Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Purple Lightning Thunder Blade, Advanced Lightning Tribulation!

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“You have obtained 15 Advanced Class 9 space rings—Void Rings!”

“You have obtained a half-step Level 10 weapon—Heavenly Blood Impermanence Blade!”

“You have obtained 10 balls of Intermediate Level 10 Sky Piercing Lightning!”

“You have obtained 14 Advanced Class 9 weapons—xxxx!”

“You have obtained eight Basic Class 9 armors—ooo!”

“You have obtained 1,000,000 high-grade spirit stones! This does not include the count for those below high-grade!”
“You have obtained 20,000 Level 9 Black Fire Pills! This does not include the count for those below Level 9!”

“You have obtained 39,000 Level 9 Body Strengthening Pills! This does not include the count for those below Level 9!”

“You have obtained two Level 1 Natural Oddities!”


1. 1,500 Level 9 Void Rings (10,000 cubic meters per ring)

2. 15 Level 10 Void Rings (100,000 cubic meters per ring)

3. Random Quantity, Level of Void Rings (No possibility of space rings below that of Level 7 appearing)
1. 100 half-step Level 10 Weapon—Heavenly Blood Impermanence Blade!

2. A peak Level 10 weapon—Purple Lightning Thunder Blade!

3. Random Quantity, Level of blade weapon

1. 1,000 balls of Intermediate Level 10 Sky Piercing Lightning! (Can be chosen separately)

2. 10 balls of peak Level 10 Sky Piercing Lightning!

3. Random quantity, Level (No possibility of space rings below that of Level 7 appearing)

1, 200 Basic Natural Oddities

2.2 Advanced Natural Oddities

3. Random quantity, Level of Natural Oddity (No possibility of Basic Natural Oddities appearing)

“Oh my god, there are too many things!!”

After reading the 100xReward List, Lin Ye’s eyes were dazzled.

After a long time, he decided to make a change in settings on the options.

[For Level 6 and below, automatically choose 100xQuality, For those between Level 7 and 8, automatically choose 100xQuantity]

After all, in the territory now, the two million soldiers of his were only at Level 6 or 7.

‘As for equipment below Level 8, they were useless to him. It was better to increase the strength of his territory by choosing a hundredfold increase in quantity.

Soon, the space ring lit up.

‘The dazzling treasure light that dropped almost filled the space in the ring, scaring Lin Ye to quickly make a choice on the Class 9 Void Ring.

“For five of them, I choose option 2. For the rest, I choose option 1, 100xQuantity!”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, a shadow flashed, and five Level 10 Void Ring appeared on his hand. Each of them was 100,000 square meters.

As for the 1,000 Class 9 Void Rings that dropped, it included his original Class 7 Hero Ring.

All of them were thrown into one of the Level 10 Void Ring and worn on his hand.

‘At the same time, the space ring containing the Feng family’s old mansion also emitted a large amount of treasure light.

All of them were transferred to another Level 10 Void Ring.

The space of a Level 10 Void Ring was large enough. There was no need to worry at all. The other three could be given as a gift.

Be it Xiao Nuan, Xiao Bing, or his mother-in-law, they were all good choices.

After dealing with the low-level treasures, it was time for the Level 9 and 10 high-level treasures.

Every single one of these things was a treasure to the various clans in Mystic Fire City.

‘The second treasure was the half-step Level 10 weapon—Heavenly Blood Impermanence Blade.

Lin Ye’s eyes burned with greed. Ever since his mental cultivation broke through to Class 9, his physical body, battle aura, and other systems had also benefited from it.
He had reached the peak of Class 7 and unlocked the awakening chains.

From then on, the Phoenix Spear was rendered completely useless. During this time, he replaced it with a Level 7 hero weapon, but it was still a little lacking.

It was far inferior to his divine sense which was as sharp as a knife. Now was his chance.

