just go around picking up girls all day. Even till now, he hasn’t found a treasure that can help in my revival. If you go out, I’ll be more
at ease.”

Lord Zi Yang cursed as he glanced at Lin Ye.
“Ahem… I don’t want to take the blame for this. Revival materials are too difficult to find. I’m only at Class 9 now. Where can I find such high-level materials?”
Lin Ye shrugged.

“Listen to this. You are the one whole told me yourself. You’ve never bothered looking for one.” Lord Zi Yang rolled his eyes.

..” Lin Ye was speechless.
Upon hearing that, Little White nodded. “Alright, don’t worry. I’ll definitely bring the materials to revive you back.”

With that, its gaze turned to Lin Ye. A shadow flashed between its brows, and a transparent beast phantom appeared.

“Acting Sect Master, this is my spiritual mark. The way I acknowledge you as master is different from ordinary mechanical beasts. You can only bind me by dripping a drop of your blood essence and divine sense. In the future, I can follow you out.”
An invisible consciousness came.

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes. Not bad.

Without wasting any time, he forced out a drop of blood essence and divine sense and placed it between the little beast’s eyebrows.


A white light exploded and the system’s congratulatory message came from his mind.

“You have obtained a peak half-step Level 10 mechanical beast—Little White!”