Chapter 323: Twelve Zodiac Lightning Snake


Chapter, Devouring Blood Lightning

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“Tm numb!”

Dense blood-colored lightning fell like rain. Little White bared its teeth.

Fortunately, the lightning tribulation this time was not as terrifying as when Lin Ye unlocked the awakening chains the last time.

The legacy tower which had recovered some energy could barely withstand the golden light.

“Little White, if you can’t hold on, let me do it!” Lord Zi Yang’s expression was grave.

“Lknow, I haven’t lived enough!”

Little White nodded. A hint of determination flashed across its clear eyes. It gritted its teeth and charged against the Level 8 Lightning Tribulation!
On the other side, Lin Ye was touched when he saw that the lightning tribulation had been blocked.

He took out another large number of Level 9 medicinal pills. Just as he was leveling up, he completed the selection for medicinal pills.

He had 100 times more Level 9 medicinal pills now. It was completely enough for him to level up again.

Yang Tian shouted, “Little White, Senior, hold on a bit so I can level up again!”

“Eck youl!”

The comers of Little White’s mouth twitched and it looked like it was about to cry. “Lin Ye, I’m going to be killed by you sooner or later, you jinx.”
“Bullshit, when I finish leveling up, I’ll give you a super surprise!” Lin Ye chuckled.

He had just seen two things that Little White yearned for even in its dreams.

“Hehe.” Little White pouted and sighed inwardly.

It was a mechanical beast. What was there to be surprised about? Unless it was a natural oddity.

Sigh, but natural oddities were too difficult to find.

‘As he spoke, Lin Ye started taking pills crazily again.

Battle Aura+900, Battle Aura+900, Battle Aura+900.

Physical Body+900, Physical Body+900, Physical Body+900


Battle Aura+90,000, Battle Aura+90,000, Battle Aura+90,000.

Physical Body+90,000, Physical Body+90,000, Physical Body+90,000

Bang bang—

Another few upgrade golden beams landed.

Soon, Lin Ye’s battle aura and body transformed.

It was as if a few of his profound entrances had been opened. Energy exploded around him, and an invisible aura exploded with him as the origin.
‘The ground cracked, and a large amount of black sticky substance seeped out from his pores.

At the same time, the system sent another congratulatory message.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your battle aura has successfully advanced to Class 9!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your physical body has successfully advanced to Class 9!”


Seeing this, the thunder clouds that were about to dissipate outside the ruin gathered again, and lightning bolts flashed.

“Old Zi, come and help me!!!” The pretty boy turned green and directly called for help.

“Tm here!” Lord Zi Yang gritted his teeth.

‘With the fan emitting a yellow glow, he flew into the sky and blocked the outside of the ruin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, the lightning increased by ten times, and 100,000 lightning bolts fell.


Arain of lightning instantly shattered Lord Zi Yang’s small yellow umbrella.

“My spirit weapon, little darling!!!”

Lord Zi Yang’s eyes were about to split open. He hugged the broken umbrella and tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.

After him, Little White suffered as well.

Although Lord Zi Yang blocked 30,000 of them, there were still nearly 70,00. It was not something Little White could do.


The Inheritance Pagoda that had just been repaired cracked open a few more spiderweb cracks. The golden protective light shattered.


Little White cried out miserably. It was different from Lord Zi Yang.

It had a physical body and was instantly blasted into the ground by the lightning. Its entire body was charred black and its aura weakened.
“Little White!” Lord Zi Yang was anxious and flew down into the pit.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less about Lin Ye.

He had used all the methods he could use. The last straw was to use his Class 12 power to help but this would mean that the power of the lightning tribulation would increase drastically as well.
Therefore, Lin Ye could only rely on himself next.

On the ground of the ruin, Lin Ye raised his head and saw that there were still 50,000 blood lightning bolts crashing down, targeting his head.
“Good timing!”

He laughed out loud. 10,000 strands was just enough to prepare for the second chapter of Twelve Zodiac Battle Aura that he was about to cultivate.
Previously, Bai Yitong had already repaired to the second level and he could now integrate two different zodiac battle auras.

Initially, he was still hesitating about which zodiac to choose.

Therefore, he had never cultivated.

Now, there was no need to consider. God had chosen for him.

Level 9 Blood Lightning was the best nutrient for one of them.

“Come on, Lightning Snake!”

Amidst his furious roar, ten thousand bolts of lightning surged into his body.

As for Lin Ye himself, he happily circulated the Twelve Zodiac Battle Aura Snake



Devouring Blood Lightning+1, Devouring+1, Devouring+1

Converting Into Lightning Snake+1, Converting+1, Converting+1


Devouring Blood Lightning+100, Devouring+100, Devouring+100.

Converting Into Lightning Snake+100, Converting+100, Converting+100

Five minutes later, the lightning tribulation disappeared.

The pitch-black Lin Ye burped, and a large amount of fine lightning rolled around his body.

“Burp ~ ~ So comfortable!”

“If only I had more. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have needed Lord Zi Yang and Little White to block it.”

Lin Ye sighed.

In fact, he was a little afraid at the beginning. After all, that was lightning tribulation. What if he was struck to death?

However, it was fine now. Even if something unexpected happened, the ones who died were his avatars.

At the same time, after experiencing the baptism of the lightning tribulation, it was not only his battle aura that had reached late-stage Class 9.
Together with the twelve zodiac battle aura, his Great Sage Battle Aura and the Lightning Snake Battle Aura all entered Class 9 together.

When combined, their power would increase by at least 50%, and his combat power should not be weaker than a Class 10.

“Stop making sarcastic remarks. F*ck, come and save the beast!”

Moments later, cries for help came from below.


With a flash of light, it was Lord Zi Yang who flew over with Little White who had turned into charcoal.

“What should I do? What should I do? Its body has been severely injured. If this continues, even if Little White has a high-level mechanical beast body, it will still die!”
Lord Zi Yang was so anxious that his head lit up and his true spirit body became illusory.

Unlike Lin Ye, Little White had relied on him for countless years and was already as close as brothers.

Once Little White died, he might not be able to withstand the blow and his True Spirit might disintegrate.

“No way, is it so serious?” Lin Ye rubbed his face and threw away the smelly scabs and charred matter.

Upon hearing this, he panicked.

“Then what should we do? Can the medicinal pills save it? I have a Level 9 Healing Pill.”

Lin Ye hurriedly ran over and asked.

After all, Little White was injured to save him. Logically speaking, he had to help.

“The Healing Pill is useless. Little White has the body of a mechanical beast. Right now, only natural oddities can save it. Damn it, the natural treasures in the Treasure Pavilion have been used up. F*ck!!”
Lord Zi Yang’s eyes were bloodshot as he cursed angrily.

“Natural Oddity? You should have said so earlier. I have this!”

Lin Ye revealed a look of joy. There was one in the Feng family’s ancestral mansion. He had originally planned to give it to Little White as a gift.
“You have it?!”

Lord Zi Yang was overjoyed. Take it out quickly.

As Lin Ye used his divine sense to rummage through his space ring for natural oddities, he turned his head and asked, “What level of natural oddity does Little White need?”
“It doesn’t have to be too high. A basic one will do. If it’s too high, Little White’s body won’t be able to accept it either.”

“Mm, sure!”

Lin Ye nodded, and his eyes quickly lit up.. “Found it!”