Chapter 96: There Was a Sudden Disturbance on the Chengguang Mountain Range

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Although it would take a day to travel from Horizon City of the Central Plains to the Central Plains City, the cities would not be connected to each other.

Moreover, there was no teleportation formation between Horizon City and the Central Plains City. Therefore, if Su Yi and Nie Ling wanted to travel to the Central Plains City, they had to pass through a mountain range.


The Chengguang mountain range was a dangerous place outside the Central Plains City. Although it was not as dangerous as the Demon Subduing Mountain, the Dark Abyss Cliff, or the Giant Lizard Island, there were still some demon beasts.

There was a mountain path in the Chengguang mountain range. The mountain path was extremely wide, and one could occasionally see the tracks of carriages passing by.

There were no weeds growing around the mountain path, nor were there any towering trees. There were not any demon beasts at a glance. However, it made sense. After all, it was the main road from Horizon City to Central State City..

From time to time, there would be cultivators passing by. Even if there were demon beasts, they had long been exterminated by those cultivators.


At this moment, on the mountain path, Su Yi and Nie Ling were walking slowly.

Nie Ling, who was wearing a light green gauze robe, had unknowingly put on a veil. It was only because she had just left Horizon City. The slightly dressed-up Nie Ling was really too eye-catching. A beauty that was as beautiful as a fairy would be the center of attention wherever she went.

After leaving Sky City, Nie Ling found a gauze to cover her face, which made her appear much quieter.

The two of them walked side by side, and a gentle breeze blew past their bodies. The faint fragrance coming from Nie Ling’s body made his mind sway involuntarily.


He could not help but look at Nie Ling beside him. Even with the veil covering her face, he could still see what kind of peerless appearance was hidden behind the veil.

Nie Ling only dressed up a little…

Thinking of this, Su Yi’s gaze towards Nie Ling started to wander. He could not help but wonder if she was doing well when they parted.

Would she come to Central Plains as well? Would he meet her?

A faint thought began to flood his mind, but he soon realized. He was looking at a girl and thinking of another girl. This kind of behavior seemed a little…

He pursed his lips and cast away the thoughts in his mind. This small action was caught by Nie Ling.


She opened her jade-like lips under her veil and asked, “what’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Along the way, almost half of her attention was on him, so Su Yi’s actions could not escape her perception.

If she knew that Su Yi was thinking of another woman when he looked at her, she would probably be jealous.

Hearing this, Su Yi was slightly stunned and quickly said, “it’s fine, it’s fine. I just never thought that you would look so good when you dress up.”

Hearing Su Yi praise her so much, Nie Ling’s pretty face under the veil turned slightly red.

But soon, she noticed that there was a little panic on Su Yi’s face.

As a woman’s sixth sense, her intuition told her that Su Yi must have been thinking about something else just now, and it must be about a woman, and not her.

Thinking of this, her small mouth under the veil lightly snorted, and then quickly walked forward.


It had to be said that a woman’s intuition was indeed terrifying. In a short moment of distraction, she actually thought about almost everything. How terrifying this kind of intuition was.

As for Su Yi’s side, he did not understand why Nie Ling’s personality suddenly changed, and he quickened his pace to follow.

There was an inn on the Chengguang mountain range. Originally, this inn was not used to receive cultivators.

Among the horse carriages that were transporting goods, horses did not have the true essence and physique of cultivators. Even if they were cultivators, it was impossible for the imprint space to hold those commonly used goods.

This also resulted in some huge goods needing to be transported by horse carriages and so on. However, there were also some cultivators escorting the horse carriages that transported this kind of goods.

After a while, this place, which was originally a resting place for the spirit horses, gradually turned into an inn. Occasionally, the cultivators that passed by would stop here and order some tea and snacks to relieve their boredom.

At this time, two figures appeared in front of this inn, which was not very grand, but had a unique flavor.

It was Su Yi and Nie Ling. After Nie Ling had a strange taste, they sped up a lot and followed the Chengguang mountain path to this inn.

“I didn’t expect there to be an inn here.”

Along the way, Nie Ling did not seem to say anything. Su Yi, who did not know what was going on, asked indifferently and tried to start a conversation.

He looked at the slightly old inn in front of him. There were a few ancient pines growing around it. From the inn, from time to time, a voice saying, “sir, come again next time” could be heard.

This meant that the inn here was quite popular.


Nie Ling seemed to have heard this voice. Her expression changed slightly, and then she said indifferently, “this place is called Morning Light Inn. It was used for spirit horses to rest before, and over time, it developed to its current state.”

“However, we don’t need to rest here. Let’s continue on our journey,” Nie Ling quickly added, as if she did not want to stay in this inn for too long.

Moreover, in her heart, she could not help but secretly spit at it.

“Hmph, this inn is old and indecent.”

Hearing what Nie Ling said, he also nodded slightly. With their current realm, they did not need to rest in this inn.

Suddenly, just as the two of them were about to leave, an accident happened.


A loud explosion sounded from the second floor of the Morning Light Inn.

From the second floor, a wall was shattered. Immediately, gravel flew everywhere. It was unknown who had blasted out a large hole.

One could only see a figure flying out from the large hole. He even spat out a mouthful of blood.

Immediately, the two of them stopped in their tracks. Their expressions became slightly solemn, and they did not make any movements.

They could not be bothered with such a stupid matter when they did not clearly understand what had happened.

The figure that flew out spat out a mouthful of blood. His gaze was fierce as he stared at the second floor of the Morning Light Inn. His face was filled with madness.

After that, a few figures quickly rushed out from the gap on the second floor of the Morning Light Inn and surrounded the figure that had fallen to the ground.

These figures were all at the foundation establishment stage. The person in the lead was at the middle stage of the foundation establishment stage.

The leader of the group, a man with a full beard, looked at Su Yi and the others with a cold gaze. He did not bother with them when he saw that they did not act rashly.

After that, the man looked at the cultivator who had vomited blood on the ground and coldly said, “hmph, you refuse to accept a toast and accept a forfeit. You insist on haggling with our Axe Gang. Hurry up and tell us! Where exactly is that place? I might let you live.”