Global descent 100xreward – Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Peak Level 10 Thousand Illusion Equipment Set


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“Why, why is there a blood tribulation?”

“Damn it, where is this? The surface?!”

“L.. F*ck!”

With a tragic cry, the black-haired girl cursed and returned to the ruin again. Only then did the blood-colored lightning tribulation outside slowly disappear.

‘As soon as she turned around, she saw Lin Ye, Lord Zi Yang, the mechanical beast, Little White, and Lin Ye’s avatar surrounding her and blocking her way.

“Hi, everyone! I was just joking with you. I have no intention of escaping.”

“It’s mainly to liven up the atmosphere since we’re not familiar with each other. You guys won’t mind it, right?”

The black-haired girl’s entire body was charred, like a person who had been splashed with ink. As she spoke, she revealed a mouthful of beautiful white teeth.
Those who did not know would think that she was from one of the countries whose citizens’ skin color was mainly black.


“Run! Why don’t you run anymore?”

Lin Ye and the others looked at her expressionlessly.


The black-haired girl was not embarrassed. Instead, she blinked.

He said weakly, “Master, can you return those clones to me? I’m so weak. I’m about to die.”

“Master? Hehe.”

Lin Ye curled his lips. “I wouldn’t dare. At such a young age, you can split yourself into tens of thousands. What powerful abilities. Even I feel ashamed of my inferiority.”
“Lwas just bragging. This is only my talent. It can’t be taken seriously.”

The black-haired woman shook her head repeatedly.

She seemed to have been restored by some energy particles, and her skin slowly recovered from its charred state.

However, her face was extremely pale, as if she had sacrificed half of her blood essence. Her entire body seemed drained of energy.

“Tell me the truth and I will consider returning these shadows to you.” Lin Ye grabbed with his palm and kept all the black shadows controlled by the illusory world into his palm before throwing them into his space ring.
“This, I really can’t tell you. If I do, I’ll self-destruct. There’s a curse restriction in the depths of my soul. I’m just a nobody. Why are you making things difficult for me?”
The black-haired woman smiled bitterly and chanted the Heart Purging Spell in her heart, afraid that Lin Ye would pry into her heart.

“If you won’t say, then you aren’t of any use anymore. I might as well kill you. Perhaps you will even drop your talent fragment. I’m quite interested in this.” Lin Ye narrowed his eyes. The air was heavy as strands of invisible blade aura emitted sharpness.
“Don’t do that, Master. If you kill me again, I’ll fall into a deep sleep. You won’t be able to find me. As long as the darkness exists, I’ll never die.”

The black-haired woman hurriedly said, “There’s no need to fight to the death. Let me go. I’ll be your maid, assassin, spy, and so on. As long as you want me to do it, I can do it.”
“Really?” Lin Ye raised his eyebrows.

“Really, just say it if you don’t believe me.” The black-haired woman revealed a look of joy.

“alright.” Lin Ye nodded and said slowly, “I’ve already said that I’m interested in your talent. Also, give me the secret technique that allows you to split into tens of millions of shadows and sign a master-servant contract with me. I will then promise to keep you.”
“ah, this… can you change it?” The black-haired woman said pitifully.

“See? I knew you weren’t sincere.” Lin Ye threw up his hands. “Then there’s no other way. I can only ask you to go to sleep. When I’m strong enough and feel like I can control you, I’ll let you out.”
With that, he ignored the black-haired woman’s wails and used his divine sense to suppress her.


He placed all the black shadow matter under the mountain gate of the Mechanical Beast Sect.

“Senior Zi Yang, I’ll have to trouble you to keep an eye on this fellow,” Lin Ye said.

He knew that with the black-haired woman’s strange technique, this mental suppression technique could not trap her for long.

Therefore, he could only rely on Zi Yang to suppress her forcefully to prevent any mistakes.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be able to escape.”

Lord Zi Yang stroked his beard and laughed. He took out a golden talisman and stuck it on the stone tablet.

“This is the Mountain Suppression Talisman. Although it only has 1% of its power, it’s still easy to suppress a small bug that’s not even Class 10.”

Inan instant, a large amount of golden energy spiderwebs spread out and covered the entire broken mountain gate.

“Thank you very much.”

Lin Ye nodded and smiled, heaving a sigh of relief.

This woman was too strange. He did not know what power she had behind her. She must have schemed a lot by hiding in the Feng family.

He had to find a chance to find out more about this woman.

After dealing with the black-haired woman, Lin Ye took out the Thousand Illusion Equipment Set, which included a robe and a mask.

The system soon sent another notification.


1. 100 Peak Level 9 Thousand Illusion Robes and 100 Peak Level 9 Thousand Illusion Masks

2. 1 Advanced Level 10 Illusion Armor and 1 Advanced Level 10 Illusion Mask

3. Random quantity and level of equipment (No possibility of Level 1 and 2 equipment appearing)

“Choose option 2.”

With a flash of light, two new items appeared.

The moment his fingers touched them, a message came.

Item: Thousand Illusion Robe (Part of the Thousand Illusion Equipment Set)

Grade: Level 10 Advanced (Rarity Level: & * * srs)

Effect: Transform into the bodies of various races. Unless the other party has a technique like the Heavenly Eye or has an Illusion Heart, it cannot be detected.
Item: Thousand Illusion Mask (Part of the Thousand Illusion Equipment Set)

Grade: Level 10 Advanced (Rarity Level: & * * srs)

Effect: Transform into the faces of various races. Unless the other party has a technique like the Heavenly Eye or has an Illusion Heart, it cannot be detected.

Set: Level 10 Peak [2/2]

Effect: Only one with an Illusion Heart can detect it.

“Not bad.”

After reading the attributes, Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.

It looked like a single attribute, but its effect was outstanding. It was a divine weapon for spies.

With this, it was equivalent to obtaining the ability to transform into whatever he wanted.

Fortunately, he had comprehended the Heart of Illusion. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have discovered the other party’s disguise.

He then tried it on.


Following the instructions from the description, Tru’s appearance appeared in his mind.

Soon, the Thousand Illusion Mask and Robe transformed into a stream of water and started to transform. They changed with the image that appeared in his mind.
“Holy sh*t, it’s really the same!!!”

Lin Ye took out a mirror and looked at his reflection. He was shocked.

With this thing, there was no need for makeup skills. It was simply a one-second disguise.

This was too exaggerated.

Then, he transformed into Luo Feng, Li Xinyi, Zhang Liang, Xun Mingyuan, Xiao Nuan, Xiao Bing, his mother-in-law, Lan Xin, and so on.

In the end, he did not even let go of the mechanical beasts, Little White, and Lord Zi Yang. He changed into them one by one.

“Can you see through it?” Lin Ye looked at Lord Zi Yang.

Zi Yang was a Nascent Soul when he was alive and was powerful. However, clearly, without understanding the Heart of Illusion, even if Lord Zi Yang’s mental cultivation was far higher than his, he still could not see through the effect of the Thousand Illusion Armor.
“If this treasure is used well, it will probably play a decisive role. Be it spies or assassins, this is the perfect equipment meant for them.” Lord Zi Yang sighed.
“might be able to use it on my trip to Heaven Cast City this time. Hehe, I’ll keep it for now.”

Lin Ye threw the Thousand Illusion Armor to his avatar and took out the space ring containing the Feng family’s old residence with a burning gaze.

With the help of his Hint talent, the treasures hidden in the residence were all taken out.

In an instant, he heard a large number of congratulatory messages from the system..

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