Chapter 99: Are You Calling Me an Idiot? The Power of the Sky-Slashing Finger

Faced with Zhang Tianxiu’s arrogant and domineering tone, his face gradually darkened.

The pure origin spiritual fruit disappeared from his hand. He looked at the seal space with a thought, but it was not there at all.

Moreover, he did not have the intention to put it into the seal space. In other words, the pure origin spiritual fruit disappeared just like that.

This meant that the pure origin spiritual fruit was fake!

At this point, how could Su Yi not know that he had been set up?

However, what he did not understand was why him? Why was he the one to fall for it? Was his physique naturally evil?

Little did he know that when Lei Liang saw that Su Yi did not save him, that Lei Liang had already begun to plan how to deal with him.

Originally, when ordinary people encountered such a situation, it was right to protect oneself. However, who knew that Lei Liang’s thoughts were already somewhat twisted?

Since you left him to die, then don’t blame him for messing with you. He did not even consider why others would want to save him. Looking at Lei Liang’s figure now, he had long disappeared without a trace.

Regarding this, Su Yi could only helplessly sigh in his heart. He was unlucky, he could encounter any kind of nonsense.

He steadied his state of mind, took a deep breath, and looked straight at Zhang Tianxiu. His expression became serious.

Then, he coldly said, “that pure origin spirit fruit is fake.”

Regarding this, he did not explain much. It all depended on whether Zhang Tianxiu’s brain was smart or stupid.

If he was a smart person, even if he would not immediately believe this point, he would still have this conjecture. At that time, it would not be too late to explain.

However, if he was an idiot, he would not be able to clear his name even if he sang until the cows came home.

Based on the previous situation, his impression of Zhang Tianxiu was biased towards the latter.

As expected, after hearing Su Yi’s words, the veins on Zhang Tianxiu’s delicate face bulged as he shouted with anger.

“It’s fake? What bullshit! Could it be that Lei Liang dares to bully me? Or are you questioning my judgment? That is definitely a treasure, but its suddenly fake when you got hold of it? I will definitely not let you keep it, hurry up and take it out!”

Zhang Tianxiu said angrily. His aura moved, and the foundation establishment realm strength quietly spread out.

Moreover, under his extreme anger, the true essence in his body was uncontrollably mobilized, causing the wind around his body to howl. Even his white robe started to swell up under the stimulation of the true essence.

The aura and true essence undulations all over his body indicated that he was about to unleash his full power.

Regarding this, Su Yi did not have the slightest fluctuation. He was even thinking whether the so-called Hidden Dragon List was authentic.

How could such an arrogant character in front of him be called a Heaven’s Favourite?

In his eyes, he was even worse than the eight Heaven’s Favorite experts of the Central Plains.

He coldly stared at the 28th genius on the Hidden Dragon List, Zhang Tianxiu. He said, “I’ve already told you the truth. However, with your brain, you don’t seem to be able to figure it out, right?”

The few cold gazes that were originally on Su Yi, when he spoke of the pure origin spiritual fruit, almost all of them retracted their gazes as they carefully considered the meaning behind Su Yi’s words.

Only Zhang Tianxiu believed in Lei Liang like a hothead. Did he really think that his rank of 28th on the Hidden Dragon List gave him absolute power?

Sure enough, there were all kinds of birds in the forest. Perhaps Zhang Tianxiu’s strength was enough, but compared to the other prodigies, his brain was a piece of trash.

He did not analyze the situation and he did not seek to understand the situation.

Did he really think that the cultivators in the Morning Light Inn were afraid of his rank of 28th on the Hidden Dragon List?

He was thinking too much. Even if you had a strong background among cultivators, it was inevitable that some accidents would happen on the road in the wilderness, right?

Zhang Tianxiu seemed to have thought about the meaning of Su Yi’s words, and instantly became furious.

“You f*cking called me an idiot!”

Hearing this, Su Yi was slightly shocked as he thought to himself.

‘This guy’s reaction in this aspect was quite fast, and he even had the right name. I didn’t have the intention of calling him an idiot at all. Looks like his brain wasn’t that good.’

In the end, he had already planted such a mark on himself. What could he do? He was also very helpless.

He then looked at Nie Ling behind Su Yi and looked elsewhere. Under the veil, her small mouth was puffed up, as if she could not hold it in any longer.

At this moment, Zhang Tianxiu had already jumped away from Su Yi. He was completely enraged by Su Yi!

Zhang Tianxiu’s eyes widened. With a movement of his large hand, his body’s true essence began to gather. He was going to attack Su Yi.

Seeing this, Su Yi looked at Nie Ling and said indifferently, “you step aside first.”

The latter obediently jumped a few times and left seventy to eighty feet away.

Seeing that Su Yi called Nie Ling to retreat, the true essence undulations on Zhang Tianxiu’s body became even more violent.

With a loud shout, the Zhen Yuan on his body quickly gathered in his hand, “Dejected Ecstasy Palm!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the true essence gathered on his body blocked his palm and formed a black palm print.

The palm print slowly formed and instantly became like a person laughing loudly. A thousand tonne-like power was transmitted from the palm print.

The surrounding environment became violent because of this palm print. Strong gales continued to wreak havoc in the surroundings, rolling up waves of dust, and the dust and mud in the sky swept up in this area.

Zhang Tianxiu revealed a cold smile. This Dejected Ecstasy Palm was not his final trump card, but it was also one of the most powerful moves.

If this move continued, he was confident that as long as he did not meet those monsters at the top of the Hidden Dragon list, he would definitely be able to heavily injure or even kill this person.

Unexpectedly, facing the terrifying palm attack, the corner of Su Yi’s mouth actually curled up slightly.

He just happened to be looking for someone to test out the new move he had learned.

His right hand flicked upwards, and his two fingers gathered together to form a sword finger.

Then, he started to activate his true essence and lightly shouted, “Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger, the 11th move.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the majestic and solid true essence all over his body rushed towards the tip of his finger.

Unlike before, this time, the tip of his finger did not gather the cold light that made people shudder at the sight of it. Instead, it was an invisible threat, and a faint and mysterious aura was formed on his sword finger.


With another light shout, he slashed the space in front of him with the sword finger of his right hand.


The sound of glass shattering rang out in this space, but it also seemed like nothing had happened.

At this moment, Zhang Tianxiu was suddenly sent flying backwards as if he had received a blow.


He even spat out a blood arrow from his mouth. His expression was somewhat incredulous and dispirited.

He could never believe that he had actually been defeated by an unknown brat.

He was filled with hatred. His gaze was filled with hatred as he looked at Su Yi, but his hands were quickly executing the blood evasion technique.