The only thing that troubled him was whether to choose the Heavenly Blood Impermanence Blade or the peak Level 10 Purple Lightning Thunder Blade which was 100 times better.
After a moment of hesitation, he made a decision.

After all, with the Feng family’s resources now, he could quickly become a Class 9 in a few minutes.

And with his terrifying explosive power of jumping ranks like slaughtering a dog, a half-step Level 10 weapon would probably not be able to unleash his true combat power. It was safer for him to choose the peak Level 10 option instead.
Thinking of this, he said, “I choose option 2.”


‘As soon as he finished speaking, a beam of energy that was filled with violet lightning shot out from thin air.

‘A two-meter-long lightning saber that was emitting dazzling purple lightning snakes was floating in the air.

With a thought, a message came.

Item: Purple Lightning Thunder Blade!

Level: Top Level 10 (Rarity Level: #4444 & kirsr31)

Skill: Purple Lightning Thunder Slash (Single-target attack. Depending on how much energy you infuse into the blade’s body, you will be able to slash out a lightning blade that corresponds to its power. Range limit is 1,000 meters.)
Purple Lightning Domain (A range attack. Releases a continuous area of purple lightning according to one’s energy. Enemies within the area will have a chance of being paralyzed if struck by the lightning.)
Note: The probability of paralysis is related to one’s own level and the opponent’s level. The greater the difference in strength, the higher the probability of paralysis. For those of the same level, look at their faces. When you are hit ten times in a row, 100% paralysis will be triggered.
“Impressive, a 1,000-meter long saber is referring to you!”

Lin Ye secretly clicked his tongue. He grabbed it and tried to use the Purple Lightning Thunder Slash.


Inan instant, a purple lightning saber beam more than 500 meters long shot out from the ruin.


‘The mountain rocks and ten-thousand-year-old trees along the way were all cut by the lightning saber, and there were still Level 10 lightning bolts flashing at the cut.
Just looking at it made one’s scalp tingle.

“F*ck, I’ve used up all the energy in my body!”

Lin Ye stared. Although he was shocked by the terrifying destructive power of this peak Level 10 weapon, the energy consumption was too exaggerated!

Even he could not withstand it. After using it once, his body was emptied.

“Lin Ye, acting Sect Master, you, where did you get this saber from?”

On the other side, Lord Zi Yang and Little White were dumbfounded. What a powerful saber.

“I stole it from the Underworld. It’s not bad.”

Lin Ye smiled with a pale expression and kept the Purple Lightning Thunder Blade in his spatial ring.

At the same time, he took out a large handful of Level 8 Body Strengthening Pills, Mysterious Fire Pills.

As long as it was to replenish his energy or increase his cultivation, he would pour it all into his mouth.

Battle Aura+800, Battle Aura+800, Battle Aura+80o.

Physical Body+800, Physical Body+800.


Battle Aura+80,000, Battle Aura+80,000, Battle Aura+80,000

Battle Aura+80,000, Battle Aura+80,000, Battle Aura+80,000

Moments later, several upgrade golden lights exploded from his body.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your Battle Aura has advanced to Class 8!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. Your physical body has entered Class 8!”

“Not enough. Again, there are still Class 9 ones!”

At this moment, Lin Ye was in a good mood. He ignored the rumbling thunder outside as traces of blood lightning lingered outside the ruin.

“F*ck!” Lord Zi Yang’s mouth twitched and his face darkened.

Previously, when he took the blame for Lin Ye, he almost destroyed the ruin. It was not easy for him to absorb the void energy. After repairing it, this bastard started again.
“Stop cursing. Help him block it first.”

Little White had a face full of helplessness.

‘The next moment, the cat and spirit tore through the air and flew to the sky above the ruin.


Little White activated the protection golden light of the Inheritance Pagoda.

Lord Zi Yang did not hesitate and took out his trump card.

A feathered fan that was emitting a faint yellow glow was fixed above Lin Ye’s head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately afterward, ten thousand streaks of lightning descended steadily, accurately and ruthlessly..

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