Chapter 98: I’ve Been Tricked. We Have Nothing to Do With It

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After being called out by Zhang Tianxiu, that cultivator’s body also trembled slightly. He had an ugly smile on his face as he respectfully said, “Young- Young Master Zhang, thank you for your help. My name is Lei Liang…”

“Cut the crap! This Young Master wants you to take out that treasure. If this Young Master finds out that you dare to trick me, I will make your life worse than death.”


The person who promised to give up the treasure, the guy who called himself Lei Liang, wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Zhang Tianxiu.

Zhang Tianxiu’s eyes were a little cold, as if he did not have the same bearing as before.

In the distance, Su Yi and the two people looked at each other and smiled as if they were watching a show. Cultivators nowadays were not kind people.. Even Zhang Tianxiu saved him because of the treasure.

The distance between the two of them was not too far from Zhang Tianxiu. It was only about 17-18 meters.


This was a relatively safe distance for foundation establishment realm cultivators, but at the same time, they could hear each other’s words.

As if sensing the gazes of Su Yi and Nie Ling, Lei Liang and Zhang Tianxiu glanced at them at the same time. Only to see a trace of disdain flash in Zhang Tianxiu’s eyes. Woman? It would only affect the speed at which he drew his saber.

When he looked at Lei Liang’s eyes again, a trace of viciousness actually flashed across his eyes when he saw Su Yi. They were too far away, and Su Yi could not sense the change in his eyes.

However, when they looked over, he pulled Nie Ling and took two steps back, indicating that he had nothing to do with this person.



Zhang Tianxiu’s eyes flashed with disdain. Then, he looked at Lei Liang and said with an impatient expression, “if you don’t take it out, you will know the consequences.”

His tone was extremely sinister, like a poisonous snake that was devouring people. Soon, Lei Liang took out something that looked like a fruit from the seal space.

This fruit had a pure and flawless appearance. A faint and pure spiritual energy was constantly emitted from its body, giving people an extraordinary feeling at a glance.

Lei Liang took it to Zhang Tianxiu as if he was presenting a treasure and said with a burning gaze, “Young Master Zhang, look, this is the treasure, the pure origin spiritual fruit!”

His voice seemed to be deliberately loud, as if he was afraid that others would not hear it.


As soon as the pure origin spiritual fruit appeared, Zhang Tianxiu immediately felt a few burning gazes looking in his direction.

They were some powerful cultivators in the Morning Light Inn. The temptation of a treasure like the pure origin spiritual fruit was also quite great for them.

“Is this pure origin spiritual fruit very powerful?” a dozen meters away, Su Yi asked indifferently. He really did not know much about the treasures.

After all, no one was perfect. It was very normal that there was something that they did not understand.

After hearing Su Yi’s doubt, Nie Ling also softly explained for him, “pure origin spirit fruit. Although it’s not a treasure among treasures, it’s still considered a relatively rare existence among treasures. Compared to the precious ape wine that you obtained previously, it’s only a little lacking.”

After receiving Nie Ling’s reply, Su Yi looked at the pure origin spiritual fruit in Lei Liang’s hand with an additional hint of desire.

However, this still could not shake his heart, as he did not want to get involved in this kind of matter.

Looking at Lei Liang again, he did not immediately hand over the pure origin spiritual fruit. Instead, he started to sob about his past.


“Young Master Zhang, you have to stand up for me. In order to obtain this pure origin spiritual fruit, the eight of us went to a dangerous place and spent half a month there.”

“When we came out of that dangerous place, I was the only one of the eight of us who came out. However, I didn’t expect that I originally wanted to use this treasure to exchange for some wealth and comfort my brothers for the rest of their lives.”

“I didn’t expect that I would actually meet those bastards from the Axe Gang. They actually wanted to devour me.”

Speaking up to this point, Lei Liang’s face was already covered in tears, just like how he had lost his family.

But at this time, Zhang Tianxiu’s gaze was completely focused on the pure origin spirit fruit, how could he have the mood to listen to Lei Liang’s complaints.

Seeing him nod his head perfunctorily, he then said in a coy manner, “alright, alright, alright, as long as you give me the pure origin spirit fruit, I’ll help you settle the score with the Axe Gang later.”

Zhang Tianxiu slightly stretched out his hand, wanting to take the pure origin spiritual fruit from Lei Liang’s hand.

However, unexpectedly, Lei Liang withdrew his hand and did not give it to him. Seeing this, Zhang Tianxiu frowned, and anger instantly appeared on his delicate and pretty face.

He looked at Lei Liang and said with a somewhat angry tone, “Lei Liang, I’ll naturally help you settle the matter with the Axe Gang. But you’re still unwilling to hand over this pure origin spiritual fruit to me. Could it be that you really feel that I don’t dare to do anything to you?”

Feeling the burning gazes, Zhang Tianxiu cursed in his heart. If this continued, even his rank of 28th on the Hidden Dragon List would not be able to suppress the restless cultivators.

“Alright, alright. Young Master Zhang, I will give it to you now.”

After receiving the threat, Lei Liang immediately changed his appearance. He slowly held the pure origin spiritual fruit and walked towards Zhang Tianxiu with his head lowered.

At this moment, the corners of Zhang Tianxiu’s mouth had already begun to curl up. He seemed to be able to see that this pure origin spirit fruit could bring him a great improvement.


However, he did not notice that Lei Liang’s eyes, which had his head lowered, flashed with a hint of ridicule.

Suddenly, Lei Liang’s figure moved and he ran away at an extremely fast speed. While he thought no one could react in time, he actually ran away.

Moreover, the direction he ran in was actually the direction Su Yi was in.

A short distance of over ten meters was merely the span of a breath among foundation establishment cultivators.

They saw Lei Liang arrive in front of Su Yi in an unexpected situation. Then, he threw the pure origin spirit fruit in his hand at him.

After that, he shouted loudly, “big brother, take care of yourself. Let’s meet at the usual place!”

After saying this, Lei Liang’s speed increased once again. He had already fled in a certain direction.

However, at this moment, almost no one paid attention to him. Their gazes were firmly fixed on the pure origin spiritual fruit.

When they looked at Su Yi again, he, who was originally watching the show, was also stunned for a moment when he was suddenly dragged into the action. After which, he unwittingly received the pure origin spiritual fruit into his hand.

Immediately, all the burning gazes were fixed on Su Yi’s body.

Su Yi, who was holding the pure origin spirit fruit in his hand, did not know what to say for a moment.

Then, he suddenly said indifferently, “I said, I really have nothing to do with that person. Do you believe me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the pure origin spirit fruit in his hand disappeared. Yes, it immediately disappeared. It was as if an item had been placed into the seal’s space.

Instantly, all the gazes that were looking at Su Yi’s scorching gaze changed into a gloomy and cold one.

Even Zhang Tianxiu also strode in front of him and shouted in a low voice as if he was high and mighty.

“Hand it over to me!”